Price Is Right Model Robert Scott Wilson Cast as All My Children’s Petey Cortlandt!

Opal (Jill Larson) and Palmer's (the late James Mitchell) son is coming home to Pine Valley! In a released statement, Prospect Park announced The Price Is Right model Robert Scott Wilson has landed the role of Petey Cortlandt. Fans of TPIS will recall Wilson won the game show's first ever male model search. 

Photo credit: CBS


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    Meh. I wanted Daniel Kennedy back. This boy is pretty…..but can he act? That’s the million dollar question. Gonna reserve further commentary until I know for sure. Hope this isn’t another Denise Vasi-type situation.

    Y&R also has a bunch of PYTs, some of whom still need some more acting lessons.

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    Huh!!?!?!? I thought the show was jumping 5 years in the future? Last we saw Petey in 2009 he was in his early 20s. He should now be late 20s. This guy is too young.

    This actor is based in LA. Why not hire a NYC actor? There are plenty of hot and talented NYC actors. My fear is they are going to hire a bunch of models and not real actors. We all know how that will turn out.

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    colby chandler

    They finally bring back Petey and it’s not the amazing, talented, adorable Daniel Kennedy…

    Why not Daniel Kennedy??! I feel like most people who were fans of Colby/Petey (or just Petey in general) loved him because he was adorably nerdy and sweet. This guy…not seeing how that would work, he’s too buff and typically “hot”.

    I’m personally really disappointed in this casting :(

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    Was Daniel Kennedy that guy that looked like a hot young Clark Kent? Oh, I thought he was so cute! Why couldn’t they get him, was there some conflict?

    I agree that there is still a lot of talent in the NYC metro area and it would be great if they hired more local talent.

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    [quote=MsAgentProvocateur1]I agree that there is still a lot of talent in the NYC metro area and it would be great if they hired more local talent.[/quote]

    It’s no fun unless TPTB get these actors to uproot their whole lives, move across the country, and the fire them after a few months!

    Seriously though, I have a few actor friends that could use a good soapy role right now. :-(

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    I wish they could have rehired Daniel Kennedy. If they really want to hunkify him, the could have gotten him a personal trainer and then he’d be an even more irresistible Clark Kent type.

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    I liked Daniel Kennedy, but he did not fit the vision of Petey in my mind. No son of Palmer & Opal is supposed to be some lovesick geek. He needs to be an equal to JR so the Chandler-Cortlandt feud can be reborn. Preferably with Colby in the middle.

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    The model turned “actor” is more like the price is wrong. He has a good body and he is not ugly by any means. But beauty is abt symmetry and his face is not symmetrical. And he is yet another actor who is white that gets cast. Is “tolerant” hollywood ever going to give more acting opportunities to racial minority actors and actresses?

    There’s no business more shallow than hollywood. You’d think they’d cast more Asian american and African american actors considering how
    hollywood prioritizes looking young. All these strange plastic surgery procedures on white actors are prevalent and they look really unnatural. And yet Asian americans and especially African americans tend to age better. nbc sitcom “go on” cast john cho who is supposed to be the same age w/ mathew perry’s char. And yet perry’s all wrinkled and looks even older next to cho.

    hollywood doesn’t cast more racial minorities bec soaps and most tv shows and films are abt romantic relationships. And those romantic relationships must be told from the perspective of white chars. It’s bec whiteness must be preserved by hollywood as the “ideal” and the “standard” for all races. It’s whiteness above all else for racist hollywood.

    Shonda rimes is best known for her racially diverse primetime soaps grey’s anatomy and scandal. She mentioned that she doesn’t take pride that her shows are racially diverse. Shonda thinks it’s “creepy” that racial diversity is still an issue for hollywood and that there are not more people of color from hollywood tv shows. She complained abt the “assumption” of whiteness on tv. Shonda called it “ridiculous” that networks don’t demand for more racial diversity. It’s great that shonda mentioned that she gets asked abt the lack of racial diversity on tv and yet showrunners and writers w/ majority white chars on their tv shows don’t get asked!

    You’d think the success of shonda’s racially diverse shows would encourage hollywood to cast more racial minority actors. But nope. The most recent amc castings are majority white actors and a racial minority model turned actress. She is light skinned of course bec hollywood’s standards of beauty must conform to whiteness. Typical of the tolerance crowd of hollywood.

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    Are we forgetting the 80s? That decade was all about hiring gorgeous men and women and putting them in front of our screen. Some of them actually turned into being decent actors. Jeez how about we give them a chance? They may be models but that doesn’t mean they cant be actors to.

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