General Hospital Caption This: Ice, Ice (Princess) Baby! (PHOTOS)

The legendary Ice Princess diamond made an appearance on General Hospital today. Take your best Caption This shot at these scenes of the Spencers reacting to the rock! 

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    The last pic:

    DZ: “Umm, Julie… you didn’t tell me my and Genie’s characters had never met…!”

    JMB: “You keep forgetting, they have….it was at that secret Parisian trip L&D took a few years back that nobody in the cast or crew ever knew about… *smile* ”

    DZ: “oh, ok… *smile* ”

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    First pic is quoting the script from Monday.

    L: “Gee, honey, you shouldn’t have.”

    D: “Uhh, I didn’t.”

    Great example of JMB and DZ’s ability to do deadpan humor… 0:)

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    Genie Francis’ performance so far is bizarre. Her laughing in Liz’s face at the door was a little odd–hardly your normal expression-freeze before a commercial break. Her “Calm down, breathe” line to Liz was bitchy (and improvised, I think). The broad looks of recognition she was exchanging with Luke at the first sight of bad Christmas lump up there were really odd, too. Shades of crazy Genevieve, honestly.

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    Picture #1:
    Lulu: Dante, I swear, no one else would be sending me a Valentine’s Day gift!
    Dante: Well, then I guess Santa delivers lumps of coal to bad little girls on Valentine’s day too.

    Picture #2:
    Dante: I wonder if I should ask Luke to wait until we can dust it for prints… oops! Too late.

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    I totally disagree re: Genie’s performance in this episode. I didn’t think it was “bitchy” or there was anything subversive going on. I enjoyed the casual chemistry she has from years of working with Herbst. That’s why I enjoy seeing the favorites come back and what makes the cast seem like family to me.

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    Bish, okay.

    Maybe I’m biast, but I just didn’t get that feeling at all. On the contrary, Laura is possibly as natural a character as there can be, and she has the “heart” that GH has been lacking amidst all the fast-paced storylines.

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