Brooke Plots to Bring Hope and Liam Together on The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) brought a priest to Liam’s (Scott Clifton) home as part of her plan to surprise him and Hope (Kimberly Matula). Most parents think they've done something special when they bring over Thai takeout.

 Hope told Oliver (Zack Conroy) she loved the pictures he'd taken of her. Oliver noticed Hope's spirits were up, and wondered if it had anything to do with Liam.

I wasn’t the biggest Hope and Oliver fan back in the day, but seeing their scenes did make me a bit nostalgic; that was until I remembered Oliver and Brooke having sex standing up at Hope's party, to the throbbing beat of Daddy Yankee's "Pose".

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) popped up at Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Woods) office. She immediately started telling Steffy to reveal the truth about her pregnancy to Liam.  Steffy and her mom then went to the hospital to have her sonogram done.

Rick (Jacob Young) told Liam he believes the Spencer heir and his sister are perfect together. I’m surprised Forrester Creations isn't on the brink of bankruptcy, considering all anyone ever does is obsess over which stepsister Liam is porking. 

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    Another stupid story by Bell. He needs to get some creativity in his blood. Read the live board from today. It was more entertaining than the show. The priest would no way marry Hope and Liam.

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    And Steffy’s doctor does not have the time to discuss her high school romance with a man who got her pregnant while still pinning for his other girl!!!

    The doctor should have just walked over to Steffy and put her hand on her knee and said “Sweetie, your mother clearly is unhinged like that other girl’s momma when it comes to the value of Liam in either of their daughter’s lives. May this be a lesson to you, next time you have a boyfriend, make him cover it up so you ain’t wasting my time with your silly stories!!! Oh, and the baby is healthy. Good day”

    I am so tired of this story and wish it would slowly progress in between a few better stories over a year or so and not a couple of weeks. I get through each episode of B&B on my dvr in 5 minutes flat by fast forwarding over “I’m a big girl now” speeches hope gives all the time.

    AND WHY WAS SHE IN THAT WHITE DRESS with sheer cover up in February?! I know we can wear white after labor day but that much WHITE in February for no other reason then to wear it is a fashion DON’T!!!

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    Well, maybe there is a hidden story somewhere. Maybe the priest is the son of Prince Omar who wants Steffy for himself. Who knows? Maybe we finally see some twist in this repetitive storyline.

    Dont count on it though. What a mess!!!

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    I’m so over this story line, I don’t want Steffy with Liam, she deserves someone that will love her and only her. This Hope, then Steffy, Hope, then Steffy OMG! I want off of this ride please. Let Hope have Liam and let Steffy get a real man!!!!!!!! Liam is clearly always happier with Steffy but he can’t see that. When I seen the flashbacks Liam was having with Steffy and Hope, I would pick Steffy hands down they have fun and live life, with Hope it’s always drama. Any way thanks for letting me vent, I really hate that Steffy may end up with Liam.

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    I thought B&B was good yesterday and how Steffy told Liam was classic soap. Now if Brad had Steffy preggars the first go around would had been better and we could be in deep story now.

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