Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse Jumps From TBS to OWN

Looks like the bond between Tyler Perry's production company and Oprah’s cable network OWN is getting stronger. According to The Huffington Post, Perry’s For Better or Worse is leaving TBS for a new home on OWN. 

"For Better or Worse" is about three couples dealing with the challenges of dating and married life. OWN says the original cast, including Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White, will remain with the show.

Reportedly, production of For Better or Worse’s third season begins in April.

Photo Credit: TBS


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    there really should be more soap operas w/ racial diversity. there are too many soaps w/ majority white chars and not enough soaps w/ African american core families and chars. there are even less soap operas w/ Asian american chars! a study from “cultural diversity and ethnic minority psychology” could provide an explanation for the lack of Asian american representation and hatred towards asian americans from hollywood. pew research has reported that asian americans graduate at a higher rate compared to all groups and are the most educated compared to all groups and make up the majority among professional and managerial roles. yet asian american actors are seldom represented when tv shows are abt academic and corporate and medical settings. the study showed that Asian americans are less likely to be promoted to leadership roles compared to whites. and this is despite asian american qualifications. the study was abt employee’s assertiveness and agreeableness and leadership potential. the study showed that the dominant Asian american employee was more hated compared to a dominant white employee and a passive white employee and a passive asian american employee. the study showed that the most valued expectation from Asian american employees is that they should know “their place” w/c is obviously very patronizing and racist.

    if women were told to know “their place” then that would be misogynistic. if lgbts were told to know “their place” then everyone from glaad to hollywood to mainstream manhattan media would be screaming homophobia. apply the study to hollywoood and it could be an explanation for hollywood’s blatant racism towards Asian americans. hollywood’s racist and wants asian americans to know “their place” w/c for hollywood means supporting and background roles while the majority of leading roles are for white people.

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    I will watch this just because the very handsome Jason Olive is in this. He played Angie and Jesse’s son Frankie on AMC and was on a couple other daytime soaps several years ago.

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    I hope that laugh track they added at the start of Season 2 jumps away as well. It was so distracting, I could’t watch the show any longer. Too bad, too. Season 1 was surprisingly good.

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