CBS Daytime Continues to Climb in The Nielsens


What a difference a competent, social media savvy executive—who actually loves the daytime television landscape—can make! CBS Daytime just posted hella impressive February Sweeps digits for the Tiffany Network.

Top sudser The Young and the Restless was up 15 percent among women 18-49, 14 percent among W18-34 and 11 percent in W25-54. In total viewrs, Y&R inched up one percentage point over the previous week. Y&R has improved leaps and Newman Ranch boulders since Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith took over from The Socialite Showrunner. There are still a few kinks to work out, but overall I am impressed with the new direction!

Sister soap The Bold and the Beautiful was up by 17 percent in W18-49, 9 percent in W18-49 and one percent in viewers. As much as the endless Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle seems to infuriate people online, B&B fans are still a' watchin'!

The CBS soaps weren't the only vehicles to boast increases for the network's daypart the week ending Feb. 8. Fun, frothy chatfest The Talk hit an all-time high in viewers. The talk show averaged 2.54 million viewers, up 16 percent year-to-date. In key demos, The Talk posted a 1.1/06 in W25-54 and 0.8/05 among W18-49, tying ABC juggernaut The View. Congrats to CBS Daytime Chief Angelica McDaniel and Co!



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    [quote=Jamey Giddens] Y&R has improved leaps and Newman Ranch boulders since Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith took over from The Socialite Showrunner. There are still a few kinks to work out, but overall I am impressed with the new direction[/quote]

    The show has GREATLY improved under the new regime of Jill and Josh – I’m enjoying my daily soap again!! KEEP IT UP!!!

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    I have to say Y &R has definetly improved and I like the whole snowstorm storyline. Jill Phelps has always been great with the big dramatic story lines. As for B &B, can’t understand the ratings surge since the whole Liam, Hope, Steffy storyline is sickening. I still can’t believe these 2 beautiful women fighting over a jerk like Liam, who is not appealing at all to me. The best part of the show is Bill Spencer, thanks to Don D. He really is perfect in the role as the “Stallion”. But please don’t knock ABC. I am also a GH fan and want to see all 4 remaining soaps to surge.

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    [quote=brettyboy]Why on earth B&B’s ratings are up is beyond me.[/quote]

    Agreed. I’m a huge Y&R fan, but I’m forced to watch B&B every day at work at lunch because the TV is in my office. It is, quite possibly, the worst show I’ve ever watched (I know there have been worse shows in history, but I didn’t watch them).

    I ask the people who come in to watch it if there is one character on the show that you can route for. The only answer is Dayzee (I agree), but they’ll probably ruin her too since she’s finally getting a storyline.

    All of the other characters are either hatable (Taylor, Steffy, Hope) – and not in the love-to-hate way either – or stupid (Liam, Thomas, Hope). Throw in some REALLY awful actors (I won’t mention names) and it’s a show just not worth watching. It’s the TV equivalent of generic Doritos, full of empty calories and just not very tasty.

    PS They waste the talents of KKL, DD and HT, two great actors with zero palable storylines. Katie just hovers over Bill. Brooke just thinks about Bill. And all three of them (and Taylor) just can’t stop talking about their ADULT children and their love lives. If my parents did that when I was a young adult, I’d have run screaming.

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    I don’t get B&B’s ratings either. AT ALL. Maybe just b/c of it’s lead-in with Y&R. But then again I never understood how Y&R always drew so many viewers high and above any other soap. The Nielsens have always been a mystery.

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    Congrats CBS! The daytime line-up has synergy. The promos highlight all of the shows from game shows, soaps and talk shows. ABC and NBC should take lessons.

    Y&R has been amazing this February sweeps. The show has crisp dialogue, sophisticated storytelling and excellent hair/makeup (for the most part, I wish that Angell Conwell was not dressed so matronly.) I’m happy for the improved ratings.

    While I find B&B currently unwatchable, clearly, others find it quite compelling. My lapse in viewership doesn’t mean a damned thing! Is Brad Bell sly like a fox?! Lol.

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    Congrats to CBS! This news is well deserved. I can’t even put into words how much I’m enjoying Y&R under Josh and Jill compared to the last couple MAB years. The only thing I was able to enjoy during those years was Villy, but now I actually am loving the whole show again and I’m invested in characters I hadn’t cared about in years. The stories, the daily scripts, the production, everything is better. As for B&B I am loving that too! Yes Steffy/Liam/Hope is dominating but vets like Taylor and Eric are front and center again, Bill/Brooke/Katie is classic soap, the newbies in the Dayzee story are keeping me interested, and the soap is just so more well rounded now. I think Ronn Moss especially as well as Susan Flannery leaving really was a good thing as it opened up Brooke to potential storylines instead of being tied to Ridge forever along with Taylor, the younger Forresters battling for FC like Rick and Thomas etc. I also have to admit I really enjoy the Talk and love how much it promotes the CBS soaps. I’m a very happy CBS viewer right now!

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    Well, the reason why B&B is up, is probably because of the Hope, Steffy, Liam storyline. We old time viewers dont like it, but probably the new viewers do, I think they dislike Brooke and Taylor. So there is something for everyone. Brad Bell is a true genius I guess….

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    The only thing worse than the View, is it’s wanna be- The Talk. Nevertheless, this is good news for Daytime. See what happens when the right people are in charge? Ellen Wheeler, keep knockin outside.

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    I wish she was around in Guiding Light and As The World Turns last years!!!

    I don’t get B&B’s good ratings either, the show is normally bad for years now, aside from Stephanie’s storylines, now she can’t carry the show by herself anymore. B&B is the most boring soap on, even Days has gotten more interesting lately!

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    [quote=blake3b]I wish she was around in Guiding Light and As The World Turns last years!!![/quote]

    See a person who loves daytime as we did for many years in Lucy Johnson and if we had Angela, ATWT could possibly still be around but poor GL probably not as much as it pains me to say. No we got that other heifer and see took an axe to the daytime. But even then P&G wanted out so just wishful thinking on my part. ;)

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    I really think what killed GL was the severe budget cuts placed upon it by the network. GL had to film everything with hand cameras in a town in NJ.
    This made the staff and actors upset. GL also couldn’t keep some actors and writers because of the limited budget. I really think the severe budget cuts were because CBS thought GL to old and wanted to kill it and the Soaps in General.

    Just my opinion.

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    Angelica McDaniel truly embraces the power of social media. You can tell she cares about her shows and also interacts and listens to the fans. Sure, the Y&R is not perfect. But, it is back to must-see-TV for me. As much as I am enjoying Taylor back on screen for B&B, I am getting sick of the Liam/Hope/Stef merry-go-round.

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    Its funny how some viewers think that B&B is still good, but I bet if you were friends with them, they would tell a different story. Many boards are blatantly calling out these posters. I hate when people lie. KKL and KM are terrible actress. All KKL does is squint. KM over-enunciates her words and does the same stink eye as KKL. Jacob Young is even picking up on it. The triangle sucks. KM is not sexy – beautiful yes. The flashbacks are stupid. If you read the live boards, it is all about how terrible the show is. I don’t believe the Nelson Ratings. They are not correct. Most people watch soaps at night and FF the commercials; however, they don’t count for the ratings.

    GH is way better than Y&R. Love the veterans and the stories. Jack Wagner looks so good. The only think saving Y&R it is Jack, Michael and Adam. They are the two best actors. I also love Chelsea, Laureen and Sharon.

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    See it’s ok to for posters to critize CBS and “GH is way better then Y&R” to which is your opinion as LoveVillians but when I tried to go on Genie’s return to GH and WAS NOT bashing GH or Genie but mention Genie was better off at GH…a certain poster accused me being nasty because I was on GH article….GREEN with ENVY because CBS has someone that understands daytime and because our shows are growing once again and their are not…Jealousy is ugly.

    I proved my point of double standard… |(

    LoveVillains…this is my opinion or prediction only but it’s not CBS or Y&R you need to fear. GH will never come close to Y&R, but it’s Days that GH needs to fear. Days I think will be overtaking 3rd spot on ratings very soon wait and see. Days is in much better shape now then GH in story.

    Cartini has made a big mistake and now bringing back the ice princess story, some aren’t going to be happy and it will show in the ratings.

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    The bigger picture must be that this is a good sign for daytime TV.

    I really enjoy Y&R even though some of the scenarios are just downright frustrating to me and I am still waiting for a BIG pay-off on anything story wise presently. B&B definitely is benefitting in the US from Y&R as it’s lead-in. Its sad that Sony and CBS jumped in to save Y&R from Maria Bell but haven’t said anything to Bill Jr about how stories center around 3young actors and not around the entire cast. It could be a great show but is mired in being a good one. Give Brooke a better story then orchestrating a INSTANT wedding for her daughter with a man who can’t make a decision OR take this Taylor and Eric pairing to a different height by having her kids … Steffy and Thomas… not liking the pairing SINCE THEIR GRANDMOTHER just passed and ERIC IS THEIR Step-GRANDFATHER. It’s just gross right now no matter how you look at it.

    GH has gotten better in the flow of the show and the writing. The stories are ‘iffy’ to me but I hold out hope. Not a fan of all these vintage Super couples who have long been separated coming back and wanting to reconnect. They have Duke and Anna, Frisco and Felicia, Laura and Luke (ok, the only one i want), Lucy and Doc. As much as I love a trip down memory lane, it should be just that and a mature version of time being depicted.

    Sorry, I have always wanted to like Days but it’s just not the same with only 4 sets and re-tread storylines from their past glory days.

    BUT RATINGS ARE UP and that’s a great thing!!! I hope that one day there is an announcement that another soap joins network tv sometime down the line!

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    Soaps need to take advantage of what movies and primetime do and cross promote! How many times have we seen a coke in a character’s hand in a movie? The Vampire Diaries have an exclusive promotional deal with Samsung or Sony to have all the characters use their phones and it is integrated into the show somewhat seamlessly.

    A new soap could be sort of sponsored by Procter & Gamble with their products all over the place, or Samsung and their phones and TVs. Sony Vaio computers. Club Monaco or Zara or Gap/Banana Republic clothing. A starbucks coffee shop. It could all be done without the silly promos ATWT did with Margo once telling us how she just used a Clairol product in her hair in the middle of an otherwise dramatic scene.

    Could you imagine Nick pulling up to a SONIC with Avery or Faith/Noah for a quick lunch or something. It would work in the scenes just like being at the GCAC would.

    Cost cutting measures that could work.

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    Angela is giving SOD an interview this week in SOD. Here’s a snippet I found from the article, which once again proves CBS, Sony and new team at Y&R are paying attention to fans. ;)

    Angelica: “Jack’s family was getting smaller. That was a real concern, and at the moment, we had Marcy’s contract up, but we didn’t have story for her in the next few months, so to keep her under contract when we weren’t really going to use her would’ve cost the show. So we had to make a decision to exit Abby … but there was always the knowledge that we’d bring Abby back and we would have to figure out what her story was as soon as we figured out other stories first. Once we were ready to bring back that character, we wanted to get Marcy right back because she brought a great energy to that role.”

    Thank the soap gods for sending us CBS fans someone who cares again about the daypart of a network.

    PS…Jamey she had been tweeting and on FB about DC’s soap byte about saying how you started the piece:

    “What a difference a competent, social media savvy executive—who actually loves the daytime”

    Can anyone say free publicity for the site! ;)

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    Pferrando, SOD did an interview with VR and she stated that her agent and Steve Kent of Sony have spoken. CBS is aware but they want the assurance that if she were to return it would be “business as usual.” VR went on to state that TPTB are aware of fan support of a possible return but there are concerns among present Y&R castmembers who are against it. Backstage politics at its finest |(

  19. Profile photo of harlee490

    ARRGGGG!! Bill wouldn’t put up with this kind of shit on his soap back in the day! |( VR is needed but I didn’t even know about the meetings…Thank you LancePrentiss for the tidbit ;) That’s good news!

    Maybe they want to truly establish Neil\Leslie and BAM Drucilla is alive…that would a hot triangle mess! KSJ finally found leading lady after all the years of bad writing and pairings have someone as a “Drucillatype” with chemistry. :p

  20. Profile photo of harlee490

    They would have to know…the noise is out there! J)

    Which means Abby has big story coming up and MR could be back on contract….LOVE IT PFERRANDO…(smiling & screaming) :D

    Let Abby rock Alex’s world ;)

  21. Profile photo of harlee490

    U are so right LancePrentiss…Oh tweeted CBS Daytime to bring home Lori & Lance of 40th. Was showing pictures of them today.

    Wishful thinking but if Lori & Lance could come back to GC and make Carmine a Prentiss. :)

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    On all parts of this post I am excited! From CBS daytime doing better than expected to Marcy coming back and bringing her flare to the show! She and Abby are much needed to bring a nice little light air and fun to the program.

    As for Victoria Rowell and her return, THAT IS SOMETHING I HAVE BEEN WANTING FOREVER!!! Sorry, Leslie, hook up with another bossman cause Dru is most certainly taking her BOO back! Can’t wait for the sit down and catch up with Sharon as they were besties before she left. Phyllis has an old enemy besides Christine back in town so that’s great! That’s if she comes back.

    The show definitely needs a Dru strolling into a scene to cause some drama!!! OOOOOO, Cane you better watch out and Tyler, no matter how sexy you are when you are in a towel and winking, Dru won’t buy that crap as far as you throw it!! Wouldn’t it be great if they did bring her back that she was Mason’s step-mommy?!!!

    LOL Ah, the possibilities are super endless!

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    [quote=MissingtheoldGH]I don’t get B&B’s ratings either. AT ALL. Maybe just b/c of it’s lead-in with Y&R. But then again I never understood how Y&R always drew so many viewers high and above any other soap. The Nielsens have always been a mystery.[/quote]

    I would had to disagree with you, in the past B&B’s ratings was climbing the last 18 months as Y&R’s ratings was starting the decline in ratings. I just think B&B found a nerve with younger viewers…we older viewers might be infuriated by the constant triangle but I must say Bill did the same thing with Ridge\Caroline\Brooke\Thorne in the beginnings of B&B. Personally I would have admit I loved ’87-’90 period of B&B and loved the Ridge\Caroline\Brooke\Thorne quad in the day, which I was much younger myself so this isn’t unlike in House of Bell! ;)

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    I do believe TT has benefitted from B&B’s increase in ratings…it’s always about lead-ins and how strong…ABCD found this out in a very hard way.

    I know people hate TT and I was one for the first couple years but I love the TT now and regualarly DVR to watch. TT isn’t trying to be The View as many believe, if you watched you would realize this is completely different type of talk show. It’s doesn’t have politicians as guests and the first 30 minutes is nothing but a chatfest on today’s topics among the women. These 5 women are funny as hell and very in your face. The last 30 minutes are for guests. Sheryl Underwood is hilarious! :love: Sara is quite open about being gay and when talking about sex literally goes there, Sharon is aggressive in her views, Alisha I love is just plain funny. I saw AT’s stand-up about 8 months ago, she was performing here and I had never seen live stand-up comedy and it was off the hook…seriously funny! But my biggest surprise is Julie and how wickedly naughty her sense of humor is live…I would had never thought this of Julie Chen. Yes she is Les wife but she holds her own. Julie grew up in NY, it’s either Brooklyn or Queens and the dat girl is showing her NY humor and loves when the talk goes to NY. ;) Congrats to The Talk!

  25. Profile photo of pjc722

    Sorry, Harlee, I have to disagree with you there. B&B, which I watched all the time back when it premiered… I recorded it on my VCR which truly dates me… was all about RIDGE, CAROLINE and BROOKE, but there was other story there ALL THE TIME. Brooke’s family was a big part of the show as Brooke’s mom, Beth, had her own love triangle with Stephanie and Eric. As well, Donna and Katie had their own stories. Storm too. Even Thorne had his story along with sister Kristen.

    And none of them had ANYTHING to do with Ridge constantly jumping from one woman to the next.

    B&B is a worldwide ratings winner, no doubt. But we all know that if a show fails in the states, it does not matter how popular it is in Greece or Lichtenstein, it won’t stay in production.

    Ratings for B&B definitely are helped a great deal by Y&R even if its ratings have been in decline in the past. The numbers drop off dramatically when you go from one to another. Back in the day as a lead in for ATWT and GL in the past the numbers dropped again even further from Y&R numbers.

    B&B has too much emphasis on this triangle instead of playing it out. It is dumb. It can be a compelling story but if you look at the timeline, over 2 years Liam and Hope have been down the aisle 3 times and more times they have split up where Liam goes IMMEDIATELY to Steffy.

    A lot of the success of B&B domestically has to do with its pairing with Y&R. If CBS had switched ATWT with B&B and then put B&B after ATWT to fill the half hour time slot, it’s doubtful that B&B would be around today as much as ATWT would be still here. (GL had just way too many problems to be around even if CBS gave it Y&R’s time slot)

  26. Profile photo of stoney07

    B&B needs an overhaul. To me, the characters that they have now are stale, due to the same story being overplayed and no one else doing ANYTHING.

    Even Brooke Logan is getting stale. And they are trying to pep things up with this Brooke/Bill thing…but sadly, they aren’t really focusing on it. It’s an afterthought to this ridiculous triangle.

    I say…restore the show back to what it was. Use the formula that has always worked for B&B. Eric, the horny older guy. Even if they put him back with Donna, I would recast her with someone else…like a Maura West type. Make her a little more BITCHY and a lot LESS comic relief. Make her the scheming bitch like she was when she was reintroduced in 2007 or whenever.

    Put Liam with Hope. And they’ve been so overdone, send them out of town, at least for a few months so that we can actually somewhat MISS their presence.

    Give Bill back his balls. I would completely take Katie out of the equation, and pit Brooke and Steffy against each other for Bill. Have Katie quietly stewing in the background angrily that her sister is now with her ex-husband….make that kind of a psychological drama though with Katie and Brooke. I wouldn’t have any IN YOUR FACE scenes between the two of them until things climax where Katie spills exactly how she feels about Brooke and Bill.

    GET BACK TO FASHION!!! Let Ridge return to town, hook up with Taylor, and he and the kids start their OWN fashion house to compete with Forrester.

    Bring Amber back for Rick. KILL OFF CAROLINE!! Maybe an obsessive ex boyfriend, or maybe we could bring back Danielle and Karen. Have Danielle be indirectly responsible for Caroline’s death, which would cause major problems in their relationship.

    Make Thomas a man-whore. He has the looks…he just needs the attitude. Why isn’t he knocking off some of the models? OR make the dude gay. It could work either way. Thomas has been on the show for HOW long? And he has had absolutely NO sex whatsover this entire time…smh.

    Bring in Jackie and Nick. Jackie for Eric, and Nick for Brooke. Get back to what made B&B B&B….SEX. Let Donna and Thorne have lots and lots of passionate sex while she’s still married to Eric. Thorne can still be upset that he’s being left out at Forrester Creations, and THIS is how he can exact his revenge on his father for NEVER including him, even though he is an actual Forrester as well. Let Donna turn up pregnant, which would make Eric suspicious, since he had a vasectomy.

    it’s time to bring on some younger characters (besides Liam, Hope, and Steffy)….go ahead and age Ally and RJ. Let Ally return from boarding school in England, hell-bent on revenge against Taylor for “killing” her mother. She could be the devious teenager hellcat that could wake this show up. Have her slowly begin to drive Taylor off the wagon again, which could result in something DRASTIC…maybe a drunken Taylor could somehow seriously HURT Steffy, to the point that STeffy would be in a coma for a while (while Liam and Hope are offscreen as well). That would give Ridge (Recast) and Taylor some good material to work on. Bring out the fact that all these years, Ridge in the back of his mind constituted Phoebe’s death with Taylor’s affair with Rick, and now that Steffy could possibly die would bring all of this to the forefront.

    RECAST MARCUS!!! Give him a powerful story, where Dayzee learns that Carter isn’t really Marcus’ adopted brother. Or, we could let Thomas, in an attempt to win Dayzee back, investigate Marcus and find out that Carter isn’t his brother. Carter is someone Marcus HIRED to play his brother…but his REAL brother is still in Texas. Thomas could bring the REAL family to LA, and they could inform everyone that Marcus isn’t quite as good a guy as he’s been pretending to be.

    Bring back Felicia, and pair her with Justin. Of course, Donna would get jealous. She doesn’t really want Justin for herself, since she’s now married to a Forrester and simultaneously sleeping with his son, but she doesn’t want anyone else to HAVE Justin either. She’s really IN LOVE with Justin, but she’s using the Forrester men. Have Donna scheme to get Felicia and Justin apart. Or if that doesn’t work, we could have Katie get her groove back with Justin.


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    According to Rowell, a friend on the inside told her who was campaigning against her. Although she didn’t name two of the actors she believes to be involved, Rowell outed a third.

    “Word is, Lily don’t want her Mamma — read between the lines,” Rowell remarked, seemingly hinting that actress Christel Khalil, who plays Lily, objects to having her return to the show.

    Khalil has since responded to the allegation, tweeting a response of her own.

    “[J]ust to let you know, whatever [Victoria Rowell] is saying about me is UNTRUE,” Khalil replied. “It’s not up to the cast about her coming back.”

    In an interview with TVGuide Canada, Paul Rauch, Y&R’s co-executive producer, seemed to echo Khalil’s remarks. When asked if he would bring Rowell back to the show, Rauch made it clear that he would.

    “Yes,” he said, indicating that he would welcome her. “That being said, I don’t know her. I’ve heard about her history with the show and certain castmates. The decision is not mine. The decision is Maria’s.”

    Meanwhile, fans continue to speculate on the identity of the performers who Rowell claims are trying to prevent her return. Many speculate that Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers) and Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) might be the two unnamed actors.

    After Rowell spoke out about her perception that race was a factor in her castmates’ decision not to pre-nominate her for a Daytime Emmy in 2007, Bergman responded by saying, “I look at her with compassion and concern. I don’t think she’s playing with a full deck.”

    In 2008, Rowell shocked the soap world by revealing that, at some point in the past, Stafford had spit on her during a scene. Rowell protested, and Stafford apologized; however, hard feelings reportedly still remained.

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    I think in a lot of the markets B and B does follow Y and R. It’s just possible that while Y and R started to struggle a bit and other soaps got the ax, that some more folks tuned in.

    I think of all the four left, B and B has been the most consistent with fewer writing/producer changes, so it for the most part hasn’t alienated many of its viewers.

    In any event, who cares as long as it is up! It only keeps the soaps on the air.

  29. Profile photo of harlee490

    I’m not finding B&B as horrible as ppl are moaning about compared to summertime…eek! I’m finding it enjoyable. Their is more mixture of stories now then back in July\August of ’12.

    I’m not liking all but for the most part I’m ok with B&B. Brooke needs a life and I think it’s time for Brad to be serious about recast of Ridge. Ridge & RJ comes home bust Brooke’s attraction with $Bill ;)

    Dayzee story is getting a lot of airplay and to see LSV shirtless is a day for me…WOOF! >)

  30. Profile photo of BornSoapStar

    This former long time GH viewer (33 years, but no more!) is loving Y&R! CBS knows what the successful soap formula is and I can’t wait to tune in every day. Can’t remember the last time I said that about GH…oh wait, I think it was 2008. Y&R uses the whole cast, so many storylines that if you don’t like one, it’s no big deal and LOVE, LOVE AND MORE LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON! It also thrills me to watch Steve Burton in a new role!!!

    I don’t watch B&B, it was never for me although I’m a big fan of Don Diamont and Heather Tom- both very talented. I am also enjoying DOOL. I agree with the previous poster who believes that DOOL will surpass GH too soon.

    I hope CBS and NBC kick the crap out of ABCD. I hate that network for what it did and continues to do to my soaps and will never forgive or watch them.

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