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Laura tells Luke that she came to see Lulu, since they’re going to be grandparents again. Luke asks if she’s heard from Lucky. Laura says their son is travelling a lot.

Frisco needs to know Maxie’s secret so that he can help her. Maxie points out Sabrina and says she made her believe she’d killed a cop. Frisco wonders why. Maxie tells him that Britt is blackmailing her and explains about the baby and its true paternity. Frisco reassures her that he’ll take care of Britt, because he’s experienced with dirty tricks.

Sabrina wants to go back to the hospital, to see if she’s received notice that she’s been expelled from the nursing program.

Emma has made Valentines for her father and Sabrina. Britt asks Patrick for a chance to talk to Emma. Britt claims Emma misunderstood her. Britt insists she does like her and cares about Patrick. Emma runs off and into Sabrina’s arms as she arrives. Patrick tells Britt not to speak to Emma anymore. After Emma leaves, Britt tells Sabrina that she wrote Monica a letter and gives her copy.

Sabrina reads the letter, which says that she made a grievous error that ended in a death. It also says she’s grossly incompetent and unprofessional. The letter continues to say that Sabrina is distracted by her crush. Patrick promises to talk to Monica. He says he wants Sabrina to graduate.

Dante and Lulu have no idea what the black rock is or who sent it. The card simply says “saw this and thought of you.” Starr and Michael want to spend time alone together, but Lulu asks for the night off since she hasn’t had one since Johnny was arrested.

Connie breaks off the kiss and storms off. Sonny follows her and tells her that he likes her. He says things have changed and he sees Connie for who she is. He insists he wants her. They go into one of the rooms and make love. After, Connie admits she slept with Johnny to hurt Sonny because she uses sex as a weapon. Connie says she’s scared these feelings are real and wonders about going to prison. Sonny reassures her that Diane is a good lawyer and things will work out. He tells her she is right where she belongs. Later, Connie wakes up, confused and disoriented.

Spinelli and Ellie enjoy Valentine’s Day together. He showers her with gifts and they dance.

Steve and Olivia get back to his place and are surprised that the door is open. After checking out the apartment and finding no one or anything taken, Steve decides he must have forgotten to lock the door. The two make love and after Steve heads to the shower. Olivia has a vision of Steven bleeding from a wound.

As Lulu and Dante are leaving, they run into Luke and Laura. Lulu tells them about the mystery gift and shows it to them. Luke says it’s the ice princess and both think it came from Helena. Lulu doesn’t understand why Helena would send her this. Laura reminds them that Helena used it to control Lucky. Lulu leaves the rock with her parents and heads off for her night with Dante.

Laura wonders what this means. Luke says the last time he saw it was in a vault in Zurich. Luke says he has a bad feeling about their ugly history. Scotty arrives.

At the hospital, Frisco confronts Britt and tells her that her reign of terror is over. He tells her that he’s Maxie’s father and that she will stop blackmailing his daughter. Frisco warns her not to say anything to Lante or Spinelli. Britt doesn’t seem concerned, so Frisco tells her that he’s a fixer, which means he’s paid to kill bad guys and that she’s a bad guy.

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    Ah Frisco Jones, how I love you, let me count the ways! Where was he when Lisa was terrorizing Robin. Love his putting Britt in her place.

    Although I get the feeling were setting up for a who killed Britt murder mystery. There are certainly a fair amount of candidates at this point.

    Love Luke/Laura/Lulu/Dante.

    Hated Connie/Sonny. Ugh.

    Don’t care about SpinEllie.

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    Connie and Sonny are just unbelievable gross. And now we get Kate back??? This storyline needs to end already. Please.

    I still don’t get why Britt is so hung up on Patrick. He’s a widower with a little kid. Why would a woman like Britt settle with someone like him?
    For me, Britt is a sociopath. And not even a very good one.
    LOVED Frisco protecting Maxie from Dr. Evil.

    I LOVED Luke and Laura. Loved the return of the Ice Princess. Loved Lulu and Dante being brought into the scene.

    And Scotty is back…

    Don’t care about Spinelli’s love life. BORING!!!!

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    No offense to the actress – but really hope Frisco offs her – would be SO great! But didn’t she sign a contract lately? Was that just smoke and mirrors??

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    Cawnie Falcoloony and Starrless Wonder both need to go!

    Kristina Wagner is just dreadful and her accent annoys me. I know she’s a beloved veteran, but sometimes I wish they’d send out a search party for Sandra Ferguson.

    I don’t care if Kate is Connie or Connie is Kate or Wes, Bes, Tess, Nikki Smith or any other alter ego. This DID storyline really works my nerves and though Carlivati CLAIMS not to have any favorite characters, we all know he’s full of crap, since he shows Betty Suarez 2.0, Cawnie Falcoloony andd Starrless Wonder 12 days a week.

    Loved Frisco putting Dr. Slutty McPants’ feet to the fire. I hope he wipes the floor with her. Love Emma for putting Slutty McPants in her place. People have this misconception that kids need to be nice to ALL adults, and I think that’s bullcrap. Lying tramps like Britt don’t warrant respect.

    Luke and Laura might have been hot back in the 80s and 90s, but I prefer Luke with Tracy. I guess if I had been watching back during the glory days, I would be more invested in them as a couple. But their scenes were very sweet and Genie Francis looks great.

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    I love Ellie but the Spinellie scenes were so FF worthy. Someone mentioned yesterday that maybe Sabrina is the lost Quartermaine heir, well what about Ellie? As far as we know she has no relatives and no ties to anyone on canvas. Could Ellie be Lauren? Sonny and Connie/Cate was also FF worthy.

    Frisco was so awesome.
    Scotty is back and I love where this is going. Scott and Laura 2.0 will be great.

    Britt will not be killed off but the way things are going she also may be a viable candidate to be Lauren. Does anyone else notice a resemblance to Tracy?

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    Mmmm….Ice Princess storyline, not quite sure yet. Hopefully they will do something great with it. Loved having Scotty back. He’s still so cute! I am especially looking forward to him interacting with Lucy Coe.

    Love SpinEllie. So cute together watching “Up”!

    Emma telling off Britt in her own way was amazing. Loved how no adult corrected her. Britt is such a horrible person and was SOOOOO happy to see that Frisco is putting her in her place. Hopefully it will stick. However, another though popped into my head which I’m pretty sure I am way off base with…Frisco and Britt are actually lovers who are working together for some reason…again, it might not make sense and probably not at all true, but I couldn’t shake the thought out of my head. It just seemed a litle TOO perfect.

    I like that Kate came back. Kelly Sullivan did a really good job when she was talking about how she was so happy as Connie. Storyline is a little stale, but I always think KS is better than most people think. I am really wanting Cartini to not rely on a DID storyline at some point. I know they weren’t the ones who wrote on OLTL about Viki and Jessica having DID (or maybe they did Jessica?) but they seem to LOVE DID quite a bit and I would like to see a storyline of theirs without it for once.

    OH and I was pretty shocked Olivia saw Steve coming out of the bathroom (such a sexy body BTW) with a huge stab wound. I wonder if it’s a vision or real. Heather wouldn’t stab her own son, would she? I know Scott Reeves is leaving, but would they kill Steve off?

    Altogether great episode! Wish we could get back to some of the vampire stuff…I’m missing it this week.

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    Maybe Sabrina being written so childishly is to throw us off guard and she’s going to be revealed to be the evil one, maybe the kid of a past GH villain??! I remember when good Dr. Grant Putnam was revealed to be a bad guy, that surprised me! And maybe new-on-contract Britt will be the one to discover that Sabrina is really the psycho and now no one is going to believe her.

    ALSO…maybe Scotty is the one that sent Lulu the Ice princess. Maybe he’s going to start gas lighting her to get her back for killing his son. Luke finds out…he exposes Scott…Laura rushes into Luke’s arms…yada yada yada…Happy 50th!

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    Omg Luke & Laura :D Oh that was so great. Given all the history and turmoil and other shows and personal thingys these two actors have had – didn’t make any difference. They totally still have IT. Or if they don’t they fake it damn good.

    I haven’t seen this kind of light and this teenager-when-all-is-new-type of excitement on Luke’s face since, well, forever. Some people like Tracy & Luke, because they have so much fun together. And I agree that they are funny together, but it’s different. It’s snarky, it’s like best friends, it’s “too relaxed” in a way. Some of course might say that is realistic love. And it is. But when you are talking about a soap, you can’t get more magical then L & L. For me, all the history just came flooding back, seeing these two together. Wow.

    And LOVED that the Ice Princess is beginning!!! Let that be a great BIG storyline! I’m so excited! Calling Hells Bells to the stage! :D

    Even THOUGH the Frisco/Maxie scenes have not fulfilled (all of) my expectations, him being there for his daughter and trying to help her is wonderful. That is exactly what he should do now. And I loved him laying down the law to The Britch. Of course, knowing her, she’ll probably ignore it completely. Please Cartini, do NOT let the Britch get one on Frisco. That just wouldn’t happen, not in a million years.

    Emma adorable as always with the magic wand.

    Spinelli and Ellie dancing was cute and sweet… but I still FF’d through it.

    Could care less about whether Kannie is with Sonny and Michael with Starr – FF through all of it.

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    From a character perspective I love the Frisco stuff. Maxie is keeping this all a secret because she feels as if nobody is in her corner. Her parents have never provided the same sort of support that Lulu received and it makes for an interesting character contrast – as well as explaining a lot about Maxie’s motivations throughout the years.

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    Daniel St. John

    I will be very curious to see what Sonny’s explanation to Kate is going be about why the two of them are in bed together. His having sex with Connie should sicken her.

    And I loved Frisco threatening Britt. I hope whatever he plans to do to her is as awesome as I am imagining it to be.

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    Get that heffa Frisco! Love the show it is so good. For so long I had to fast forward through some scenes. Now I watch the whole episode on pins and needles. I just wish they were able to go on location like they used to.

    The flashback scene with Luke and Laura was great. It took you back. At this time as fans we could not ask for more in our soaps.

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    Sooo…Sonny f***ed the Connie out of Kate? HILARIOUS and ewww…gross.

    Just a few months ago I really enjoyed Ellie & Spinelli and now I feel nothing for the pair. I think the couple had potential and it has been botched-up with this nonsense with Maxie. Also, I find it absurd that Ellie continues to live with Maxie. Come on show. Cant’s Ellie be roommates with Starr, Sabrina or Felix. Let’s get Ellie some friends and a social life outside of Spinelli. I’d happily trade the time spent on Sabrina for an expanded life for Ellie.

    Britt looked non-plussed by Frisco’s threat. LOL.

    And there is was no follow-up to Liz/AJ’s spaghetti dinner but we got Sabrina? Who knows the next time we’ll even see Liz. That’s not fair. Sabrina adds nothing but takes away a lot. And just when I think she cannot get any more obnoxious, she does. We, the audience, are being constantly told how wonderful Sabrina is without actually seeing her be wonderful. Liz and Felix are devoted friends to her but we have never seen her discuss their lives with them. Emma wanting Sabrina as her “new mommy” is so heavy-handed. I loathe Sabrina. Her entire motivation for reviving The Nurses’ Ball is to impress Patrick, actually her entire existence has been about Patrick since she first laid eyes on him!

    I applauded Britt’s very accurate letter to Monica and wish it would work to send Sabrina into a Laura Spencer-like catatonic state. Britt’s one-note but I’ll be damned, at least she adds conflict. #TeamBritt! LOL.

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    Yes, Sonny has the magic stick that brings down all of the chicks, even the one with D.I.D! :Sp

    The more that Sabrina gets pushed down my throat, the more that I can’t stand the twit.

    Ellie needs a life that does NOT include Spinelli. Ugh. I can not believe that Spinelli is getting a baby while legacy children like Steven Lars and Jake (GH) and Hope and baby Victor (OLTL) are toast! >)

    Of course we don’t get to see Liz & AJ have dinner.

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    The Kate thing was interesting for me and she was very funny most of the time so I had a love hate for the character.

    The loss of Trey was also very hard for me because my mom and I lost my father back in July of 2011 so that was heartbreaking to watch her say goodbye it brought back a lot of pain and memories and images of my father in the hospital bed dying.

    But anyways before I tear up again onto something else.

    Britt is such a pain cant stand her I give the actress credit though she plays a superb b-h.

    I love Sabrina so does my mom shes the girl with a heart of gold who has a sweet crush on the handsome doctor Drake.

    Robin is screaming somewhere babbling on and on about how her parents are the stupidest most clueless people on the planet and how shes gonna be ready to kill when shes discovered eventually.

    No idea why she would feel THAT way lol

    Roberts still in a coma thinking gee maybe I shouldnt have wrestled with a woman who had a needle in her hand who could have easily stabbed me with it!

    Duke is well Duke to each their own but his and Annas story has gone past the point of utter boredom and torture for me personally.

    After that stupid storyline about that dude Faison being Duke the entire time and keeping Robin hostage Ive had my fill of this dull and unrealistic storyline period.

    Tracy and AJ are a hoot together love the actors their scenes are always brimming with humor and intense hatred for one another.

    Lulu and Dante make a cute couple but for a while now they havent added much to the show unless complaining constantly and worrying about the baby is adding to the show.

    Dante along with John and Anna have got to be the most adept officers ive ever seen on tv they are hilarious how clueless and bumbling they are.

    The Caleb Lucy Doc Sam Livvie Rafe Todd Heather Allison storyline has intrigued me from the very beginning.

    I love that they are revisiting a storyline from Port Charles that reeled viewers in on a daily basis back in 2002.

    Its even more intriguing how people are dropping like flies and Steven Weber looks to be Calebs next victim .

    Ellie and SPUHnellie are boredom city their intelligent talk drives me up the wall its so insulting of the audiences intelligence also it reminds me of TBBT on CBS and how it always seems to be talking down to its audience.

    Maxies antics have been somewhat interesting the baby thing has been interesting considering Dante nor Lulu know shes carrying Duhhhnelies baby nor that she lost their child on news years tripping over an ottoman chasing after a cute little wolf puppy dog.

    Frisco Mac Felicia their storyline is so so to me Ive never been invested in their characters so I could live with or without them.

    But it does make it interesting that Frisco is back and determined to win both Felicia and Maxxie back including threatening the witchy doctor whose trying to blackmail his little girl.

    Rafe that kid and that other kid who I cant remember her name.

    Thats just teenage fluff for me I dont mind it but at the same time it just reminds me of something you would see on Dawsons Creek or some teenage angst shows such as those lol

    Olivia Steven Lars or Weber as he calls himself their storyline is finally getting interesting.

    Especially considering it looks like his days are numbered after that vision Olivia saw with him bleeding .

    Emmas precious love that little girl and her comments to Britt are adorable and hilarious love her honesty .

    Maxxie needed to grow a set also and confront Britt and be honest with Lulu and Dante the longer she puts it off the angrier they are gonna be in the long run.

    Her trying to destroy Sabrina was wrong on multiple levels as well.

    LOL @ these responses this sites wonderful love the refreshing honesty lol

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    Oh I forgot to mention :

    Johnny love the guy hes made mistakes but hes trying to make up for them and his intentions are genuine.

    Hope to see more of him and not in a prison cell.

    Todd what can I say he has no morals no scruples always screwing up hurting people lying and most of all being his wonderfully imperfect HILARIOUS self lol.

    He is so priceless on this show him and Johns back and forths are always laugh your butt off funny.

    Michael and Starrfish one word: B O R I N G lol

    If they are not being sickeningly lovey dovey Starr is turning on the water works whining all the time .

    Starr: Did ya hear about my baby and Cole?

    Michael: Rolls eyes yes you tell me enough.

    Starr: Wahhhhh they’ve been dead for years wahh wahh wahhh .

    Michael: Are you done?

    Starr: Michael mention Cole for a minute.

    Michael: Why?

    Starr: DEWIT!

    Michael: Sighs fine Cole?

    Starr: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael: Thats it! Puts pacifier in mouth puts back in crib and leaves room.

    LMAO thats basically what I see and hear from her annoying butt now.

    Scotty is very handsome nice to see him back .

    Luke and Laura I dont know much about them except the bizarre and really stupid storyline of a rapist victim marrying the man who raped her never will understand that LOGIC .

    But you can tell they are still very much in love with each other by the way they look at each other.

    AJ and Elizabeth their storyline is interesting it looks like they are slowly falling for one another and Elizabeth deserves happiness.

    Only AJ has a tendency to screw up and hurt people a LOT .

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    Well, as much as it annoys me to say it. This particular episode was the FIRST episode of General Hospital I found somewhat enjoyable. With all the RC/FV propping I see on this site, it hasn’t been a hard task for me to absolutely HATE General Hospital. Just never saw the appeal.

    but I caught it yesterday, and for the very first time, I sat through the entire episode, and was somewhat bummed out when it ended. It still isn’t my favorite soap, but I’m going to hold out hope that I may actually be able to be a regular viewer…hmmm

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    @ Ravennite: I’m a bit intimidated to respond to your question given your love of Johnny ;-)

    Johnny should not be let off the hook for his actions given that: a.) at that point, he knew Kate as a person and “Connie” as a symptom of of Kate’s mental illness, b.) Kate did not give her consent for the sex, c.) when Kate “emerged” she was horrified at the act, & d.) Johnny knowingly used Kate’s body as a tool of revenge against Sonny. I am not justifying Sonny having sex with Connie until she has been under medical treatment and established as a whole person but we are to believe that Sonny acted out of love for Connie and acceptance that Kate was not returning.

    I dunno. I feel like I need to shower after typing all of that! It’s all pretty disgusting. Damned DID-based storyline!!!

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    I find it hilarious how Kate was mad at Sonny for sleeping with Connie considering they are the same freaking person! lmao

  19. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    [quote=soapbaby]I dunno. I feel like I need to shower after typing all of that! It’s all pretty disgusting. Damned DID-based storyline!!![/quote]

    That simple line says it all and was pretty freaking funny/fantastic

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    Stoney! Awwww! :P

    One thing has to be said. There is currently at least as much YR fans on this board/site than GH fans, if not more. So when people accuse this site/it’s members of GH/FV/RC propping, it most certainly is not true. NOR is it true that GH fans only bash YR, but not the other way around.

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    Yoryla…I agree with you. I don’t think this site is catered solely to GH.

    It did feel like, however, for a while I was the only one left to defend my Y&R…lol. But now that the writing is actually a lot better, I see the other Y&R fans standing proud and strong. LOL

    As for GH, I have been trying for most of my life to like it. I didn’t hate it necessarily because of this site…I just never really liked GH, not even during the ’90s when everyone said it was great. Not saying I Hated it, I just wasn’t a fan.

    But for the past couple of days now I’ve been watching with more of an open mind. I think my problem was, I was taking the show faaar too seriously and comparing it to some of the other soaps (past and present). GH has its own identity (like Y&R) and they just can’t be compared to other soaps at all. So now I get it.

    But I DO have a lot of questions about the show…I have no idea who is related to who. I almost fell out of my chair today when I heard Steve say he was related to Liz. I had absolutely NO idea…this entire time…lol

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