Soap Stars Bring Glamour to Fourth Annual Indie Soap Awards (PHOTOS)

Cast of Hustling


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26 May 2012
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Omg, Signy Coleman. Maybe this is just a bad picture of her, but she is looking like a 'Real Housewife'. Yikes!

FloLo and Hillary B. Smith look great.

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23 May 2012
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Florencia L is a very attractive lady. Can't wait to see her and Blair back on OLTL.

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So great seeing Cynthia Watros again! So glad that she won for her web show, another well deserved win for her! She is so missed as psycho Annie Dutton. Thank God for youtube clips!

Funny her replacement as Annie, Signy Coleman was there also.

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19 March 2010
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there's very little African american representation from independent soap operas based on these pictures. there was a very small number of African american actors and absolutely no Asian american actors at this event that is unless some actors are 1/16 some kind of Asian american ethnicity.

even independent soaps don't put any effort for racial diversity. but one soap's called "gay nerds" and now what could that soap be abt?