Bill Spencer Learns He’s Going to be a Grandpappy on The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) chased after Hope (Kim Matula) to comfort her. Shortly after Brooke left, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) hightailed it to Bill’s (Don Diamont) office to spill about Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) baby. Of course, Dollar Bill was excited by the news of a new Spencer heir. Taylor wondered if Steffy and Liam were ready to be parents.

Hope told Brooke she was the one who was supposed to be the mother of Liam’s children. Hope said she didn't want to compete with a baby. Brooke said she didn’t understand how Liam could let this happen. I was sort of surprised by Brooke’s statement. After the mistakes she’s made over the years, you’d think she wouldn’t be all that shocked at someone else making one.

Liam was still coming to grips with Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) news. When he went to feel her stomach, she let him. Steffy told him that if wanted to be with Hope, he should go be with her.

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    I loved $Bill’s (and Don) first reaction to Taylor…it was so perfectly light-hearted humor of Brad :love: Could this baby draw Taylor|Bill closer not at first sexually but maybe down the road ;) Brooke won’t know what hit her because Eric, now Bill…it would be so Brad to have Stephanie haunt Brooke’s ass to get back in the game…and giving us abit Stephanie again! ;)

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    Yeah right…give HTylo another character where she has zero chemistry with.

    The only man Taylor had chemistry with, was Whip. All the other relationships were boring as hell. The worst of them was Thorne, but Eric is going to take the number one spot…

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    EVERYONE, if this storyline with Taylor jonesing for Eric and Brooke hooking up with or JOINING forces with Bill to get FORRESTER means less airtime for 2 wimpy women who love a spineless weakling of a man, than I am all for it!!!

    More please

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    I agree pjc…..I will take ANYTHING over watching Steffy/hope/Liam again. ANYTHING

    I’d watch Eric seduce baby Rosie if it meant no Hope/Liam/Steffy. I would watch Taylor and Brooke begin a lesbian fling…if it meant no Steffy/Liam/Steffy. I would watch Yvonne Zima join B&B as Sally Spectra if it meant no Hope/Liam/Steffy. I would watch B&B written by Dena Higley, Chris Goutman, Maria Bell, and produced by Ellen Wheeler before I watched Brad Bell’s Hope/Liam/Steffy.

    So yeah, this story isn’t that bad to me…at ALL at this point.

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    SO true, Stoney07! Sadly, we will have to watch these new stories with them in the throes of passion, all naked and getting it on with one another, ONLY to see them chatting about when Liam will choose Hope or Steffy and who is better for him.

    This of course is all while they are having sex.


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    [quote]The only man Taylor had chemistry with, was Whip. [/quote]
    Hell to the NO! Those two were bores. I thought Taylor was hot with Ridge.

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