Will General Hospital's Genie Francis Make 'Angel' Hair Pasta on The Chew?

General Hospital's favorite daughter, Genie Francis (Laura) will be appearing on ABC Daytime's The Chew this Friday, March 1. Look for Francis to help cook up a breakfast-for-dinner dish, as well as teasing deets from her sudser's upcoming 50th birthday.  


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Does this mean we have to start watching The Chew now? Gag. I'll wait until you guys post the clip, or it's featured on The Soup, whichever comes first!

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4 February 2009
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I'll wait too...

My Tivo always records the logo and applause for the end of The Chew and everyday I give the screen an Emma Drake side-eye before I start watching GH.

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Thanks for this! Very happy about ABC's cross-promotion!

Not a fan of 'The Chew', but very happy to hear and see her there Smile

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Between that man's annoying cackling and all the bad joke telling, I don't think I'm gonna be able to watch this mess! I tried once, folks, but.....

Fool me once, shame on you..........

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So Genie is the poster child for GH's 50th anniversary? We get to see her everywhere on ABC daytime, except on GH!