Prospect Park Confirms Julia Barr’s Return to All My Children!


The Tempo editor's desk will soon be occupied once again. Prospect Park has confirmed Julia Barr is reprising the role of journalist Brooke English on the new All My Children.

Are you happy to learn Adam (David Canary) and Tad (Michael E. Knight)'s ex-wife is heading back to Pine Valley? Sound off in the comments!


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    This is good. I’ve always thought if they could not get Susan Lucci back then they needed to get Brooke English and let’s hope that she returns to NuPine Valley as Brooke English Chandler!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jamey giddens: She was my favorite actress on AMC. Glad to see her back. On another note, if there are 2 soaps in daytime I will rep for, it is All My Children and The Young and The Restless. I will Stan for them when they are good and throw them out like a sistah does when a man has not changed.

    “Get yo’ s–t and get out!”

    But will gladly accept them back if they can give that good loven’ ;)

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    I hope they write stories focusing on her career as a journalist…maybe a story where she uncovers some shady dealings and is being threatened not to publish them or ‘out’ them?

    Yay! So glad Brooke will be a part!

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    jthawk– I agree 100%!!
    When I read that Susan wasnt able to come back– I had my fingers crossed that they would strike a deal with Julia Barr. I think she shoud be the grand dame of the show. I just hope she is back FULL TIME and not just doing an episode or two. Nothing is speaking of her deal- recurring or perm?
    Anyway– I hope they recast LAURA. I always thought it was funny how Bianca was even minded like Brooke and Laura was the drama queen like Erica!!

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    I am excited to hear that Julia B and Eden are coming back— but what worries me about the AMC returns compared to OLTL— many of the big name VETS of AMC are just short term returns. That is a bit concerning.. we are not hearing that about the OLTL vets- only doing an arc or a episode or two!

    PS- I must say the pic posted of Julia Barr on here is probably the worst picture I have ever seen of her! Come on guys– put up a glamour shot!!!!

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