Tika Sumpter to Star in OWN/Tyler Perry Scripted Series!

One Live to Live alum Tika Sumpter isn't letting any grass grow under her feet. Sumpter has landed a role in one of OWN and Tyler Perry's scripted series. Oprah Winfrey made the announcement herself on Twitter stating:

New Star in the making @iamtikasumpter All New Tyler Perry shows coming to @OWNTV in May. 

So far, no word on which of the two shows Sumpter will be starring in. Both programs, The Have and Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor, will debut May 23. Meanwhile, Sumpter is currently filming Perry's upcoming flick, A Madea Christmas, which heads to theaters December 13.

Photo by Oprah Winfrey

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    Congrats to Tika!! I always liked her energy and acting on OLTL. Sadly, Cartini wasted her talents. They never gave her anything to do. Glad to see she is finally being recognized.

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    Jillian, Tika is co-starring in the drama, Have & Have Nots. My pal Jonathan Chase is starring in their sitcom, Love thy Neighbor. He’s the one that told me which one Tika is in. They both appear together in Madea’s Christmas

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    I always loved Tika on OLTL. I am happy for her and I hope this show is a hit! Oprah messed up when she didn’t save our soaps but now she is helping create her “OWN” lol. You go girl!

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