Romance and Temptation Heat up The Bold and the Beautiful

Love is in the air this week as The Bold and the Beautiful celebrates Valentine’s week with romance and temptation. Will Bill (Don Diamont) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) end up in bed or is Brooke in her panties another of Bill’s fantasies? Watch this week’s B&B promo after the jump!

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    I Flove $Bill & Brooke (Bill’s dreaming or Brooke) and with Katie being her sister is classic soap, I’m enjoying it.

    Still not sure of Taylor & Eric…is MAB secretly joined the writing staff?

    The other stories are good! I like Hope she isn’t going to take shizzz anymore Steffy’s pregnancy pause and the story with Dayzee, Marcus and baby adoption including the new cast members could be pure gold. I’m loving this story. Weak link…Texas Battle…sigh…please recast Marcus w\actor that played “Frankie”…we could have a ballgame cooking! :)

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    I know it’s probably a dream but I wish it was real. Bill and Brooke are hot, hot, hot! I love that they’re actually taking their time with them and have gotten the Bill and Katie relationship back on track so to speak so when something does really happy between these two it will pack a maximum punch! I also am loving the Eric and Taylor relationship. They both felt abandoned by Stephanie in the end and their bonding feels natural not forced. I don’t think Taylor is really going after Eric but if they do end up together that definitely will change the dynamics of B&B in a big way and re-ignite the Brooke/Taylor rivalry and the other Logan/Forrester rivalries. Plus it’s a great setup for when Ridge comes back one day and finds his ex-wife with his father! This is really a brilliant move on Brad’s part and brings two legacy characters back to the frontburner where they belong. The Dayzee baby twist yesterday is one I didn’t see coming either and really has me into that story too. I have to say right now B&B is really cooking!

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    Well..I like Brooke and Bill, and the fact that it could really mean a big story for Katie-Bill. HT and DD are great actors and deserve the screen time.

    HT and JmC share no chemistry. It is also so out of character for Eric to side with Taylor and Taylors kids after being a Brooke supporter for 25 years. Its so stupid, and just not the right twist for this story. Eric shares two children with Brooke so I cant believe his affection for Taylor all of a sudden. Brad should drop AM as Pam and should go for Donna and Eric, I actually believed that romance.

    The Dayzee storyline looks promising. Thats great.

    The character of Taylor has turned into a complete idiot.

    Bring back Oliver for Hope, pair Liam with Steffy, bring a woman for Tommy, show us Rick and Caroline, because last I know they are a couple.

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    Brad Bell needs to write those sexy love scenes again. Jamey said it in the latest DC podcast, Bell should re-watch the stuff from the 90s and early 2000s and get creative again.

    All B&B does these days is teasing. The thing between Bill and Brooke is a classic soap story. But not if you keep on teasing it and in the end nothing comes of it.

    Someone needs to have mercy with Hunter Tylo and John McCook. Putting these two together – not a good move.
    Eric is awfully written these days. He always had Brooke’s back. It would have been a better choice to go back to Brooke and Eric … get Steffy back in Bill’s orbit instead.

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    This show is on its last legs for me. I’m usually really positive about the soaps I watch, but with B&b I’m on the verge of giving up. Just on today’s episode, we got those quick 1 minute scenes with Dayzee and the crew, yet Hope repeating the same dialogue to deer in headlights Liam gets these long, drawn out boring scenes…the show as a whole is just disgusting to me.

    If they were writing Taylor as only being with Eric to move her family ahead, then I could buy it. Have her take a page out of Brooke’s book, and do it for herself and her kids…but to write as though she actually is attracted to this old man…it’s just silly to me.

    Though, to say it’s out of character and silly for Eric to turn from a Brooke supporter to a Taylor supporter is kind of laughable, especially since most people didn’t see it that way when Stephanie became a Brooke supporter after being a Taylor supporter for nearly the entire run of the show.

    To be honest, I say bring back Oliver…put STEFFY with Oliver, give Lame to Hope, bring back Amber…put her with Rick. Kill off Caroline. I would keep Pam around, recast Donna with someone like Maura West…put her with Justin again.

    There are SOOO many ways to make B&B POP again!! I would (and this will be UNpopular) but I would bring on Victoria Rowell as Drucilla, since its already been established that she is Justin’s cousin. I’d have her come to Forrester Creations as a model exec/fashionista….whatever. I’d honestly eventually write off Liam AND Hope for a while. Have them marry and leave town. I’d put Steffy with Oliver briefly, and then have her placed back in Bill and Katie’s orbit. Put Rick, Brooke, Ridge (recast), and Eric in charge at Forrester Creations.

    I’d bring back Massimo Marone and Jackie, and have them married. Have them relaunch Jackie M Fashions, and have Massimo establish a relationship with his grandchildren. Thomas and Steffy would come over and work for Jackie M. Bring back the rivalry between two fashion houses.

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    Well Stoney, I agree with you on some points.

    But Stephanie being a Brooke supporter was more believable then Eric choosing Taylors side above Brookes side. Eric had a weak spot for Brooke since he first married her, they dated after that for two weeks during the Brooke-Nick-Dante storyline I thought. He asked her to remarry him after STephanie faked Heart attack. He stood by her during the pose mess en countless otjer times. I just dont buy it.

    Then bringing back the Marone clan, I am all for it, with the exception of Massimo, because B&B doesnt need characters like him, although there is some history that could be interesting. If you want to bring Jackie back, then bring Owen back, it was by far one of the strongest pairings in the latest years. Bringing Amber back is a good idea, and pairing her up with Rick is even better. I still dont think JY is the best rick. Yes he is a strong actor, but he lacks something. I liked KL in the role, he was more campy, so it means he is more B&B.

    Oliver is a nice character, but I would like to see him as a Brooke supporter. Bell should go over the top with the Brooke character..and Oliver or Thomas would be the best idea for it.

    Steffy-Bill-Katie-Liam is the quadrangle I would go for.

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    ^^ Oh Stoney – if even HALF of those things you mentioned were to materialize….

    I cannot understand what is going through Brad Bell’s mind. Does he not WATCH this show?

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    I cannot stand Liam–he is a fool who loves none but himself. Why can’t these women see that? Maybe it because they have both been scarred by their fathers. No I don’t like the new Hope–she is beginning o act like mommy. Yes I would bring back Massimo and the Marones and return Brooke to Nick(whom she loved). Ridge I believe should be recast and should be with my Taylor if not please give her a hot younger man not Eric who is loyal to noone. I understand Taylor and hate what Bell has done with her–she has suffered at the hands of Madam Tramp and Queen Bee Stephanie–why Hunter puts up with this folishness is beyond me. No I do not like Bill and Brooke (has she learned nothing?) but she will cry her way back into Katie’s affections as she wormed her way into Stephanie’s for she is portrayed as the ‘whore with a heart’. How Hope can tolerate her mother’s bull is beyond me. But she will find a way to excuse her mother’s hots for her uncle in law/father in law and the man who can’t stand her. No I am not enjoying B&B.

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    Oh Em Gee. I’m not watching but I just saw this.

    So, I guess the Brooke fans can no longer claim Brooke isn’t a home wrecker. And Bill? Well he’s a skank too.

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    ^^ You are not the only one. I agree that Brooke & Bill set the screen on fire and have chemistry. IMO, Bill & Katie lack chemistry plus Brooke sleeping with her sister’s hubby is super-soapy.

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    I agree, Eric has always had a soft spot for Brooke, but in this scenario, I don’t think it really matters.

    I said I had a hard time accepting this whole Brooke/Stephanie insta-friendship thing because I grew up watching B&B. I remember everything vividly, from Stephanie trying to KILL Brooke, to Stephanie indirectly having a hand in Brooke’s rape (tho it wasn’t really Stephanie’s fault IMO), to stephanie handing Brooke a loaded gun and telling her to shoot herself. And everything in between. And of course I saw them “bond” during Stephanie’s cancer, but I also saw Stephanie convince her grandson to LIE and say he had sex with Brooke, just to finally get rid of Brooke.

    And while Eric constantly supported Brooke, he never DISLIKED Taylor. He never tried to kill her, or set her up. He had a very good relationship with Taylor, and while Ridge was married to her, Eric fully supported their union.

    I just don’t get how for some, it’s okay for Brooke and Stephanie to be insta-pals so quickly, but for Eric and Taylor to be swapping spit its disgusting and out of character.

    Now I AGREE, I find the entire relationship to be ridiculous. I just don’t think its anymore ridiculous than the Stephanie/Brooke thing. Some saw it as some epic “love affair” coming to an end, but I saw it as Brad Bell’s infatuation with the whitewashed Brooke Logan going to another level. The show to me lost its spark when they tried to turn Brooke into the heroine. They’ve painted Taylor as the psycho…and thats where they lost me.

    I was a Taylor fan, not because she was a “saint” as people called her, but because to me, she was the most rational person on the show…and to a certain extent, she STILL IS to me. I was ALSO a Brooke fan, because she saw what she wanted and she went after it…and she didn’t try to lie or make excuses for it. She was a slut and she embraced it.

    NOW, she’s STILL a slut, but we are supposed to root for her? We’re supposed to see it all as a misunderstanding? It’s always everyone else’s fault for what Brooke does. She kissed Bill, and it was ALLL because Stephanie had died and she was grieving. She damn near rolled her eyes at Katie when Katie returned home after the post pardum depression, and yet, THAT was because Taylor had accused Brooke and Bill of doing something. It’s NEVER Brooke’s fault anymore, and that’s tiring. Bring back the woman that did and looked you in your eyes, DARING for you to say something about it.

    Because right now, two of B&B’s biggest characters (Brooke and Taylor) are being written HORRIBLY. I don’t see Brooke as the heroine. I don’t see everything she does as a mistake or slipup. I don’t blame anyone BUT her. I don’t see Taylor as the psycho. I don’t think her arguments are “entitled”. I don’t think she takes the rivalry overboard. I DON’T blame her for not trusting Brooke. I don’t blame her for wanting the best for her kids and not wanting her kids to get pushed over…again. I don’t blame her for being upset with Stephanie’s COWARD move to take Thomas’ shares away. But most of all, I don’t buy the fact that a beautiful woman like that would even CARE enough about the Forresters to still be around them. SHe’s a professional woman, beautiful (no matter what people say about the plastic surgery..she’s still beautiful), and smart…yet she’s hanging around these people who don’t care for her. Who constantly manipulate her, slap her around, use her, etc….give me a break. When Brad Bell gets his head out of his ass and remembers the dynamics of this show, then I’ll be interested. NOt saying that Brooke isn’t allowed to grow and mature, but part of that process is to NOT do the things you used to do. But for her to continue to whore around, but now not accept the blame…ugh.

    Sorry for my rant… :(

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    I agree with you on some part. I will give you my point of view.

    Brad reduced the Taylor character into a complete idiot. This character used to be a smart shrink that is a bit vulnerable for Ridge and made a fool out of herself since she came back from the death the last time. I do like the Taylor character, during the Darla gate she was great, with the exception of the boring pairing with WH (Thorne). Her marriage with Whip was a nice change, she finally shared some chemistry with another actor.
    At this point, I dont think Taylor fans can still root for their character, because she is a joke. It looks like she is completely obsessed with her childeren and she keeps repeating how worse Brooke was for her family, but she seems to forget history constantly and forgets pivotal storylines that had a great impact on this show.

    Well, ofcourse brad writes her this way. No one should blame HTylo, because Brad likes to pit these two fan bases against eacht other. The Taylor character is being sacrificed by Brad to save the Brooke character. I think both women still look beautiful for their age, they lost their sparks, but they are both over 50 years old I guess, so I dont blame them. I also think the acting hasnt improved of Miss Tylo, but maybe she is as bored as the fans are.

    Brookes character is far more consistent. The whole attitude with Bill and Katie is typical Brooke. If Brad keeps writing it this way, she will end up with Bill in bed, and I for one hope so, because it gives Taylor fans something to rant about and Brooke fans can make up all kind of excuses for their favourite. Brooke is by far the most consistent character of this show, she always screws up, but always knows to climb back to the top, make up to the people she hurts in the process and still has the same fan base in the end.

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    B&B is the worst soap on television. Anybody who says it is good needs their head examine. Sorry, but I think people are just saying it is good so it doesn’t get cancelled. I’ve been watching for 2 years. Liam and Hope are not super-couple. Brad needs to get KM some acting lessons. Her over-enunciating gets on a lot of viewers nerves. She is pretty, but not sexy. It is like she is scared and tense. Her legs are so tightly shut in some of the romantic scenes. I don’t find her kissing Liam sexy – the close-up on the lips is terrible. Out of GH, B&B, Y&R, she is the worst actress on soaps, even the nuKristina (GH) is better.

    Brooke and Bill are just gross. Who wants their sister’s husband. That is what I want for my sister to sleep with her husband and then me to be with him – Gross. That is just like Liam being with Steffy and Hope in one day – GROSS.

    Jacob Young needs to run as fast as possible to AMC, because it is going to be a lot better than this crap. His character is not working.

    Taylor just whines all the time. She has been with father, son and then the other son. Bring on other chars who are not related. Too many relatives. It doesn’t take a very soap writer to understand what is wrong with the show. Super-Couples are needed, not triangles. Liam needs to grow a set of balls. Logans can’t always win. Steffy one of the best actress – must have been told just to rub her belly and not use any of her acting skills. Can’t let her out-act the Logans. Hope needs to go to school and learn how to draw/design. Instead of one day she can’t draw and the next she is a designer.

    Maya story is just stupid.

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    Because some have different taste and we need our head examined? Really? What a farce of a statement because holding a different view. I’m not happy with everything but I for one had enjoyed the show much more compared to summer. I’m not happy on Taylor\Eric hook up but I do like the Dayzee story very much. Right now B&B is finding its footing because of Ronn & Susan’s departure but I do like the refueling for Brooke\Taylor rivilary again. I do think Brad needs to start looking to bring back Ridge because that could change the whole dynamic of stories for Brooke, Eric, Taylor.

    Oh B&B did just get renewed and not even near cancellation and the ratings are up again especially for demos for the week of Feb 8th. ;)

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    Hey Stoney07, I have to agree to your first part on the scenes being fillers with Dayzee and gang and it all being HOPE HOPE HOPE!!!

    To make the traingle with Hope Liam and Steffy more dynamic they need to have more going on in their lives. Hope has to be the worst employee ever because half the time she is at Forrester she is day dreaming and the other half she is leaving the office to make a beeline to wherever Liam is!! Honestly she is like a dog in heat… she can sniff out a man’s location from miles away!!

    If Steffy had an additional story with Thomas or anyone that showed she was dealing with her situation like a mature adult I would love it. If Hope actually did work instead of every day NOT BLINKING through her “I am a different person now” speeches we have all heard over and over again. And if Liam just yanked his sack a few times so those balls would fall down we would have the dynamic love triangle B&B had back in the day with Ridge/Caroline and Brooke – or Ridge, Brooke and Taylor. Or even Ridge Brooke and (still ewwwww) Bridget!

    As for Dayzee’s story and the filler that it is, I am not sure why they are telling it if it doesn’t move Dayzee’s character to a new level. i was hoping that somewhere in there Dayzee was doing it for herself and her own career by orchestrating the adoption. But once they discovered the other day that the child died on her birthday on her way to an amusement park while with her loving and doting adoptive parents, I realized this will be just another disposable B&B story.

    Did anyone else see that scene where Dayzee said “she died on her birthday” and then Marcus’ bro says “with her parents” and then Marcus says “on their way to the amusement park”??? I was waiting for the punch line to pop up from one of the extras in the background. It was just sooooooooooo foolish in how it was written.

    And I did not know that Justin was Dru’s cousin. Sad that they made that connection since Dru is no where in any universe on these shows.

    I think B&B could be a great show if it paid attention to detail and fleshed out story before putting it on air.

    Here is hoping that B&B gets the same “do it or die” treatment Sony and CBS gave Y&R with Maria cause it needs it.

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    I agree with everything that Stoney said. Bell is not paying attention to history and has sacrificed the Taylor character for Brooke. I actually liked Brooke when she was honest with herself. And really, this is the same Brooke who slept with her daughter’s husband and had a child , Hope, by him. She almost killed her child who was so in love with her husband. Why are we shocked that she would go for her sister’s man? For shame. Yet she will be redeemed and Taylor will be slapped in the face. This man, Bill, hates her other daughter Hope yet she wants him? What a mother! I can understand Taylor’s ‘obsession’ with her children—she is a mother. Brooke’s obsession with Hope is superficial since I repeat she wants to bed the man who hates her child.
    I agree too that the hook up with Stephanie was foolish and not in keeping with the history of the show. Steph could have forgiven Brooke and vice versa, without ignoring, without explanation, her relationship with Taylor. I did not see her goodbye to Taylor, did she explain her feelings for Brooke whom all love?

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    I have only been watching this soap for a little over a year but I have to say the couples on this show always feel “forced” IMO the only couple who has real chemistry is Liam with Steffy. I have always liked this character because she is portrayed as a strong woman who goes after what she wants. Hope is a bore, sure now they are trying to give her a little chutzpa but too little too late. Secondly, I do not get the whole Bill/Brooke pairing. And do not get me started on Eric/Taylor.EWWWWWWWWW! This show need some serious overhaul with some better writing. At this rate my local news is more interesting.

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