(SPOILERISH) Will Michael Lose Lauren to Carmine on The Young and the Restless?


Michael/Lauren: The Baldwins have a tough time getting things back to normal. Lauren decides to continue living at the GCAC to think things through, while Fen extends his stay with Kevin and Chloe.

Meanwhile, Michael gives up his D.A. gig, so he can win his woman back. Christine happily steps up and snags the role. Look for Lauren to start having feelings for Carmine when she keeps coming to him for a shoulder to lean on.

Victor/Nikki: Family and friends come together to witness The Black Knight and his lady love tie the knot.

Nick: He figures out Leslie is holding something back in regards to Avery's case.

Summer: Like mother, like daughter? Seems Nick and Phyllis' lil' girl is interested in an Abbott herself: Kyle!

Dylan: The war vet confides in Sharon.

Lauren: The Fenmore heiress gets Carmine to keep mum on her dirty little secret.

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    If Michael has the balls to ditch the bitch (that has resurfaced in Lauren) then all the more power to him. She should take a step backward and think about all the times Michael supported her when she should have been committed to Bedlam.

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    I think Lauren needs to stop acting so self righteous she treated Jamie like he was beneath her and unworthy yet her vicious bullying son Fenn got away with everything up until the point where Jamie tried to commit suicide.

    Then she gets angry at Michael and makes out with Carmine and she still STILL acts self righteous blaming Michael and intentionally hiding and ignoring the fact that she cheated on her husband with another man.

    You dont have to go bed with someone in order to cheat on your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend if you kiss another man or woman you are STILL cheating on them regardless of how it happened or why it happened.

    I wish she would just be honest with Michael and tell him what happened.

    Michael couldnt help how he felt I mean when you see your child self destructing right in front of your eyes you feel helpless like you cant stop it cant prevent it cant fix it and any parent would feel the same if their child was self destructing as much as Fenn is right now.

    The kid needs professional help the family itself needs counseling .

    But it looks obvious that Lauren is infatuated with Carmine even though she wont admit it to herself….yet anyways.

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    Well, I thought I was the only one. Im on team Micheal here. I like Lauren but I just dont like Fen. He actually reminds me a lot Ricky. Poor Micheal, he gets the D.A. job and everybody craps on him. Fen, Lauren and dont forget Phyllis about a week or so ago.

    How about today when Fen said “What are you going to do, send me to jail?” If I was Micheal I would have said “then go to jail.” I do think Fen is trying to drive a wedge between Micheal and Lauren. He’ll play the victim and have Lauren side with him and that way he gets even with Micheal at the sametime. And besides didnt Micheal cook for Lauren today? How many husbands do that?

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    yeah and she wasnt the least bit grateful about it either. You took the words right out of my mouth I actually said that to my mom at that part when he asked if he wanted him to go to jail I said yeah send his ass to jail lmao

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    But still he was trying to make an effort.

    I mean its understandable he automatically thought Fenn pushed Jamie off because Fenn has already showed rage towards his father Summer and Jamie.

    The kid is a timebomb waiting to go off and needs help serious help.

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    I actually loved this story today with Lauren just recoiling from Michael. Michael and Lauren have become boring. i like this new dynamic coming up with them!

    But what I don’t like is that Lauren just moved out of the apartment and didn’t wait to talk to Fen about her decision. i just thought that the reason Lauren is having problems with Michael was because of everything with Fen. Fen is an angry lost kid and for her to leave… well, for the lazy writers to have her just leave… made Lauren look less out for her son and more out for herself WHEN THAT IS NOT THE CASE>

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    Ive noticed a pattern with this family when anything ever gets difficult or trying they always ALWAYS either leave or go to another room and say they dont wanna talk about it lol

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    Does anyone have any idea why they are writing Victoria so insecure under this actress? When Heather Tom played Victoria she was written as tough, her daddy’s little girl. She stood up to people and they wrote her making things happen and not just saying she will.

    I love Amelia Heinle and think she is a great actress. I just don’t understand why even Jill and Josh aren’t writing her with more confidence and strength. Sure she talks a great game but to hear her sit there saying to Billy “I can be as ruthless as my father and brother” just sounded more pathetic and juvenile than it sounded truthful.

    I wish the writers could decide what she is going to be. Is she Victor’s daughter or Nikki’s daughter> Does she want to take Newman back or be a mom? (She can certainly be both) I just see the character jumping from one thing to another and I just don’t get it.

    I would love to see her walk into Jabot and ask Jack for a job. OR even, after discovering her mother’s illness and realizing the stress it would cause Nikki for the fight for Newman, that she heads to Newman, has a heart to heart with Adam. Says for the good of the family she would like to HONESTLY work with him… no tricks involved. Or just have Katherine give her Chancellor or have her take her 500 million and take on Newman in her own company.

    I just want to get a clearer picture of who Victoria is suppose to be because right now I am confused

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    In the beginning it stemmed from his attraction to Summer and his jealousy when Jamie got close to her.

    From then on though his hatred for Jamie went overboard and he slowly but surely went on a massive tail spin ready to crash.

    Hopefully this show will take the reigns of this storyline cyberbullying ( rolls eyes not even goin there) and real life bullying are serious problems in this country.

    This needs to be a show where the bullies watching will realize that they will pay the price for their actions and they will not be treated like they are the victims as Lauren has foolishly done regarding Fenn for a while.

    Until parents open their eyes and see it with their own 2 eyes and stop looking at their children as perfect and can do no wrong the bullying in this country is only going to get worse not better sadly.

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    [quote=onelifetoliveforever]But still he was trying to make an effort.

    I mean its understandable he automatically thought Fenn pushed Jamie off because Fenn has already showed rage towards his father Summer and Jamie.

    The kid is a timebomb waiting to go off and needs help serious help.[/quote]

    Yeah, well said(btw, LOVE the avatar). The kid has issues and for the life of me I can’t figure out why(and to say it’s because he’s a teenager or “going through that stage” seems flat-out lazy to me); from all evidence I’ve ever seen, Michael and Lauren have worshipped that kid since back in the day(well, at least since last year….when he was five ;) ). That said, despite a couple of very small false notes, the storyline has been fairly riveting and the acting all around has been stellar, particularly from Max Ehrich(Fen).

    pjc722–you’re spot on regarding Victoria. AH’s portrayal has never been particularly “sturdy”, but I have to say that’s one of the relatively few missteps I’ve seen since JFP/JG came on–she seems even more weak and backbone-free than she did before(not to mention even more hypocritically judgmental). Frankly, the only way I ever take this Victoria Newman seriously is when I pretend she’s not Victoria Newman and just a character who happened to wander onto the canvas eight years ago.

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    Victoria is hard to stomach considering how self righteous she comes across especially concerning Chelsea.

    She pissed me off last year after Chelsea lost the baby and immediately all Victoria was concerned about was Chelsea wanting their ( chelseas baby realistically)baby back. Not only was that paranoid it was also selfish and heartless on Victorias part to be concerned with that and not care about what Chelsea had just lost.

    Granted she showed somewhat sympathy for Chelseas loss last year but even then you could tell she was just trying to be nice and even after that she was worried Chelsea was gonna get their child back and want their child back.

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    [quote] but I have to say that’s one of the relatively few missteps I’ve seen since JFP/JG came on–she seems even more weak and backbone-free than she did before(not to mention even more hypocritically judgmental).[/quote]

    I think its because JG is devoting so much energy into her character. MAB catered so much to AH and neglected others to prop her. AH is still a sh*tty actress, IMO, and a recast would do wonders. I was watching Billy and think, “damn, where did his testicles go?” He’s become so boring and spineless. They’ve watered who character down so much.

    I’m team Lauren. Why did Michael feel the need to prosecute his own son? If he thought he committed a felony he could have either sent him to therapy or had another attorney handle Fen’s case. Michael looks like a douche and I hope Lauren sleeps with Carmine. I can buy her as a cougar (unlike Stafford).

    Hey Jillian-do you know if there is any truth to the rumor that Y&R wants to make either Kevin or Michael gay?

    Ewww to Kyle and Summer. IMO, Summer is the weakest of the teen bunch. Can’t stand her.

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    Guys, I believe in we look into the psyche of Lauren and michael we might understand fen more. For Lauren she was soooo afraid of Sheila returning that she sent her first born off to Canada to live so that Sheila wouldn’t find him… That was unsuccessful. Then Sheila/her sister and her spawn came to town and that unhinged Lauren to the point that they sent fen away. Michael is always conscious of his past especially since Kevin is always screwing up his own present because of his past.

    Yes, I’ve said it recently that Lauren is mom of the soap century because unlike with most (not all) soap families once a kid Comes out of the womb he is dramatically forgotten once paternity/custody / or usefulness as a prop is complete and they are aged. With fen, we saw and heard abt him often. I am not blaming Lauren and michael here but I would say that with summer the kid was overprotected by a fearful mom but showed a tremendous amount of love. When summer rebuffed his affections that hurt him and being his fathers son and Kevin’s nephew anger was magnified. I don’t think the kid is a threat or anything worse but I do think he has issues that should be addressed.

    As for his anger towards michael, it’s justified! Michael … No matter whether he believed it or not … Should have stepped down and supported his son wholeheartedly because that’s what a dad does. To expect fen to say I forgive you is ridiculous on michaels part.

    I still think that summer and fen need therapy! And this burgeoning crush on Kyle from summer is way too fast! This kid needs to deal with one issue first, to be happy and then get an attraction to older men like mommy!

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    I am loving the show this past week though. It was sad to see jamie go (was hoping paul got guardianship) and wished there was a bigger “cliffhanger Friday” then Nikki and victor.

    Can’t wait to see the new ranch and see who
    Might get the penthouse as their new home!!

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    Yes past week was very good. It had everything most fans look for in Y&R. Lots vets has story which is always welcomed. Phack is red hot and the way Jack is wooing Phyllis is wonderful. I’m excited with the spoilers. I can’t wait for this coming week. :)

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    [quote=pjc722]I am loving the show this past week though. It was sad to see jamie go (was hoping paul got guardianship) and wished there was a bigger “cliffhanger Friday” then Nikki and victor.[/quote]

    I don’t know, the way Jamie was talking to Paul it seemed as though he wasn’t completely sold on the idea of going to stay with Ronan in D.C.; may not be the last we’ve seen of him. Either way, the show was great this week.

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    [quote=ChrisGa][quote=pjc722]I am loving the show this past week though. It was sad to see jamie go (was hoping paul got guardianship) and wished there was a bigger “cliffhanger Friday” then Nikki and victor.[/quote]

    I don’t know, the way Jamie was talking to Paul it seemed as though he wasn’t completely sold on the idea of going to stay with Ronan in D.C.; may not be the last we’ve seen of him. Either way, the show was great this week.[/quote]

    I think you are right. Jamie even said it that Ronan was like a big brother and sort of hinted that paul was more a dad to him. It would be nice to see paul (Doug Williams is an tremendous asset to Y&R) get a third chance at a dad.

    Like jack, though, this man has never had to worry abt 3 am findings or poopy diapers. All their kids come back adults able to wipe their own asses and sleep thru the night

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    Dyllan Idon’t think AH is a shitty actress at all. With respect to Chelsea you cannot blame Victoria for being paranoid given Chelsea’s and Billy’s history and the fact that she married Adam.

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    Dyllan Idon’t think AH is a shitty actress at all. With respect to Chelsea you cannot blame Victoria for being paranoid given Chelsea’s and Billy’s history and the fact that she married Adam.

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    Its priceless and unrealistic how fast kids grow on soaps it reminds me of the kids on the tgif shows step by step family matters etc…

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    I’m actually kind of interested to see where this Lauren/Carmine story will lead. I’ve never been of fan of Michael/Lauren. I find them boring. I want bad ass sexy Lauren back! The Lauren from back in the day who was sleeping with Brad and got blackmailed by Sheila with the puzzle. Now that was good soap!

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    It was also brilliant when Sheila was around the back and forth between here and Sheila well you could cut the tension with a knife to say the least.

    She was one hell of a great villain 2 terrifying and cunning.

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    I agree about Victoria. I don’t think she’s a horrible actress, I just think she was miscast as Victoria. Victoria is extremely strong…kind of bitchy at times, but always tough…she is the ONLY person I can remember that has EVER slapped Victor Newman!! However, AH’s acting choices in the role remind me of like a spoiled teenage girl, and not a tough, ruthless business woman. She whines more than emotes. She complains more than argues…and that’s not TOUGH. I don’t dislike Amelia Heinle…but it’s time out for the writers catering to her strengths. of course that’s what good writers do, but even BETTER than that…they should just recast the role with someone who can play what the role was created to be.

    As for Lauren/Michael/Fen/Carmine/Jamie/Paul….I’m finding Lauren to be a bit obnoxious in all of this. Of course she wanted to believe her son, but there’s no way in hell she didn’t have ANY doubts about all of it. And like Paul said the other day, Fen didn’t push Jamie off the roof, but he definitely pushed him UP there. It’s disgusting to me that Michael feels he has to WIN Fen’s love back, when in reality, this all started BECAUSE of Fen. That boy needs some community service, or SOMETHING. He bullied a boy to TWO suicide attempts…and yet he gets to walk around and yell at his father for not “trusting” him? Boy sit down…if I was Michael, Fen woulda got his ass beat, been grounded, and NO he would not be staying with Uncle Kevin and his “hag”. Keep your behind right in this house, in that room…and you’re not leaving until I say you can.

    I’m glad, however, that Lauren is interesting again. She’s always been interesting, but its nice to see her get a story outside of Sheila and her insta-family.

    Unfortunately Daniel Polo tweeted something like “So long Genoa City” or something like that, which SUCKS. I just KNEW they were going to write for Paul to take Jamie in. It would’ve been perfect, and hopefully they WILL write that. I just hope it’s not too late. It was the perfect opportunity, and that little scene they shared at Crimson lights kind of teased it, with Jamie basically saying he doesn’t want to go with Ronan, and then asking Paul if he had kids, etc…Jamie was basically ASKING to stay with Paul…. :(

    Good week of shows, I must say..

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    I think it’s unfair of us to complain it’s the actors on a show that are to blame for chemistry and more of the writers and directors forcing a pairing on us or writing the characters the way they do.

    With Victoria, somewhere along the way the writers decided when Victoria was returning from Italy to her family that she was no longer going to be tough and started giving her lines that were showing her as weaker than before she left the canvas. I remember when she was “sooooo close” to taking the position at Jabot as President when Jack was offering it to her when he was running Chancellor. Jill cried foul and Katherine overrode Jack’s decision and gave it to Jill. Then Victoria was left floating with nothing to do. She really hasn’t had much to do since then. She married JT and always seemed to be an assistant to Victor and never strong enough to run it.

    It was all in the writing and not the acting. Henle is TREMENDOUS and all it takes is for the writers to decide that she can be her own woman and strong AND have her relationship with Billy. They are great together but sadly, in the whole scope of things, one of the duller couples on the show.

    With Lily, we are all blaming Lily for a lack of chemistry with Tyler when we should all see that it is the director who instructs the actor how to react to another character/actor and not so much the actor. It’s also their lines. And Tyler is giving her nothing more than UNPROFESSIONAL ADVANCES at the office and oddly RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER FATHER, her brother and her husband YET it’s only Cane noticing and commenting. Neil should be paying attention and calling Tyler out on it. If Leslie notices, Neil should as well. Devon should pick up on the phrases Tyler uses and say “listen buddy that’s my sister you are talking about and she’s married”.

    I don’t blame either actress for their acting. CK proved this week how great she is as an actress in professing her love for Cane and HENLE has proven that if given the words to say and the drama to act she delivers BIG TIME!

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    Poor Amelia Heinle she is OK in my book. Not my favorite Victoria but I just don’t think HT will ever come back. I’m hot\cold with Victoria. I especially didn’t like how the last 2 HW wrote Victoria. She came on in ’05 Jack & Kay was writing still if you look back on the beginning clips Victoria was stronger. Maybe Josh can bring that element back to Victoria. Here’s a clip of Amelia talking about her character for the 40th. I was going to post but thought it could become a free for all but here’s the clip and quite interesting talking about her husband etc. Maybe it’s time for them to bring him back into Vicky’s life….hmmmm. I just think sometimes she gets a bad rap on everything. Sometimes it’s warranted but not everytime and she’s Victoria to me now.

    http://www.cbs.com/shows/the_young_and_the_restless/40th_anniversary/video/ICDm9_s7VZ2F7cPavAS0gyMrkcKbiJ_e :)

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    Thank you, Harlee, for that! I ABSOLUTELY forgot that Brad and Victoria were married! WOW!!!

    I wish that they added more of that levity to the show the way that Amelia and Melissa Egan joked around just then. I have long wanted Victoria to get over her insecurity with Chelsea and to actually develop a friendship. It would make Billy feel a little more awkward all the time seeing them together but it would just be fun to see.

    (Just thought of it… Victoria and Chloe were very close WHY not have Victoria make amends with Chelsea and then invest in the company. Victoria would be the business side, Chelsea the designer and Chloe the stylist. Then they could compete with Jabot’s line. The show does need more fun added to it)

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    I am very surprised by both DC and SOAPnet that they are promoting GH’s 50th Anniversary as if it’s the only popular soap out there YET Y&R has been #1 for over 2 decades and is celebrating it’s 40th around the same time with very little being mentioned about it.

    Odd really.

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    As a few here have also said, I don’t think AH is a bad actress, just wildly miscast. I’ve seen her do good work before–I remember thinking she was pretty good back in her Loving days–but she consistently comes across as meek and fragile, which is the opposite of how Victoria Newman should be(as has been stated here before, Victoria’s personality is blueprinted after Victor just like Nick’s is after Nikki). Even when she confronts people–like Adam this week–the scenes hold no gravitas and she gets swallowed alive by her screen partner. As such I think the possibilities for this character are very limited with her in the role(and what ever goodwill she developed as part of Villy has pretty much disintegrated as that couple is just no longer that interesting).

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: Aside from AH’s bad acting (a regular topic for discussion), You can see the that Y&R is back on track when most are actually debating over the character’s actions and how they are treating one another in the fictional world vs the crap that Maria called soap.

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    AH is a strong actress its not her acting that is the issue its her self righteous attitude holier then thou to boot.

    She unfortunately reminds me more and more of her father the incredibly hated Victor Newman I despise the man and hes just a soap character lol

    I know Sharon also screwed up I found her actions delicious because she proved that she wasnt gonna take any of their shit or be treated like she was beneath the perfect Newmans.

    But even after that after Sharon started to improve tried to make amends went through a breakdown they refuse to forgive her or treat her like a human being.

    The entire newman clan are all self righteous arrogant and cruel to anyone they deem weak beneath them or unworthy of their time .

    It broke my heart when Sharon visited their home last year to try to apologize and make amends and they all treated her like she was beneath them.

    Including Carmine who made snide remarks about Noahs mother and good old Noah socked his ass good as he deserved for talking about his mom the way he did.

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    I’d take Heather Thom back any day BUT there isn’t anything wrong with AH. Every time people bash her I’m amazed. She’s VIctoria now and would never want her recast again. I don’t like rotating characters. It too jarring.

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    Pferrando, Exactly! :) did you check the video of her I posted on her for the 40th in my post? Jack & Kay wrote for her in the beginning I think they wrote best for the character of “Victoria” regardless who was playing the character. Some of strongest stories was in the beginning with those two…go figure ’cause they are Bill babies ;)

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    I am on team Lauren. She has watched Michael bend over backwards for every member of his family, but his son he wants to put in jail immediately, no questions asked. Thats kinda bull. Lauren expected Michael to fight for Fen, and Michael is…just not the way that Lauren wanted him to. I see both sides, which makes the story great…but I am on team Lauren.

    To add to the AH debate, I also miss the bad azz Victoria. She has been whiny, IMO, since she was in art school and that damn reliquary storyline. She hasn’t been about business…and her backbone is now mythical.

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    Amelie Henle is a very good actress. I don’t want to see her or the role of Victoria to go. I just want the writers to see the potential of writing a strong and dynamic woman who is a force in the business world and a great mom.

    To write her as afraid of Chelsea is just showing her as tremendously weak and insecure. Chelsea has never given her reason to fear her and Adam has done nothing to her to make her constantly just say one thing and do absolutely nothing the next. I wish the writers would just write her as a mix of victor and Nikki because that would be the perfect mix of strength and femininity that the role deserves. Amelie is perfect to take that on.

    Michael has been an ass ever since he became the DA. He held the previous da basically hostage (Jeffrey brother) in the very apartment that he had his son arrested in. He stood up for Kevin on more occasions than I would like to consider EVEN WHEN everyone knew kevinwas wrong and committed a crime.

    He even hid the fact that Lauren had a gun during a murder investigation that would have gotten paul off sooner. I don’t even want to consider the number of things Gloria did that he concealed like tempering with a lotion that lead to a death and jack losing jabot.

    Yet he couldn’t stand up for his son!!! But it gave Lauren and michaels marriage some tooth which I love!!!

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    IMO, a good actress can play ALMOST anything. AH doesn’t have much acting range, and most importantly, she can’t emote anything. She was good in Loving, but she went downhill afterwards. Her tenure at Y&R and AMC have been a disaster. She can’t convey any fire or passion in her scenes. Sharon Case can play an innocent character and also a crazy b*tch. That’s a good actress.

    On a side note, I’m getting a little sick of Chelsea. It feels as if the writers are forcing her down the viewers throat. Don’t try so hard.

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    via Soap Opera Network:

    All Soaps Down In Households and Women 18-49 courtesy of Tvbythenumbers.

    February 11-15, 2013

    Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

    (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

    Total Viewers

    1. Y&R 4,600,000 (-164,000/-144,000)

    2. B&B 3,520,000 (-68,000/+235,000)

    3. GH 2,642,000 (-176,000/+480,000)

    4. DAYS 2,446,000 (-126,000/-22,000)


    1. Y&R 3.4/11 (-.1/-.1)

    2. B&B 2.6/8 (same/+.2)

    3. GH 2.0/6 (-.1/+.4)

    4. DAYS 1.9/6 (same/+.1)

    Women 18-49 Viewers

    1. Y&R 882,000 (-48,000/-90,000)

    2. B&B 759,000 (-1,000/+19,000)

    3. GH 571,000 (-41,000/+44,000)

    4. DAYS 510,000 (-50,000/-16,000)

    Women 18-49 rating

    1. Y&R 1.4/9 (-.1/-.1)

    2. B&B 1.2/8 (same/same)

    3. GH 0.9/6 (-.1/+.1)

    4. DAYS 0.8/5 (-.1/same)

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    hey mon

    Wow, take care Jamie, you really were good to watch as an actor, and it was good to see someone who was not ‘beautiful’ reside in GC for a few months. Now that Summer has the hots for Kyle, and vice versa, and everything that means to the long-term canvas of GC (Summer being Jack’s daughter), I’m sure that even Fen will start to fade away.

    Weird that suddenly Nick is the brightest bulb in the patch in GC. He is already beginning to figure out the connection between Avery and Leslie, which is light years ahead of everyone else. Oh well.

    Dyllan, I hope that Kevin is made bi or gay, cause I know that it would explain a lot of his personality. And I think it is long over-due on Y&R. Every Daytime drama should have a gay or bi to represent the audience that watches their show. Cant be Michael, he hasnt been gay before, and he would seem to be too old to be ‘coming out’ right now.

  38. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Plus Y&R continues to bleed Women viewers. Dont know why, half the men on the Show are half-naked all of the time. Josh G may want to boost up the Phyllis and Sharon rivalry, that’s kept the ladies watching for the last 5-7 years, no need to end it now. May as well have Shick vs Phick again?

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    Part of the reason for the lull in ratings is that there is nothing SPECTACULAR or exciting to jump in front of the TV screen to watch every day. And before anyone jumps down my throat and states that the shows are great and all that blah blah blah, clearly, some of us are in a isolated bubble in our views of the shows while others are getting bored.

    Y&R keeps building things up and delivering nothing more than a plain cold pizza to us when we order an extra hot MEAT LOVERS pie! Look at the promos for the BLIZZARD OF THE CENTURY. What came out of that but a band aid on Dylan’s head and the knowledge that whatever road Sharon travels on is the only one in Genoa City that gets reception on their cell. Jack took over Newman and gave it up like he was giving back a toy to a child. It was nothing. He had 5 major storylines in 6 months and out of all of them came the lame idea of starting a fashion company out of Wisconsin. (Good luck getting fashion designers to move out there to create HAUTE COUTURE.

    On GH, we have been inundated with the CONNIE/KATE story for so long and the majority (now not all) the fans were tired of it months ago yet it kept going on in the most unbelievable ways. They dragged out the Johnny killed Starr’s family reveal so long that by the time she did learn it was a non-issue and had as much dramatic punch as a black screen when the TV is off. Even her not being TOTALLY mad at her dad (“I don’t want to see my daddy in prison”) made the pay-off there boring. Even this vampire storyline which did not need to be brought into the modern day GH since it happened on another soap will most likely be a story of a serial killer (great, another franco) that looks like John and ends with no more excitement than the 500 returns of Franco or Helena. Plus, all the new romances are either high-school crushes (Sabrina) or attempts to recapture lost glory days of Luke Laura frisco and Felicia.

    B&B is just one storyline about a jellyfish of a man and 2 hot chicks who would rather make fools of themselves with the help of their mothers than to stand up to him and DEMAND A CHOSE NOW and not 3 weeks from now! This ain’t the BACHELOR!! The only other stories are fillers that come on with a BANG and stick around for 2 weeks and than fizzle. Even Stephanie’s death… the matriarch of the show who passed away in December… has been forgotten as Eric takes a page out of Victor’s playbook and plays tonsil ping pong with Taylor, his ex-daughter in law and mom to 2 of his grandkids.

    On Days, this show has no idea what it wants to be and every time we hear it’s being remade we wonder why it looks exactly the same, sounds like it did the week before and just seems to be borrowing heavily from its past and is giving power to a FRESH OUT OF JAIL FOR MURDER AND KIDNAPPING ex-con as if he is a good guy.

    We keep hearing that soaps have to change so they speed up the stories, slim down the casts and narrow the sets to closet widths AND YET THEY TELL THE SAME STORIES …not as good, mind you… THAT WE HAVE BEEN WATCHING FOR DECADES AND DECADES.

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    You put that eloquently sincerely and beautifully ty for that that was refreshing to see for a change instead of the predictable this show is great no matter what perspective.

    You are indeed correct and they need to stop showing previews that attempt to wet the viewers appetite if all they are going to deliver is a soggy pizza in the end.

  41. Profile photo of pjc722

    Mind you, I love LOVE LOVE soaps! I call them “my stories” like my elderly Aunt Rose did 20 years ago. They have those moments where you are like “YES!!!!!!” when we see a story come to an amazing climax!

    But sadly, that’s not the case 90% of the time and we are served up RELISH out of a jar to save a multi national multi million dollar company!! It just doesn’t make sense.

    I WANT SOAPS AROUND and now if the writers started to tell compelling stories instead of repeating stories fans would come back. THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX and stop looking in that dusty lil corner of the room for the same old stories told back in the 50s and 60s or 80s.

    Vampire stories are great in primetime or on DARK SHADOWS if that is the basis for the show. But to have far fetched ideas that are no where near the history of the soap then fans will be disappointed.

  42. Profile photo of harlee490

    I think the ratings were down for all soaps not just one but every soap. The east coast was buried in 3 ft. of snow in some parts, electric was off, people couldn’t watch if they wanted to affecting the ratings.

    If it was just one soap was down would be one thing but the kind of drops for all soaps makes me think the storm played a hugh part.

  43. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    pjc722 — Good job summing up what’s wrong with Y&R, although I disagree about DAYS. If JoshG&JFp cant beat last year’s yuck-yuck fest about Kevin and Angelina not getting marroid (promunced like Miss Veneziano), and instead, Kevin marrying once-fine & bi+chy Chloe instead, then it may be time for Josh G to spice things up a bit.

    You are right. What a let-down Jack taking over Newman was. What would have been great would have been a ‘Godfather II’ type story-line where Jack covers up Stefanie’s death with Adam’s help, and starts to take an ultra-turn to the Darkside. He becomes worse and worse, finally deciding to kill off Victor during February Sweeps 2013.

    Even the ‘Fen’ thing has fizzled out, and all we have left is Dylan and Avery to make us happy. Oh boy to the one!

    The only hope now is to have Marcus the Congressman on EVERY day. Save us Obi-Wan Marc Pinter, you are our only hope.

  44. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    I am back, after a busier than usual week last week and trying to keep up with episodes on CBS.com…

    love how Jack told Victor about Nikki…. no grandstanding, no rivalry… just something that needed to be done in honor of Nikki and her well being…. great acting, esp when Nikki tore into Jack.

    Cain vs Lily is interesting to watch…. side glances all around… Chelsea and Tyler glancing around… Leslie/Vanessa caught in the middle.. Congressman Wheeler putting the screws to Victor.

    Love the reemergence of GLORIA into the spotlight with the team Chelsea designing storyline. This ought to be tasty.

    As well as Jill vs Adriana over Kay… what a scene that was, where Kay told the girl that Jill used to be a nail technician…aah the gold old days come back.

    And who saw this coming? : Dylan meeting Phyllis….

    oh I am just getting started….

  45. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    ok, on a side note: I have always heard that Christian La Blanc was gay in real life, and I doubt writers would hit that close to home…. Kevin, well anyone who has a latex/cat suit fetish…. just saying…

    Still love Chelsea and Chloe together in scenes… some sparkin there.

    And Carmine…. that boy can melt butter… havin the vapors again…. need my smellin salts..

    Remember the time Paul posed for the centerfold…. well, let’s update that plot and have some of these GC beefcakes posing online….

    Two things I do NOT want to see: (a) Shadam…… get over it, move on.
    (b) the “bug” becoming DA ( oh my, once a teen fashion model…..) and going after Phyllis again….. get over it, move on….

  46. Profile photo of Mets82

    Im a little late to the dance but whats the connection between Leslie and Avery? I know that Leslie is an alias name and Congressman Wheeler is in on this too. I understand that Tyler likes Lily but some of his advances would have gotten him fired. It was mentioned in this thread or another one that he would be fired and rightfully so.

    Btw, did anybody catch how high and mighty Phyllis was today? I understand Phyllis calling out Avery because she cheated on her husband just like Phyllis. My thing is that for every one thing that Avery does wrong, Phyllis does about 5 things wrong. And besides, didnt Nick,Micheal and Avery support her time and time again, only to have Phyllis lie all the time? Am I wrong or did that happen? Really,why waste your time with Phyllis anyways? Shes going to do whatever the hell she wants and if anybody presses her or dare say that shes wrong or raise there voice, she gets angry, i.e., calling Avery a slut on today’s show for no reason whatsoever.

  47. Profile photo of

    At times I cant stomach Phyllis but she had a point about oh so perfect hypocrite Avery she sure gave her what for.

    If I have to hear that I loved you from the start song again between her and Darryl Darren? Whoever the hell he is lol Oh Dylan just goes to show how much that character FASCINATES me end sarcasm lmao

    Hopefully Sharon wont fall off the wagon again being with Adam I can tell they both genuinely love one another though and this time there doesnt seem to be any games or alterior motives attached like all the other times they were together.

    Oh and the Valerie Tyler story is slowly starting to intrigue me especially if they release their father then it will definitely get interesting in that regard.

    Lilys attitude towards Chelsea was very hypocritical as was her attitude towards Kane considering you can tell she has feelings for Tyler but is trying to look all innocent and pure in that regard.

    Dump her Kane shes wore on my last and final nerve .

  48. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I may be in the minority, but I’m really looking forward to this Lauren/Carmine fiasco. Lauren has been Mrs. Goody Two Shoes for EONS and her and Michael’s marriage is so boring it makes me cringe. She always comes last to Victor, Michael’s job and Michael’s friends.

    BTW, why can’t Y&R writers shake up the characters like DAYS writers do? Eileen Davidson is so fun on DAYS, I don’t even recognize her! She’s a freaking snooze fest on Y&R.

  49. Profile photo of harlee490

    Ashley is a different character and in the hands of good writer, Ashley is a beloved heroine for Y&R. Shows you ED talent. ;) Ashley is not a snoozefest IMO but the storylines MAB gave her she only wrote Ashley weak and not Ashley’s intelligent, loyal, confident persona, being a heroine doesn’t mean weak. Ashley is beloved and has had some great stories fans loved. :love:

  50. Profile photo of noway

    [quote=harlee490]Ashley is a different character and in the hands of good writer, Ashley is a beloved heroine for Y&R. Shows you ED talent. ;) Ashley is not a snoozefest IMO but the storylines MAB gave her she only wrote Ashley weak and not Ashley’s intelligent, loyal, confident persona, being a heroine doesn’t mean weak. Ashley is beloved and has had some great stories fans loved. :love:[/quote]

    AMEN. ED is off the chain, and looks fabulous on Days, never watched her first go round, just because she was just Ashley to me. But tuned in lately she can play evil crazy good. >)

  51. Profile photo of pferrando

    I like to see the different sides of Lauren too, so I continue to like this whole story.

    I never think Ashley’s boring at all though. They haven’t had a real solid storyline for her on Y and R for a while. That’s why I want her back!

    I also am interested more and more in the Wheeler story….this could play out long term.

  52. Profile photo of tedew

    onelifetoliveforever … yes but Phyllis calling Avery a hypocrite was hypocritical in itself. In fact I’m trying to figure how Phyllis is so concerned about the past Avery had when Phyllis was supposedly estranged from the whole family during those times.

    And … I’m so fed up already with Nick back in action with his controlling ways and threats. Adam did have the best line when he intimated that Sharon was “how many wives ago?”.

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