Clothing Company Czar Daniel Covin "Hyped" on Landing All My Children Role

The casting palooza continues at All My Children. Clothing company founder Daniel Covin revealed on Twitter he has been cast as Hunter in the upcoming reboot of the Agnes Nixon sudser. Covin tweeted:

Hunter will be Covin's first role for TV and film. He is co-owner of the clothing company Fully Faded.

Photo credit: Daniel Covin's Instagram



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So happy with all the AMC castings so far.

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Okay, another person with limited acting experience??

Gonna try to be open-minded, but can't these folks find actual WORKING ACTORS with experience who have PROVEN acting talent?

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Love the castings! Covin looks sort of 'douchey', let's hope that carries over to the character of Hunter. If he can pull off a few sneers and have messy bed hair, he should be fine. I need teen angst!!

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Karen Lynn Gorney (Tara) and Susan Lucci (Erica) had precious few acting credits before being cast in the original All My Children. However, the people playing their parents were seasoned thespians. It's the same this time around. They are not paying TV or film rates. The fact that they are getting attractive people to actually trek off to Connecticut every other month is something.

Who knows, there might be a firebrand among the new cast?

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ITA w\Jamey, soaps have always "discovered" new talents and being new to acting isn't nu for soaps. Look at the talent discover via soapland we could all name people. My example is Julianne Moore, she was SOOOO green in the beginning but by working with vets, good direction and P&G's acting coaches by the the end of her 3rd year, well we knew "Frannie" was a goner and rest is history. There's probably a hidden gem as always. Wink

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This is looking really good. I like the direction. Targeting a younger group of people is the smart way to go. Young attractive kids in NYC Pine Valley. I would of liked to have Rebecca Budig return as the boss lady like Heather Locklear was on Melrose Place. Susan Lucci was not the best actress when she joined AMXC so you haters need to chill out. LOL I find it amusing how glib some of the posters complaining are.