Will Susan Lucci and David Canary Appear on All My Children 2.0?

Are Susan Lucci and David Canary reprising their roles as Pine Valley residents Erica Kane and Adam Chandler on Prospect Park’s All My Children? According to Soaps in Depth, it’s in the works. Reportedly,

As of now, Lucci, alas, will appear in just one episode while Canary will be seen on an ongoing basis.

Soaps in Depth could not reach Prospect Park for comment on their report. 

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    Susan Lucci is being very smart about this. She has huge name recognition and would be better off waiting to see if AMC 2.0 is a big hit and then hopping on or standing to the side as it crashes and burns.

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    I’m glad we will see Susan/Erica in the reboot in any capacity. She has other projects now, and I’m sure she is busy. I commend her for even giving her time to this reboot.

    David Canary on recurring is also awesome, because they can just bring on Adam for Sweeps!

    This is a good setup. I am still bummed about Michael E. Knight not returning, but I understand his position as well.

    I think the show should resurrect Will Cortlandt (played by James Patrick Stewart). The show needs an older leading man to be a buddy to Jesse.

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    Something doesnt feel right about Erica only being in one episode!! I am so disappointed they couldn’t get her to at least come back on recurring! As I do understand the Marc Cherry project was already in the works- so that’s her priority. She is a true professional and wouldnt back out or push one project to the side and give it less then 100%. SO Erica for a day is better then NO Erica. I hope this web things kicks off and they can get oher on some more. Cause if memory serves me right – all the networks passed on Marc’s project which then found a home on cable. So I hope this is worked out down the line.

    David C “on going” is fine. The man wanted to retire awhile back– so if Adam and Stuart make appearances here and there that is ok. The show needs DC in any form as it’s ushered to the web!

    Micheal E Knight shoudl make a deal with them. What has he doen since the show ended??? But hey– the only person I could see taking over Tad is Michael Peck on ATWT. But maybe if they think recasting Tad would give to much backlash– how about bringing Edmund or Tom back (played by orginal actors)? As I agree Jesse and David are going to need atleast another male in tehir age group. Maybe even a love interest for Opal???????

    Anyword on Julia Barr???? If Erica isn’t going to be there— Brooke should be one of the leading Dames on the show. Plus it ended with the Brooke and Adam going back to the mansion. So she is a MUST at this point!!!!!!! And recasting LAURA shoudl be in the works as well

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    They should bring back the character of Nina as a leading lady. I am fine with them recasting or bringing back the original actress.

    I also read a rumor that the AMC will be jumping ahead 2 years and focusing on a younger crowd. I think jumping ahead two years is absolutely the best thing AMC can do. I read that the show will start off with J.R. waking from a 2 year coma. Again, these are just rumors, but I like it.

    Not sure how I feel about them focusing on a younger crowd, hopefully it’s the kids and grandkids of the characters we all know and mix in the adults through storylines. That sounds like it would work really well.

    I’m actually surprised we haven’t heard a lot about script and/or character details at this point. They start filming in a little under three weeks, ya think some character details regardless of a recast or not would be out by now.

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    Cordelia Chase

    [quote=angrierblackerman]I think the show should resurrect Will Cortlandt (played by James Patrick Stewart). The show needs an older leading man to be a buddy to Jesse.[/quote]

    Will Cortland was gross. JPS is hot and a great actor, but I will forever associate Will Cortlandt with the rape of Gloria Marsh. If the character was still alive, the only thing he should be leading is prison conga line.

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    I was wondering, I don’t know all the history AMC, but knew I was watching then and thought wasn’t “Will” a horrenous villain but could remember….ding ding TY Cordelia Chase you reminded me…wasn’t this around the same time Adam was married to Gloria and gaslighting her? Or am I getting stories mixed up?

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