SPOILERS: Will Nikki’s Secret Destroy Her Pending Nuptials on The Young and the Restless?

Nikki: What exactly is the socialite hiding? Victoria pays a visit to her mother's place, and notices her hands are shaking. Nikki tries to play it off, but Victoria isn't buying what she's selling. Nikki finally reveals she's sick, and gives Victoria the letter she received from the doctor. Vicky begs her mother to tell Victor, but Nikki doesn't want to worry her beloved. Nikki convinces Victoria to keep quiet. Later, when Victor attempts to discuss the wedding with Nikki, she loses it and calls the wedding off!
Victor: Congressman Wheeler does the unthinkable; he threatens Victor in regards to his daughter's death! Yeah, he must be new in town…

Tyler/Lily/Cane/Chelsea: Cane and Chelsea work very closely together, while Tyler watches on. Later, Tyler tells Lily about Cane and Chelsea's earlier interaction.

Abby: The Naked Heiress is back in Genoa City, and has decided to change her childish ways. Abby wants to work at Jabot, and rekindle things with Carmine. Unfortunately for Abby, Carmine shuts her down. However, the young spitfire isn't deterred by Carmine's reaction. A new man romances Abby. What will Carmine think?

Sharon: The slonkey battles her feelings for Adam.

Nick/Avery/Dylan: The legal maverick is in quite the predicament. Avery starts to have flashbacks of her time with Dylan, and wonders if she can decide between her old love and new beau Nick. Later, Nick and Avery's romantic night together gets spoiled.

Michael/Lauren: GC's only surviving married couple’s relationship has hit the skids, all because of that little badass Fenmore! As Michael attempts to fix his fragile marriage, Lauren rips him a new one for Fen going to jail.

Afterwards, Lauren heads over to the GCAC bar for a drink, and ends up talking to Carmine about her problems. Lauren throws back one too many drinks, and Carmine ends up driving her home.  Unbeknownst to them, someone spots the two looking a bit cozy. When Lauren wakes up the next day, she is not sorry for lighting into Michael, or ready to forgive him for what he did to Fen.

Jamie/Paul: The troubled youth confesses that he lied about Fen pushing him off the roof. Jamie admits he tried to kill himself, and attempts to do it again! Paul arrives on the scene, and convinces Jamie not to jump.

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    I knew it…Jamie trying to get back at Fen…this could be an excellent story of young person & suicide (attempt)from being bullying. This will further strain the relationship of father & son because Michael didn’t believe Fen, adding more problems of Lauren & Michael. This could be when Fen might take self exmination of oneself. I’m so glad they didn’t go the Mariaize route and make Fen another super psycho story. We would had that story with Maria.

    I love the fact that they have interweaved Paul into Jamie’s story and I agree think Paul is going to adopt Jamie…then his dad shows up. ;)

    Now, Abby’s back I wonder it won’t be the Alex. A Carmine\Abby\Alex triangle could be hot…fighting over the Abbott\Newmn heiress. I can’t wait.

    Nikki’s story is cooking and full of story that longtime fans love. I think this is great by introducing a story as this but delving into a manageable diease.

    Katherine, everyone is assuming that JFP will have the Dutchess the proverbial “kick the bucket” and that won’t happen but this is a concern on the elderly is memory loss. My grandmother before she passed had the same problem but it wasn’t Alzheimer’s. I love it. Who better to play this type of story but Jeanne Cooper….Kudos for giving Jeanne a real “meat & potatoes” story, which I can see Jill also in this story in a big way.

    I would love to see Kyle\Adrianna\Noah triangle happening causing a new generation of Newman\Abbott feud. Forget the money trail story, just not there.

    The only thing I don’t like very much are those FORCED flashback story of Dylan\Avery…I’ve always hated this type of story for new characters and all soaps have done this one time or another. It never rings true. I don’t have problem with the heart of story with Dylan\Avery but if you want the viewers to accept new characters then play the proper beats so we know them and their motivations. I still say Dylan\Sharon\Adam is where could be hot, because just the couple of brief scenes between SB & SC the chemistry is there and more natural. :)

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    Go back to your “Groovy Ghoulies” soap opera and because JFP did learn a hard lesson from GL. CBS or Sony will not let Katherine die, she will be there until Jeanne wants to leave. Just because many don’t like JFP from GH this is a different network. I was nervous over Jill beoming EP and hoped she bring the JFP of GL with story adult stories and she has proved that’s the case. Jill has been doing a very balance soap as when on GL. Thank you soap angels. Bill is smiling down once again seeing his Y&R come alive again. I give credit Jill for listening to fans.

    It’s always Y&R vs. GH on this board. Everyone singing from the rooftops how GH will overtake Y&R’s top spot, which ain’t happening in this lifetime. They are 2 completely different type of soaps in writing, pacing, storytelling and even in their humor is very different.

    Really, is GH’s 50th anniversary show going to be about vampires attacking the Nurse’s Ball…(rolling the eyes). This could bite RC in ass. Just as he did on OLTL with Rex & Gigi going back in time to ‘1969 was a miserable flop. Always the same line “its a nudge to history”. He’s another Dena Higley…oh he worked under Dena at OLTL, he’s Dena’s baby ;)

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    Y&R has been on fire but the only story that has me rushing home to my tv is the Nick/Avery/Dylan storyline. I can’t wait to see how it plays out. It’s nice to finally see Nick worried and if he’s going to keep the girl for once.

    I wish the writers could let Avery keep both Nick & Dylan I love the chemistry Avery has with both of them.

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    Great post halee I agree with you.

    Can we have adult spoilers and lay off the name calling, Slonking seriously, are we in high school? You’re not a fan I can respect that but Sharon has still a lot of fans.

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    I totally agree about this Vampire storyline on GH, Its going to fail miserably. I also think its a massive mistake to reference anything Franco, that was an epic fail on JFP part while at GH. Ron needs to bring the story back into some form of reality at General Hospital, we can watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer on the WB in reruns. The show overall I felt was headed in the right direction since Frank and Ron took over, the return of the vets has made General Hospital feel like General Hospital again and I didn’t think that would ever happen after the decade of Guzas poor mans Sopranos. The return of Genie Francis is huge to GH, Laura is the heart and soul of this show. With Ron loving GH history as much as he does, I hope he can write a well thought out intelligent story worthy of these characters and not some campy cartoon.

    I have to say that I do see a big improvement in Y&R since Jill and Josh have taken over and for how much I’ve loved General Hospital and for how badly Jill Faren Phelps Destroyed it, this isn’t easy for me to say. The characters and story lines are more developed. Each character is clearly more defined as to who they are and how they fit into each other, as well as introducing new potential relationships that weren’t there before, but seem to be working. The only storyline that doesn’t grab me is Nick and Avery, for some reason I’m not connecting to the Avery character. I think its because no matter what Phyllis has done, I still don’t think its cool for her sister to go after her husband, I think that is shady. Its about time Micheal and Lauren have a story of their own, both are excellent actors and deserve some good material other than the doppleganger garbage. Neil has become to total ass to Cane, talk about insecure. The other thing I’ve noticed is the actors themselves seem to have cleaned up a bit, haircuts, sharper dressed, ect. The writing is intelligent, the story lines are not forced and make sense. Josh is taking his time developing the stories and not rushing through them which I find draws me in. Good job so far, I’m looking forward to seeing where they take this.

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    My favorite stories right now are the Baldwins saga with Fen…Nikki’s upcoming story (always lovin’ MTS), Avery/Nick/new dude triangle, and this Congressman/Victor story.

    Writing wise, Y and R is in good shape.

    I’m still not a huge fan of what Jill’s done with her production, but the writing has been so uneven for so long I can tune in and settle down for a good hour for once.

    Keep it going!

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    While I LOVE the Noah/Adriana/Kyle idea (or hell, even Noah/Eden/Kyle would work…actually, she’s slept with them both, I don’t know why they don’t go there, the stage is set), judging from Friday’s episode (in Canada), I think they might be going the Kyle/Summer angle? Which is a little creepy, because Kyle is a bit too old for summer. I wish they’d kept Diane alive, because a Kyle/Summer pairing with feuding mothers would’ve been GREAT.

    Now I’m begging the writers to give Christine, Jill, Paul, and Katherine SOMETHING to do. I mean, if you’re going to have (or bring back) legacy characters, give them something meaty to bite into. It wouldn’t be hard to do…i.e. Christine could have been the one to charge Fen, leading to Michael and Christine facing off in court and Summer being forced to testify and all torn about it. The truth could come out that Jamie and Fen were fighting and Jamie accidentally fell, but Fen kept quiet about it because he was scared. Charges dropped and Paul and Christine adopt Jamie.

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    As much as I love the idea of “illness” storylines returning to soaps WHY ON EFFIN GOD’S GREEN EARTH do they constantly have to make it where the spouse keeps it a secret from their partner?! That’s not love. That is all due to a lack of trust in the other person that their loved one won’t stick by them!!!!

    I am tired of it being a plot point instead of Nikki having an issue AND ACTUALLY sitting down with Victor to talk to him about it. Then allowing him to drop EVERYTHING he has going on to be by her side!!! Not only will it reenforce WHY the fans like this couple CONSTANTLY together because of the love and devotion, it will also show us that Victor does love Nikki and his family above all else. It would add a new layer to this fight for Newman.

    But no. Like so many other stories on this show with the new regime from Jack coming out of cabin rehab and all of a sudden deciding the Jabot needs a clothing line so he gives it to Neil WHO HAS NO FASHION EXPERIENCE AT ALL. Or Mason deciding to work with Victor to get Newman. Or Newman now given up by Jack… even Jack getting it in the first place. Leslie and Tyler having a secret past WHEN WE STILL DON”T know them. Nothing on Y&R really has been played out. Even the sweet story of Avery was dumped on us with Dylan.. though I love the romantic conflict there.

    I’m sorry but I want the stories to develop and this one with Nikki is JUST one more that will go no where special OTHER THAN ALLOWING MELODY THOMAS SCOTT to whisper a hundred more times all of her lines. Victoria should not be begging her mother to tell Victor she is sick. In my family I would look at my mother and say “you lost that choice to hide your illness when you told me about it.” Then I would pick up the phone and call my brothers/sister and father. JUST LIKE VICTORIA should be doing.

    It’s just juvenile and lazy on the part of the writers not to see the bigger story.

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    She did not just find out, good lawd. it’s been a story secret for a few weeks now. And she has been getting results and talking to her doctor.

    GOOD LAWD!!!

    It’s not like she is Phyllis or Sharon with no partner to confide in. Nikki is engaged to Victor and for weeks now has been putting off the wedding for “I can’t pull the PERFECT WEDDING TOGETHER IN TIME” scenario.

    In real life, if your partner was sick, ESPECIALLY ONE WHO YOU HAVE BEEN WITH FOR 40 YEARS (if you go by the age of Nick and Victoria) THEN YOU would immediately confide in your partner ONCE you saw your doctor the first time or prior.

    We’re not talking about the normal couple on soaps here. We are talking about Victor and Nikki who have dumped one another and picked up one another as many times as I have picked up my socks off the floor in a month!! It would just reenforce the idea that these two people should be given a second (third fourth fifth sixth seventh, and so on) chance together by showing that Nikki would confide in her husband FIRST and not everyone else.

    IT WOULD ALSO BE AGAINST THE NORM when it comes to ILLNESS STORIES that they would choose the real way to reveal the illness or condition OR WHATEVER IT IS to their partner.

    You have your opinion and I have mine.

    (mine’s right)

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    yours in fact ISN’T right.

    You are talking to someone who found out he had cancer at the age of 17…and I made my uncle (who basically raised me) SWEAR to me that he wouldn’t tell anyone else in our family. I didn’t tell my girlfriend at the time (and sure it may be different because I was young)…but it’s not out of the “ordinary” for someone to need TIME to open up and tell someone that they are sick. It’s not that easy…

    We don’t even know what’s wrong with Nikki. And as you said, she’s been getting results, and she’s STILL getting results and talking to her doctor. I told my family about MY illness waaay later, after several tests, after everything had been confirmed, and when they basically gave me a time-frame of how long I’d live.

    If Nikki wants to wait until a later time to tell Victor, whether he’s her fiance or not, it doesn’t really matter. She should tell him when SHE feels comfortable, because at the end of the day, the point of the storyline should not be Victor’s reaction….same as me telling my fam. I didn’t tell them to see their reaction. I told them when I felt comfortable about it, and I told them because I didn’t want them to be surprised if something were to happen.

    But who are you or anyone else to say WHEN someone should tell their loved ones that they are sick?????

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    I gotta agree with Stoney on this one.

    And again, it’s one story and since Nikki’s been through an illness before, and she wants to remarry Victor “for the last time”, I think it’s a very logical secret to keep.

    I’m glad we have the balance in the writing. Avery spilled her “secret” to Nick immediately. So refreshing for this new writing team. It’s a balance in the storytelling.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @GH and Y&R Fans: Y&R is getting its groove back. It is moving to what made it number #1. Now in a battle between James E. Rielly Jr. vs a close male version of Sally Sussman Morina. Josh Griffith is gonna win.

    Y&R, has the diversity that is more representative of the actual audience. They got the black people: Neil, Leslie, Tyler, Maison and Devon.

    They got the Vally Girl Lily. (Yes that was me throwing what you guys call shade).

    They have even added a couple of Latino’s.

    Stories are moving back into the realm of corporate battles, where the drama spins out of it.

    Certain actors are no longer dominating the screen. We’re actually being given more of a balance as the show moves to create and infuse a new generation of Genoa City dwellers.

    So from where I sit as do the ratings, Y&R is primed to remind people that GH might try to come for the crown, but like Muhammad Ali says:

    “I am the greatest!”

    Cause even at #2 your changes would be slim!

    So while GH relies on bringing back old favs for short arcs as a ratings scheme and Ron C. continues to float from one over-the-top story to the next. Y&R is moving in a direction that soaps were supposed to be about in the first place. A thinking man’s soap!

    JFP and Josh Griffith (Grabs their package)

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    Regarding Nikki, I think both sides of the issue are valid. Besides, there would be no story to wonder about if all were blurted out at the get go.

    Fen may be innocent of any physical harm (let’s wait and see) but he is still a demon who caused much grief to and then set Jamie up. Michael had much reason to think the worst and I hope Lauren comes to realize that when all is revealed.

    The congressman getting an upper hand on Victor? What could be better?

    I’m liking much more much more often and I think most feel the same. I also think that there is no one posting here who is truly one of those so called “Y&R haters”.

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    Adam vs Victor, I welcome that challenge and it’s fresh take on Victor\Jack feud…because in a silent way and Jack does have stake and have been couselling Adam (new found male bonding friendship), Jack KNOWS Victor’s moves and can offer advice on Adam’s approach which has wonderful edge it the story. ;)

    Friday’s episode with Jack, Phyllis running into Victor at the GCAC was so spot in scene and fun to watch. That’s Y&R’s humor with snappy, quick, snarky dialogue. ;)

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    I also agree with Stoney, I happen to be in a similar situation right now as Stoney, mine isn’t life threatening, but it was the C word and scared the hell out of me. I haven’t told a soul due to my fathers heart issues. I knew if I told anyone, it could harm his health. I knew my situation was curable, so I went through the treatments on my own and kept all of it a secret. Maybe way down the road I will say something, but for right now there is no point.
    I never saw a competition between GH and Y&R, it is kind of fun to see some of it happening though considering a year ago we as a soap community banded together to bolster every soap and rally for its survival for the genre as a whole. Both shows have an incredible history. Both have completely different styles, but when written properly and not taken to the level of a cartoon, General Hospital does it like no other. The history on this show is incredible, and I would say during the Claire Labine years, the level of intelligent from the heart story telling was untouchable. As much as I praise Frank and Ron for bringing GH back from the brink of cancellation, I wish that Ron would slow things down a bit and really invest into these characters and develop them. Write a story that the audience invests in from an emotional point of view and not just from a rubber necking the scene of a bad accident point of view. Bringing the vets back is the best thing they could have done, now, do something amazing with them, write some great stories for them, use the history of the show, Vampires? Really? I mean Really? Franco’s daughter? really? Please don’t turn this show into a cartoon.

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    Gotta agree with Stoney as well. He hit it on the nail with that one. I think its a good storyline but I don’t want the ALS to get so bad that she dies from it. I also hope that no matter how old Jeanne Cooper is I just don’t want dementia or alzheimers to take her out. Just send her off to Miami with all the rest of the retired people so she can come back from time to time.

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    [quote=harlee490]Katherine, everyone is assuming that JFP will have the Dutchess the proverbial “kick the bucket” and that won’t happen but this is a concern on the elderly is memory loss. My grandmother before she passed had the same problem but it wasn’t Alzheimer’s. I love it. Who better to play this type of story but Jeanne Cooper….Kudos for giving Jeanne a real “meat & potatoes” story, which I can see Jill also in this story in a big way.[/quote]

    What makes you think they are going to give Katherine/Jeanne Cooper a “meat and potatoes” story? She isn’t mentioned at all in the spoilers, and neither is Jill/Jess Walton who has COMPLETELY disappeared from the show altogether.

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    To those who disagreed with my point that Nikki keeping her illness or whatever secret instead of confiding in Victor right away was so that the story would be told differently then all other ILLNESS stories on daytime for generations prior.

    Over the years we have seen Victor and Nikki profess their undying love for one another and then see them divorce. We have seen Victor choose woman upon woman over Nikki or NEWMAN ENTERPRISES time in and time out. We have seen them destroy one another with words and profess that THEY WILL NEVER EVER be together again. Then we have seen more than once, the pair get back together and their utterance that this time will be the last! Their last wedding at the colonnade room was one of those moments where we thought they would never separate.

    Even after Victor married NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE, NOT THREE TIMES, not even FOUR, NOT EVEN FIVE TIMES but 6 times in less than 5 years 5 separate women. Starting with Sabrina in 2008, Ashley 2009, Meggie 2010, Diane in 2011, Sharon twice in 2012 (and she’s his daughter in law and mom to his grandkids)! All this time Victor berated Nikki for marrying David, a man HE THOUGHT was beneath her. He verbally abused her worse than if he struck her with his hand.

    And Nikki still sees his love as pure. She still wants the man. (Sorry, i still see it as the abused returning to the abuser).

    All I am saying is that I am not alone in thinking that although Victor and Nikki share two children and have several grand kids together that we need more than history to show us that they love one another to keep bringing them back together. With this illness (or whatever issue), having Victor drop his fight for Newman (WHICH NIKKI HAS BEEN BEGGING HIM TO DO FOR MONTHS and months and longer than this “issue” with her has been clued into the fans) to be by Nikki’s side would have just shown me and other fans like me that this couple do deserve a twentieth chance at happiness together.

    It would have shown me that Nikki does believe in Victor’s love for her and that Victor’s love for her was greater than his desire for ultimate control of EVERYTHING. It could also show him feeling powerless at helping other than being a shoulder for her to lean on. Sure, all that can happen after Victor finds out but by then he would have still been doing all that he can to wrestle control of Newman away from Adam while destroying Sharon, his ex-wife, ex-daughter in law, and mommy to his grandkids.

    This could have been the story that made him more human and a little more likeable. Even if Nikki tells him now Victor still have Senator Wheeler to deal with and BY GOLLY, that story isn’t going to die because Nikki might die BECAUSE Grant Pinter is on a short term contract.

    NOW you all might say that I am still wrong and all this blah blah blah, but for a 60 yr old woman to believe that her 75 yr old fiance, whom she has married more times then humanly possible, won’t want to marry her because she got sick THEN NIKKI DUMP THE DONKEY and lean on true friends like Jack and Katherine!

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    Has anyone thought that possibly Jeanne Cooper who plays Katherine just wants to retire. This great actress is 85 years old. Holds her own with so many young and veteran actors on the show and for the 20 years I have been enjoying this program she has never been missing from an entire week’s episode.

    It just might be what she has requested so that she may retire and enjoy her life.

    That is IF this is the direction the show is taking.

    I do hope that if they are going down this direction that they tell a truly compelling story that pays true homage to this great actress.

    Remember they went down this path a few years back from Gloria and Kevin tried to gaslight her into believing she forgot a lot just so she would sign papers giving Gloria control or shares in Jabot. And then it turned out to be a simple issue and she was back on top form again.

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    I don’t think Nikki thinks victor won’t marry her because she’s sick. Who wants to plan a wedding while coming to terms with a life changing illness. In reality she would still have tests that need to be ran and treatment options to go over. I think it’s reasonable to push back the wedding until she has accepted and come to terms with whatever her illness may be. Until then it would be difficult to truly feel happy on her wedding day. After seeing her clenching her right hand while playing the piano I am wondering if they are going the multiple sclerosis route…

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    What I really love about the bullying storyline is that Josh Griffith is mining Michael and Lauren’s pasts and bringing them into today’s cyber bullying storyline. Michael attempted to rape Christine and get rid of Paul. Michael went to prison and returned to the show 4 years later a reformed man and made amends to those he hurt. Then there’s Lauren who way back in the day bullied Traci because of Traci’s weight issues when both women were vying for Danny’s affections. The bullying of Traci got so bad that Traci attempted to kill herself. It wasn’t all that long ago (2-3 years perhaps??) that Lauren and Traci had a heart to heart and Lauren apologized for what she did to Traci all those years ago. So, I think it goes to show how good of a writer Josh is and how he can use long ago back story to bring into today’s bullying storyline with Fen, Summer, and Jamie. Granted, Fen didn’t push Jamie off of the roof but Fen still needs to own up to his own misdeeds in this bullying storyline as does Summer.

    As I’ve said on other message boards, Y&R is getting better and better with each and every episode and that excites me. I’m really looking forward to what Y&R puts out for it’s 40th Anniversary episode. Knowing Josh and what I’ve seen of his writing thus far, he’s not going to disappoint at all.

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    [quote=bnt83]After seeing her clenching her right hand while playing the piano I am wondering if they are going the multiple sclerosis route..[/quote]

    I think you are correct…MS is manageable diease…love good secrets to tell a story ;)

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    David, I love your last post and agree 150%.

    And I also want to see both Nikki and Kay with front burner stories. I kinda wish that they both weren’t doing the “illness” thing at the same time though. We all hate those multiple stories going on at the same time.

    But…if it means we get to continue to see legacy characters front and center in believable storylines, then bring them on.

    As for Jill’s desire to kill off major fan favs, I think she’s be a fool to do so with either character who have both helped build Y and R’s core audience since the 70’s and are too important to it.

    Now if either MTS or Jeanne want to leave the show, that’s one thing, but don’t think any of Y and R’s fans will accept them being written out. Uh-uh…

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    [quote=truthtakestime2000]Jillian you give away TOO MUCH! Why the Jamie reveal?! WHY?! Give a tease – not the whole farm. UGH! I can’t help but look and then am always ticked.[/quote]

    Like U, I like to check out others view points, but hate it when I read a spoiler. Also feel Y and R threads should have to do with Y and R. I am maybe a minority of 1, but I don’t watch any soaps except Y and R and could care less about Doofus and Ms. Doofus on GH or BB or whatever other show.

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    Wonderful post David! I am a 23 yr viewer of YR and a 42 yr viewer of GH. Im glad someone is savvy enough to see Cartini’s tactics on GH. They so annoy me. The vets are just tossed in with lame story or theyre just window dress while they continue to spin some of the lamest stories in not only GH but soap history in General.
    And the final result is industry buzz but unstable ratings. The longtime viewers come back to check it out but then they lose interest and the ratings fall again.

    I think JFP and JG are doing much more solid work with YR and restoring the show’s consistency which is why Ive stuck with it for 23. And despite the fact that I started GH first at the age of 5 since I discovered YR I always considered it a better written more grounded show

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    I will give it to the show on this one. I was not sure how far they would take it, especially since OLTL attempting an anti-bullying campaign very similar. But in that story OF COURSE the culprit got off because of the influence of the father which in the end ruined the message for me… The GH regime at their prior best! (sarcasm)

    I applaud everyone involved in this story from the veteran actors who added the instance feelings of parents and guardians worried about all their kids to the newbies/young actors who delivered top notch performances. I do hope in the end that both Summer and Fen are forced community service but come to the understanding of what their actions towards others could lead to in the end. I do hope that jamie sticks around and that Paul may become his foster dad.

    Its ironic though on this show we have Jamie being bullied by Fen and then in the very next episode we see the adult version of the bully in victor in how he has treated Nikki over the years, how he is tampering with Sharon’s medications and even how he uses people to his own gain. It would be nice that Victor runs into Paul and they talk. In that conversation Victor hears about Jamie and the bullying by Fen and Victor’s grand daughter, Summer. He reflects and calls Mason and says DON’T switch the pills. Even if its a small change of heart (because we all love dastardly villians) it will make this bullying story that much more compelling that it touched the ultimate bully’s heart, VICTOR “I AM GOD” NEWMAN.

    Kudos, Jill and Josh for writing a really compelling and nicely twist-ed (in a good way) story.

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    [quote=pjc722]Has anyone thought that possibly Jeanne Cooper who plays Katherine just wants to retire. This great actress is 85 years old. Holds her own with so many young and veteran actors on the show and for the 20 years I have been enjoying this program she has never been missing from an entire week’s episode.It just might be what she has requested so that she may retire and enjoy her life.[/quote]

    Cooper has said in multiple interviews (one as recent as 8 weeks ago) that she has NO PLANS to retire voluntarily. She has another online interview this coming Thurs. and she’ll probably say it again.

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    hey mon

    Time for Nikki to either become The Town Drunk like she was under MAB, or be herded out of town. She’s boring as #ell right now.

    Katherine needs to be sent to Bermuda with Murphy. I cannot imagine Jeanne Cooper wanting to stay in the wheelchair like Alice Horton did, to the bitter end.

  29. Profile photo of pferrando

    If Jeanne ever did decide to leave, I’d like them to again recast with Michael Learned, although I can’t imagine the show without her. I think she can actively be an important part of the show for some time, even if at a reduced level.

    Hey mon, no Nikki? Really? I’ll take some more drunk scenes, but maybe they can tie them respectively to her new storyline. Let’s give her something more to do than be the Town Drunk. Just my opinion.

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    I didn’t know that was the case. I love seeing Jeanne cooper and Katherine around even if her comments and judgements are always different for the same topic depending on the character, ie jack can’t take Newman but its fine for victor to steal jabot twice. Among other things.

    Still love her!!

  31. Profile photo of pjc722

    I didn’t know that was the case. I love seeing Jeanne cooper and Katherine around even if her comments and judgements are always different for the same topic depending on the character, ie jack can’t take Newman but its fine for victor to steal jabot twice. Among other things.

    Still love her!!

  32. Profile photo of pjc722

    I didn’t know that was the case. I love seeing Jeanne cooper and Katherine around even if her comments and judgements are always different for the same topic depending on the character, ie jack can’t take Newman but its fine for victor to steal jabot twice. Among other things.

    Still love her!!

  33. Profile photo of tedew

    Hopefully Nikki will not go the bottle route again. That would be too much for us and MTS herself to put up with.

    I think Jeanne Cooper is still very viable and doubt we will be seeing the last of her for a while. Besides, she seems to have a story coming up of her own; which probably will be just that and not an exit plan.

  34. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    @pferrando–the last time Katherine didn’t get on my nerves was when Michael Learned was playing her. I loved her as Kay and thought she was a breath of fresh air after the constant hand-thrown-in-the-air histrionics of Jeanne Cooper(JC can be entertaining but she can also be grating).

  35. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Yeah, Michael Learned actually worked as Tucker’s Mom. I think it was because Jeanne Cooper had been on for years as Brock’s Mom, Phillip’s adopted Mom, Mackenzie’s GrandMom, and then Jill’s Mom. To see Jeanne as *poof* suddenly Tucker’s Mom didn’t work. But it did work for someone new like Learned.

    But seriously folks, Nikki stumbling around town with her flask, marrying Deacon, getting hysterically bi+chy with Sharon, divorcing Deacon a few weeks later, was pure ratings gold.

  36. Profile photo of harlee490

    [quote=pferrando]If Jeanne ever did decide to leave, I’d like them to again recast with Michael Learned, although I can’t imagine the show without her. I think she can actively be an important part of the show for some time, even if at a reduced level.[/quote]

    I have mixed feelings, I would like her recast as you stated for the same reason but again I’m not sure. I wasn’t watching when ML subbed, right before I returned when Nikki returned. I came back after 9 months of not watching the trash MAB was trying to peddle.

    If they did recast I say Elizabeth Hubbard which would fit her perfect and she’s younger 79. ;)

  37. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I like the actor playing Fenmore. Very dark looks and eyes and shows really good acting chops.Can see him getting a younger actor Emmy nod this year. Jaimie is also good. Reminds me of the character Shane that was on OLTL who also was being bullied. At least this whole story is giving Micheal and Lauren a much needed storyline.

  38. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Chris. We are agreeing again. I like drunk Nikki. Fun, bi+chy, sleazy, I can see what Deacon was after (with a checkbook, as well). But I suppose if we have to sit through a disease or health condition s/l, it may as well be Nikki. As long as it’s not the snoozer that Lily’ was in 2009-2010.

  39. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    [quote=hey mon]Yeah, Michael Learned actually worked as Tucker’s Mom. I think it was because Jeanne Cooper had been on for years as Brock’s Mom, Phillip’s adopted Mom, Mackenzie’s GrandMom, and then Jill’s Mom. To see Jeanne as *poof* suddenly Tucker’s Mom didn’t work. But it did work for someone new like Learned.[/quote]

    I’m pretty sure Tucker and faux Katherine never had a scene together. If they did it wasn’t very memorable.

  40. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    [quote=hey mon]But seriously folks, Nikki stumbling around town with her flask, marrying Deacon, getting hysterically bi+chy with Sharon, divorcing Deacon a few weeks later, was pure ratings gold.[/quote]

    Yeah, I would tend to agree with you there. While I’m not sure it’s wise for the character to hit the bottle every time there’s drama going on–I mean, she’d have already been dead from alcohol poisoning at this point–MTS is at her best(and most entertaining)when Nikki’s boozing.

  41. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    [quote=hey mon]You know as well as I do, that Learned-Katherine and Tucker had some scene together in October and November 2011.[/quote]

    If she did I don’t remember them. I remember she had scenes with Murphy and Jill and I think Nikki. Patch must not have made a big impression on me even in his scenes with John Boy’s mama.

  42. Profile photo of ClosetYRFan

    Well today (in Canada), Nikki revealed her affliction. My mom has the same disease and let me say that intentional tremor (her hand shaking) is most definitely NOT an initial symptom. Tremors usually appear years and years after initial symptoms. And they could have built this up in a way that was realistic and consistent with the disease, but still would have allowed for drama. Ah well, it’s definitely a unique route and with no cure (and with Nikki being too old for disease modifying drugs…)- there’s a lot of ways for this to play out.

  43. Profile photo of pferrando

    I can’t wait for Nikki’s story. Hopefully we’ll finally see a different Victor. Maybe not.

    And Harlee, I do agree. Liz would be good as Kay if it came down to it.

  44. Profile photo of tedew

    I still don’t get why so many see Victor as such a Deity. He is truly pure evil and his latest gambit to supply Sharon with placebos is despicable. No matter what Sharon has done (whatever she’s done that’s so different from anyone else), she does not (nor does anyone) deserve to have her health tampered with.

    It’s high time that Victor had a epiphany that actually took hold. Maybe it will finally come to pass when he realizes that the woman he supposedly loves above all and everyone else is taken chronically ill. Could that be the catalyst that finally turns his tide?

  45. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Tedew — We have been waiting for years for ol Vic to get his comeuppance, but he is never going to get it — ever. If there is one constant on this Show for the past 30 years — it is that.

    Vic gets the best lines, has the most money, the nicest place to live. The writers still have his children all wrapped up in what HE thinks about them.

    Victoria is basically a stooge-clown when it come to Daddy, what an embarrassment Josh G has been to her character. I can understand trying to have Vicky rip NewmanE from her half-brother, but her wholesale now-slavish devotion to Vic is almost cringe-worthy. (Miscarriage at the later with Billy, winning $half-billion from him, tampering with Delia’s treatment, Chelsea). She can’t even function as a human being when he doesn’t approve of her. Have Heather Tom come back and perform a dual role (she doesn’t do much on B&B anymore).

    Nick started yet another venture to escape NewmanE. Crimson Lights, no that was 95. Restless Style, nope, twas 2007. The Underground, 2012. And around and around and around.

    Adam. Can you imagine a character written so weirdly that almost everything he does is to either impress or get even with ol Vic Newman? Killing off his half-sibling in utero in 2009, spying on Tucker in early 2010, trying to buy up shares in a plot with Diane in 2011. Siding with Jack during The Takeover in 2012. Not leaving with Chelsea to Paris in 2013, just to run NewmanE, and play off of ol Vic.

    Abby. The most free of the 4, probably cause she was raised by Brad.

    I have stopped waiting for Victor to pay for anything, he is never going to. Now Josh has him tampering with Sharon’s medication — his former wife, and the mother of 2 of his grandchildren. How low will ol Vic go?

  46. Profile photo of tedew

    hey mon … actually many of the best lines and quips are not coming from Victor (who is still very obviously reading them) but from others include Adam and Jack.

    As I posted before, the thought of Victor tampering with the health of another really bugs me. I actually don’t think it is going to go that far but if it does and it causes Sharon to cause harm (or even death) again then Victor must finally be held criminally responsible and forced to pay.

  47. Profile photo of pferrando

    Actually I think Victor has been toned down a bit under Josh. Not so almighty. And last week’s Tuesday episode showed why so many people still like Nikki and Victor together.

    He’s more balanced. I like it. For now.

  48. Profile photo of harlee490

    I agree Victor is more toned down under Josh…but still Victor. Tuesday’s episode is what people like about the Victor\Nikki love story. It was presented so well and showing a tender side of Victor, which will always be Nikki. Let us please keep him more balance.

  49. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I think those scenes with Nikki and Victor sucked. She’s always over-looking every last d@mn thing he does. She should be out looking for a little excitement in her life with someone like Carmine, someone who will truly appreciate her, but now Josh has given her MS.

    As far as toned down, I think the whole Show is toned down, with stronger ‘writing’. Victor is toned down, Jack is toned down, Sharon is toned down, Red is toned down. Ho hum. The only one who is not toned down is Lauren and Fen, and thank you to Tracey B for not being toned down with Carmine.

    At least DAYS is starting to ramp up a bit.

  50. Profile photo of pferrando

    Hey mon, I know you like things a bit more hopping, but for me “toned down” is SUCH a relief after most of the stuff we’ve put up with since LML canned both Kay and Jack back in 2006.

    It more the Y and R that I like to watch.

    Yeah, I like an occasional pyscho, or murder mystery but enough was enough.

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