No Immunity Idol For The Jeff Probst Show

Jeff Probst has been voted off one of the most cutthroat islands of all — the syndicated daytime television landscape. According to Deadline, CBS TV Distribution has canceled The Jeff Probst Show.

“We believe Jeff is an incredible talent, and that he and his dedicated producing team delivered quality episodes throughout the season. Unfortunately, the audience isn’t there to support a second year. We are grateful to the entire staff, our affiliate partners and advertisers for their ongoing support of The Jeff Probst Show.”

Reportedly, The Jeff Probst Show will air through the end of the season.

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    it’s great that daytime talks shows of jeff probst and anderson cooper are getting axed. they have no charm and charisma w/c a daytime talk show host needs. people have had enough already w/ all of these daytime talk shows w/ white only central hosts and tv shows w/ majority white only leading chars. people are rejecting shows from untalented anderson cooper and probst bec there’s no racial diversity. these idiotic shows from hollywood keep recycling the same white actors and personalities.

    it’s not only daytime talk shows w/ white only central hosts that are flopping. primetime tv shows w/ majority white actors are flopping and should be axed like probst and cooper’s failed talk shows! 1600 penn has a white president and flotus w/ flopping ratings! could they not have cast latinos? medical drama “do no harm” has been axed after 2 episodes! it has a white lead bec it’s a medical drama. typical hollywood uses a white lead and yet Asian americans are prominent among the medical profession. every medical drama has to have white leading chars. it’s great that people rejected “do no harm” and its lack of racial diversity for its leading char. primetime soap “smash” hit new ratings lows after returning w/ a very whitewashed cast despite it being ny based. it got rid of racial minorities ellis and dev who is the Indian bf of katherine mcphee’s char while retaining her other romantic partner derek who is white. “new normal” is full of racist jokes and bashes religious beliefs and it has shed half its 18-49 demo while flopping w/ its total ratings! “deception” has a female black lead but its writers have spoken abt how they refuse to even acknowledge race and gender and class issues! this soap w/ victor garber is flopping! glee sheds double digit millions of idol’s viewers. glee’s total ratings and 18-49 demos regularly get bashed by the total ratings and 18-49 demos of person of interest from cbs and grey’s anatomy from abc. that’s great bec glee is very racist towards Asian americans. all these racist tv shows are being rejected by the audience!

    it’s the same thing w/ cable. people are rejecting racism from cable tv shows w/c should be more bold and yet cable still has problematic racial representations. hbo’s “girls” is whitewashed but mainstream manhattan media and hollywood keep proclaiming how “talented” lena dunham is and yet she only writes for a central cast full of white chars only. hollywood and the mainstream manhattan media keep saying how “successful” and “popular” hbo’s girls is and yet its episodes ratings are lower than a million viewers! it’s completely delusional from hollywood bec they want a white woman like dunham to be accepted as “the voice of a generation” even if she whitewashes her ny based tv show. the next thing that delusional media and racist hollywood are going to be proclaiming is that dunham should be considered pretty. gigglesnort. but of course the manhattan media and hollywood won’t talk abt dunham’s blatant racism from her article towards japanese people bec bashing Asian americans is acceptable from hollywood and the mainstream media. it’s great that all these shows full of white only leading chars and white only central hosts are flopping and getting axed!

    even this potential gay comedy soap from “ground breaking” HBO is already being rejected and getting bad publicity bec of its racist casting! hbo’s lgbt answer to “girls” is already under fire for its racist casting. hbo’s developing a comedy soap based on gay men from san francisco. openly gay actor jonathan groff was cast and of course he’s the lead bec he’s white. of course his char is wealthy. he’s a successful video game developer w/ an unsuccessful romantic life! sniffles. typical of hollywood’s racism and white privilege. it’s all abt status for the lgbt community. hollywood has to portray the wealthy lgbt chars as white even if gallup has already reported the low economic status of the lgbt community. while hbo cast frankie alvarez who is a very light skinned person of color bec light skinned racial minorities are the racial minorities that hollywood prefers. he has to be light skinned bec hollywood’s standards of beauty have to be defined by whiteness.

    the char of alvarez is an artist’s assistant! hilarious. he’s not successful at business unlike the white leading char portrayed by groff! of course the racial minority char has to be poorer than the leading char who is rich and white! of course the racial minority has to be from a lower economic status compared to the white char! it’s abt status and white privilege and racism from tolerant hollywood bec hollywood’s goal is that whiteness must be idealized by the culture. this potential hbo show is already getting criticized for its rich white lead and it potentially having few chars of color bec ny based “girls” is full of white women only.

    that’s hollywood. white women are “universal” for all women much like white gay chars are “universal” for the lgbt community. this hbo show should flop and get lower ratings than “girls” w/c doesn’t even get 1 million per episode! majority of tv shows have white leading chars. this gay comedy soap has to have a white male as the lead who of course is rich. how “ground breaking” for hollywood and hbo right? the backlash to racial representations from this potential gay comedy soap is a great stride for racial minorities!

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