Rick Springfield Checks Back Into General Hospital With Real-Life Son!

Actor/singer Rick Springfield is heading back to Port Charles, and this time he’s bringing company! People is reporting Springfield will once again don Dr. Noah Drake's lab coat, just in time for General Hospital's 50th anniversary. The pop culture icon is also bringing real-life son Liam Springthorpe along for the ride.

According to the magazine, Springthorpe will play an undercover police officer on GH. No word on the father and son team's first airdate. Fans dying to get a copy of People magazine's special edition celebrating GH can do on March 1. The issue will also be available in hardcover on March 12!

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    Sigh… :~ Another “newbie”? Good Lord have mercy! I know it’s the 50th Anniversary, but the cast is over stuffed to the gills, along with multiple story threads going on. Is the young man being brought on to fill the space that ME’s McBain will leave when he goes off canvas back to Llanview, per PP dictates?… 0:)

  2. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Yay for Noah Drake! But…what’s with the son? Are they just casting people’s relatives now? Lol. Well, it does sound like it’s a short-term role (it had better be) so okay. Wonder why there is a need for an undercover cop??

  3. Profile photo of js3557

    I just looked up his son. He’s good looking and has acting experience on stage…which is a lot harder than acting on tv. I don’t mind it if it’s done the right way.

  4. Profile photo of iowaninmn

    Did they put Noah and Bobbie together when Noah first came back a few years back? I know he was with Anna.

    I hope Noah and Bobbie get a chance to re-connect during the 50th anniversary.

  5. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    I am THRILLED that Rick is returning to GH! I wish Liam the best of luck too. I hope to see Noah have scenes with Patrick, Anna, Bobbie, and I hope most that Emma has scenes/charms Noah because I think she’s an adorable young actress!

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