A Paternity Fight Sends Gabi to the Hospital on Days of Our Lives

The fight over when Gabi (Camila Banus) should get a paternity test, to officially determine if the baby is Will’s (Chandler Massey) child, results in her going to the hospital. Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    I am so not a fan of this story for so many reasons EVEN if the BITCH OF SALEM has returned to bring her own special type of wrath to the story!

    For so long, all the fans were hating Gabi prior to the gas line explosion that rocked the town. Sadly, she got out and survived. Fine. But instead of becoming a new person and more likeable, we are now being forced to watched this contrived baby story with her as the center.

    Add to it that they had Will sleep with her and impregnate her to become the daddy and I just see a great ‘coming out’ story ruined by throwing him into this mix.

    Throw in a little more aggravation with the psycho Nick and we all know this aint going to end pretty or even enjoyably. Nick was brought back to the canvas and we all hoped he would be a different guy now and healthy. But only the fans seem to catch on to his demented paranoia that it just keeps Rafe looking like a damn fool all the time. The scene where Nick says to Rafe… a cop… that it’s going to get very ugly (hinting that he will do whatever it takes to keep this kid THAT IS NOT HIS) and does Rafe have his back was proof of Rafe’s stupidity. Right then and there, even with Nick saying that line and then walking away from him Rafe should have picked up on the fact that Nick has something sinister in mind. The kid is fresh out of prison for kidnapping and murder so a line like that to a cop (and the guy’s fiance’s brother) would send signals to all with a working brain cell that Nick is not right.

    WE SEE IT.

    The only saving grace is having Sami around to add to the story. It doesn’t matter how dumb it gets Sami is there to add some fun. I just wish the story was played out a little longer and not just diving into the paranoia aspect so quickly.

    I’d rather see Rafe instruct us on to properly watch paint dry and peel than watch this story. FAST FORWARD from now until Nick goes off the deep end.

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