The Storm of the Century Strikes Genoa City on The Young and the Restless!

What chaos will the “storm of the century” stir up when it strikes Genoa City? This week on The Young and the Restless, Genoa City’s upstanding citizens endure Mother Nature’s wrath. Watch the promo after the jump!

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    Monday’s show was most excellent! I loved the conversations between:

    Carmine and Lauren
    Victoria and Nikki ( who looked great, by the way! )
    Abby!!! and Kyle ( she is finally back in town! )
    Summer and Kyle ( a romance brewing??? )
    Sharon and Adam

    and…. Kevin getting his ass handed to by not just Abby, but Michael as well!!! What will he do? What will he do???…

  2. Avatar of hey mon
    hey mon

    ‘Storm of the Century’. ‘Clear Springs’. ‘Lights Out in Genoa City’.

    Gonna take a lot to liven things up in Genoa City. Now that Fen is back to being just a regular kid, and Jamie is the villain, I am bored again.

  3. Avatar of angrierblackerman

    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]TWIT Lily is driving so of course there’s going to be a car accident. What DMV in their right mind would issue that airhead a driver’s license?[/quote]

    How else will they end up in a conveniently located wood cabin with a fireplace and a bear skin rug? OMGCOLLEEEN!(Lily) is totally going to crash the car, lol.

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]Monday’s show was most excellent! I loved the conversations between:Carmine and LaurenVictoria and Nikki ( who lookedgreat, by the way! )Abby!!! and Kyle ( she is finally back in town! Micheal/Lauren/FenmoreSummer and Kyle ( a romancebrewing??? Nikki/Victoria/Adam/SharonSharon and Adamand…. Kevin getting his ass handed to by not just Abby, but Michael as well!!! What will he do? What will he do???…[/quote]

    You said it TracyAbbott :love:

  5. Avatar of tedew

    Didn’t realize that Carmine and Lauren actually were having a conversation. Lauren does rather bug me these days. I still think that Michael did what he had to with what he truly thought and was told.

    hey mon … don’t forget that Fen is much more a villain with what he’s done; much more so than the victimized Jamie.

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    [quote=yojoromo4469]Coffee Junkie, You are too funny for words.[/quote]

    Tell to the Lane fans. They find me so reprehensible and morally offensive that they all have me blocked on Twitter. Go figure.

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    TUESDAY’s episode is airing now…so far SUPERB! Nothing but vets with the vets children.

    Oh my gawd Lauren & Michael…Lauren acknowledged her bullying of Tracy..setting up wonderful points of dialogue.

    Abby..Carmine is going to lie and say he’s having an affair w\Lauren…to make Abby jealous?

    TraceyAbbott where are you to answer these burning questions?

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    Meeting with Phyllis, Jack & Billy..

    the best line of day already talking about the name of new Jabot fragrance “Scarlet Mist”

    Billy: “its called get a room”….LMFAO! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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    Who didn’t love Phyllis PICKING up her face as Paul read her the right act about Summmer…this bullying story just KICKED up 5 notches and wait until Nick realizes this FACT! Loving the episode today and I haven’t been this giddy about a soap for a decade!! :love:

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    This is why longtime fans fall in love with Victor|Nikki, today’s episode is showing why…Victor The Great’s heart is always belonged to Nikki…I LOVED it with these two today! :love:

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    Jack is rebuilding the “House of Abbott” as he said to John. Today’s scenes between Jack & Abby were excellent! Let Abby actually be “beautiful geek” as Ashley in chemistry! :)

  12. Avatar of Duchess

    I agree harlee490 Y&R is really firing on all cylinders right now and I am loving every second of it! I can’t remember the last time I actually rushed home to watch it like I’ve been doing. Maybe the Bill Bell years (or possibly the Kay Alden ones which were both eons ago)? This is just pure soap with younger characters we care about because of who their parents are and having really good actors portraying them doesn’t hurt either. I LOVE JG correcting MAB’s messes especially by fixing the Paul fiasco by making Jamie his salvation and vice versa. Their only mistake had been firing Marcy Rylan and now that’s been corrected too. Michael and Lauren have believable drama and as with the other stories it’s roping in so many people. How great was it to see a Katherine and Lauren scene the other day? I love all the interactions that make sense and strengthening of relationships that had fallen by the wayside under the last regime. They’re also making me care again about characters I hadn’t cared at all about or fast forwarded for years like the Winters family, the Baldwins etc. The only complaint I have is the stolen money story and Adriana in general but I can overlook that when hottie Noah is on my screen :-)

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    Who didn’t love the mother\daughter time between Nikki\Victoria or the scenes w\Villy…BM & AH…has it…some ppl don’t like AH but they sizzle together.

    Billy: “We can crawl under the covers”…the sexiness of that line makes me hot…I love romance! :) :love: :p

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    I watched yesterday’s (Monday, 2/11) show and watched the Summer-Kyle interaction with curiosity. My suspicion is that Phyllis is finally going to reveal that Summer is Jack’s daughter (mining history–always a good thing!) and not Nick’s. (I’d further speculate that this revelation will come out when perhaps Nick takes Phyllis to task for being a “bad mother” and allowing Summer become a manipulative bully, but we’ll see how JG actually writes it.) I think it’s also a good thing to make Summer Jack’s daughter because it builds up a family for Jack and maybe Summer will have a(nother) brother who will support and understand her since she doesn’t seem to like or understand herself very much these days.

    I don’t like everything about the “new” Y&R… The music has gotten AWFUL–why don’t they mine the Y&R music library and start using some of the beautiful, moody, evocative underscores from the 1970s and 1980s again?! And I still think most of the sets are terribly over-lit. HOWEVER, Josh Griffith is clearly *trying* to do his best by the show and create some slower-building stories, mine the show’s history, and have his staff include some better dialogue.

    I am starting to *like* Y&R again (admittedly, I don’t “love” it…yet), but hope TPTB will continue to work on restoring the show to a semblance of its former glory!

  15. Avatar of TraceyAbbot101

    Hey Harlee:

    I am still too stunned to “speak” – I am so GAGA over the Jack N Phyllis scenes today.. Loved Billy’s remark.

    And more of Nikki and the piano – a stretch from the “old” Nikki – so nice!

    and Paul lighting into Phyllis like he did. WOW! Veteran acting at its best.

    Lauren tellig Michael “she is not so sure?” C’mon Lauren, whats up with that?

    Ok, I think Carmine was too scared to tell Abby the truth: He is with TraceyAbbott101 these days.

    To the other poster: when two people exchange words, it is still considered a “conversation”.

  16. Avatar of harlee490

    I love the little touches of Jill recently….like today, Fen & Summer outside, with wind blowing, dressed in WINTER clothes. That makes a difference in the scenes you are trying to capture….it works for atmosphere to create mood of the story. Loving Summer’s hair abit full & wilder. ;)

    Am not a fan of the music side but sometimes I do like scenes and music. It works better with younger cast. The music needs to be as moody as the past to fit on story especially vets. But I’m giving credit again when credit is due…Jill got a wrap what Y&R fans want to see ;)

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    What I would like to know is what are the LANE fans gonnaa do when Cane is sniffing around Chelsea and Lily is rolling around in a snow covered corn field somewhere in Wisconsin?

    I see a bunch of tiny heads exploding all over the United States!!

    I think Paul will somehow end up as Jamie’s parenal unit but I do not think that the Fen/Jamie/Summer plot is over, by any means. We need to find out why Fenn is so full of anger and bad ass attittude?

    So… Jack is into romancing Phyllis “the old fashioned way”? Good! Those Abbot men must have learned something from dear ole Dad as Billy has got Victoria wrapped around his… well, little finger :)

  18. Avatar of harlee490

    TraceyAbbott…Nikki & piano…is that not the most excellent nod for the history of Nikki…Bill always showcased Nikki’s abilities about playing the piano…MTS is a major in music..PIANO!

  19. Avatar of Coffee_Junkie

    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]What I would like to know is what are the LANE fans gonnaa do when Cane is sniffing around Chelsea and Lily is rolling around in a snow covered corn field somewhere in Wisconsin? I see a bunch of tiny heads exploding all over the United States!![/quote]

    Hopefully crawl away and DIE. All their whining and carrying on about how *unfair* everything is makes my ass tired.

  20. Avatar of

    Ahh Lily is driving can we only hope she crashes and dies or she loses her memory and forget about Cane. IJS I would like Lily to have some spice to her like her mama. However Tyler/Lily is making me like the character a little bit more….just a little bit not a whole bunch-

  21. Avatar of bobbyew

    Y&R is it. Yes, the Lane fans are going to explode with brain matter all over the United States. Its a Soap Opera once again. How far in advance do they tape? The reason I’m asking is cause the comments we make on this site as well as the comments from the podcast have been paid attention to. Except the comments about the music. I guess thats do to the fact that that is JFP’s expertise. I hope she takes heed though to the comments about the music being so loud. All she needs to do is turn down the volume and it will be all the way excellent.

  22. Avatar of richalan67

    Today’s episode is one of the very best ever in the 27 years I have watched it. The acting was superb as was the writing! I actually could feel Paul’s pain and Jamie’s as they were on the roof together. I knew he wouldn’t jump but I was still breathless. I think it might be because I am a high school teacher and have students who have come to my school because of the incessant bullying at their brick and mortar school.
    Niki playing piano was so old school (Yay). The tender Victor is so much better than Perils of Pauline villain that MAB turned him into.
    Loved Abby being back and now at Jabot! The Abbott family will soon be intact. Now let’s get ED back and move Tracey home for gosh sakes!!
    So excited lately to watch again! I never gave up hope for a return to its greatness.

  23. Avatar of ChrisGa

    Richalan67…Yeah, Ashley Abbott really needs to be on this canvas(as does Traci). With ED literally owning DAYS right now she’s not coming back anytime soon; TPTB really need to reach out to Brenda Epperson Doumani–one of the best soap recasts ever–and work a deal out so that we can get Ashley back on our screens where she belongs.

  24. Avatar of NathanHastingsSr.

    Whatever Miss Thing. I’m watching Y&R and just don’t think it’s any good. Is it better, yes. I am not a hater. I’ve been a fan since 1986 and would love to fall in love with this soap again so keep the fatty remarks to yourself…

  25. Avatar of harlee490

    [quote=bobbyew]Y&R is it. Yes, the Lane fans are going to explode with brain matter all over the United States.[/quote]

    LOL!!! HEEHE…so be it! ;) It needs to happen to shake up Lane for minute or decade! ;)

  26. Avatar of harlee490

    [quote=ChrisGa]Richalan67…Yeah, Ashley Abbott really needs to be on this canvas(as does Traci). With ED literally owning DAYS right now she’s not coming back anytime soon; TPTB really need to reach out to Brenda Epperson Doumani–one of the best soap recasts ever–and work a deal out so that we can get Ashley back on our screens where she belongs.[/quote]


  27. Avatar of stoney07

    ^^^^ Defensive much NathanHastings?

    I enjoyed today’s episode as well. Glad to have Abby back! Glad the truth is out…I honestly wasn’t sure if Fen pushed Jamie or not…but glad he didn’t. Had MAB been writing, Fen would’ve pushed the kid over, and then would’ve held his parents at gunpoint and then died HIMSELF. Glad these new writers have restraint.

  28. Avatar of TraceyAbbot101

    Yes, the scenes on the roof top with Paul and Jamie were nailbiters for sure.

    I wonder if we are going to be able to buy the “Rest Mist” fragrance on QVC or not?

    Thre past few days have made me forget all about you know who and you know who, too ( Avery and Superman ). LOL

  29. Avatar of richalan67

    Brenda was a great Ashley. As far as ED on “DOOL” I think her talent is so wasted. That character is so campy it isn’t funny. My mother has watched since day one and said if they keep her on, she’s done watching it.

  30. Avatar of tedew

    bishbay … I was thinking much the same thing about Kyle, plus if they’re going to play that “incest” game again then that would be the logical place to go. I also thought that Kyle calling Jamie a punk was rather uncalled for.

    It would be nice to see Victor become a bit more nurturing but he always destroys it all with his vengeance, manipulation and law breaking to get what he wants.

    I’ve only seen Abby’s first day of being back and to my mind nothing has changed on that front yet.

  31. Avatar of pjc722

    Although the promo didn’t make me think that too much was going to happen, I have to say FINALLY a soap is going to have a blizzard!!

    I love these BIG events on soaps but also wish that out of all the good things… like characters hooking up (but please no lily tyler mash up since we watched for so long, painfully I might add, Lily and Cane get back together)… I hope there is some bad like a character dying or severely injured! I need a good cry!!!


  32. Avatar of tashikins

    I agree with you Harlee: BM and AH do sizzle. Loved Niki and Vicki and Niki and Vic today. Doug was superb and I did love when he told off Lauren and Phyllis. I understand where Lauren is coming from as a mother myself but I also sympathize with Michael which reveals how plausible this storyline is. Great that Lauren recalled her bullying–I believe some of her pain is because of her guilt (we all worry about our sins falling on our children) but I think as a victim of Sheila’s for so long she has paid for her cruelty (and believe me I love me some Tracy Abbott) and has been a good sacrificing mother. Phyllis was a bully too and I would love someone to yell at Summer and Fen about being brats(Paul or even aunt Jill who also suffered as a mother at the hands of her sons and had to accept some responsibility ). Love Y&R!

  33. Avatar of hey mon
    hey mon

    Lauren needs to get her mojo back. I want to see a year of the woman who gave it good to Paul, Danny, Brad, Scott, Eric…

    Carmine, you would be in for the night-ride of your life!

  34. Avatar of ANGELWENDY15

    I am a Y &R and GH viewer. I was worried at first when Jill Phelps took over as Y &R producer because she made GH so dark with all the mob stories. But I have to say, I see a major improvement in Y&R lately. A lot of drama, better story lines. I am impressed with the actor playing Fenmore. The scenes with him and his Dad were riveting.Like the closeness of Nicki and Victor, and th e whole snow storm storyline looks great. Phelps was always great with those type of stories.
    Y &R has the best drama out of all the soaps, but I also like GH because it’s become more lighter, more comedy, and seeing all the old favorites brought back has been great. I just want to see all the remaining soaps do well and stay on TV!!!

  35. Avatar of harlee490

    Michael & Lauren was both slamming some hard truths on each other…Lauren is a mother first…and her motherly instinct was right about her son. But Michael made some very real points at the same time. Fen isn’t guiltless but didn’t push Jamie.

    This story has all the drama and it makes the viewer think because its not black & white. Return to Bill’s psychological “thinking soap again. Lauren admitting in her younger days with Tracy, and Michael’s hard past w\Chris but HE did changed and paid his due. This be a great time to infuse Tracy & Chris slightly in this story and have them talk to the young group, Fen\Jamie\Summer are guilty. Tracy & Chris talk being bullied, their own insecurities, and forgiveness toward both Lauren & Michael….

    Paul was excellent yesterday ripping Phyllis, and Lauren maybe not quite as severe, it is Lauren but…YEEK did Paul cut lose on Phyllis! >) Knifves were flying! :O

    The proverbial “The shit has hit the fan” now its Summer’s turn to be exposed. I like how Josh & Jill set that pace. Fen & Jamie drew everything to a boiling point and established the story but waited to include Summer completely to give a setup of her own story and devilment in this bullying of Jamie. Now put all together, pure entertainment in classic Y&R style! :love: :O

  36. Avatar of RebeccaJ

    “More than brotherly” and “incest”? Kyle and Summer aren’t even related. Summer is Phyllis and Nick’s kid and Kyle is Jack and Diane’s kid. I don’t like Kyle’s character and I don’t think the writers really know who he is. One minute he’s hitting on Phyllis who is older than he is and now he appears to be hitting on Summer, who is younger than he is and TOTALLY IGNORING Eden, who was supposedly hot and heavy with for a few weeks!

    I agree, Richlan67, Paul was fantastic calling Phyllis on the carpet.

    As for the Nicki and Victor scenes, I think they’re just awful. They’re so forced and Nicki extends her cheek for his kiss like she’s afraid of getting cooties. Every time I hear the “my darling” and “sweetheart” crap, I wonder how long until he totally disses her again?

  37. Avatar of Bartman202

    Tuesday’s “Y & R” was very good, IMO – I especially enjoyed watching Paul (The amazing Doug Davidson) tell Michael & Lauren re Jamie’s near-suicide attempt #2 and how’s Fen’s relentless bullying pushed Jamie to that point. The best, however, was when Paul showed up at Phyllis’s door and reamed her a new one re Summer’s involvement – classic!! She just stood there and sucked it up – heaven only knows she deserved that tongue-lashing!!

    Kudos to JFP & JG for bringing a very prevalent issue in today’s society (bullying and its circumfering effects) front and center – an excellent job all around by everyone involved – I hope they plan on keeping the character of Jamie Vernon around too!!

  38. Avatar of tedew

    RebeccaJ … very true but there is always this assumption on this site and probably elsewhere that Summer is actually Jack’s (not Nick’s) daughter. And regarding Nikki … isn’t that how she always acts when she’s coupled and in good grace with Victor; haughty and “sophisticated”?

    harlee490 … you are correct about Lauren but even so she really should have had some of the same doubts as Michael did. Plus it does seem to be true that Fen did not physically push Jamie (I wonder how long that was changing on the storyboards) but he did mentally push him and that could probably be considered a crime (pushed to suicide) and punishable in many places.

    Now there is nothing wrong at all with Lauren (except maybe her hair) but Carmine could do much better if he decided to start checking out the other side of the fence.

  39. Avatar of stoney07

    Michelle Stafford and Josh Morrow have both said they DON’T want Summer to be Jack’s kid, because that would ruin Nick as a character, and make him nothing but a liar, since he’s the only one who saw the test results…

    I myself wouldn’t mind it…but that’s what they say…

  40. Avatar of soapbaby

    Summer being revealed as Jack’s child is the superior story to tell. Stafford & Morrow are short-sighted to not see the story potetial or to think that the reveal would ruin Nick’s character versus make Nick more interesting. It’s a soap opera! If Lily’s paternity could be revisited and her written as Malcolm’s daughter, so can Summer.

  41. Avatar of hey mon
    hey mon

    soapbaby — It was assumed from Day 1 when Malcolm went in to ‘visit’ his sister-in-law Drucilla back in 1994, that Lily was his, and not Neil’s.

    stoney07 — Since when do I care what Michelle and Josh want? Michelle is an aging beauty, and Josh is nothing but a ‘six pack of abs’ (His quote from 2006, not mine, on how he felt about the Y&R brass’s evaluation of him).

    So, since Nicholas had amnesia just a few months before he saw the paternity results, the whole Summer-is-Jack’s s/l could be explained as Nick still having temp amnesia, and Dylan knocks it loose when he punches him next week, or something.

  42. Avatar of ChrisGa

    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]excuse me while I run to the store and pick up Peter Porte… I mean, Diet Pepsi….. yeah, that’s the ticket….[/quote]

    Lol…..yeah, you pick up that Diet Pepsi and I’ll take PP off your hands ;).

  43. Avatar of yojoromo4469

    [quote=stoney07]Michelle Stafford and Josh Morrow have both said they DON’T want Summer to be Jack’s kid, because that would ruin Nick as a character, and make him nothing but a liar, since he’s the only one who saw the test results…

    I myself wouldn’t mind it…but that’s what they say…[/quote

    I find it idiotic that they would even think of making Summer into Jack’s child.
    That has to be one of the dumbest ideas ever. Why in the world would Nick have wanted to raise someone elses child, no matter how much he was in love with Phyllis at the time. This is just so unbelieveable that I can’t imagine it.

  44. Avatar of soapbaby

    [quote=hey mon]soapbaby — It was assumed from Day 1 when Malcolm went in to ‘visit’ his sister-in-law Drucilla back in 1994, that Lily was his, and not Neil’s.[/quote]

    Assumed by who? I recall that the matter of Malcolm sleeping with a drugged Dru was dropped. Bill Bell publicly admitted that the Dru/Malcolm ONS was a mistake he would not revisit. Now, I enjoyed the short-term drama provided by LML revisiting the paternity issue because VR, KSJ and Davetta Sherwood were excellent but the long-term implications were never well executed.

    I do agree with you 100% about Nicholas’ actions being explained regarding Summer’s paternity.

  45. Avatar of wiggum

    [quote=yojoromo4469][quote=stoney07]Michelle Stafford and Josh Morrow have both said they DON’T want Summer to be Jack’s kid, because that would ruin Nick as a character, and make him nothing but a liar, since he’s the only one who saw the test results…

    I myself wouldn’t mind it…but that’s what they say…[/quote

    I find it idiotic that they would even think of making Summer into Jack's child.
    That has to be one of the dumbest ideas ever. Why in the world would Nick have wanted to raise someone elses child, no matter how much he was in love with Phyllis at the time. This is just so unbelieveable that I can't imagine it.[/quote]

    I thought Cassie died before the Summer paternity drama so it would make perfect sense for him to lie replacing Cassie with Summer

  46. Avatar of pferrando

    I’m a couple of days behind so I need to grab a martini and catch up, especially after reading everyone posts.

    There is some bickering going on with you all, but I love reading everyone’s opinion and take on what’s working and what’s not. 0:) >) :p

    I didn’t hate 100% of what MAB threw up on our screens, but I do like what Josh is bringing. We are in so much better shape, and I can’t wait to see what the ratings are like over the next month or two when the show really started losing viewers (a year ago).

  47. Avatar of yojoromo4469

    [quote=DanMan869]I guess you’re forgetting that Nick helped raise Cassie (not his child) for many years.[/quote]

    Dan, if U happen to be replying to me, that was a different situation altogether. He was married to Sharon and Cassie was his step daughter. If Jack ends up being her father, then Nick, in a sense, kidnapped her, as he is the only one that saw the paternity test, which with Jack in reality that would never have happened. He would have insisted on seeing the results, as would Phyllis. It is just a very stupid idea.

  48. Avatar of yojoromo4469

    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]Nick didn’t even accept Cassie at first! He was a jerk to her![/quote]

    Nathan, you have that exactly right and that would be one more reason, that I find it unbelieveable that Nick would have wanted to raise Summer, if she was really Jack’s. If Summer was Jack’s, then maybe about 10 years ago, this would have been an ok storyline.

  49. Avatar of harlee490

    This would make a great soapy story…Jack delivered Summer, Jack isn’t exactly a stranger to Summer growing up around him.

    As for Nick had amnesia so maybe he never “purposely” kept the results secret. Maybe he doesn’t remember. This time Phyllis in reverse didn’t know the truth…lets of story and drama. ;)

    I hope Josh goes there w\this story.

  50. Avatar of RedChair

    Oh.. I’m sorry. I thought STORM OF THE CENTURY referred to Katherine Chancellor MURPHY hitting Murphy when he startled her by showing up at dinner.

    I really hate the poor driving conditions story. Like someone said, Lily will find her way to a cabin… likely with the amnesia that they catch like the flu in GC. We’ve had so many accidents, miscarriages, bandaged heads and forgetfulness over the past few years.

    I, too, have not forgotten that lame DISASTER story at Clear Springs. Wasn’t the sole outcome Victoria going into a coma and giving birth while out? Amelia has never come out of that coma as far as I’m concerned.

    What the story could use right now (and of course, I know best) is for Gloria and Bardwell to go out in the blizzard, and have Jeffrey die so she can hook up with the Senator (Congressman?) on the rebound. Of course, Jill could use some silver fox in her lair as well.

    I too would like to see Tracy come back to town and stay. Writers hardly have to live in NY to write. Jack needs a voice of reason when the Red Herring – my name for Phyllis and the fragrance – is around.

    I’m not feeling Fen at all. He seems to now be popular with you guys and gals… but the actor and the character annoy the hell out of me. And why can’t Lauren’s other son show up once in a while. Even the Duchess’ son would make drive-by appearances.

    That’s enough guff for now.

    Toodles from Nova Scotia

  51. Avatar of RebeccaJ

    I agree 100%, Red Chair, about Fen. I can’t stand him but every day I’m constantly amazed at how much he reminds me of Greg when he first came on the show. He’s sulky and bratty and entitled. But physically, Fen and Kevin two could be brothers.

  52. Avatar of tedew

    RedChair … another good Nova Scotian post.

    I don’t see much wrong with the way Max Ehrich looks especially the way he has progressed since his initial appearances. However the character and the story line are indeed incredibly annoying and seems to be serving just as a catalyst to break up the once loyal and doting Baldwins; which is even more unrealistic. Actually at this point Michael should be well rid of her for the way she’s been treating him and dragging up his past considering how he stood by her during her times of need. Of course maybe Lauren is still Sheila (or maybe Sheila could be Fenmore now or maybe even Michael).

    Now, if Lauren’s missing son Scotty returned to the fair city then he’d make a very well matched bookend for the woefully long missing Rafe.

  53. Avatar of pferrando

    This has actually been my favorite story, and IMO has been well done and very believable.

    I loved Summer and Phyllis yesterday.

    It has a lot of layers, and I’m hoping it keeps three of my favs, Michael, Lauren and Paul on my screen.

  54. Avatar of pjc722

    I have to agree on how this bullying story has played out! I think the young actors portraying Fen, Jamie and Summer have done an amazing job!!! I love Lauren’s anguish at seeing Fen arrested by none other than Michael, the boy’s dad. I understand Michael’s point of view on how he thinks Fen may be like him.

    I wish that they played it more like Michael not wanting his son to be like his younger self but that he left the DAs office to help Fen or even just suggested it. I think Fen deserves the right to hate his father and that Michael has to work his way to gaining back Fen’s love. I can’t wait to see this story progress now that Fen has to some how pay for his part in all this but that Michael now has to get his son’s love too.

    I hope they continue with Jamie on the show and even see Paul being his foster dad. It would be great to eventually see a kid overcome bullying and get his life back together. I do believe Jamie’s father should be brought back into the story even for an episode or two since the dad would help explain why Jamie acted out initially early on in his time on screen. We can’t forget that the kid does have anger management issues since he trashed his dad’s gfs place.

    One character that does need therapy is Summer. This poor kid has been lashing out left right and center and both Nick and Phyllis haven’t seen it and are taking her word for “all is ok”. I am not pleased with Phyllis AT ALL that after she confronted Summer DURING a blizzard she ran over to Jack’s. SHe just found out that her daughter pushed a kid emotionally enough to the point of suicide and during a blizzard she is rushing over to her ‘friend’s’ place for a Valentine meal while leaving her daughter alone. I just don’t getit.

  55. Avatar of pjc722

    I didn’t remember that there was a paternity test! DAMN IT TO HELL because it would have been such a great and dramatic turn of events in GC to have Nick discover that the girl he raised was not his all along!!!

    And to imagine the grief for Jack.. and the elation! He would once again get a kid fully grown. It would be his third: Keemo, Kyle and then Summer. Man, this guy misses out on all the crappy diapers and 2am feedings!!!

    But I said it earlier with Lily being Malcolms and not Neils. It’s an easy solution with the DNA test because the results in soap world can always be that .05% wrong! I mean, look at how many people were deemed to be Katherine’s kid before she got Tucker?!!

    It would be a great reveal if Victor actually had his hand in it and switched the test results so that Jack would not be there for a kid and that his son, Nick, wasn’t hurt. It’s far fetched but I mean the man paid Patty Williams to have plastic surgery to basically kill Jack and he locked his first wife, Julia’s, lover in the cellar of the ranch for months and months so I wouldn’t put it past him.

    It certainly would be an acceptable answer to me. ANd it would put Phyllis right against Victor!!!


  56. Avatar of tedew

    pjc722 … paragraph 4 post #70. I was thinking the same thing about Phyllis. I was just begrudgingly starting to kind of sort of like her for that confrontation with her daughter. Then she runs off (as you also observed) in that raging blizzard to be with Jack? (And why did Jack allow Nikki to leave in that agitated state she was in?)

  57. Avatar of pjc722

    OK, just finished watching the “STORM OF THE CENTURY” “YOU BETTER WATCH OUT GENOA CITY” and all I can say is that we were duped!

    Sorry, all those who think I am always negative but this was a bust and a promotional lie for me!!!

    Not one thing happened here that doesn’t happen all the time on the show. The biggest joke of them all is that everyone was out driving in it! I live on the east coast where we’ve had blizzards and snowstorms and not only does my job close down early but the city does, as well. On top of that, EVERYONE STAYS HOME and bars and restaurants don’t open.

    EVERY SINGLE RESIDENT in Genoa City jumped out into their cars to go somewhere… except for Billy and Victoria! (And soooooo happy they got 5 minutes in the whole storm to let us know they will be redecorated that cheap set!!!)

    I have to agree with TEDEW and WHY was Katherine out driving?! Who else doesn’t see Adrianna becoming her new best friend like she was for Amber?! Repeat repeat repeat.

    Sure, I loved that kiss between Lauren and Carmine and was ecstatic that it was just a kiss and not a hotel room romp! now Michael and Lauren have some spice. I didn’t understand Sharon running over to Adam’s or Nick at the bar because WHO THE HELL WAS WATCHING FAITH?!! Or even Chloe discovering she’s pregnant and the best time to rush over to tell the man who you just told to take a long walk off a short pier that youre pregnant WAS DURING A BLIZZARD THEY HAVE NICKNAMED “THE STORM OF THE CENTURY”!!!

    Or Nikki not just staying at the Abbott Mansion DURING a snow storm but forcing the hired help to drive you to your penthouse across town! (I can just see Nikki saying “I need to be home with Victor” and hopping into a Ford F150 pick-up truck with the lawnmower and rakes poking out the back of the truck bed!)

    Avery leaves an hour after the DJ says STAY OFF THE ROAD FOLKS!

    Lily staying late at the office with Tyler and not just saying it will get done tomorrow there is a blizzard about to hit. OR her twins being left at home with the sitter as a BLIZZARD “the storm of the century” is about to hit!?!!!

    I have no problem with the stories… in essence… but I do have a problem with CBS marketing promoting it as if there was going to be something major happening! Nothing new happened other than Abby deciding to go out and grab a cocktail DURING A BLIZZARD and meeting Chavez or whatever his name is! Sure, that was great and I will like the pairing because I love ABBY but where is the suspense in a promoted blizzard if every damn citizen is driving around town!

    It was lazy writing and even worse promotion. It just makes it desperate on the part of Jill and Josh to have written that to weave the stories together when you could have still told the story with just FLURRIES OUTSIDE!!!


  58. Avatar of pferrando

    After Phyllis annoying me for so long on the show under MAB, I absolutely loved the long scenes she had with Summer.

    When Michelle tones herself down, you understand why she’s such a talent. Similar to Christian.

    But actually wasn’t it Summer who repeatedly urged and encouraged her mother to go see Jack? And when she arrived she said she’d only drove “blocks”… I didn’t see anything wrong with it, especially when they sat and hugged for a lot of their talk. Sweet.

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