Lily Tries to Reassure Cane on The Young and the Restless

Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily (Christel Khalil) continued to argue about what had happened between her and Daniel (Michael Graziadei). Cane said he felt they were standing in sand and their relationship was slipping away. Boy, wouldn’t that be a treat?

Lily told him they would continue to beat the odds and that she was committed to her marriage, their family and to him.  The two ended up making love.

Sharon (Sharon Case) called 911 to report her accident, then discovered Dylan (Steve Burton) was in the other car. It seemed like Dylan was suffering a bit of PTSD.

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) flashed back to Sharon coming down the stairs in her shirt, as she struggled with what to do about the pregnancy test. Adam (Michael Muhney) showed up at her hotel room and demanded she tell him why she was so upset.  

Tyler (Redaric Williams) and Leslie (Angel Conwell) tried to figure out what to do if Avery (Jessica Collins) found a hole in the case against her client. Congressman Wheeler (Mark Pinter) ran into the siblings and ripped into them.

Meanwhile, Avery was making out with Nick (Joshua Morrow). She stopped to ask if he was worried about Dylan. He admitted being a bit concerned, but the two ended up dancing. They were interrupted by Sharon’s call to tell Avery about the accident. Later at the hospital, Avery told Nick she wanted to move on with him.

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    Do I think Christel Khalil does award-worthy acting?

    No. But I’m not one of those people who hate her or her acting unreservedly. I think she’s done a pretty decent job in the recent episodes she’s appeared in.

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    I have actually been OK with CK in the last few scenes…showing some kind of emotions…and no matter of the hatred for Lane those scenes were very romantic and well done…not die hard Lane but “we” are not the majority of Y&R viewers..They do have a fan base…if it keeps Y&R more balance with ratings…I will toast to Lane fans! ;)

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    It thought Crystal did a pretty good job this episode. Conal O’Brian must tell the cast to step it up when he comes to direct because every episode he does is pretty damn good. Leslie, Tyler and the congressman is a hot storyline. Please put Mr. Pinter on contract. Him and Victor going at it now is something to watch.

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    It’s interesting–CK’s last good scenes with Cane were when she bitched out “Ghost”Cane for being a creeper who was driving her crazy. And now she bitches out JealousCane and does a good job. I’m just saying, there’s a pattern.

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    OH my GAWD..we are watching Y&R’s episode start and already with JILL on my screen I’m going to enjoy today…period just because of Jill & Katherine…break way to Jack & Nikki…oh happy days :) …will be back ;)

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    Josh needs to GO THERE with Chelsea & Chloe fighting custody w\Adam for rearing this child…MCE & EH has amazing chemistry! :O

    PS: We (CBS) fans have another version of “Olivia & Natalia” ;) it!

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    Jill is on IT…this good news for let Adriana work with vets… ;) Bill style…Noah & Dylan…go on with your bad self defending his Dad…another reason for hookup of Sharon & Dylan…they are HOT :love:

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    Sharon: “even a superhero needs a place to land”…ty for making Sharon a “mom” not a best friend w\Noah…SC\SB is the ticket! Chemistry is there Jill! :)

    Adam\Victoria…are those the sibs that will learn to respect each other in the longterm, they are alike. Adam needs a Newman connection maybe Victoria? ….Victor gave Adam credit about the company to Victoria!

    OH NO A V|N scene…am I going to tear up..Commercial…damn U-verse |(

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    OH hell shiz is hitting’ the fan! Nikki facing Jack’s telling Victor…Jack exposed Nikki’s secret…this is the Victor i love…his heart is full of his love for Nikki…

    are we going to do a Kevin\ Adriana possible hookup in the making…making back in mansion …surprised by like.

    Victoria walking in with Billy & Chelsea…who can’t feel Victoria’s insecurities…I would :~

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    She’s doing fine.

    I’m with harlee. There are a lot of Lane fans that are watching, so it definitely benefits the show.

    Now that it appears the money story is done…I’m liking pretty much all the current storylines. My one suggestion is to break up Chloe and Kevin and let them interact with the rest of the characters.

    They are better when they are not together.

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    Jill will be in story w\Katherine in a big way you watch …new assistant hired by Katherine as Jill was in ‘1973…Jill’s it…

    N\V I love this story showing Victor’s love :love:

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    Oh..this time around let Jill realize a “snake” sniffing around because Jill knows the ohhhhhhhh soooo well…she’s got Katherine’s back this time ;)

    Adriana could give this story a POP! ;)

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    now we know why Adriana was with Kay in the blizzard… I need to catch up on today’s show… seeing Cain in the nearly nude blew up my DVR, He loves to flaunt what he has… those boxer briefs could have been cut a tad bit lower….

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    don’t get me wrong, I have always been a Y&R supporter and I love those “40th Anniversary” clips featuring “Chelsa”, “Lily”, and “Lauren”… but why the red ribbon or material floating around?

    Is that a nod to the 80s/90s opening credits??

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]now we know why Adriana was with Kay in the blizzard… I need to catch up on today’s show… seeing Cain in the nearly nude blew up my DVR, He loves to flaunt what he has… those boxer briefs could have been cut a tad bit lower[/quote]

    I understand…got your knickers in a big ole wet twister?…snap back girl…shits is hitting the fan…. ;)

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    Restless Fan

    @pferrando: I would love the show to break up Kevin and Chloe. I like Chloe best with Billy. They have authentic chemistry. Not sure who I would pair Kevin with. I actually liked him with Jana when she was on the show. That was before the kidnapping story and her going bat s**t crazy. Chloe and Kevin seem like they would have made better friends than lovers.

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]Harlee: love your posts…… wow you knocked that One Live To Live poster out of the ballpark!!Good for you…. it was just a mole!![/quote]

    Oh TraceyAbbott..your posts make such joy..your sense of humor with the the soap your love shines big time…love reading you posts! ;) U make my day brighter! ;)

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    Hilarious how stupid you morons are claiming Im a fucking mole when I have been a user on this site since January of last year DUH!

    But wonderful way to welcome new posters great way to turn off someone who IS A FAN OF Y& R another one you brainiacs missed about me. :P

    But enjoy your daily cyberbullying such wonderful people your parents must be so proud . Rolls eyes .

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    Do you enjoy being a sociopath because its obvious thats exactly what people like you are? Rolling dem eyes over and over @ you and your hypocritical pals here who thought it would be funny to bully a new poster just because his opinion wasnt the same as any of yours. You probably also think its funny when some kid commits suicide im guessing your words would be oh well that pussy was too weak to handle it cest la vie. :)

    Well fuck me I guess I was out of the country the day when a difference of opinion became a fad that died out. :P

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    You really are an idiot I never set out to prove anything I posted my own observation of Y& R even my mom agrees that the show needs help but we are still fans.

    I just think they focus too much on the teenagers and less on the ones that actually matter.

    But feel free to attack and belittle that its hilarious your pal saying shes never gotten mad about anything online.

    Probly because you and her are the ones that bully then get your lulz from it so of course nothing bothers people like you and her I mean hell as long as people like you 2 are entertained then thats all that truly matters amirite?

    Rolls eyes and gags this time .

    Flagged also you twit for calling me a FAG nice to know uneducated inbreds like you exist though good to be able to seperate the human from the inhuman . :)

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    My bad didnt realize you were gay… which makes you a hypocrite Im sure youve been bullied before but its okay for you to do that and join in with others online amirite?

    Talk about utter hypocrisy lmao

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    OLTL4ever – I think that the only issue anyone had from your original post was that is was heavily laden with criticisms. I feel that all of your criticisms would have been warranted as far as a few months ago, but anyone that religiously watches this show can see that there has been a vast improvement (i.e. plots, dialogue, wardrobe, etc.) . Is it where it can be and should be? Not yet. But it is without a doubt reminiscent of the show that was must-see TV for me.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions and can voice them on a message board, but to insult Y&R fans the way that you have I feel is highly unacceptable.

    It’s not that serious. Peace

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    Nobody called you a “fag”…I called myself a fag…take your education and brush up on it…please…the only thing you can do is type nasty name calling ….who is bullying whom? I haven’t reponded until now…I’m not going to justify this with any dignity. You started the name calling, you started the nastiness…going on about “your” opinion but there are other opinions and you didn’t just come on this site to be “welcome” but to spew hatred…you accomplish that task. Doesn’t mean because I stood up to your hatred of your own prejudices and called it out is not worth my time or yours…because you are so perfect…forgive Lord..I have sin..I guess ;)

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    I have no respect for anything you say you were the one who started it not me and you are incredibly hypocritical to act like you are INNOCENT and did no wrong.

    Yeah right sweetie go back and look at what I wrote I didnt attack one person here I did what everyone else was doing which was expressing my own personal opinions fuck you if you dont like that.

    I didnt come to this site to AGREE with everyone im not your puppets your hands are not up my ass controlling what I write or post or say here fuck that.

    I didnt bash one person here not fans of Y& R nor bashed the show itself I specifically spoke of certain things that I didnt particularly enjoy about the show that was it it was constructive criticism.

    The problem with people like you is you take loyalty to a soap to a whole new level of insanity hate and extremism period.

    I called your ass on it and will continue and dont speak of the LORD either honey your dumbass actions and words have proven with a shadow of doubt that you are a hypocrite in that regard as well.

    Someone intentionally forgot that love thy neighbor judge not lest ye be judged passage hypocrites like you always do no surprise.

    Get over yourself you’re not the only fan of this show and you best believe I wont take you or your pals shit just because I dont agree with certain things.

    You didnt see me address one poster here until you idiots intentionally lashed out at me unprovoked so take your fandom and fuck yourself with it.

    People like you are why people are tuned out to soaps nowadays because you take your LOYALTY to a fucked up level and run people off who also enjoy the same damn show as you do. I dont give a fuck how many years you have been watching Y& R either ive been watching it since I was 6 years old im 31 now I grew up with y&r dool gh oltl b&b etc…

    Dont ever speak to me about being educated you started it hypocrite and I intend to finish it you best believe it even if that means you and your clown pals here losing your account for fucking with some random poster for your own personal amusement. :P Such sad sad people. :)

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    Do you need glasses or are you just another biased poster here?

    Show me where I attacked y& r fans before they ATTACKED me .

    Yes that is the point it was constructive criticism I didnt expect people to agree with me everyone has an opinion like they have an asshole and half of you have definitely proven to be one of those im afraid.

    You people are ridiculous how hateful hypocritical and extreme you get when someone makes a comment that doesnt bode well for any of you.

    Grow up and learn what a DIFFERENCE OF OPINION IS educate YOURSELVES ABOUT THAT that is your parents job not mine.

    Hilarious you people keep treating me as I am the instigator talk about biased my very first post here wasnt the least bit instigating.

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    Lie some more you idiot Ill easily find my first thread here and not one part of it was attacking or being hateful or mean spirited either.

    Rolls eyes this show needs sooo much help.

    First quit concentrating on the boring teens and superficial Abby her ego is annoying enough as it is as is she.

    The cyberbullying storyline I respect and understand because ive dealt with plenty of times for being gay.

    But Fenn needs to wake up eventually and have some form of a cathartic moment a realization that he is to blame for what happened to Jamie as is Summer.

    Summer for the most part has taken responsibility for her actions for the most part as I said.

    Fenn however refuses to acknowledge his part in it even going so far as to blame his clueless father for how he is and penning all the blame on Jamie even though that kids gone through hell and back and many of us in real life can relate to his pain and bullying.

    Laurens dedication to her son was commendable when he did no wrong regarding pushing Jamie off .

    But once again no remorse from Fenn when he discovered Jamie tried to kill himself 2 times nor any from Lauren either what a horrible mother she is especially in that regard.

    Its understandable to be worried about your child but its not fair to blame someone else for their actions or intentionally turn a blind eye to whats right in front of your face the entire time.

    She and Michael are the most clueless parents ever.

    Adam Chelsea Sharon storyline is going no where and is very dull.

    Now Chelsea is preggers with Adams child and anytime she has the courage to tell him predictably Sharon walks in and automatically changes Chelseas mind.

    Kane Chelsea Lily Tyler Valerie Neil storyline is so so at best.

    Tyler is a sleaze who will prey on any women he possibly can even if married no surprise with men like him.

    Valerie whilst her storyline also being boring for the most part is definitely far more likeable because she comes across as compassionate caring decent.

    Chelsea and Kane make for an interesting pairing considering you can tell Kane genuinely cares about Chelsea and vice versa regarding Chelsea.

    The murder storyline involving their mother is mysterious to say the least as is Congressman Wheelers involvement in it.

    Stone Faced Dylan with the same mannerisms and lifelessness as he had on GH (lol) Nick and Avery storyline is dead on arrival for me.

    Especially that horrible music that keeps playing that mom and I both hate I loved you from the start…… whatever to that crap.

    Ill give Steve Burton credit though he is more lively and likeable here then he was on GH where he seemed to act the same way no matter what.

    He also SMILES far more on this show also.

    It looks like he and Sharon are slowly falling for one another also.

    That handsome detective his sister Noah their storyline has been very boring for the most part.

    Until that is the reveal that he is actually Adrianas brother came to pass.

    Now he and the incredibly boring vapid superficial arrogant Abby look to be slowly becoming a couple hence my enthusiasm… y a y . Tongue

    Katherine is sadly losing her memory and forgetting things and whilst her character has never been that interesting to me its sad her character is facing this hurdle.

    Y & R has hit it out of the ballpark at least with the realistic topical storyline especially about possible alzheimers and multiple sclerosis.

    Victoria and Billy are still a very strong couple surprisingly even though she still comes across as hypocritical and self righteous most of the time which I hate.

    Nikki and Victor they both come across as self righteous and arrogant most of the time so I could do with or without them.

    But Nikkis storyline is realistic and honest and the portrayal of it is also MS is a very serious condition and many have died from it as well sadly.

    Victor Im constantly wishing him dead on the show I despise the man so much lol

    Lily Tyler= boring boring boring and more boring everytime they come on screen I want to take a nap automatically.

    This show still has a lot of issues though the boredom factor being one of them.

    These storylines need to be more edgy suspenseful and interesting and less of the same old same old all the time.

    If rolling my eyes or expressing how I FELT about this was hateful provoking or nasty then you people need serious help period.

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    Yeah pray to your lord about being an asshole Im sure that will fly with him lol Christians like you always think you will be forgiven for treating others like shit please take the sty out of your own eye hypocrite. :)

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    All I have to say ….look at the ratings, no matter of name’s a fact baby boy Y&R is improving…maybe not your type soap. That’s OK but many, many millions disagree…Y&R RULES daytime…as Joe Friday would say…”the facts just the facts”….fact is Y&R is NO. 1 not B&B, nor GH or DOOL is coming close to the ratings…it’s a fact ;)

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    Who exactly started the BACK AND FORTH? Wasnt me.

    Heres the proof of that that people here are INTENTIONALLY ignoring because they are predictably BIASED.

    @nelifetoliveforever…you seriously think “us” fans going to hold your views as gospel…I’m going there…go to HELL…you know nothing about Y&R and its fans..evidently…geez! Go back to your soap because you are not a regular poster but makes me think a mole…go to hell!! Evil I don’t care what ppl thinks but this rant is not true but planted….. Wink You are not a CBS fan but us CBS fans know what is said…but you get the point. Laughing out loud

  30. Profile photo of harlee490

    Yes I do …I love my grandmother’s ginger long has it been #1?….come on it will not hurt to say it….come on…since ‘1988. That wasn’t so hard but a fact. :)

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    Just to lighten the mood here….

    Y&R is technically the only soap in the history of US daytime dramas that has been number 1 through EVERY single headwriter :)

    So no matter the “Criticism” “hate” or whatever we’d like to call it, at the end of the day, if Y&R remained number 1 under LML and MAB…it most certainly won’t be dethroned because of a few negative posters. I agree…everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that’s mine!!!

    On another note…I just made some KILLER cookies and cream. :D

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    Stoney07…. although you are right on Y&R and it’s continued reign as number one. BUT you must realize that just because people point out the bad on the show DOES NOT MEAN that they are negative/haters or “glass half empty” people! As much as you may like a story… and you can not tell me that you like EVERYTHING on Y&R 100% because I will go out on a limb and say you’re lying.

    For decades, soap writers listen to viewers reactions to stories to tell whether or not they are succeeded at telling a story or not. They take that information to change direction either in a good or a bad way. WITHOUT the complaints, rants and praise of the writers and production of Y&R over the years Maria Bell would stilll be on the show or would have been off much sooner. It goes for other writers over the years, too.

    Y&R is number one but its ratings are nothing to be proud of since when you look at them they have been declining drastically as have all soaps and daytime tv. I would say that DAYTIME has the most loyal fans who put up with the GREAT, the good and then the bad and even the all time WORST on their shows because we hope they will change or continue.

    To constantly attack others for their opinions … whom you don’t personally know … is not the way to go. PRAISE Y&R. Critique Y&R. Don’t attack others on here for their opinions.

    On the ratings, take a look here and see what I mean about declining:

    Without fans speaking up, we would never see Victor and Nikki back together. Without the fans speaking up, the Abbott clan would be wiped off of the surface of Y&R a long time ago under the last regime (remember, John died, Ashley left, Colleen died, Tracey lived in NYC. Jack was all there was). Without the fans Cane would be 6 feet under and Jill would never have returned from Australia recently. It’s our comments… the good and the bad.. that keep this and every other show around so stop thinking you are the only right one in this mix or “good guy”. Critique the show, not us.

  33. Profile photo of pjc722

    Especially, since if someone wanted to waste their time we could find one of your posts where you said you hate this, didn’t like that, want to see that person gone on Y&R and we could lump your butt into the HATERS group.

    Not all of your posts are 100% positive

  34. Profile photo of pjc722






    Comment on the shows, the stories and the writing/acting. Don’t get to the point of attacking other postings for WHAT YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT THEM, or even actors whom NO ONE KNOWS what their lives are personally!

    I may dislike someone’s acting on a show BUT I am not going to take that critique to their personal lives BECAUSE THAT’S WRONG!!! nor am I going to attack another poster because I don’t like their posts so I opt to personally attack them. I may disagree with what some people say but I ATTACK THE COMMENT, NOT THE PERSON!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH, Y&R Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ok, I really need help.

    I’m trying to figure out if I missed something. Did Michael and/or Lauren ever talk to Fen about his bullying of Jamie and WHY Jamie attempted suicide? Has it been addressed at all? Because I’ve only seen Fen play the “victem” and have his butt kissed by his parents.

    I truly am hoping I missed a scene or two.

  36. Profile photo of pjc722

    No. They addressed it all over two episodes. Paul called out michael and Lauren about fens actions. They’ve talked about it but don’t think it’s complete.

    Then he confronted Phyllis abt summers part in it and Phyllis sat with her and talked about it. BUT sadly then the writers basically had her say “ok. Don’t do again and then Phyllis ran off to jacks for dinner DURING A BLIZZARD!!

    Everyone in genoa city has really great tires except Katherine, Sharon n lily

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    Ty so much for putting that so eloquently and honestly.

    Ive learned my lesson though…just dont say anything here and agree with everyone therefore I have no opinion of my own any longer. Im sure that thrills many here to pieces.

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    Aight fuck it here goes:

    I think what would help Y & R is to have more levity in it more humor laughter the sadness I understand the MS I understand many go through it in real life.

    But a lot of us go through enough pain and shit in our own lives and most of us want to watch these shows as an escape from reality escape from our lives from the struggles and difficulties that we face as human beings on a daily basis in this world.

    The reason why I spoke of the Dylan Avery story being kinda boring TO ME ANYWAYS (dont get it twisted and in a hissy about it AGAIN ) is because many many many soaps have have the dead lover come back to life storyline.

    What I find really cool though is its not what I expected I just expected Avery and Dylan to get back with one another and her dump Nick.

    But Nope it didnt happen shes with Nick and still holds a burning flame inside of her for Dylan but Dylan and Sharon are slowly getting close to one another and you can sense a spark between the 2 of them.

    Her and Adam have always been dysfunctional as a couple I mean so itd be awesome for them to change things up mix it up a bit and do something unexpected in that regard.

    Chelsea deserves happiness after everything she has been through so I hope she and Kane get close to one another.

    Lily though I dont like her at all I can still tell that she has a strong attraction to Tyler that she is trying very hard to fight.

    But you can tell that she is slowly losing that battle and despite my dislike for her I dont want them to divorce her and Kane.

    But it looks like they are heading in that direction unfortunately.

    Tyler should have the scruples to not hit on a married woman his sister is so much more moral in that regard I like her.

    But thats my 2 cents feel free to attack as always lol

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    hey mon

    Hey, I’m just trying to inject some humor into your rather chaos-ridden debut here. I have never been to a sight where all types of people get along like Daytime Confidential. Straight Latino men, gay men, straight white men, grandmothers, everybody. So I was just trying to lighten up the mood.

    You make a lot of good points about Y&R, and I agree with some of them. I do think it’s a bit strange that this person named Dylan Mac is suddenly in every story-line involving all of the ‘Newman women’. I know that JFP likes the guy, but it is too much, too soon. So we agree.

  40. Profile photo of

    Chaos ridden debut here? Whatever another one trying to point their finger at someone who had their own goddamn opinion that was it.

    No idea who the fuck JFP is either.

  41. Profile photo of stoney07


    Calm down bro!!! We respect everyone’s opinions around here and whatever happened last night was LAST NIGHT…it’s a brand new day :)

    It’s all love….even if you DO talk about my Y&R rather harshly. I think you’ll see that we can all disagree and still get along pretty well. Even on the Y&R posts.

    Me personally, last year this time, I was pretty much the only person in the world that supported Y&R because it was awful, but I always tried to stay positive. There were TONS of people who disagreed with me, and some called me annoying, etc…but at the end of the day, it never got out of hand because I respected that people disagreed with me, just like people respected that I disagreed with THEM.

    So if you don’t like Y&R, and you’re not a “mole” then it’s no biggie. As you said, life is hard enough…we shouldn’t go to a soap website and encounter even MORE drama…lol. It’s all love…

  42. Profile photo of stoney07

    ANd as for all those quoting me…I never said a word about negativity or bashers in this thread. I’ve chosen to ignore all the bashers…and by BASHERS and HATERS, I mean those who click on every single Y&R post and spew negativity…some of it warranted, some of it NOT. Meaning, it’s annoying to see spoiler threads with a bunch of negativity. LIke at least WAIT for the stuff to air before you bitch about it.

    And on the other hand, as I said…Y&R IS the only soap to ever have been number 1 under every headwriter. Bill Bell WAS WRITING Y&R when it hit number one…and it’s been number one ever since. So yes, I was correct in that.

    ANd no the ratings aren’t as good as they used to be, but it’s still the number 1 show…and it will be until its cancelled. NO matter what some people say about it…GH can bring back every vet in the world, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and Mary mother of Jesus, and it still won’t go beyond a 3.0. That’s just the way the cookie has crumbled. Not saying that GH isn’t a good show.

    My entire point in THIS post was to lighten the mood (as I said) and to just say that for as much as people on this site bitch about Y&R…they have a hard time admitting that it’s the number 1 soap. So I just wanted to point that out. The same way others point out all the great things that the other soaps have done and are doing, I happen to do that for MY favorite soap.

    SO please…lets not pretend like i’m causing problems because I like the show and I point out the facts…because at the end of the day, NONE of us are getting paid for liking Y&R OR GH OR OLTL…and as much as it may pain some people to realize it…you don’t get paid for propping RC and FV either…OR for bashing Y&R.

    It’s a soap….relax!!!!!!!! The show’s been on the air since before I was even conceived…and hopefully it’ll be on for another 40 years. I wish success for every soap. And dragging down every little detail about Y&R doesn’t help it. But for the record, those same irrelevant negative posts also aren’t HURTING the show. It just makes people look silly to me.

    BE POSITIVE!!! Life is short!!

  43. Profile photo of stoney07

    [quote=pjc722]Especially, since if someone wanted to waste their time we could find one of your posts where you said you hate this, didn’t like that, want to see that person gone on Y&R and we could lump your butt into the HATERS group.

    Not all of your posts are 100% positive[/quote]

    I don’t know where to begin…because I never called ANYONE in this post a hater. I said WHATEVER you want to call it, whether it be criticism OR hate. And you can “lump my butt” into whatever you’d like…because at the end of the day, I know who I am and what my intentions are. A hurt cat will CERTAINLY holler…and I’ve never been a completely negative OR positive person.

    What I do is, I do what these comments are created to do. I express what I like, and what I don’t like. But what is annoying is when people in general only express the negative. And when positive things show up (like my ratings post) they either don’t comment or still continue to spew negativity.

    So in conclusion my good friend, if you’d like to “waste your time”, perhaps you should go back and see ANYWHERE where I ever called you or anyone else a hater…because it never happened. I don’t pay enough attention to you to even consider you anything other than someone who just stepped out of pocket right then and addressed me in a way I didn’t appreciate.

    So with that being said…conversation’s done. Feel free to yourself.

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    hey mon

    As Im sitting here, sipping on my vodka mixer (thank goodness for spell check), tapping away into my laptop, I am saddened about OLTL4Eever, and his burst upon the scene being negative. As I listen to a slinky girl in a tight dress do a great cover of Van Halen’s ‘Jamie’s Crying’, I say to myself, “Life is too short to take a Forum so seriously”. So please OLTL4Ever, I did not mean to offend you.

    I also want to shout out to Vivien Leigh, the most beautiful actress to grace the screens in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. I am also watching a clip from ‘That Hamilton Woman’, which she starred in with her husband, Laurence Olivier. Great movie. Not to shab in that Mrs Hamilton is in the Court of Italy in Naples in the early 1800s (that’s my people, at least half of me). But the premise is that Vivien is married to an older guy, who willingly shares her with another man, Lord Horatio Nelson. Real life soap opera!

    Imagine if Victor married Chelsea, and shared her with Cane Ashby. Hey, if it happened in real life, it could happen on Y&R. Anyone else got a favourite Vivien Leigh movie?

  45. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    hey mon, you just became my favorite poster on DC.

    Anybody who sips vodka in the afternoon and is a fan of old black and white films (Vivien Leigh, a goddess!!!!!!!!!) has his heart in the right place.

  46. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Okay, now I just have to post to this one. I just watched a really golden oldie from 1932 I believe, starring Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. GG was her usual tumultuous film noir -self, and JC was utterly fabulous. This was the first time I paid really good attention to her acting, and she was marvelous. Every expression, movement of the eyes, etc. And I just had gush to my mother all about Joan Crawford that I had learned only this year DUE TO Y&R and the Sharon Newman takeover of NE storyline, can you believe it :D
    I told her all about Joan Crawford taking over the company and Faye Dunaway playing her in a movie, etc. My mom had no idea about all that either. And there she listened as I told her I know all this thanks to Y&R, lol. Just such fun times!

  47. Profile photo of

    I respect that I wish your wife understood what you just wrote though.

    Ive never been a mole I dont even know what the hell that is to begin with .

    This may be what people mean but Im not sure: I dont have the time in my day to create posts on numerous soap threads online or as other people call them PLANTS in order to get attention.

    Only soaps I even watch now are Y&R and GH literally those are the only 2 my ma and I watch them every day together.

  48. Profile photo of

    I am saddened about OLTL4Eever, and his burst upon the scene being negative.

    Once again you biased folks intentionally ignore those who initiated it that was hallee your precious wonderful innocent poster here end sarcasm.

    Your sarcasm is not warranted nor appreciated please continue though to prove what I said last night about you folks here. Way to go! :P

    Foot in mouth disease seems to run rampant here sadly.

  49. Profile photo of tedew

    onelifetoliveforever … who the fuck are you anyway and where did you come from? The first thing to do to get a bit of respect in here is to stop saying fuck each and every opportunity you get! Most posters here have fun and have friendly banter so hopefully you will see that and join in.

  50. Profile photo of

    LOL no the first thing most of you should have been taught was respect for others YOURSELVES but apparently none of your parents were capable of instilling this.

    Unless you call RESPECT bashing and treating another poster like FUCKING shit simply because they expressed their own opinions.

    Lather rinse repeat this is like a merry go around to me at this point and Id love to get off maybe if the hypocritical sarcastic snide comments would die I could. :)

  51. Profile photo of

    Oh and my sincerest apologies for the LANGUAGE I just assumed after meeting so many assholes here that I was free to act like they did its only fair after all end sarcasm.

  52. Profile photo of noway

    heymon, pass the vodka…I know you can’t wait to see your girl on both shows.

    Vivien Leigh was beautiful, too bad she suffered from such depression.

    Princess Grace was stunning too, love her old movies. Love the one with Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.

  53. Profile photo of

    Oh gee what a surprise another arrogant poster intentionally biased and ignoring what happened the other night and the one who initiated it.Also a poster trying to BAIT a response from me. Not anger honesty there is a difference between the 2 but your intentional bait and troll comment was put in the pile with the rest of them ty for your contribution and have a nice day. :)

  54. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Yoryla, we know Maria was ripping off those films from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Most of the storylines she gave Genie were combinations of about 3 or 4 Bette Davis movies. :)

    Genie did the best she could, but the writers should have gone for Susan Hayward (tears and drama), instead of Bette Davis (anger and conflict). Genie would have locked down her Emmy nomination.

  55. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Thanks SoapArmageddon. Vivien Leigh is great. It really does seem that MAB was imitating a lot fo what she wrote from some of the movies of that day.

    Yoryla, I am loving Joan Crawford, too. She really peaked in the mid 40s with ‘Mildred Pierce’, especially when they were questioning Mildred and Veda about Monte Bergaron’s murder, and Veda confesses. Great scene. ‘Humoresque’, is a great one, too, where she manipulates her violin-playing husband for years.

    MAB did use a lot of those old twists and turns in the Hollywood movies to transfer over to Y&R. But JoshG really has captured a lot of the elegance of that era when I see Jack romancing Phyllis. They have that classic 1940s ‘look’ about them, that no else on The Show can seem to lock down.

  56. Profile photo of harlee490

    Vivien Leigh…wonderful my fave movie of Vivien is “Street Car Named Desire”. Anything with Joan but 2 of faves of Joan’s is “A Woman’s Face and “Rain” very movie of Joan as Sadie Thompson! ;)

  57. Profile photo of stoney07

    [quote=onelifetoliveforever]I respect that I wish your wife understood what you just wrote though.

    Ive never been a mole I dont even know what the hell that is to begin with .

    This may be what people mean but Im not sure: I dont have the time in my day to create posts on numerous soap threads online or as other people call them PLANTS in order to get attention.

    Only soaps I even watch now are Y&R and GH literally those are the only 2 my ma and I watch them every day together.[/quote]

    LOL…not to bring this back up, but I just had to clarify…Harlee’s not my wife. I’m not even sure if Harlee is a woman…(no offense) IDK what Harlee is, but I was just poking fun when I said Harlee’s my soulmate. LOLOL.

    Anyway, on another note…welcome to the boards onelife!!!

  58. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Harlee, I have a hard time with ‘Streetcar’. I really feel that during this turbulent part of Leigh’s life, that there was a fine line between reality and Blanche for Vivien. Do you think that Sharon is like Blanche?

  59. Profile photo of harlee490

    [quote=hey mon]Harlee, I have a hard time with ‘Streetcar’. I really feel that during this turbulent part of Leigh’s life, that there was a fine line between reality and Blanche for Vivien. Do you think that Sharon is like Blanche?[/quote]

    LMAFO…Sharon is Blanche! :bigsmile: Yes it was a hard time for Vivien when she made that movie but damn just showed her talent to pull together. I thought she was wonderful…the cast is wonderful.

  60. Profile photo of harlee490

    OH my gosh, this is crazy…LOL how did I became Stoney’s wife? I think Dominic would have some input on this subject. Hey I been with the same partner for 27 years (actually not until May)…I read that thought what in world now is going …..LOL ;)

  61. Profile photo of pferrando

    So, I clicked on the post thinking I had missed two pages of discussion about Lane. Little did I know!

    I think we all should have pics of our ourselves up… I’d like to see y’all. That’s me btw…

  62. Profile photo of stoney07

    pferrando…nice pic. U look awfully familiar. Do you have a fb and if so, are we friends on there?

    There’s this guy that requested me a week or so ago that looks almost exactly like you!!!!!

  63. Profile photo of

    Rolls eyes waves at your pathetic cyberbullying ass loved what you wrote last night btw condoning your pal harlee calling her a BAD GIRL and laughing at what happened.

    Enablers are always so precious. :)

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