Grey’s Anatomy Cast to Remain Intact

Grey’s Anatomy fans can breathe a big sigh of relief. (SPOILER ALERT) Even though Seattle Grace’s core group of doctors resigned at the end of Thursday’s episode, there won’t be any cast departures from ABC’s primetime medical soap.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with showrunner Shonda Rhimes who assured viewers their favorite actors won’t be headed for the door.

"We're not going to see any cast departures," Grey's Anatomy showrunner Shonda Rhimes told The Hollywood Reporter of the story line Thursday featured Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Callie and Arizona all tendering their resignation from the hospital 

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    In that case, I hope Derek opens up a case of whoopazz on Arizona. Or at least, I want Arizona to find out that she…and only she is the reason that Seattle Grace is in the situation they are in. Not Derek.

    Arizona is the one that decided at the last minute to get on the plane OUT OF SPITE. Her being on the plane is why insurance didn’t pay out and why the hospital has to pay.

    Ugh..I just had to get that out.

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    No Daisy

    I’ve been ready for the Arizona show to be over since before the accident. I still can’t believe we lost Mark and had to keep her. The only thing I ever liked about her was that she mentored Alex, and since her accident her story has been all about her leg. Last night she was way over the top. If anyone leaves though, I would think it would be Owen, although I rather he stay.

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    A bit OT but: Has anyone seen the Netflix remake of House Of Cards? The woman on the left in the picture appeared on that series, which I highly recommend.

    I saw the original British miniseries when PBS aired it in the 1990s but since I was in high school, I don’t really remember anything except that I thought the lead actor was brilliant and how much in disbelief I was to be so wrapped up in the story! I’m going to go back and watch the original, which is also on Netflix.

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    [quote=cheesehead91182]Its time for Greys to go off, at first it was the best show on tv but its been a shell of itself for years now.[/quote]

    I felt this same way last year, but this year they found a way to infuse new blood and create new stakes. They have set up something that should create new stories and conflicts for at least one or 2 more seasons.

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