Y&R’s Peter Bergman on AMC and OLTL Reboots: “We’re Hoping They Are a Giant Success”

He may not play a very gracious character on TV, but Peter Bergman is downright neighborly in real-life! The Young and the Restless lead spoke with Zap2it's Jay Bobbin about his former soap stomping grounds, All My Children (Bergman played Dr. Cliff Warner on AMC for a decade!) returning via the web, as well as sister sudser One Life to Live. Said Bergman:

 "There's not a person working in daytime television today who isn't cheering on every one of those people on 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live.' We're hoping they are a giant success."

Classy guy!

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    EVERYBODY should be rooting for these shows to succeed. I’ve read some posts elsewhere by people who are praying for them to fail just because they won’t be on ABC. That, as Stuart Varney would say, is stinking thinking.

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    Kendall Troy

    Imagine the buzz for the genre if they are a success. People may not be returning that I would like to see, but there’s always that option for a favorite character to come back down the road if a show is ongoing. People are complaining about it not being on television, but at least this is new ongoing content that you can access. I would rather these are being made than them being gone forever. There are pluses and minuses to everything, but as fans of this genre, we should be supporting the hell out of this new venture.

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    Are both allegedly 30 minutes each, four days a week with the Friday marathon? Because if that is true I find that format to be generous and I know busy people will make time. It really is hard to find one full hour to watch one, now you can watch both. You don’t have to burn as much story either making each year a distinct chapter in the soap’s life – I have to admit though I watched OLTL religiously you could throw out a story and they all seemed to blend together. Though Ron C did like to repeat plot points.

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    [quote=ANGELWENDY15]Peter Bergman, you are a classy guy!! Still remember him as Cliff on AMC. Glad to see the soap stars rooting for each other.[/quote]

    I’m Not saying that he’s not classy but I just look at it like he’s just rooting for his job and profession. He’s a soap actor who if One Life and AMC do not succeed then what happens if Y&R is cut because CBS needs to cut costs. They’ve done it twice before with GL and ATWT. If PP succeeds then Y&R might get another company maybe even CBS to move shows online to keep fans happy and save money.

    I believe it’s self preservation on his part.

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