General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Lulu and Starr are preparing for the Valentine’s Day dance, while celebrating their new business partnership. Lulu wonders what surprise Dante has in store for her. Dante arrives with Sonny, because he seemed lonely.  Lulu seems a bit shocked Sonny is ready to move on from Kate.  

Liz is thrilled when Laura stops by to see her and the kids.  Laura asks if there is someone new in Liz’s life, but she swears she isn't looking due to a bad track record. Liz wants to know if Laura has seen Luke yet, and Laura admits she saw him kissing Anna.  Laura claims to be happy he’s moved on, since they were over a long time ago.  Liz asks if Laura has moved on, but then apologizes for her nosiness.  Laura is about to confess something to Liz, when there is a knock on the door.  
On the pier, Steve and Olivia commiserate over Heather’s possible death.  Connie shows up, looking for something newsworthy. She wants a quote from Steve about his mother’s death.  Connie decides to join them for the party. 
Maxie complains on the phone to Britt about what else she’s expected to do to ruin Sabrina’s life, when Frisco shows up at her door.  Frisco decided to visit her, since she’s been avoiding his calls.  Maxie expresses her discontent with her father because he hasn’t seen her since she was seven, and missed Georgie’s life completely.  Frisco reminds her that he’s still her father, and wants to get to know her to make amends.  Maxie agrees to go with him to The Haunted Star. 
Tracy and Luke catch AJ looking for something at the Quartermaine Mansion.  It turns out to be a key Tracy keeps around her neck, which unlocks the padlocks on the pantry and refrigerator.  Tracy wants to make sure AJ doesn’t find the relish, because she’s certain it will save ELQ.  Tracy doesn’t trust AJ with the relish.  AJ points out Tracy is no longer in charge, but she’s sure things will change.  
Felix is tired of depressed Sabrina, and drags her to The Haunted Star’s party.   Sabrina becomes even more upset when she spots Dante at the party, because he was a friend of the dead officer’s.  Sabrina feels she needs to tell Dante she killed the officer, but Felix stops her. He advises her not to worry so much about it, because the hospital will deal with it.
Michael wants Sonny to tell him who sabotaged ELQ, but Sonny refuses due to his promise to Connie. He believes, for once, Connie is thinking of others.  Starr tells Michael to give his father the benefit of the doubt.
Luke’s thrilled Tracy seems to have the upper hand on AJ.  Tracy needs to find the relish recipe, and produce it again, so she can restore ELQ.  She also needs to find the missing heir, because the mystery person will be the deciding factor in ELQ.  Luke promises to keep looking for Laura.  Tracy points out he said Laura and not Lauren. Luke claims he only has Laura on the brain, because Anna mentioned her when she dumped Luke. 
AJ shows up at Liz’s door with flowers, which surprises her. However, he admits he’s only delivering them for her grandmother.  Laura receives a text from someone asking where she is, so she bids everyone goodbye. Before leaving, she reminds Liz not to give up on love. 
AJ explains to Liz about the relish, and the battle with Tracy. He is certain he could put the recipe together, if he was able to analyze it.  Liz asks him to stay for dinner, and AJ accepts.    
Felicia’s angry to see Frisco at the party, but he swears he came to spend time with Maxie.  He wonders why she’s so upset about it.  Mac complains to Lulu, who tells him to go get his woman.  Mac takes Felicia away. 
Connie accuses Starr of stealing her boat. She shouts it belongs to her.  Starr counters by bringing up the fact that Johnny legally gave his half to her, so her name is on the deed.  Connie feels Starr took advantage of a guilt ridden Johnny, and Sonny breaks them up. 
Michael gives Starr a necklace for Valentine’s Day with a note that says “I love you”. Starr returns his feelings.  
Maxie checks on Sabrina, who tells her that she killed a cop. Felix quickly intercedes again.  Maxie eavesdrops, as Sabrina cries over the officer having three kids. 
When Frisco approaches her, Maxie tells him that he’s making a mistake trying to get to know her, because she's a bad person. She feels she isn’t worth it, and only wrecks things.  Frisco wants to know what Maxie has done. 
Laura talks to someone on the phone, and assures the person she hasn’t seen Luke. She vows she was visiting her grandsons. Meanwhile, Luke thinks he spots Laura while on the deck of The Haunted Star.
Connie continues to complain that Starr took what was hers.  Sonny reminds her that she has a newspaper and to let Lulu and Starr run the club.  Connie claims she has nothing and no one and that she’s alone.  Sonny says she has her business, Olivia and him.  They kiss. 
Lulu finds a gift under the bar and thinks it’s from Dante, but he says it isn’t.  Laura runs into Luke at the Star.     

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    Even though I was expecting it, (and if I was honest it has been over due, ie. Molly, Emma, Josslyn & Morgan)…seeing a sorased Cam was a bit sad today. I am going to miss Brandon, he was always so cute in the role. However, both of Liz’s kids were adorable, and I loved her scenes with Laura and AJ at her house today. AJ seemed very natural with her boys, and I have always loved the relationship between Laura and Liz.

    Finally we got to see our follow up scenes with Frisco and Maxie….Having to wait a week, sort of dampened the drama for me. I also wish it was more about them, and less of a hidden motive for Frisco to use with Felicia. While I love Mac…and I do…I am and will always be a diehard F&F from the 80’s.

    Loved the Tracy and AJ scenes. The dialogue on this show is so humorous since Cartini took over.

    I also loved the drama with the Ice Princess being revealed at the end…and of course….Luke seeing Laura…I kept expecting to hear “Think of Laura”. LOL

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    All of the scenes at Liz’s house were LOVE. Liz/Laura. Liz/Boys. Liz/AJ. LOVE. Those scenes saved the episode from so much awfulness (Sabrina whining as much about “murdering someone” as “not having a valentine” proves how one-note and ridiculous she is; Konnie and Starr shrieking at each other; Frisco being an ass; Maxie being pitiful; Steve’s awkward introduction to Frisco.) Liz & Laura having coffee while the children played reminded me of being home with a friend/family member. I miss those type of naturalistic, human moments soaps used to have more of.

    Re: The recast for Cameron, perhaps it’s temporary. If not temporary, the new actor seemed to fit but I will miss the previous and his curly topped-glory.

    Of course, Liz looks much too young to mother teenagers so I am happy Cam appears un-SORASed. Carly and Alexis are older than Liz, so them parenting teenagers/adults is fine by me. Rebecca Herbst is a natural playing Liz in mommy-mode and I adored Laura in grandmother-mode too. Liz & Laura’s shared disappointment in Lucky as he is off “finding himself” and not keeping in touch with his children was subtle but potent. Guza & Wolf did a real number on LL2 by writing Liz and Lucky so horribly. Le sigh. There was a time they were my favorite couple. :-( Today, I saw chemistry between Liz & AJ and their scenes were sweet. Glad the writers are giving the interaction a slow-build and not instant-romance like Alexis & Shawn or Michael & Starr. Even if the writers do not move “full steam ahead” with Liz & AJ as a couple, I enjoyed today’s interaction. I do want AJ & Carly to have hate-sex ;-)

    I LOL’ed at Tracy’s crack to AJ about his extra weight. SK could stand to not snack between meals.

    The writers really dropped the ball with Frisco & Maxie. He behaves as if he only forgot a birthday or Christmas when he abandoned his daughters for most of their lives and didn’t even return for Georgie’s funeral! Maxie ripping into Felicia at Georgie’s funeral but barely registering disappointment in Frisco feels like lazy writing. Frisco inviting Maxie to attend the party at the Haunted Star just to interrupt Mac & Felicia’s date was wrong. So, Frisco’s priority is to win back Felicia not to sincerely reconnect with his only surviving daughter? Argh.

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    I really hope Liz and AJ just stay friends. They don’t make sense together as a romantic pairing. But I do like them as friends. I was really hoping they were going to go Liz/Johnny based on the article where Frank said she would not be paired with AJ but with someone else on the canvas. Seems like that might have been a bunch of baloney. At least my girl is getting some screen time and some story of her own!

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    This episode was near-perfect.

    All the interaction between Laura & Liz. There were five to six reasons why that was amazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

    And of course Luke seeing Laura at the very end – the look on his face, eeeek!!!

    Luke & Tracy were also amazing together. Loved all the snark Tracy just shoveled on Luke. JE looked especially great in her green ensemble, aswell.

    Lulu & Dante were very Valentine-y, and she got the Ice Princess! Let the games begin!!! :)

    Felicia looked beautiful, loved her hair. And of course the interaction between her and her men.

    Frisco did come off as a little unnecessarily sneaky, which I kind of didn’t like. I don’t want him using his daughter as a means to an end.

    And Maxie, she was a little too quick to forgive and forget – however, given her current predicament, I can understand. I mean, she is after all pregnant, lying about the child, in love with a person who doesn’t return the feeling AND framing someone for causing a death. So her plate is pretty full at the moment, so I don’t blame her for not going off on Frisco the way she did with Felicia all those years ago.

    Even Olivia looked HOT in her red dress, just wow.

    And what’s more, this episode so clearly showed how out of place the character of Sabrina is. I mean, really, what WAS she doing there? It was ridiculously obvious, like pieces of another show glued into that episode. Totally out of place.

    I also could have done without that horrible Connie shrieking at the middle of the party. I kept waiting for Lulu to throw her azz outta there. Yuck.

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    Perhaps AJ and Liz aren’t headed for a romance but rather…a business partnership! Maybe the spaghetti sauce she serves him for dinner will be so good he gives up on Pickle Lila and bottles Liz’s special sauce to make money. Then Tracy can market the relish and the first to raise the money needed will head ELQ. Eh, just a thought.

    And Genie Francis looked amazing in that blue blouse. She’s lost even more weight, I do believe.

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    I didn’t get to watch this episode last night from my DVR…. DALLAS – one of the greatest redux’ of a soap ever and Y&R won my night. Sadly the latter didn’t live up to the hype even though the stories were moving along and the former just gets juicier all the time. GO JR/Larry Hagman

    But from this synopsis there seems to be soooooooooooo many scenes and quickies at that! I have no problem with the characters and ODDLY ENOUGH even Connie is slowly warming up to me. I just wonder if they just did a few less stories and devoted more time to actual dialogue we might have a winner in GENERAL HOSPITAL.

    I know we are all saying that soaps have to change to stay on the air but I don’t necessarily think that has to be at the expense of true acting, dialogue and scene length. I find that just as I am getting into a scene they cut to a commercial or to Sabrina crying that she killed a man/cop. If any of you look back at Another World in the late 70’s or As The World Turns in the 80’s, OLTL anytime up to the 90s or other soaps you will see dialogue and conversation and nothing is repeated from day to day. That’s what I wish for with our shows.

    I would have loved to have seen more of an emotional conversation between Maxie and Frisco like Maxie had with Felicia. I mean, both the kid’s parents were m.i.a. for a great deal of her youth but as Maxie points out, she hasn’t seen Frisco since she was 7!!! IF we do the math that’s almost 18 years (if we believe Maxie is close to 25) and all they have are 2 standing short scenes and then off to the haunted star?! And as for her involvement in the Sabrina story… why is Maxie even part of it?! Has this character never matured after confessing to killing the other crazy nurse to cover up for Matthew?! Or any of her other lies?! (Sorry, just cause she wants Lulu to have a kid ain’t enough for all this and the potential to be part of a murder)

    Again, I like the new direction of the show… and the fact it was Todd free and still on the fence that Starr who is technically 20 owns a night club since the girl has NEVER EVER held a job besides a microphone… Connie is warming up to me, and I LOVE LOVE that Laura is back, but I would just like more dialogue to a scene before it ends and the show moves on.


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    I liked the scenes with Laura and Liz. Genie looks fantastic and I like her darker blonde shade, makes her look younger. And Becky H., that woman is just gorgeous. Even Laura had to comment how beautiful she is. Wish Becky would write a beauty book. I’d love to know the creams and make-up she uses. She has the most gorgeous skin! If they are planning an AJ/Liz pairing, I hope they take it slow. I want to see him asking her out on dates and wooing her romantically. GH needs some romance desperately!!!!!
    Liked the look on Luke’s face when he first saw Laura. Reminded me of the old days of L&L. Can’t wait to see how Luke reacts when he sees Scotty, and may-be that he and Laura are involved.

  8. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Angelwendy – Rebecca Herbst’s has a family member (SIL, I believe) that is a dermotologist and has her own skin care products. Could explain her faboo skin

    I was away yesterday but from all here I cannot wait to watch…

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    So that was the Ice Princess??

    I wasn’t watching back in the day, but do know about it. So, do we really need another Ice Princess story along with the BS vampire story that’s going on right now?

    There really is something to be said for leaving the past in the past…especially silly stories like the Ice Princess.

    JMHO ;)

  10. Profile photo of nysam

    The writers have dropped the ball big time on Frisco’s return. After Maxie’s treatment of Felicia it feels off that she is so easily accepting of her “father”. At least Felicia had the excuse of taking care of her grandmother for a period of time before helpign Frisco on his adventures. Maxie lettign Frisco off easy doesn’t ring true. Playing the once fun and confident Frisco as a jelaous woman is ridiculous. The way he looks at Felicia and plotted to go to the Haunted Star to ruin Felicia’s date with Mac is something that Carly or Connie would do. Not a 50 something year old WSB agent.

    Why bring these characters back if there is no story for them??

  11. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    GREAT episode! LOVED the Laura and Elizabeth and the fact that they acknowledged her as their grandmother. Of course she’s gonna go spend time with them. Beautiful. And I am kind of a Liz/AJ fan as well…I’m hoping for more of this in the future. I know some were hoping to pair her with Johnny, but it looks as though they are saving him for Kristina. (ugh!)

    Mac/Felicia/Fricsco were great! Frisco seems to be a bit of an ass and his reconciliation with Maxie seemed a bit rushed, but they had some really great moments. He really has missed her entire life. I like how he wanted her to tell him what was going on at the end of the episode. I hope that she confides in him and he helps her take care the Britch. Does anyone know how long Frisco will be on the show? I thought I read that they only had Jack Wagner for so many days so they had to film what they could. I hope he doesn’t leave quickly.

    Tracy/AJ/Luke were fantastic! Love Tracy so much. Luke seeing Laura was gold. I wonder who Laura is talking to on the phone…my guess is she’s back with Scotty.

    I don’t know if I can handle Sabrina anymore. I was a big defender of hers for awhile, but ever since this whole thing with the cop dying, she has become extremely annoying. I know she is upset and righfully so, but I swear, if I took a shot of whisky every time she cried, I’d be drunk by the end of the show. Connie (who I also defend) is grating on me too…is she going to be mean and selfish or nice and gracious? What Connie are we going to get today? I just wish they would do something else with the story and progress it a little more.

    Great show! Looking forward to more Valentine’s Day fun with today’s episode!

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    @ soapbaby: to continue my one fan member of your fan club :), i swear half the stuff you wrote came out of my mouth last nite as i watched the show and also today to my fellow coworker/viewer. The Liz/Laura stuff basically helped to erase the past 2 week bad memory i have of this show, as CarTini tries desperately to keep Michael Easton on the show as Caleb. Hate to agree that Sabrina was a bit one-note and whiny yesterday, i’m sorta on the fence if she could be the Quartermaine heir, which i doubt if she happens to be a sister to Juan Castillo so then couldn’t be Franco’s daughter??? I’m not happy with this Maxie/Dante/Lulu detour, but will ride it out…

  13. Profile photo of liason4real

    Excellent scenes with Liz and Laura. It does not sound like Lucky has even bothered to not only contact Liz, Cam or Aiden, but he’s obviously not sending any money to support HIS children. Lucky (GV) told Jason he would NEVER get his hands on his boys (Cam and Jake), but now the dead beat father can’t even be bothered to not only finally adopt Cameron or support his own biological son.

    I read somewhere that Jack Wagner shot ten episodes of GH.

    Starr has never held a job so I find it laughable that she’s trying to help Lulu run the Haunted Star. Starr belongs in college along with Michael.

    Connie just grates on my nerves with all of her shrieking. Ugh.

    Sabrina has got to go! Or, put the character in scenes with her own age range of Michael, Starr, Ellie, Spinelli, Maxie, Lulu, Dante, Serena, etc.

  14. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    [quote=IOWAHAWKEYE] i’m sorta on the fence if she could be the Quartermaine heir, which i doubt if she happens to be a sister to Juan Castillo so then couldn’t be Franco’s daughter???[/quote]

    Wow I never thought of that…but she would appear to be the right age, same dark hair…I wonder if they could say she was adopted thus you can still explain the Juan connection.

    I would much rather have someone on screen as the Franco heir than having a newbie come around and at least I am partial to Sabrina whereas anyone else would be hard for me to swallow just because I really want the Franco part dead and buried

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    The Sabrina hate seems to be growing online, hope they can stem the bleeding. Need to get the Maxie story back on track once Friso is done with his run. Kelly Sullivan is such a great actor, i’ll ride Connie out and see where it goes. One day a week with Stahhh is enough, i’ll be glad when she temporarily (?) exits…loved Connie getting in the dig about Stahhh never having a job lol

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    [quote=SZima]So that was the Ice Princess??

    I wasn’t watching back in the day, but do know about it. So, do we really need another Ice Princess story along with the BS vampire story that’s going on right now?

    There really is something to be said for leaving the past in the past…especially silly stories like the Ice Princess.

    JMHO ;)[/quote]

    Well said. I did watch the Ice Princess story and while as a young person I could enjoy its charm… now as an adult, I’d rather have something more intelligent on my soap screen.

  17. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @ IOWAHAWKEYE: Aww, that’s kind of you to say. I welcome any with the good taste to love Original-Recipe Roman & Marlena!

    The less Sabrina the better. With each passing episode she becomes more obnoxious. The writers haven’t developed her character one iota since she debuted, yet she is on more often than Liz, Tracy, AJ or Alexis! The audience is constantly told to root for her when we haven’t been given any reason to. She’s too one-dimensional. Same goes for Britt, only Britt is slightly more entertaining to me. Both are decent actresses but terrible characters in a terrible story. Worst, Patrick is wasted in this story after Jason Thompson more than proved his ability in Patrick’s coping with Robin’s death.

    The writers have drained all of the drama from Maxie/Frisco/Felicia/Mac. Maxie & Frisco’s reunion should be good story-telling but it’s failing.

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    Probably would’ve been a smarter move to have the meatier Frisco/Maxie scenes before all of her baby drama developed, as now it’s just a distraction. IF Jack Wagner taped 10 episodes they didn’t need to space them out this much. Yes, it will be nice to see Frisco act as Maxie’s sounding board since she has no one to confide in, but that’s not what their bonding should be about, ideally.

    I fully appreciate the Felix/Sabrina friendship, but they had no business being at the Valentine’s gathering, unless they were also developing a romance for Felix, which they’re not. Someone mentioned he’s not sticking around but i haven’t heard what the plan is for that actor or character but i enjoy him more as LESS of a gay stereotype, the way he’s being played currently is better. It seems that since the Nurse’s Ball is sidelined due to vampire shenanigans, they felt some dire need to throw Sabrina another story in the interim. It wasn’t necessary. And she can’t constantly be “crying” when the actress doesn’t yet technically know how to cry, it’s just super duper LAME.

    I’m not even sure if Kirsten Storms is enjoying what they’re now doing with the baby story, but we’ll see if any of it rings true. Spinelli and Ellie have been on vacation for well over 2 weeks now!

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    Have Olivia been digging in Carly’s closet that red dress seemed carlyesque to me. Love Starr but like Vicky Hudson or lily Snyder its hard to pin a career for her, She should be in college getting a degree in teaching. Would love to see Sean and Tiffany back for a small arc. Dream storyline would be Robert Anna Felicia tiffany godfathers luke sean and frisco to rescue robin from that hell hole in zurich.

  20. Profile photo of Forever8

    Have Olivia been digging in Carly’s closet that red dress seemed carlyesque to me. Love Starr but like Vicky Hudson or lily Snyder its hard to pin a career for her, She should be in college getting a degree in teaching. Would love to see Sean and Tiffany back for a small arc. Dream storyline would be Robert Anna Felicia tiffany godfathers luke sean and frisco to rescue robin from that hell hole in zurich.

  21. Profile photo of jujube1013

    Loved all the scenes at Liz’s house. Loved SK interacting w/the kids, he was natural. They did not SORAS Cam , Braden was 9 1/2 and this nucam didn’t look older. GF looks gorgeous! RH uses Purpose skincare products, she is a spokesperson and is many ads in soap mags for them. i think it’s for sensitive skin.

    frisco using maxie after dumping her for 18yrs was crappy and like someone said all the drama was gone from the moment. i did like him in today’s show (2/19).

    WTF was looloo wearing, is she taking over skank’s street corner? isn’t it feb. in upstate ny?

    sabrina needs to go or sent to the teen scene, she would be a great friend to the annoying molly. there is no way she could be a nurse.

    kannie also needs to go, shouldn’t she be in jail or ferncliff? this tiresome DID story needs to end and if they are going to keep connie they need to muzzle her, we already have one shrew(carly) on the show.

    as for stahh and looloo owning a bar/business together, well looloo has never been able to keep a job so i see the HS sinking.

    i could see Laura and Mac, i love Mac!if he weren’t old enough to be her dad i would take Mac for Liz, he loves kids and has raised kids that weren’t biologically his and he’s a nice guy.

  22. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    STARR MANNING’S AGE FOREVER RESOLVED (as of February 20, 2013):

    …Starr who is technically 20 owns a night club…

    Starr was born on-screen on January 8, 1996. Her brthday was later changed to January 5, 1992 in Jan 2008. Her birthdate was reinstated as January 8 on her driver’s license as of February 2012.

    Starr Manning is therefore 21 years old.
    She is old enough to drink in the state of New York.
    She is old enough to hold a liquor license in the state of New York and/or own a bar.


  23. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    MAXIE’S AGE FOREVER RESOLVED (as of February 20, 2013)

    … as Maxie points out, she hasn’t seen Frisco since she was 7!!! IF we do the math that’s almost 18 years (if we believe Maxie is close to 25)…

    Mariah Maximilliana “Maxie” Jones was born on-screen October 31, 1990. Her birthday was revised to October 31, 1986, when she was aged to 16 in 2002.

    Therefore, Maxie is 26 years old.*


    *In another post I incorrectly stated she is currently 27, without factoring the dates, only the years.

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