General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Caleb carries Sam through the tunnels at Windermere.  He informs her that he’ll be biting her another two times, and the third will return her memories of Livvie Locke. Sam begs him not to hurt her.

John remembers there are tunnels under Windermere, so he and Lucy decide to go after Caleb.  Rafe wants to join them, but John puts him in charge of watching Danny.  Before Lucy and John head off to the tunnels, Lucy gives Rafe a St. Michael medal to keep him safe.  When the two reach a fork in the tunnels, they split up.     
Liz jokingly stabs Steve with a pen, claiming Olivia’s vision has now come true. She feels he can now stop worrying he’ll die a violent death.  Liz wants him to focus on his upcoming wedding, and Steve asks her to be his best man.  Liz happily accepts. 
Heather and Olivia argue over who’s to blame for Heather’s failing relationship with Steve.   The two fight over the knife, and Heather manages to cut Olivia’s arm.  Steve arrives, and comes between the women. Suddenly, Heather stabs him in the stomach.  When the paramedics arrive, Heather runs off. 
TJ visits Molly at the PCPD.  He’s angry she would risk everything and break the law to help a kid she doesn’t know.  Molly says John and Lucy are going to find Sam and Danny, and begs TJ to understand that she would do anything for her family.  TJ apologizes, and she thanks him for the Valentine’s Day gift.  TJ tells Molly he cares about her, and doesn’t want to lose her. 
Kate goes to the scene of the car accident to try and remember what happened that night.  Sonny doesn’t think it will help, but is willing to stay with her like he promised.  Kate claims he broke his promise when he slept with Connie, an evil woman.   Kate feels Sonny abandoned her when she was sick. 
Sonny accuses Kate of leaving him, and vows he did everything to get Kate back. He points out he was grieving Jason, as well.  Kate offers her condolences for Jason, and reminds him that she didn’t choose to leave him. Sonny questions Kate's control over Connie. He thought Kate would come out when Trey died, but she let Connie deal with it.  Kate reiterates Connie was in control, and she has no power over when she comes out.  Sonny wants them to start over, but Kate needs to deal with Trey’s death and mourn alone first. 
AJ tells Liz about his visit with his new shrink.  He thanks her for pushing him to talk to someone, and admits he wants to discuss this with her.  He mentions his past, but Liz assures him he’s made mistakes, but also been a victim.  AJ is glad to have someone to talk to he can trust. 
Liz is shocked when paramedics wheel Steve in to General Hospital.  Olivia tells her Heather stabbed him. 
Rafe talks to Danny, and apologizes for allowing Heather to take him.   He hears a noise, and turns to find Heather staring him down.  
Sam wakes up again and finds herself in a wedding gown, tied up.  Caleb shows her a photo of his and Livvie’s wedding day. He tells her it’s time for her to say goodbye to this life.  Sam begs him not to kill her.  Caleb promises she’ll remember everything, and goes to bite her neck.  John arrives in the nick of time, and yells at him to take his hands off Sam.    

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    Loved baby Danny giggling to someone offscreen while first Michael Easton had him and then when Rafe was holding him. Also love that he’s constantly eating Cheerios during his scenes. Little scene stealer!!

    Sam looked stunning in that wedding dress.

    Loved the Liz/Steve and then Liz/AJ scenes.

    The entire HEather/Olivia scenes seemed weird to me. I kept thinking it would turn into another vision and that Heather wasn’t really there. Not sure if it was the way it was shot or RM’s slight over the topness. I also thought it was weird that HEather would yank the knife out of Steve’s gut.

    Am I the only one annoyed that Shawn’s hanging out with Molly and basically ‘parenting’ her. I just felt like it wasn’t his place.

    Shut up Sonny.

    Kate, grieve your five minute son and then move on, already. I liked Trey, but dude should not be getting this much attention for his death.

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    I did wonder where the heck Alexis was.

    Anyone else think this is the perfect time for Rick to come home? Molly needs her dad! Not this wannabe Shawn. He hasn’t been seeing Alexis long enough to be put into this position, especially since he and Molly haven’t been shown bonding at all, outside of hanging out with TJ.

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    I miss Ric and his sexiness!

    Liz/Steven and Liz/AJ scenes were fantastic.

    What’s up with adults killing kids? Connie/Trey, Luke/Jake, Johnny/Cole/Hope, and now Heather/Steven Lars.

    I am so tired of the D.I.D story line. It is time to send Kate/Connie off to Ferncliff as Heather’s roommate.

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    We lost the darkness of Guza’s mob, but today’s episode had me “longing” for that kind of darkness vs. a show bogged down in the sad darkness of mental illness that this team seems to love….Heather murdering her own son, Kate battling DID and coming to terms with her son’s death, a psycho/vampire biting Sam’s neck and sucking her blood, a 15 year old boy longing for his murdered mother by the psycho/vampire. This was a pretty twisted episode.

    I love Robin Mattson, but as I said last Fall when Heather escaped for the 3rd time and survived death from falling off a building it was a cartoon then and is now campier than Wylie Coyote and the Roadrunner. I expect Heather to have an Acme weight fall on her head next. Beep Beep!!

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    When was John ever at WINDEMERE to know about the tunnels?!

    And WHY ON EARTH did the paramedics get to Olivia’s house to save/treat Steve yet the cops didn’t? Didn’t Olivia say there was a STAB WOUND when she called 911? As a former paramedic, that would mean the cops would also be summoned because it could be a situation where the victim is still being taunted by the assailant.

    And of course, Heather got away so we all know she will be lurking behind a clip board and getting into Steve’s hospital room.

    I know this is a soap and we are supposed to expand our believes in reality but, come on, folks, GH is taking it WAY WAY TOO far here.

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    i’ve been saying ric needs to come back, he would not like his daughter idolizing sam or ending up in jail. i want him to tell his daughter why he and her mother really broke up.

    Loved Liz/AJ and Rebecca Herbst was really crying there w/Scott Reeves. Those were sweet scenes.

    I am so over the DID s/l, and the notvamp! can we get some family and romance.

    And another s/l where Liz loses someone and they’ll probably make her feel guilty, for not believing in olivia’s vision.

    would the EMTs take a patient straight to a floor? instead of the ER?

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    [quote=diremommy]I did wonder where the heck Alexis was.

    Anyone else think this is the perfect time for Rick to come home? Molly needs her dad! Not this wannabe Shawn. He hasn’t been seeing Alexis long enough to be put into this position, especially since he and Molly haven’t been shown bonding at all, outside of hanging out with TJ.[/quote]

    Always. Ric is one of my babies (Scotty and AJ are the other two). Two down and one more to go. I loved LiRic, and I really enjoyed Liz’s character in those days. I agree. Molly does need her daddy. And you know what? Sonny needs his half brother. Having Rick Hearst back on the canvas would give MB something new to sink his teeth into.

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    I liked today’s episode. I have been on the fence about the whole vampire thing, but today I really loved it! Sam was stunning in that wedding gown … and Caleb seemed to have found time to do her hair as well! Gorgeous!

    I smile anytime little Danny-boy (as Rafe calls him – so cute!) is on screen.

    The Steve-Liz scene was great … but I was sad watching it because we know he’s a goner. It’s too bad this character is being off-ed because GH has never been able to find an actor to portray him successfully, or found writers to successfully write for him. Steven Lars Webber is a legacy character, born on the show, was a major factor in the 1970’s and making GH the #1 show in that decade. Maybe I am just super sentimental because I started watching GH during Heather’s attempts to get PJ-Steven Lars back from Peter and Diana Taylor. I will miss him.

    All of Liz’s scenes were great today — with AJ too. It goes to show that RH is a treasure on this show and brings out the best in anyone she is paired with.

    Always happy to see AJ. Always super sad to see Kate and Sonny. I will say however, that Sonny had me feeling him when he was telling Kate about his losses and how he was surprised he was still standing.

    Haven’t seen Luke and Laura, Frisco, Felicia, Mac, Maxie, Lulu, Dante, the Q’s, Duke in almost a week now. Suppose they might surface tomorrow?

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    [quote=pjc722]When was John ever at WINDEMERE to know about the tunnels?![/quote]

    I remember John being there with Jason during that poisoned water storyline. I actually believed Jason told him while they were there.

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    Since Shawn and Molly formed a bond shortly after he first arrived in town and both were struggling with PTSD and their relationship predates TJ and even Alexis and Shawn’s, the scene to me made total sense. Also anything that gives Shawn more airtime makes me a happy girl. The revolving door in and out of the holding room with Molly annoyed me but they always do that.

    AJ and Liz are doing nothing for me, I’d rather see Liz in a meatier storyline than a romance with AJ. Give RH something to sink her teeth into, she’s been stuck on the sidelines way too long now.

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    Would love for Ric to return! He’s a great actor and has history with a lot of characters on the show, Sonny Alexis, Molly, Liz). I’d like to see GH get back more to relationships and family. There are just too many psychos running around right now. The show is turning into a cartoon the past few weeks. What is happening to the writing lately? I’m getting worried.

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    Perkie, the castle name is WYNDEMERE, not Windermere.

    And liason4real, perhaps Cole and Hope didn’t die after all. We don’t know who the mystery man was watching Starr put flowers at the accident site the other day. Maybe he was able to get Hope out of the car before it went over the hill and exploded. He’s still an escaped convict so perhaps he has been in hiding the last year.

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    I’m slowly getting to the point of not caring about this show anymore. Too many storylines/characters I don’t give a rats ass about!

    CarTini did this with OLTL too. I quit watching that show a while after they started working there. They always start out with a bang, and we think they are “gods gift” to the soaps, but then they go too far with their ridiculous stories and I just can’t watch any more. They really haven’t written anything original on this show since they started…it’s been a re-hash of OLTL and Port Charles, and NOT in a good way. I’ve had quite enough of DID and vampires!

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    SZima- I agree with your points about GH. I was also a OLTL viewer and I started watching the Soapnet episodes of the show lately and it is scarey to see a pattern of Ron C’s writing coming thru to GH. When OLTL was good it was great, but it also had some really bad stories. They destroyed the character of Marty by turning her, (again a typical Ron C. story), into a psycho killer. I felt so bad for Susan Haskell, who was a great actress, to have to play a role like this to end her character. Also, the worst was the Mitch Lawrence character, (yet another pyscho killer), trying to rape his own daughter to get a child. It was disgusting!
    I am so hoping GH stops with these stupid story lines. Love Robin M as Heather, but she needs to go away for awhile. She’s become a cartoon character, to think she can kill and escape all these times. Stop already!
    GH should take some notes from Y &R, which has improved so much the last few months. We need to see more realistic story line, about family, relationships, and PLEASE, some romance.

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    Heather looked great, and loved all her interaction with Olivia. Especially the “payback’s a Bitch” comment. However, I’m with Perkie on that it did seem a little weird somehow. I, too, was waiting for it to be revealed as another of Olivia’s visions. And I CERTAINLY did not expect for the Steve stabbing to happen today! It was good that Heather of all people kills her own son, but it all just seemed so sudden and cartoonish for some reason. Te look on Steve’s face when he fell to the floor was LOL!

    But anyway, I’m glad Heather got away :D Tee hee, Robin Mattson is just too good fo an actress to have her character die or be put behind bars! However, I DO hope she doesn’t manage to take Danny yet again.

    Loved the Steve/Liz scenes in the beginning, and him asking her to be her bestman. Just very nice.

    Loved the Quiz scenes too. AJ clearly got a haircut and looks better now than when lying in the Q living room floor. And they have this natural, playful chemistry that I like.

    Danny was soooo cute again today! He must be the most well-adjusting baby I’ve ever seen! Just wow :)

    LOL @ Caleb/Clay getting Sam ready in a heartbeat with full make-up and wardrobe. Damn, he’s good for a mental patient! Sam did look amazing tho.

    The notion that Lucy & McBain should SEPARATE was the dumbest thing I ever heard of! That’s the most likely they’ll lose! Hasn’t McBain ever heard of the term “outnumbered”? I’m still kind of miffed they made HIM into the hero that saves the day instead of Sam & Lucy. Well I guess they want to celebrate the character now, before he goes to OLTL.

    Kate & Sonny – lol.

    Hey, at least this episode was a LOT better than yesterdays. There was no Sabrina or Starr.

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    Is Sam’s dress and choker a redo of the ones they had her wear on PC? It looks so familiar to me. I don’t have internet at home anymore, so I can’t just look up my utube channel bookmarks anymore to be able to find it quickly. Hahahhaa…

    I don’t see the chemistry between Liz and AJ. I want a good story for her, but I just don’t want it to be another brother of one of her past loves.

    Sonny’s ME ME ME complex was out in full force again. Blaming Kate for leaving him… he sounded like such a broken record and we’ve heard it all before, and if someone more interesting was to come back around, he’d be off to the next redo of one of his past relationships.

    I’m tired of Lucy playing the part of the screeching Vampire Slayer.

    Baby Danny was adorable as usual. He’s so aware of things and good with people. They usually do a really good job picking the babies and toddlers on this show.

  17. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Enough about Baby Danny already LOL — i’m WORRIED about this show! Tony Geary and so many front runners are all backburnered for a bunch of crap and new characters i couldn’t care less about. How we went from an on-fiyah show in Nov-Dec-Jan to THIS is really head-scratching. Now Julie Berman is out, and i fear what’s next. I’m gonna give this show a couple more weeks before i stop tuning in daily, it’s becoming a FF marathon of cartoonishness.

    I wondered when the surrogacy story took a sharp left that maybe it was more to do with JMB possibly leaving. Someone earlier wondered WTH all the good characters are. RHerbst is holding down the fort these days it seems!

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    Y&R is consistently better than GH day-in and day-out. Less humor than GH, but much richer storytelling and a better use of established characters.

    I think what’s finally caused me to stop watching GH daily was the insistence on cramming useless, unattractive Starr down viewers’ throats and the beat-for-beat repeat of the Jess/Tess storyline, both of which were among the worst parts of OLTL in its last couple of years. I also hate that Anna is made to look like a fool 90% of the time–and then there’s Sabrina, who is the worst new character addition on any soap in recent memory.

    It’s really a shame. GH should be in much better condition approaching its anniversary.

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    I admit to FFWDing quite a bit of the show, so I found McBain and Lucy splitting up beyond dumb and unnecessary. But I am happy with the Caleb/Steven Clay/vampire and that it appears to be wrapping up rather quickly.

    Molly/TJ/Shawn scenes were whack. It appeared as though Haley Poulos wanted to laugh delivering her lines.

    Sonny & Kate are the definition of “FFWD material.”

    Robin Mattson looked gorgeous but I’m a bit fatigued from Heather. The Heather/Olivia scenes were laughable despite liking both RM and Lisa LoCicero.

    I really loved the banter between Liz & Steve. Very sweet scenes. It’s a shame Liz will lose another family member and GH another legacy character. I am not a fan of Scott Reeves but a fan of Steve Webber being onscreen, especially so close to the 50th anniversary.

    I’m not into Liz & AJ like I want to be. A big problem cor me is that the relationship is very one-sided so far with Liz listening/supporting AJ and him not offering her the same. One reason I became so invested in Liason from 2006 to 2007, was because of how much the relationship focused on Liz’s POV (by 2008, it was too focused on Jason for me.)

    I’d much rather Ric Lansing returned to try to win Liz back. I’d trade Ric for AJ in a heartbeat, given the similarities the characters have in backstory and motivations. Besides, Sean Kanan doesn’t have enough charisma to overcome limited acting ability and bloated appearance. I expect my soap actors to look hunky when soap actresses look incredibly fit regardless of age or childbirth.

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    I’m with IOWAHAWKEYE and bishbay on the current state of GH. GH was wonderful Nov-Dec and took a sharp nosedive in Jan-Feb. Even the returns of Laura Spencer and Frisco Jones felt lacking in importance. I hope GH can get back on track. Cartooni have never been big on presenting strong familial stories or romances but at least they would deliver fun and big moments. Not sure what happened past two months.

  21. Profile photo of liason4real

    Ric tried to kill Liz twice. I have no desire to see her take him back a third time. It reminds me of Jason threatening to kill Sam and she climbed through broken glass to take him back. I want better for Liz. Liz needs a sweeping romance and not another man either crying copiously aka Lucky or running off to wipe snot from the noses of Sonny & Carly.

    OLTL repeatedly re-cast the legacy role of Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan until they found the right actor in Dan Gauthier. I think RC/FV should have given the same type of thought into finding another actor to play the role of Steven Lars Webber if SR was not up to snuff.

  22. Profile photo of DanielAvery

    I’d love to see Monica step in and do for Steve what she did for AJ: fake his death and ship him off to the Swiss Clinic for the Not-Quite Dead. She sent AJ away because someone was trying to kill him; Steve has his insane mama after him and Olivia. While everyone is told Steve didn’t make it, he’d be off recovering (and being recast). Olivia could be “in on it” and claim after a week or so that she needs to go away to mourn her loss and to avoid the wrath of Heather, but in actuality she’d go off to be with Steve, then return when the show is ready to bring him back, or when Heather’s reign of terror is over.

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    I never thought I’d say this, but GH has way too many characters on stage right now and it feels very bloated. The stories could be exciting in and of themselves, but nothing seems to be tying up. I find myself watching a scene and wondering what happened to other scenes that weren’t finished up the week before.
    *Is Maxie and Frisco still in Britch’s exam room?
    *How can Connie be out on bail for over a month (or two)after killing and kidnapping, but yet Todd is still in jail for atttempted kidnapping?
    *Where has Carly been?
    *How does every single person escape either from jail or from Ferncliff?
    *Is Robert still alive?
    *Does Sonny still “import coffee”? Haven’t seen him work since Bernie died.
    *Speaking of Sonny, how gross was it for him and Connie to start making out on the V’day dance floor and then go upstairs and have sex in one of the staterooms? They don’t own the boat, nor do they even know when the sheets have even been cleaned, if ever!! Even worse was Micheal seeing them, after all the crap he’s seen Sonny do to Connie.
    *What happened to the memorial Sam was going to have for Jason? Even Trey had a bigger send-off!!
    *Why do they need to bring in more vets and now their real-life kids? (Rick Springfield) I feel like the cast is so bloated at this point with both vets and newbies, that no stories actually come to fruition.
    *What ever happened to Kevin? Is he still in town?
    *Liz seems to have a sibling connection to AJ, not a romantic one. Don’t push when there is nothing there. Same with Michael and Starfish.
    *Where is my Piff? She needs to be on screen more than Sabrina.
    *Yeah, we get it, Emma loves Sabrina. Maybe Patrick could adopt her and he’d have a built-in babysitter. Nothing more, thank you.
    *Where is Spinelli living these days? Obviously not with Sam.
    *Why can’t anyone find a coat for Rafe? How come that actor is so damn good with little ones? He’s a natural daddy-to-be some day!
    *Does Maxie really think she can pass off a baby that is really hers? Stupid.

    If anyone can just answer one or two of these questions, I’d be a happy girl!

  24. Profile photo of tmac

    I found it funny Steve was going on about his sister, Liz being part of his wedding. No mention of his other sister, Sarah. I guess she’s as important to the family as the unnamed mother of Sarah and Liz.

  25. Profile photo of Cornfed

    CarTooni had a tendency for big finishes and then had problems topping themselves on OLTL…i think of the Todd/Tea arc when the magical TSJ and FL were a couple. They kept having OTT moments to keep them apart, it wasn’t really ORGANIC drama, tho there was some great funn stuff when Blair in a bikini and Tea’s baby daddy (hot Michael Lowry) were off on that boat (on location!) so Blair couldn’t stop T & T’s wedding, that was a hoot. (Then they re-cast Ross with a 2 feet shorter Billy Warlock but that’s another story! lol) The perfect example of the OTT factor is how often Natalie and Jessica went thru men on OLTL, it was sorta insane lol.

    ITA that Steve Webber should NOT be killed, and normally Ron C is smart enuf to keep legacy characters around. I feel like they have no plan for Duke and so many others. I agree with Soapbaby that the AJ/Liz is a sorta one-off; he appears mid episode and it’s all about him. To be honest, i FF’d thru so much of yesterday’s episode, i’m not even clear what the lead stories are. ONE THING i know for certain is that MOLLY should not front burner in a sweeps month, WTF!

  26. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I have to say that while the story isnt perfect (and what story on a soap is) I am really loving the caleb/sam/mcbain/lucy/danny/rafe stuff. I know caleb is a sick psychopath, but the chemistry between ME and KeMo is off the charts even in the caleb persona and seeing mcbain so dedicated to saving sam and danny feels like the start of a supercouple in the making. And then there is the return of lynn herring. Lucy is one of those characters – like heather – that just brings a great dynamic to a story. Shes wacky but rootable, smart but unpredictable, flighty but caring – you just never know what you are going to get.

    I thought the steve stuff was all sorts of sad. I dont know why they always write these characters so well right before they kill them off. Trey and steve were always just sort of there but its sad to watch them leave.

    I didnt mind shawn and molly. Alexis was meeting with the da. I have to imagine it would be scary for a teen to sit in a police station alone so she had shawn stay with molly while she was trying to negotiate her release.

    I may not love much of the DID story, but I have to say that KeSul and MB are doing great work with the material they have been given.

    i miss ric, but why would he tell his teenaged daughter about his bad behavior with his daughter in law. That would only hurt molly. If he comes back I would rather see him with his act together – a changed man – devoted to being the dad molly needs.

    Liz and aj are as dull as dirt. SK doesnt play AJ with the same dynamic that BW did – I prefer SK’s approach but its more solid and smart than emotional. His AJ needs someone like carly. I like her with todd and with Jax but i thought her chem with AJ was off the charts.

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