General Hospital Stars Salute John Ingle With 4th Annual General Hospital Fan Build (PHOTOS)

Current and former General Hospital cast members participated in the Fourth Annual General Hospital Fan Build Day: A Tribute to John Ingle on February 9. The event, which helped build a Habitat for Humanity home, saluted the late John Ingle (ex-Edward Quartermaine). See more photos from the construction site after the jump!

Emily Wilson and Teresa Castillo

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    As honorable as this is, I find it ludicrous that – minus Jason Thompson – THESE stars are the ones doing a tribute to John Ingle, when in reality they have barely shared a stage with him! Jimmy Deschler? He never even knew the man!

  2. Profile photo of Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies

    Great to see Jen Lilley! The cast must have really loved her to keep including her in their events like this. She was such a good sport about the hate mail she got and then she ended up winning the fans over. JL seems like a real class act.

  3. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I say they should bring back Jen Lilley in another role, like maybe Georgie? Who isn’t really dead? Enough time has passed that fans wouldn’t be confused, especially if JL stays brunette. Can you imagine a conversation between Maxxie, Ellie, and JL’s Georgie?

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    Is it Cougarish to be in love with this Jimmy boy…he is gorgeously yummy. Oh god forgive me I was a little perturbed feeling hot seeing him yesterday….I am bad…If only he were 19 and older….

  5. Profile photo of Jon

    Love Jen! Love Jimmy but I’m old enough to be his freakin’ DAD! Sabrina is a really beautiful woman without the Sally Jessy Raphael specs and the frizzy hair.

  6. Profile photo of Grimm

    Still a great cause done in the name of a great icon of the genre. Not made less by the fact that the middle-aged and beyond veteran actors among the cast and former cast didn’t turn out to help build houses.
    Props to those who participated!

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