Victor Throws Chloe Out on Days of Our Lives!

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) ripped into Victor (John Aniston) about the Kiriakis mansion not being child safe. Their argument turned from her desire for better cleaning products, to the chaos she’d caused  Victor’s family over the years.

By the time it was over, Victor had ordered Chloe to move out. Of course, this was exactly the result Chloe had hoped for. Chloe quickly zipped across town to Daniel’s (Shawn Christian), to manipulate him into letting her and Parker move in.

Rafe (Galen Gering) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) talked to Nick (Blake Berris) about the DNA test, but Rafe turned the conversation to what had happened to Nick in prison. Nick immediately got tense and tried to shut the topic down, but it didn’t work.

Later, Nick continued to plot to keep Will (Chandler Massey) out of Gabi’s (Camila Banus) life.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) ran into Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and immediately laid into her about her relationship with Daniel.  Lucas certainly is coming across as a shrill, one-note character lately.

Nicole (Arianne Zucker) continued to fantasize about Eric (Greg Vaughan). Lucas showed up at the church and the two quickly started arguing. He said he didn’t sign up to work with her when he volunteered to help the charity.

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) and Kristen (Eileen Davidson) debated her plans for Brady (Eric Martsolf) now that John (Drake Hogestyn) was out of Salem.

Brady told Kristen he wanted them to find a place where neither had lived and moved in together. Kristen told him no.

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    Haha – Victor is just wonderful. His one-liners and zingers, like “…all the other bad news bitches running around town…” in reference to Chloe and Nicole was so good! Chloe was so see-through in her attempt to have herself thrown out. Demanding Victor to change cleaners so that Parker wouldn’t get sick from any possible toxins? Lol, talk about far-fetched!

    But I have to admit, Nadja Bjorlin is doing the bitch thing surprisingly well. If only it could be utilized in some other storyline than the horribly tedious Dannifer-mess, maybe there could be an opening of Chloe’s type of attitude in Salem?

    Loved Kristen and Stefano’s talk on the phone. So, is he really coming home this time? Because the sooner, the better! His children need him home.

    Kristen is falling for Brady, hee hee… this is going to provide SUCH good drama if written right.

    Does Lucas not have anything better to do than to walk around town harping and nagging to everyone he meets? I doubt Jennifer was very impressed.

    Nick’s stabber was kinda hot, lol!

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    I have NEVER been a fan of Nadia Bjorlin, but I must say I enjoyed her in these scenes with Victor/ John Aniston. I see a bit of fire and grit in the character that I think I like. She is definitely keeping things interesting between Jennifer “Chicken Little” Horton and Daniel “The Narcolepsy Doctor.”

    I don’t want to see Daniel with Chloe, but anything is better than seeing him in a forced and artificial pairing with Jennifer, who really doesn’t seem to have a purpose in Salem without Jack around.


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    Loving the show right now–even Daniel/Jennifer/Chloe–and it’s even better when Victor drops in to put the town “hussies”(as he lovingly refers to them as)on blast. And Nadia Bjorlin continues to surprise me; I’ve never thought much of her beyond her stunning looks but she seems to be having more than a little fun with this storyline.

    ITA regarding Lucas; the still very hot Bryan Datillo is being wasted–like Kristian Alfonso–as a talk-to/busybody character and it’s really beneath his talents(though the bit about Daniel have trouble keeping “it” zipped up was HILARIOUS, not to mention completely on point).

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    It’s a crying shame that Hope Williams Brady, arguably NBC’s greatest romantic heroine, has no onscreen partner.

    I’ve never cared for Lucas but he and Hope might have made an interesting couple. It’s a pity they’re first cousins. But since they live in a town where people partner up with the siblings, children, parents, and even grandparents of their spouses, I don’t see why that should make much of a difference.

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