General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Michael finds Sonny at the Star, searching for Kate. Sonny explains that Kate came back but ran off and he’s looked everywhere for her.

Kate wakes up on Olivia’s couch, still upset that Sonny slept with Connie. Sonny calls, but Olivia tells him that Kate doesn’t want to talk and to wait till she’s ready. Olivia explains to Kate that Sonny tried hard to get her back. She also explains about Connie being married to Johnny to humiliate Sonny. Kate wonders why Johnny would help Connie. Olivia says Johnny was responsible for the car accident.

AJ sends Liz some flowers and then calls to thank her for their evening together. She reminds him of her advice regarding Tracy. After the call, Steve asks her about the flowers. Liz admits they’re from AJ. Steve warns her about AJ, but she reassures him that all is fine. The two discuss Olivia’s vision and how Steve doesn’t believe this one will come true.

John wants to be let out of his cell, so he can go looking for Sam and Danny. Rafe wonders why Caleb would take Sam and blames himself for letting Heather take the baby from him.

Molly stops by the station with photos of Sam and Danny. Lucy’s waiting for her transfer back to Ferncliff and asks to see the photos. She tells Molly that she thinks Caleb has taken Sam because he’s obsessed with Livvie. Lucy now believes that John and Caleb are separate people. Lucy believes Caleb will return for Rafe and wants Molly to break Rafe out of the cell.

Lucy gives Molly keys to the cell that she managed to take from one of the officers. Molly thinks Rafe is in more danger away from the station but Lucy is sure this is the best way to save everyone.

AJ tells Tracy that he thinks they should work together to mass produce the relish and get ELQ back on its feet. He wants to rebuild the company, but Tracy wants to be CEO and doesn’t want to share the relish. AJ says the goal is to save the company, but Tracy’s not interested. AJ starts having a panic attack and Tracy thinks he’s faking a heart attack.

AJ tells her that it’s not a heart attack and to call Liz for help. Tracy still doesn’t believe, but ultimately calls Liz. AJ tells Liz that he can’t calm himself down, so Liz talks him through it.

Sonny doesn’t want to give Kate time, but Michael tells him that she’ll realize his night with Connie meant nothing. Sonny says he was with Connie because he wanted to be. Michael wonders if his father has feelings for Connie. Sonny says there’s more to Connie than meets the eye but that he’s not falling for her, that he loves Kate. He needs to see Kate and get her to understand.

Molly shows up at the cells, asking to speak to Rafe. John sees she has the keys and asks to be let out as well. He swears he would never hurt Sam or Danny, but he needs to find them. Molly asks Rafe’s opinion and he admits he believes John. Molly agrees to let them both out and says to wait for Lucy’s diversion.

Tracy drives AJ to the hospital. He thanks Liz for helping him but worries he won’t be able to function at work if the attacks continue. Liz mentions anti anxiety drugs. However, as a former alcoholic, AJ is concerned. Liz assures him that they’ll figure it out together and he’s not alone.

Kate wants to find Starr and remembers she was living with Trey. She remembers that she saw Trey’s medallion and realized he was her son and that’s what brought Connie to the surface. Olivia tells her that Joe Junior is dead but that she can’t see Trey. Kate wonders what Olivia isn’t telling her.

Lucy gets her hand on matches and talks an officer into removing her cuffs then creates the fire and in the confusion, manages to escape. Molly lets John and Rafe out and John promises to bring Sam and Danny home.

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    I’m sorry Connie’s gone. I prefer KeSul’s Connie, even with all the wackadoo, rather than KeSul’s Kate, with the crying and the hand wringing. I think I would have preferred if Kate was an alter and not the original.

    Loved Lucy being able to pull the wool over basically everyone and managing to escape.

    The foreshadowing for Steve’s death is pretty heavy handed. Now it’s not whether he dies, but who the killer is. Ticks me off that Liz will lose another family member, when they could just as easily have tossed Steve in jail for whateve happened in Memphis.

    Loving AJ/Liz.

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    Also loving AJ/Liz but I hope they take this romance slowly. Let him make an effort to woo her. Also, as I stated before, I noticed during AJ’s panic attack Sean K looks a bit bloated, and that one show when Tracy told him he could lose weight made me laugh. Give AJ some competition, let him work to get Liz. Bring on Ric Hearst. He has a definite storyline, (He’s Sonny’s brother, Molly’s father-she is now in a main storyline so she can use father advice, and he always had a thing for Liz).Always enjoy the great Jane Elliot!
    Can’t figure out Ron C’s and the writers angle on this whole Caleb/John McBain angle, also the whole Steve’s death with Sabrina involved? They got me there!

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    Britt will set Sabrina up for the killing of Steven Lars.

    Perkie Kelly can not pull off the Kate persona well. The very first day she came on it was obvious that she was no fashionista Kate Howard.

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    I hope you’re wrong, khh, about the Sabrina/Britt/Steven Lars thing. If she murders a legacy character like that, the countdown clock to Britt’s grisly murder starts. I think Britt could have a place on the show if they manage to get her away from the ridiculous Sabrina and that whole storyline.

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    I figured out why Sabrina was in Olivia’s vision. Sabrina is in “Hot Water” with Steve regarding Ofc. Carlsons death. That and the puppy thing were pretty cryptic. I agree that the vision about Steve being stabbed was pretty heavy handed.
    As for Caleb/John storyline, it fascinates me. I really want to know how they are going to tie this up, and how this will affect the character of John McBain.

    I like Liz with AJ, didn’t think I would but they are pretty good together. It would be nice for them to be friends for awhile and let the relationship tow over time. It might be nice to have some competition in there instead of love by default.

    As much as I loathed Connie, Kate just grates on my nerves. I am still convinced that Kate is the alter.

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    I myself have come to like Connie much better than Kate.

    Lucy was terrific yesterday. Lynn Herring adds so much fun to GH they really should put her on contract.

    As far as Steve being Liz’s brother, they hardly ever had any connection on the show, so much that I forgot they were related. LOL. The character of Steve played by Scott Reeves never worked on the show. This time around the character never clicked and he always seemed out of place on the show. I think another actor might have worked in the role but Reeves did not.

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    Kate and Connie are 2 personalities sharing the same body. Sonny sleeps with both…and Kate is angry at Sonny for cheating on her with her other personality.


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    i just want to know WTH is wrong w/tracy. so aj has done bad things, well guess what so have you, so has that child murderer you love sooo much, so has most of your family except maybe Lila.

    i would love for ric to come back, but not for Liz, to tell his very annoying kid some truths about her oh so great family. ric hopefully hasn’t drunk the kool-aide about the skank that he slept w/on his dying wife’s floor.maybe this time he could be semi-good since they aren’t praying to the altar of the horrendous three.

    plz, i beg you no more DID, if you could do it w/o the campiness and make it compelling and there was someone we want to root for, but this has gone on long enough and it’s just another story of another pc resident getting away w/crimes and never paying for it, unless of course they work at the hospital.

    and plz put that brat molly in juvie, do it now before she ends up like her eldest “sister”, considering that skank is her hero.then her dad could come back and fight alexis since the brat is turning out like the rest of the family.

    as for Liz/AJ, they are cute together and she and the boys could redeem him, unless of course these “writers” are doing a bait&switch again since they are not invested in Liz or her legacy family. and Liz has mostly had slow buildup for most of her relationships.lucky, it was 2yrs before they were official and longer before they slept together. she knew zander for a couple yrs and was friends w/him before they slept together, ric was the only guy she didn’t know for yrs before she started a relationship, heck it was 9 yrs before she and jason slept together, and nik it was 12yrs. and she and ewen really didn’t start anything except for a few dates here and there before they flipped the script and made him bad.

    but i like that about Liz and she deserves wooing and romance, we as a soap audience deserve romance instead of instasex and sleaze.

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    I’m loving AJ/Liz. They have great chemistry and I like the slow build that has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that they are kind to eachother and supportive of eachother. I’m tired of the constant triangles. I would enjoy a slow build romance that develops for a while before third party angst is thrown into the mix.

    Loved Tracy and still felt bad for AJ. Great acting by both.

  10. Profile photo of tealita

    I love AJ to pieces, but when Tracy goofed on him about his panic attack, I busted out laughing. From her POV, I could understand exactly why Tracy thought AJ was up to no good. Her line “…this is not my first fake heat attack…,” was priceless. Tracy has indeed experienced her fair share of people faking heart attacks. 8)

    IMHO–and I mean no offense to Liz’s fans–Liz and AJ do not have one iota of chemistry. I understand that TPTB may not have wanted to move Liz into Patrick’s orbit because KMc is slated to return for the nurse’s ball, but IMO, Liz and Patrick would be great together. They have a lot in common, and little Emma would be great with Liz’s boys. Anyway (and again, I love AJ), why would Liz want a scheming fixer-upper like AJ? Because she’s kind and they can bond as friends first? Liz and Patrick are already great friends, and there could be a slow build there too.

    On the other hand, AJ and Carly blew my socks off. Their chemistry is off the charts! I think it’s great that they have sooo much shared history, and it would tickle me to no end to watch Sonny blow his cork watching Carly and AJ hook up!

    And what’s up with KMc, anyway? I read the same thing that I THINK everyone else did; that she’s slated to return for the nurse’s ball, and that she may or may not usher JT off of GH. Since I’m not in possession of any other scoop, I can only hope that the bit about Patrick leaving is not finalized. If that’s the case, there is no reason for JT to leave just because KMc is otherwise engaged. However, they need to shit or get off the pot story wise. Sabrina and Britt suck, and it gets worse with every passing day. The fact that they’ve yet to give either girl a back story makes it worse. I do NOT want Patrick with Sabrina. I may be alone in thinking this, but Sabrina is much too juvenile for Patrick. He seems very paternal with her, and it makes me miss KMc (and the way she would challenge Patrick) all the more. If I had to choose between Sabrina and Britt, I would keep Britt. I think the actress is more capable of giving a layered performance and she could be useful elsewhere on the canvas.

    Connie, Kate, Kannie? Which one is she? They just took a giant step backwards bring Kate back out, and now it’s gonna drag even more.

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    Am I the only one who wants to see a Liz and Micheal romance and friendship happen? I think it would be great soapy goodness for Liz to get with a third generation Spencer and the story between Liz and Carly over it would be awesome!

    Steve can go!

    I agree with many that Connie is the real deal and Kate is probably the alter. Given the investment that they made in the past five months makes me think that will be the case or at the very least hope it is. If not then it is just another Jess/Tess/Essmall a mess!

    Say whatever you shall about GH and some of the storylines and characters be happy we do not have a MorascoFiasco!

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    Secrets and Lies

    In today’s episode it struck me that Lucy has similar charisma to Todd – you can’t help but like her and buy into her crazy storylines. There are many good actors on GH right now but Lucy and Todd both have a type of quality that really pops off the screen and engages me as an audience member.

  13. Profile photo of elbugten

    RE: the February 21 Episode. Sonny said he’d been waiting 5 months for Kate to come back. First, I’m supposed to believe that a vampire is running around Port Charles and now I’m supposed to believe Sonny hasn’t had sex in 5 months??? GH is REALLY getting far-fetched, lol!

    On a serious note, I’m liking Liz with AJ, although I agree that it needs to build slowly. The scenes with AJ and Tracy were great, and a nice nod to history with Tracy and Edward. Loved Lucy’s antics in the PCPD and her scenes with Molly were well done by both actors.

  14. Profile photo of jasam4ever888

    I love your logic. Sam is a skank for sleeping with Ric, but Angel Liz isn’t a skank for sleeping with Jason the same night (not to mention the fact that Liz was married!) After all that Alexis had put Sam through over the years, I was happy to see Sam stick it to her! Sam was always faithful to Jason when they were together, what is skanky about that??? Oh and here are a few facts for you: it was Jason that pushed Sam away after she was shot, it was Jason who lied to Sam day after day about Jake’s paternity and it was Jason that pushed Sam away when he couldn’t accept Sam’s baby (even though she was the one that was raped by HIS enemy!) I can definetely tell that you are a Liason lover, and thats great, I’m just sayin, Liz is not a saint! How many times did she screw Lucky over! Liz has had to have more paternity tests then I care to even remember, that is pretty skanky to me. All her boring ass character did was try to get her claws in Jason, but guess what? He always ended up back with Sam——It’s called chemistry! I find it freaking hillarious that she is now pining for Jason’s brother, what irony! You’re just a hater! JaSam 4 ever baby!

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    [quote=ANGELWENDY15]Also loving AJ/Liz but I hope they take this romance slowly. Let him make an effort to woo her. Also, as I stated before, I noticed during AJ’s panic attack Sean K looks a bit bloated, and that one show when Tracy told him he could lose weight made me laugh.[/quote]

    Thing is with the ” build slowly” is that they are already cutting out important bits to get to the “pairing” of the characters. It’s a symptom of the pacing issues with the current tptb and their “storytelling socialism”. The sharing of screen time is causing some oddly timed skipping of story beats.
    How great would it have been to SEE the spaghetti dinner and Liz and AJ chemistry and the “good time” the boys had with AJ? Give us something to root for to get behind them getting together. An entire episode could have been spent there . And I do appreciate the difference in pacing needed with the current state of the Port Charles canvas and need for plot momentum.

    Just there’s some meat missing. Prime meat. Meat that might make me as excited by AJ/Liz as by the incendiary AJ/Carly scenes showing their connection and potential.

    The “bloated AJ” line, as with the “Monica looking puffy” after the actress had some obvious work done, seem a bit cruel even if appropriately campy meta. The actors are good sports if they realize the “shots” hidden in the writing.

  16. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I would rather see Carly AJ and a Patrick Liz pairing. I feel like when I am watching Carly and AJ you can tell these two actors really want to work together. Also SK is always talking about working with LW so I have a feeling this is a pairing he is pushing..

    If I can’t have Piz then please bring back Jax for Liz!!!

  17. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I love Quiz (AJ/Liz)! It was such a nice thing for him to send real flowers to her. I bet he sees what a good person Liz is and that he needs a person like that in his life. And also with Liz, I think she sees that everyone makes mistakes and that people have a right to start over. And I also like that she isn’t oblivious to her own mistakes, like she told Steve.

    How can anyone even know the difference between Kate & Connie?! Connie went through so many transformations that if they hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known this is now Kate. Ugh it’s so ridiculous, and what’s worse of all NOW we have to see KATE go through the same damn things Connie did in the last six months. Utter, utter lunacy! Get this CREATURE off my screen, thank you.

    I’m really liking Liv these days.

    Lucy is wonderful. However, I FF’d through the rest of the non-vampire mess. Molly omg what has happened to you? Are you really that gullible? Since when?

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