Will Kristen Go Off The Deep End on Days of Our Lives?

EJ (James Scott) found Marlena (Deidre Hall) just as she was finishing a call with John (Drake Hogestyn). Their conversation quickly jumped to his involvement with Sami (Alison Sweeney). Marlena told him not to hurt her daughter, but revealed she didn’t believe he or his sister Kristen (Eileen Davidson) would end up with Sami or Brady (Eric Martsolf) in the long run.

At the church, Eric (Greg Vaughan) continued to be a raving idiot about Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) feelings for him. I like both actors, but I find their dialogue to be way too repetitive.  Hope (Kristian Alfonso) arrived and interrupted their conversation.

At Daniel’s apartment, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) faced off yet again. After Jennifer left, Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) showed up and asked her to move back into the Kiriakis mansion.  When Chloe declined, Maggie basically told her she saw through Chloe’s scheme.

Abby (Kate Mansi) questioned Dr. Hairy Chest (Shawn Christian) about his plans with her mom. Jennifer returned home where she and Daniel quickly started arguing about Chloe. How many times can these two argue about the same thing? Someone needs to gag them both, tie them up, stuff them in the trunk of a car, put a brick on the accelerator and send them speeding off a cliff.

Kristen’s insecurities about losing Brady manifested in the form of John telling her everyone would end up happy, but her.  Marlena bumped into her and told her that things with her and John were on the mend.  She told Kristen that her glow wasn’t one of victory, it was flop sweat. After Marlena left, Kristen’s expression left me wondering how long it will be before she goes off the deep end.


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Hey Luke, I enjoy your recaps more than the actual show. LOL.

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The scene with Kristen storming into her hotel room and trashing the pillows and cussing Marlena was SO good! It was totally 90's Kristen, with shades of her Susan-voice coming out again!!! Loved it. I really wanna see THAT Kristen one of these days. She's so great when she becomes unhinged.

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I love how Chloe says out loud all the stuff about Jennifer that a lot of viewers think. She lacks charisma. She IS dull. She IS boring. However, Daniel is all those things too; so aside from the fact that he's her son's father, I have no idea why Chloe wants him.

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Kristen (Eileen Davidson) is so fun to watch in action. Her Kristen is a complicated character toggling the line between sanity and insanity. She's a delightful respite from the dreadful bump on the log, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves). I do hope Eileen Davidson stays in Salem for a long time. Even if she ends up in a mental institution.