Are Kathie Lee and Hoda FEUDING Over Where Fourth Hour of Today is Taped?

Are The Today Show's favorite fourth hour boozehounds at odds over where their program is taped? According to TMZ, Kathie Lee Gifford wants to relocate production of the fourth hour of Today to Los Angeles, while co-host Hoda Kotb is hellbent on keeping the show in New York.  From the report:

"Both women are really strong, so tension is almost inevitable," says one source.  For now, they've reached a compromise … they would do the show for a few weeks here and there in L.A., but we're told Kathie Lee is unbending — she wants to make the move.

Let's hope this East Coast vs. West Coast conflict works out better than the one between Biggie and Pac.

Photo of Kathie Lee Gifford by PR Photos

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  1. Profile photo of harlee490

    This is interesting…both came from different networks…right? KL was with ABCD Regis & Kathie Lee and didn’t Hoda use to CBS morning show? So I wonder who has the upper hand?

  2. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I think they should keep it in NY and do ‘LA Friday!” where the Friday’s shows are always in L.A.

    That would be a bit of a compromise. The show is a NY staple to me, so why move it to the West Coast?

  3. Profile photo of RealisticViewer

    They need to keep it in NY. LA shows do not have the vitality and excitement which is only found in NYC.

    Kathy Lee’s kids must be pursuing careers or schooling in LA and that is why she wants to move there, Let her go, and get Koda a new cohost.

  4. Profile photo of SZima

    Agreed RealisticViewer…KLG’s kids would have to be in CA for her to want to move that badly. She’s an East-Coaster through and through. Can’t think of any other reason she’d want to move.

    I don’t agree about replacing KLG, however. I think the two of them together is what makes the show work. I really don’t think one has more clout than the other. It will be totally up to the network and I don’t see them moving the show for ANYbody.

  5. Profile photo of wickedqueen

    Kathie Lee Gifford looks like a hag and is a has-been.She has so much botox and plastic surgery that her face barely moves. She should have retired gracefully after her stint with Regis.

  6. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I think it should stay in NY. I agree they get better audiences. They are both Easterners so I don’t get KLG wanting to go to Calif.

    It does work with the two of them but this could also end it if you know what I mean. I would get Hoda a new cohost.

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