Roger Howarth to Help Relaunch One Life to Live Before RETURNING to General Hospital!


Boy-oh-boy, people sure are putting a lot of erroneous information out there! After a soap site ran an "exclusive" report about Roger Howarth "leaving General Hospital and heading back to One Life to Live", I did some digging and learned that Howarth was in fact only going over to Prospect Park's relaunch of OLTL for four weeks, after which time he will return to GH.

"He's only going over to Connecticut for a short period of time, " says an insider. "Roger loves GH and he loves working with Laura Wright."

Speaking of Wright, the actress who plays Carly Corinthos-Jacks opposite Howarth's Todd Manning in a front burner story on GH, had already tweeted that the actor and co-stars Michael Easton (McBain) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) would be returning to GH after a "few weeks" away. 

This all comes after my initial report on Feb. 1, where I first revealed Howarth, Easton and Alderson would be leaving GH — at least temporarily. I also revealed in the same report that there were on-going talks about the characters and actors returning to GH, after helping to relaunch OLTL.

 From that report:

"Prospect Park realizes these three characters could initially help draw fans to the new One Life," explains a source. "There are ongoing talks between ABC and Prospect Park about the characters returning to General Hospital at some point, which could be fine with [Prospect Park] as they eventually want to go much younger with their soaps."

There is no word on whether Alderson or Easton will follow Howarth back to Llanview temporarily. 




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So excited

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Inspiron - I agree. Many of my favorite soap stars and character started out on their shows as young adults. They were well written and had great story so we all feel in love with them. Now days many new characters and younger characters lack direction and depth. I don’t mind these shows having more younger characters if they are well written.

I am glad to hear this is the outcome. I’m a long time RH and Todd fan and have really been enjoying his work on GH. I am glad that we will get to see some more Todd/Vicki scenes and scenes with his kids before he heads back to GH.

I’m sure the actors were put in a sticky spot with all this. They problem want PP to succeed as much as the rest of the soap universe but have also found a great home with GH.

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I hope they don't reveal that Todd was never Todd and that Victor really is Todd. Gonna need a pretty good explanation as to why Todd and Starr and John all are living in Port Charles together.

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Thanks for supporting my statement with your incredible memory!

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I am so looking forward to seeing the great Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser again and hope there will be a lot more rivalry story lines for them.I'm thrilled Roger Howarth will help launch OLTL then return to GH because he has been so fabulous on GH. I'm curious to see about Micheal Easton, who originally signed on to PP., and I know he is good friends with Bob Woods. It would be great, with the OLTL filming schedule,if both actors can do both GH and OLTL when needed.
I think they should bring back to OLTL Kevin (Dan Gautier) and Joey (would love Nathan Fillion but he's in Castle now). Haven't heard anything about Bree W. (Jessica), but I was tired of that whole DID storyline. I'm hoping Roxy will return and Rex (John Paul L., who I read broke up with Farah Faith and he never really wanted to move to LA and loved working with Bob Woods).They should also bring Ted King on, since Todd will not be a regular character, for Blair and Tea. And, I'm hoping Skye (Robin Christopher) will sign on. She lives on the East Coast now so it would perfect for her to appear on OLTL, and they can may-be do the storyline of Ted King actually being an Alcazar. Still hoping Trevor ST. John signs on and that some Cable network will eventually air the show.

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but have also found a great home with GH.

And if GH is canned in the next year or so, where do the rest of them (possibly) have to go?

Prospect Park.

IMO, Roger's doing what's best for *him*. He owes GH nothing, but OLTL? Oh, he owes them his freaking career. He's smart in playing both angles because if GH is dunzo after the anniversary, he still has a home on Prospect Park as Todd freaking Manning. Win/Win for him. And it doesn't hurt that the Buch's and Manning's are the main core families in the online version, he has ready made people to go back to. Much more than this contrived crap with the BlairFAIL! in Port Charles, the only sad sack "connection" his character has on GH, aside from Starr who's often in her own world with Michael.

I just find it funny in an ironic sort of way how the one who never talks about a damn thing publicly was the first one to sign back onto his old stomping grounds while deals with KA and ME are still not worked out, yet. That tells me alot right there.

I'm looking forward to Todd being home with his family, maybe then I'll remember what it was like to actually give a damn about the character. Maybe he'll remember what it was like to have some depth.