When Will Dylan Fix Sharon’s Plumbing on The Young and the Restless?

Sharon (Sharon Case) needed work done on her roof, but the contractor couldn't get to it soon enough. Who miraculously shows up at her door, but Dylan (Steve Burton)! I wonder how long it will be until she's unfastening his tool belt?

Is anyone else having a hard time accepting Neil (Kristoff St. John) being in charge of a fashion company? I can suspend my disbelief about a lot of fashion-related storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful, because, well, it’s The Bold and the Beautiful. However, I’m just not buying this Jabot Fashions  storyline yet.

Adam (Michael Muhney) saw Victor (Eric Braeden) talking to Mason (Lamon Archey) about messing with Sharon’s drugs. When Victor left, Adam confronted Mason, but didn’t believe his explanation. He fired Mason on the spot.

Lily (Christel Khalil) put Tyler (Redaric Williams) in his place. Tyler asked if it was Lily or Cane (Daniel Goddard) talking.

Congressman Wheeler (Mark Pinter) made the Genoa City rounds. He confronted Leslie (Angell Conwell), then stopped by Victor’s penthouse to threaten him.

Adam popped up at Victor’s as well, telling his beloved father that he was on to him.

Meanwhile, Chelsea got help from Cane in preparing for her meeting with Neil. While, as I mentioned, I'm struggling with aspects of the fashion story, I do buy Chelsea as the aspiring artist. Go figure.


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    This Y&R was another great episode. Abby telling Jack and Billy what to do in the Jabot office was a great scene. She let Billy have it. Katherine and Jill going at it over little miss money stealer was good to. The music was at the right volume.

    Mark Pinter needs to be on contract he is great giving it to Victor like no body’s business.

    This past ratings period JFP and Josh G. have really stepped it up.

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    bobby i agree..i dvr’d last weeks episodes and watch them all at once..and it was fantastic. i didnt fast forward anything!! lauren and carmine were scorching… he has greatly improved in the acting department.. nichael,fen and kevin were awesome…even the cane and lily stuff was pretty good. and i hate cane and lily..

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    SBu is going to tag-and-grab 3/4 of the women under 50 on the show in the next three months until he or JFP gets bored and plops him with someone with whom he has middling chemistry. I know that pessimists/critics are being soundly thrashed in Y&R threads recently (and it’s becoming tiresome–this site does not need to become an echo chamber), but I think SBu will be a drag on the show as his role expands. He’s a bad actor with a big ego–and this show already has Victor Braeden.

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    hey mon

    Thank you bishbay for your insightful analysis. Those of us not drinking the kool-aid being dumped down our throats by JFP&JoshG are going to be ‘right’ in the end. That MAB & Hogan did an all right job with The Show.

    Steve Burton really is channel-changing worthy when he appears on screen. Last week’s forced flashbacks of him and Avery were pretty hard to stomach. Now he’s racing over to Miss Sharon’s to fix her roof. Of course, she’s giving him the doe-eyed look, so soon she’ll have his pants off in the back bedroom.

    Give me Skye and the volcano any day, not to mention the Phyllis and Adam follow up a few weeks later, alone in the hotel room.

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    Wow, Steve Burton, a channel changer! His scenes are the only ones I watch, You don’t win an Emmy for being a mediocre actor! I have yet to stumble across a storyline that has me counting down the minutes for Y&R to start. Steve Burton is a hot as hell baller and all of you haters should thank your lucky stars that Y&R landed him and his talent. I have been a Steve Burton follower for over 20 years and trust me, for being one of the most coveted actors in Daytime, he is extremly humble. I have been to several of his appearances and he has always been kind and gracious to his fans. I’m just sayin, give him a chance. As for Sharon, I hope she does get Dylan’s tool belt off ASAP, these two definetely have some chemistry! Nick can go ahead and keep Avery all to himself!

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    I actually like SteveBurton and will enjoy the love story that may come out of his and Sharon’s pairing. For once, Sharon will be paired with not only a NON-Newman but with a blue collar guy. It could be just what Sharon needs to wipe the spawn of the devil out of her system.

    And I like that it’s not being written as a back from the dead story. It made absolute perfect sense that Avery had no knowledge of him being alive since she didn’t know his family and she was married at the time. (Can’t remember if she was divorced by the time he went to Iraq.

    But how did she get his dog tags?!

    One thing no one is talking about is the introduction of her EX-HUSBAND because he will come to town sooner or later because soaps rarely have a character announce she was divorced and had a “SOAP OPERA LIFE” prior to the one she is living now.

    Look at Victoria… she was in Italy for 2 or more years and NOT ONCE did an ex lover show up in town or did we hear other than she was painting while away. So to think Avery had a life is GREAT!

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    I’m not disliking SB’s character so far. I think if Josh really takes his time to incorporate him on the canvas his character can work being non-Newman or Abbott. I love to see him & Sharon together because the chemistry is there between both actors.

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    hey mon

    JaSam4Ever888 — Cool screen name. The fact that Steven Burton is being shoved down our throats is very annoying. The forced flashbacks of him and Avery were almost borderline goofy, and his hanging around seems a bit unbelievable with Avery. Glad they have him paired with Sharon, too. She needs to get the needs for Newman blood out of her system.

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    I certainly don’t understand the appeal of Steve Burton. I never watched GH is that his real eye color or do they enhance it with contacts? They just seem a little toooooo blue for someone of about 40.

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    [quote=noway]I certainly don’t understand the appeal of Steve Burton. I never watched GH is that his real eye color or do they enhance it with contacts? They just seem a little toooooo blue for someone of about 40.[/quote]

    He is closer to 43 and a piss poor actor in my humble opinion.

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    hey mon

    Maybe now that we have found out that Dylan and Phyllis have a past? — I think, I guess that’s what he was hinting with her… maybe Phyllis and Sharon can starting over the Mac Daddy. Honestly, I really beginning to think that Dylan could ALSO be Nikki’s son, as well.

    Mac is being forced down our throats a la Tucker McCall. The flashbacks 2 weeks ago with him and Avery. The just-revealed closeness that he and Red once had. Maybe that can be told during flash-backs, too. In fact, the whole Show could be told in flashbacks to Mac’s past. Cause it seems that the most exciting parts of Y&R weren’t told over the 5-10 years. MAB and Hogan were wrong, the most exciting events ACTUALLY happened to Stevie Burton’s Dylan guy, and now we are going to find out what we missed, via flashbacks.

    Another example of the ‘gems’ that Josh G is giving us.

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    I too wished they’d quit the flashbacks. One or two would be plenty. When both characters are new or relatively new to a big story, like Avery , most I think don’t care.

    I do like Avery but Josh has given her a lot of screen time.

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