Couples Steam Up 85th Annual Academy Awards (PHOTOS)

Whether real life spouses—like Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan (pictured above)—actors with family members or two stars simply bumping into one another, the 85th Annual Academy Awards was the place to spot celebrity pairings. See more Oscars couple photos after the jump!   

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

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    Stacy Keibler, Stacy Keibler, Stacy Keibler……..

    That’s all I can say!

    She killed me sooooo softly with that stunning dress. I don’t even care if she borrowed it from Alexis Carrington’s old “Dynasty” closet. :D

  2. Profile photo of rebalove7

    Jenna & Channing Tatum are adorable.. loved them since I saw them in Step Up. Super happy for Ben Affleck, he filmed ‘The Town’ in my boston neighbor a few years back, great guy & wicked nice to fans.

  3. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Stacy Keibler was indeed stunning, as was Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry & Cameron Diaz! Va-va-voom!

    I’m sorry but how can that be Hugh Jackman’s WIFE?

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    The academy awards is hollywood’s night for a listers to parade around and pretend to be “artists”. How racist is hollywood that there are still no Asian american a list actors and actresses?

    Yet hollywood is full of really ugly actors who are white and get leading roles on films and tv shows. shia lebouf. kevin spacey. nph. zachary quinto. michael cera. benedict cumberbatch. adam sandler. chris colfer. fassbender. jeremy renner. jonah hill. mickey rourke. ed sheeran. sean penn. andrew rannels. jim parsens. simon helberg. hollywood would rather employ british actors who are white and ugly actors who are white than employ Asian american actors. It’s bec hollywood’s openly racist towards Asian americans.

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    academy awards show highlights hollywood’s prevalent problem w/ racial minority representation. academy voters are 94% white. This is pretty much the explanation of the lack of racial diversity among nominees and low quality of roles among nominated African american actors and practically no roles for Asian american actors.

    academy awards are such a joke. Those stupid awards are not prestigious at all. They’re a joke compared to sports. These delusional actors campaign for these “awards” bec of that award’s wrongly perceived status. Compare that to sports and athletics. An nba athlete can’t campaign for an nba championship ring.

    An nba athlete must have the discipline and athleticism to win an nba championship ring. An nba athletes can’t sleep w/ someone to get drafted to nba teams. How many actors have slept their way to get roles?

    julie christie didn’t care but cotilard moved from france to chateau marmont to campaign for her “award”. cotilard won and screamed “l.a. is full of angels.” The fakery from these hollywood actors creates such second hand embarrassment! If people can campaign for hollywood’s most “prestigious” award then all lesser awards are even more of a joke. Of course all these younger actresses who are white keep winning these “awards” bec academy’s comprised of 94% white and 77% male.

    There really is no such thing as an “acting award” bec it’s all subjective. meryl streep is often referred to as the “best actress”. she thinks hepburn is the best actress. hepburn mentioned that streep’s acting is robotic and mechanical. No one’s wrong. No one’s right. They’re opinions.

    Stupid voters are “influenced” by all kinds of external forces bec “acting talent” is completely subjective. Humility. A horrid speech from other awards show. Being snubbed for a past role. Having won already. Being an older actor. being a younger actress who’s white. Campaigning relentlessly. Sending gifts to voters. Holding viewing parties of your film for voters. Actor having political stances that are against a voter’s beliefs. These have nothing to do w/ the “acting talent” of a performance but they affect the voting. These “acting awards” are completely idiotic!

  6. Profile photo of bottomchef

    This was probably the most racist academy awards show yet.

    Racist movie argo gets best picture? That movie is offensive to canadians w/ how their embassy was portrayed. Film makers from iran are producing a movie to refute argo. Of course ben affleck casts himself as the lead char even if that’s not a racially accurate portrayal. And hollywood premiered argo during latino heritage month! Such tolerance from the enlightened crowd.

    African american actor washington from grey’s anatomy gets run outta hollywood for saying a homophobic slur at the globes press room. tarantino nonchalantly uses the n word at the globes press room and gets an academy award! hollywood directors who are white can be openly racist towards racial minorities.

    Quvenzhane wallis portrayed a poor child. hollywood loves these kind of portrayals bec it’s abt status and white privilege. Octavia spencer and viola davis portrayed the help. African americans have to be portrayed as lower class compared to white people. hollywood loves movies abt race only when they’re like the help bec it’s a “white savior” movie.

    jennifer hudson and dame shirley bassey were great! they mopped the floor w/ the much hyped adele and zeta jones and the entire cast of les miz white actors. How hilarious was it when zeta jones and the entire les miz cast lip synched? That untalented les miz cast had to lip synch right after jennifer hudson sang! The les miz cast and zeta jones did not sing live bec their vocals would have been dwarfed by jennifer hudson and dame shirley bassey. Those white actors who lip synched looked pathetic!

    Was director ang the only winner of Asian ethnicity? There’s seldom any directors of Asian ethnicity and seldom Asian american actors from hollywood. Typical from the tolerance crowd of hollywood

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