Tracey Bregman and Christel Khalil Share Favorite The Young and The Restless Memories

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Young and the Restless, Genoa City divas Tracey Bregman and Christel Khalil took a stroll down memory lane. In revealing interviews, the two soap stars share deets such as: Bregman originally auditioned for the role of Patty Williams and Khalil's fave storyline was Lily being on the run in L.A. with Daniel (Michael Graziadei). To hear more from Bregman and Khalil, watch the interviews after the jump!


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    JFP is listening to the fans. The music in today’s episode was turned down to the right volume and was pretty damn good. Love Tracy the scene with her and Danny, she was a hot mess. lol! The wedding with her and Micheal at the Colonade Room beautiful. Go Fab 40!

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    SO fun! I’m obsessed with Traceys hair. Melissa Egan has a video up too. i like behind the scenes happy stuff. better than the cray craaaay

    ok i like craycray too.
    but hate when people say cray cray.

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    One of the things that’s kept Y and R successful is the longevity of the cast. Tracey’s been on for 30 years, and is back in the middle of a great story. CK we all know has both lovers and haters, but she’s already been on over 10 years. I know when I tune in that my faves are still on!

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    I signed up and sent over my questions. Can you believe the pics w\KSJ & CK she first started…LAWD just a baby. As stated I’m indifferent she isn’t my favorite but this issue is beating a dead horse to death…as with AH as Victoria. They are there and I seen worst actors as we did the last 5 years w\MAB and her picks. After reading some posts some would recast ALL of Y&R with their picks to play longstanding characters and then it wouldn’t be Y&R.

    It was TB is where I’m excited. Love me some Lauren always have even when she first came on and bullying Tracy. At times I wanted Tracy to kick Lauren’s ass just once.

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    Yesterday’s episode was kick ass! The back & forth with Victor\Wheeler, and Adam is so on to Victor’s ass! ;) I wasn’t expecting Adam to find out so soon honestly and was slightly surprise but loved it. Fired Mason! Adam was everywhere yesterday busting everyone. It’s funny the child that’s most like Victor is the child he didn’t raise…love the twist.

    I’m really enjoying the Leslie & Tyler’s story and how it’s developing with Wheeler. I think Wheeler was having an affair with their mom. Maybe both was raised in an abusive home and testified against their dad. Why they changed their names.

    The weak link is the Tyler\Lily pairing, just not seeing or feeling it. Maybe it would be time to move on from this story…not working. Lily needs a more reserve type of man not this thug player type. Maybe she could befriend Mason if he was hired by Jabot. Mason is not the player type and showed he has a moral compass and conscience. Tyler realizes that this time his “sexual charms” didn’t work and change his way. Why couldn’t Tyler meet someone new to help the change…like Liv. Good way to bring back Olivia, she’s a cougar and protector. She might not approve of Neil\Leslie causing problems for Leslie. Be great way then to bring back Nate ;)

    Sharon\Dylan is firing on all cylinders not Avery\Dylan. The chemistry between SC\SB is so abundent on the screen. I think I could love those two finding each other…Sharon could help Dylan with his demons of war. ;)

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    [quote=truthtakestime2000]and soooooooo glad they mentioned Carolyn Conwell. the show shouldve addressed her passing[/quote]

    It was great to see those clips of her. Mary couldn’t stand Lauren half the time, the other half she was plotting to hookup Paul & Lynn ;)

    When Lauren sent in those pictures of Paul and he won as centerfold, was so fun to watch on TV. Before Michael there was Paul and those two were awesome together. They balanced each other, Lauren making Paul more playful and where Paul making Lauren more grown-up and matured. :love:

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    I’m still having issues with the Tyler character. My least favorite of all the newbies/recasts.

    I think it was the way he was introduced. Now that they’ve expanded him into the Wheeler story, it does bring an additional element to him.

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    Rolls eyes this show needs sooo much help.

    First quit concentrating on the boring teens and superficial Abby her ego is annoying enough as it is as is she.

    The cyberbullying storyline I respect and understand because ive dealt with plenty of times for being gay.

    But Fenn needs to wake up eventually and have some form of a cathartic moment a realization that he is to blame for what happened to Jamie as is Summer.

    Summer for the most part has taken responsibility for her actions for the most part as I said.

    Fenn however refuses to acknowledge his part in it even going so far as to blame his clueless father for how he is and penning all the blame on Jamie even though that kids gone through hell and back and many of us in real life can relate to his pain and bullying.

    Laurens dedication to her son was commendable when he did no wrong regarding pushing Jamie off .

    But once again no remorse from Fenn when he discovered Jamie tried to kill himself 2 times nor any from Lauren either what a horrible mother she is especially in that regard.

    Its understandable to be worried about your child but its not fair to blame someone else for their actions or intentionally turn a blind eye to whats right in front of your face the entire time.

    She and Michael are the most clueless parents ever.

    Adam Chelsea Sharon storyline is going no where and is very dull.

    Now Chelsea is preggers with Adams child and anytime she has the courage to tell him predictably Sharon walks in and automatically changes Chelseas mind.

    Kane Chelsea Lily Tyler Valerie Neil storyline is so so at best.

    Tyler is a sleaze who will prey on any women he possibly can even if married no surprise with men like him.

    Valerie whilst her storyline also being boring for the most part is definitely far more likeable because she comes across as compassionate caring decent.

    Chelsea and Kane make for an interesting pairing considering you can tell Kane genuinely cares about Chelsea and vice versa regarding Chelsea.

    The murder storyline involving their mother is mysterious to say the least as is Congressman Wheelers involvement in it.

    Stone Faced Dylan with the same mannerisms and lifelessness as he had on GH (lol) Nick and Avery storyline is dead on arrival for me.

    Especially that horrible music that keeps playing that mom and I both hate I loved you from the start…… whatever to that crap.

    Ill give Steve Burton credit though he is more lively and likeable here then he was on GH where he seemed to act the same way no matter what.

    He also SMILES far more on this show also.

    It looks like he and Sharon are slowly falling for one another also.

    That handsome detective his sister Noah their storyline has been very boring for the most part.

    Until that is the reveal that he is actually Adrianas brother came to pass.

    Now he and the incredibly boring vapid superficial arrogant Abby look to be slowly becoming a couple hence my enthusiasm… y a y . :P

    Katherine is sadly losing her memory and forgetting things and whilst her character has never been that interesting to me its sad her character is facing this hurdle.

    Y & R has hit it out of the ballpark at least with the realistic topical storyline especially about possible alzheimers and multiple sclerosis.

    Victoria and Billy are still a very strong couple surprisingly even though she still comes across as hypocritical and self righteous most of the time which I hate.

    Nikki and Victor they both come across as self righteous and arrogant most of the time so I could do with or without them.

    But Nikkis storyline is realistic and honest and the portrayal of it is also MS is a very serious condition and many have died from it as well sadly.

    Victor Im constantly wishing him dead on the show I despise the man so much lol

    Lily Tyler= boring boring boring and more boring everytime they come on screen I want to take a nap automatically.

    This show still has a lot of issues though the boredom factor being one of them.

    These storylines need to be more edgy suspenseful and interesting and less of the same old same old all the time.

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    Oh and one last thing for Lauren and all the other women on the show who now look plastic and fake what the hell were you all thinking? Age gracefully seriously thats true beauty thats genuine beauty not beauty due to a scalpel mutilating your face and bodies.

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    @nelifetoliveforever…you seriously think “us” fans going to hold your views as gospel…I’m going there…go to HELL…you know nothing about Y&R and its fans..evidently…geez! Go back to your soap because you are not a regular poster but makes me think a mole…go to hell!! >) I don’t care what ppl thinks but this rant is not true but planted….. ;) You are not a CBS fan but us CBS fans know what is said…but you get the point. :D

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    @Harlee: Hilarious how people like you treat soap fans your lack of maturity speaks for itself when all I did was express MY opinion that was it.

    This is the first time ive posted here as well as the last if it consists of people like you I want no part of it. Back to GH threads. :)

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    I don’t care how long since you was a child…something doesn’t smell right in Denmark and it all the cheese you are trying to pedal…not here or longtime fans.

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    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]Miss harlee490 is a pitbull when it comes CBS lol[/quote]

    OH yes,…thank you Nathan Hastings…(again CBS soap character) I’m a’s me ;) Longtime fan of CBS..going back to my both sides of “grandmothers”.l..the loyalty card P&G did create & played has paid off in all soaps…go figure ;) I”m loyal to my CBS daypart lineup! ;)

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    LOL…Ty …Stoney07…to funny..thanks…I’m just loyal…not as you. U stuck by the hard times I didn’t…those long 9 months…here is to you being faithful and defending when I wasn’t…long live CBS soaps…I realize…I came home ;)

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    @Restless Fan ….u can say it…MAB & LML is BULLSHIT…don’t be’s the truth…Y&R’s soul is healing and any longtime viewer knows this revelation if watching during the terror of Bill’s visoin….

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Why would someone make a post that long about the things they dislike about a show? Honestly. :|[/quote]

    Wink wink…. ;) …because you are intelligent soap viewer ;)

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    I just rewatched today’s episode ….Victor\Nikki and the tears (for me at least) brought everything forward why Bill put these two together…LONG history and is showing…I can’t wait until tomorrowo the previews again is the VETS! Today’s with Katherine & Jill…just classic and regardless the years Jill is a lioness as always… ;) She knows from experience…

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    Such hypocritical people here bullying people who so much as disagree with their fandom. People wonder why some fans get a bad rap well its because of half of you here giggling and carrying on after lambasting someone who simply disagreed I never said I hated Y& R never have just think some of the storylines could be better.

    But you people pat yourselves on the back for being pushy rude arrogant and having the attitude that only your opinions matter so lets belittle attack and bash anyone who so much as disagrees with it.

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    You hypocrites can go fuck yourselves as far as Im concerned nasty vile venomous people the GH threads are a hell of a lot more welcoming and friendly then you idiots are.

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    Oh and I flagged you idiots as you deserved enjoy being perpetual children who attack anyone who disagrees with your beloved soaps rolls eyes. Pathetic.

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    Who’s a hypocite onelifetoliveforever? ..OH see we got the mole upset…who’s the idiots because we watch the top rated soap on the TV and GROWING because you’re not happy with your nasty soap on ABC soap and are you JEALOUS much? Y&R is flying again and your ABC soap of has vampires, time machines, and Mr Freeze? So what is next…maybe Robin or is Batman next with Count Chocula?

    You come on this postings to be wicked and nasty but because YOU hate that the ratings AGAIN favor CBS. Y&R has vastly improved so you think we Y&R are going to back down…NO MORE we are strong and we are proud of our soaps on CBS…again GO TO HELL! >)

    Back at you…Go FUCK yourself… ;) :p

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    Wow you are a fucking bitch enjoy being flagged to kingdom come I didnt ask for any of this shit from you dipshits.

    All I did was put MY opinion out there and your dumbass claimed I was a mole and then your equally braindead pals intentionally ganged up on me to prove how TOUGH you all are what a fucking joke period.

    I get being passionate about a soap but you lunatics take it to a whole other level you can eat shit for all I care bitch all of you can.

    You act like you are the alphadog around here and just because someone disagrees or expresses a different opinion you jump their shit intentionally then get your pathetic keyboardwarrior pals here to join in with you.

    How none of you have been banned yet is beyond me but Im definitely gonna make it happen ive reported all involved who lashed out at me unprovoked and for no reason whatsoever.

    Hopefully you will all lose your accounts oh and hypocritical cunt I love Y& R it was constructive criticism you dipshit dont act like you are gonna make me back down too not fucking happening you arent intimidating just some cranky old bitch who loves to fuck with people and act smug when you screw with them just because you are an insane fan of Y& R who reacts like a pitbull when someone doesnt take the same stance as you do or think the same way you do about the show.

    Sit and spin cunt all of you and enjoy your karma sitting behind your pathetic computers laughing at me when I never once said anything to receive the responses I received from you uneducated unstable dolts here. :P

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    Btw I just posted your comment on facebook for all my friends there to see to see how extreme and insane you fans truly are here.

    Fuck Ive seen some extreme people in my time but your loony ass and your pals take the cake period.

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    Not the least bit concerned dumbass ive met plenty like you who acts like nothing ever phases them. Too bad your kids have to deal with one cyberbully raising more gee how wonderful that must be for them . :) Flagged again cocky one.

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    Rolls eyes flagged again anyone can see well not you and your friends being BIASED and all that YOU started it not me nice try smug one.

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    hey mon

    I like you too, harlee490. You’re a nice guy. Sometimes I almost want to go back and watch some Guiding Light, a show I only watched a couple of times in the 90s, cause you are so fervent about it.

    As far as The Show goes, how can I stop watching now? I have been watching every day since 1982, and 3 years sporadically before that.

    I have got to be there when Victor finally gets what he deserves. Wait… maybe that’s it. Maybe The Powers know that we all want Victor to ‘get his’, and that this very fact keeps us watching for decades…. waiting….watching… for a moment that may never come.

    Well, it’s a Friday at 3 o’clock. So it’s time to head to the Club, and order up a Diet Sprite and Vodka.

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