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Caleb isn’t happy to see John, and declares everything is happening as he planned. He vows to be reunited with Livvie, and force John to watch. John believes Caleb is actually Steven Clay, and not a vampire.  Caleb calls John delusional.  He tells Sam they will have their true life with their boys.  John and Caleb fight, but Caleb knocks John out cold. He ties him up, while promising Sam they will be together forever as soon as he kills John and bites her for the third time.  

Liz yells at the doctor in charge to operate on Steve right away.  The doctor heads off to perform surgery on Steve, and Olivia explains what happened in her apartment.  Liz wants to join the surgical team, but is refused.  AJ tells her to let the doctors do their job.  
Duke watches Tracy from the window, and sees her hide the necklace in a book.  He lets himself into the Quartermaine home, where Tracy promptly catches him. She demands to know why he’s broken into her house.  Duke claims he wants to discuss Anna and Luke’s relationship, since Tracy would have some insight.  Tracy tells him they’ve broken up, because Anna is in love with Duke.  Duke thanks and hugs her, and takes the necklace out of the book.  He asks to use her restroom, and puts the necklace back in the book when he returns. Once outside, Duke reveals a jar of Pickle Lila in his coat. 
Anna receives the call about Heather stabbing Steve, and sends officers out to find her.  Alexis arrives, anxious about getting Molly released.  She says she’s terrified for Sam, who’s now been missing for more than 24 hours.  Anna wants to help Alexis more, but has her hands full.
Anna swears Caleb wouldn’t hurt Sam if he thinks she is Livvie. Alexis couldn’t handle it if she lost her daughter.  Alexis quickly realizes what she’s said, and apologizes to Anna.  Alexis explains she didn’t raise Sam, and her father forced her to give Sam up.  Anna asks about Sam’s father, but Alexis gets a call about Molly and heads off.  
Lucy falls down and hits her head.  When she comes to, Alison’s ghost pays her a visit.  Lucy apologizes for failing her, but Alison promises she’s at peace with her husband. Lucy’s afraid she won’t be able to defeat Caleb and needs help.  Alison advises Lucy not to doubt herself.  Lucy prays for the way to Caleb. 

Heather shows up at Wyndermere, and tries to take the baby again. However, Rafe has no intention of giving her Danny this time.  Heather claims Danny is her son, and she needs him for a do over.  Rafe knows the baby is Sam’s, but Heather declares Sam an unfit mother. She quickly remembers that’s what people said about her.  Heather confesses she failed her son.  Rafe believes he failed his mother, and thought she was crazy. He feels she died because he couldn’t save her.  Heather apologizes, and hugs Rafe.  She decides she's not going to take Danny, because she’s not his mother.  Heather worries about Steve, and decides to pray. 
Liz heads to the chapel to light a candle.  AJ asks if there is anything he can do, and she asks him to sit with her.  AJ promises Steve won’t die. He thinks they should pray for Steve.

Sam prays for Caleb not to kill her and John. John wakes up and Caleb is ready to kill him, when Lucy arrives.
Olivia prays for Steve to be okay.  She tells Liz it was all her fault, but Liz blames Heather. AJ points out Olivia may have saved Steve by getting him to the hospital so quickly.  The doctor arrives with news. 
Anna talks to a photo of Robin, and has a hard time believing it’s been a year since her death.  She’s sorry she couldn’t save Robin, and prays to God to watch over her. Heather shows up at the station to turn herself in. 

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    Geez Lucy, do you think you might get more accomplished if you didn’t announce yourself all the time. She could have smacked Caleb in the head unannounced if she’d shut up.

    Colour me shocked that Heather turned herself in. I thought for sure she was headed to the hospital to do something.

    Good Alexis/Anna scenes and the scene with Anna by herself.

    So Tracy thinks a good hiding spot is in a book, left out on the coffee table? Oy. Although I could sort of see some Duke/Tracy potential.

    STill loving AJ/Liz.

  2. Profile photo of Grimm

    “Anna asks (Alexis)about Sam’s father” !!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS
    (The Pickle Lila morass seems below Duke moreso than the bar tending gig at The Haunted Star was for Faux Duke)

  3. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I don’t like Duke subjugating himself to AJ. It feels wrong.

    I am loving how supportive AJ is for Liz.

    Olivia was a win.

    I don’t care who Sam’s father is. It is a waste of time and my feeling is that he will end up being someone who raped Alexis. I don’t want more of that.

    Rafe should end up as Danny’s manny. They are adorable together and have super powers where Heather is concerned. I liked the Heather stuff. I loved that she surprised Anna but she walked past every other cop at the police station? Anna needs to invest in some major training for the whole force.

    I love Lucy and this vampire crap does the character major disservice.

    Allyson is a lovely dream ghost.

    Sham of a kick ass girl and her hair band doppelgangers just need to stop. Laughable!!! Is she even trying to get away?

  4. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Sham of a kick ass girl and her hair band doppelgangers just need to stop. Laughable!!! Is she even trying to get away?

    Sam said a couple of days ago that she suspected that she had been drugged, and she has also suffered some blood loss, which is why she is weak.

  5. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    I can’t wait to see Anna arrest Duke for breaking in to the Q mansion and robbing Tracy’s refridgerator! :D

    Even though she’s been drugged, redressed, tied up and bitten twice, Sam looked gorgeous!!!

    John vs Caleb… very entertaining!!

  6. Profile photo of tealita

    Finding out more about Sam’s father was a long time coming, and I can’t wait to know more.

    Sam always looks good, no matter what.

    Vet–I don’t like Duke subjugating himself to AJ, either. I’ll give you that. Duke is still much too creepy for me to like him for Anna, so even if this is the “real Duke,” I’m fine with him being a villain. I hope he doesn’t get very far with Pickle Lila, though.

  7. Profile photo of jujube1013

    how is she losing blood, he is biting her, he’s not a dog., she’s not losing that much blood.

    Love Liz/AJ, loved him there supporting her, finally she can lean on somebody.

    is this notvamp story almost over, it took up way too much time today.

    I don’t care about sam’s dad, Alexis needs to get a DNA test done and make sure sam is her daughter.

    and really plz no exposition tomorrow from Lucy, just shoot him already.

    i was really hoping that after lucy woke up she would “wake up” from this notvamp story and realize that THERE ARE NO VAMPIRES!

    and WOW so far 3 days of Liz in 3days. she gone over her allotted 5mins a wk, i’m impressed.

  8. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I was also surprised Heather turned herself in. Didn’t expect that at all. Love Robin M but they need to give Heather a rest for awhile. May-be the death of her beloved Stephan Lars will turn her around a bit.
    The show was a lot about prayer and good vs/evil. Curious to see what will happen with John and if Lucy finally kills Caleb.
    I also liked AJ supporting Liz. Looks like Liz is finally getting more air-time. Lisa C was great as Olivia, wonder what will happen to her character now that Steve is dead? The best part was Baby Danny -he is a real scene-stealer! What a cutie!!!!

  9. Profile photo of katehhoward

    I think Sam’s father might be someone from the past. It would be amazing if it turned out that Sams dad was Blackie Parish

    I hope they do not kill Steven off. Maybe put him in a coma or send him off somewhere for rehabilitation. I don’t want Liz to lose another family member. And I think Olivia needs to go on a vacation anyway. She can come back during the Nurse’s ball. Really I think the actress needs a break she has been working none stop for a while she needs a rest.

    There are still so many open stories on the show and I think with the recasting of JMB we might be able to have a better time closing the Maxi/LUlu/Dante/Spin/Ellie story.

    I miss seeing the Jackal on the show.

  10. Profile photo of katehhoward

    I think Jason Thompson will be the next to exit. The show has become so much more interesting with the older cast members. Seeing Lucy in her own scene felt like old times. Like back in the 90’s. I like the way GH is going. They need to put some more of the older characters in front burner stories. What fun it would be to have Felicia and Mac doing investigative work for the PCPD again. Anna could use all the help she could get. We are seeing more of the hospital, more of the Quartermaine’s this is terrific. If they could just get rid of the whole Connie and Cate crap it would be better. Bring back the Fashionista Kate to go head to head with Lucy.

  11. Profile photo of tmac

    Once again, Perkie…it is WYNDEMERE!

    The Pickle Lila storyline is weak. Why hasn’t Tracy taken the relish to a food chemist to get the recipe? That’s what AJ and Duke plan to do. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the relish in the jar Duke took turns out to be some commercial relish that Tracy swapped for the real Pickle Lila. Also, wouldn’t Monica have just cut the lock off the fridge and pantry to help AJ? It’s her house after all!

  12. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    I loved Anna’s monologue to Robin…FH is such a good actress. Also ready for the vampire stuff to be over…It’s gone on WAY too long…and these scenes with Sam tied up in that gown and heavy makeup with evil crazy Caleb are just TOO cartoonish…like the mad scientist in the secret dungeon with the damsel in distress…enough already

  13. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    I LOVED this episode! It was a great throwback to the glory days of 80’s/90’s soap opera.

    -The prayers/monologues were all such great performances from these wonderful women
    –Mattson’s Heather was truly amazing and her realizing what she’s done and how she needed to make things right was exactly what this character needed. I loved how she consoled Rafe, who played well with Mattson and Danny.
    –Lisa Lociero shined as Olivia today, she is such an underrated actress.
    –Herbst’s Liz was wonderful and her chemistry with AJ is awesome…I really don’t understand why Cartini said a few months back they weren’t going to pair these two cause they are great together and I hope they continue this path.
    –Lynn Herring as Lucy was great and her scenes with Allison really made this “Port Charles” fan at peace with Allison’s passing. I love her so much. I loved Allison watching over Rafe at the end, I wish we would have gotten a scene with them…no need for a whole episode, just a scene or two would be nice.
    –Anna and Alexis scenes were great and hopefully we can find out Sam’s father…
    –Finola Hughes monologue in the interrogaton room was great!
    –Enjoyed seeing Duke and Tracy in a scene together…I hope Duke soon becomes the strong leading man we all know him.
    –Finally, I am still loving the vampire storyline. The cliffhangers are wonderful and excite me enough to want know what’s going to happen next. I seriously wonder how they are going to explain if Caleb/Stephen is really a vampire or just a crazy man and why John/Caleb(Stephen) and Sam/Livvie look so much alike. As Caleb/Stephen said yesterday, there are no coincidences. He also mentioned something about John being a piece of him which I instantly though of Livvie/Tess from Port Charles. However if that were the case, then that completely washes away John’s background from OLTL.

    I don’t know, I keep trying to guess. I’m just hoping there is a good explanation for all this and it’s not just some dream someone wakes up from. Does anyone know the last airdate for Starr, Todd, and John?

  14. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I also liked AJ supporting Liz and was I ever thrilled to see Liz on the last three days and not surrounded by the child-nurse

    Nice seeing Anna have a moment in all the chaos to remember Robin.

    I really want to commend Rafe his acting is just on point…love this kid so much – really hate that he will be subjected to annoying Molly

    Sam has been kidnapped tons of times why the sudden freak out by Alexis. Sorry Alexis your daughter let 3 people escape so its not ok to run to Anna and ask for her help. Just hire Diane she can pretty much get anyone off.

    The only reason I want to know about Sam’s father is because now with Jason gone it wont be about him it will actually be about Sam. Here’s hoping its Faison LOL – But I do agree I dont want it to be a product of rape but rather that Alexis seduced some older guy.

  15. Profile photo of nysam

    Robin Mattson did a great job even though her character’s 180 made no sense at all. An insane woman finally connects with reality because of a big blue eyed boy with bush brown hair??

    Finola was great.

    The nonvamp story is waste of time and talent. I laughed as Sam and John are talking as if Caleb 2 feet away can’t hear them.

    As a spiritual person I liked seeing the power of prayer but the episode felt like it was being brought to us by THE 700 CLUB. In one episode we had Sam, Lucy, Anna, Heather, AJ, Liz & Olivia all praying and asking for God’s help. It felt appropriate for AJ, Liz & Olivia but a bit out of character for the others.

  16. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Wow. What a difference a few days make. As this week progresses, the episodes keep getting better and better. From the horrible one we had on Monday, to the a little better one on Tuesday, to this!

    The acting today was amazing. Between Finola Hughes, Lynn Herring, Lisa LoCicero, Rebecca Herbst, Robin Mattson and Nancy Lee Grahn the work was outstanding. Kudos to the ladies of GH!

    Loved the Anna remembering Robin scene, Finola was perfect as always. As was the scenes where she connected with Alexis on their respective daughters. Boy, there are a lot of grieving mothers on this show.

    And, even if we still don’t know who Sam’s father is, at least the topic was finally discussed! That look on Alexis’ face was all-telling. I haven’t seen that kind of fear from her in a long time. I bet people were frustrated when she was “saved by the bell”, courtesy of her own phone. I really hope Ron plays this one right and has a slow reveal of who Sam’s father is.

    Although I still feel the Caleb thing as a storyline to be a waste of precious time – Lynn Herring was amazing in the scenes in the tunnels. And I loved the ending! Yay for female power! I really hope it is Lucy who winds up killing Caleb!

    Erin Hershey Presley is very photogenic. She looks strikingly beautiful, and a lot like Kristina Wagner.

    Robin Mattson was amazing, of course, and I actually bought her finally realizing she has to give up. Stabbing your own child would do that to a person. The praying part might have been a bit too much though.

    I have to say, I never imagined Lisa LoCicero as such a good actress. But she really brought it today! I have slowly started to like Olivia more and more and I am really loving her now. Hopefully they will find something useful to do with her once Steve is gone.

    And I’m so glad Becky finally got some good material. Her grief felt very real, and the best part: she didn’t have to go through it ALONE! AJ was right there.

    And loved all the Duke/Tracy scenes. On the one hand, I hate for Duke to have to be this underhanded, but on the other, Tracy brought this all on herself. And she would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed. I’m very glad if there will more Duke/Tracy interactions in the future.

  17. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Sorry but there isnt any blood on Sam. How did he grab her in the first place? Shouldn’t a kick ass ride and hopefully die chick be able to get away. Wasn’t that the rationale for Sam to be able to have the mob prince? She could defend him, protect him? Awesome job!!!

  18. Profile photo of Steph570

    I have to also say I thought yesterday was just a hot mess. In my mind there’s fun soapy camp (Faison getting a faceful of fondue as one example) and over the top camp, which was yesterday. Writing was awful and the direction was awful too. What was that deal with Lucy falling or hitting her head? Ridiculous looking. The whole Caleb biting Sam three times was goofy as hell and brought up images of the count from Sesame Street. And by the time the last ten minutes morphed into a 700 club episode I just couldn’t take anymore.

  19. Profile photo of soapbaby

    ^^ Steph570, you said it best! I long for the days Faison’s Duke mask melted. Lol. At least the vampire story is wrapping up. I haven’t hated it but yesterday’s episode was so bad. I like Lucy but found her completely annoying. I could not understand how she hit her head yesterday. John telling Sam to “tell God” was completely out-of-character for him and seemed to lessen the impact of Olivia, Liz, Heather praying for Steve. Anna’s prayer for Robin was well-acted but felt out of place with the other happenings of the episode. The last fifteen minutes of dialogue went from meaningful to forced and superficial.

    Lisa LoCicero was particularly good and I always enjoy Robin Mattson. Rebecca Herbst is always excellent and moved from casual flirting with AJ to deeply distraught over Steve seamlessly. I actually feel bad when Liz is hurt.

    I got a chuckle out of the Anna/Alexis scene because of how both actresses grip their eyeglasses as they speak with their hands. Lol. I may be in the minority but I am left feeling flat by Nancy Lee Grahn’s performances and I haven’t enjoyed Alexis Davis in years. She’s just there to prop her less interesting daughters. I hated when Sam was made Alexis’ daughter because it took the characters from being contemporaries who shared significant history (not to mention shared lovers: Sonny, Ric) to a weak mother/daughter connection with no conflict, instantly taking Alexis into “old” territory. I doubt any story about Sam’s father would offer anything substantive for Alexis. She’s been an afterthought for years now.

  20. Profile photo of Cornfed

    To KateHoward — LOVE your enthusiasm (and wishful thinking), but i don’t think the show will EVER focus on the older set, b/c of budget issues. I think they get more bang for their buck w/the younger, albeit BORING set. Unfortunately for us, Kristina, Molly, Caleb, TJ, Starr, Michael etc ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. The only exception could be TJ, we’ll see.

  21. Profile photo of Cornfed

    To thecourt99 — I can only say i watched more of this ep than i have the last several days, but it was still lacking! Finola Hughes stole the entire episode, and i agree with others that Duke should be more than just an AJ lackey but i do think the purpose there was to explore the chemistry betw IB and JE. I just want this vampire story over yesterday and enough of Alexis kvetching. The only saving grace this week imo has been a lotta Liz!

    Well said soapbaby, unfortunately NLG currently brings nothing to the show as Alexis is currently written. And i just don’t get the SAME look and outtfit she brings everyday, dangly earrings, skirt, and top. I MAY be more interested in NLG if she could mix up her look just a bit, tho i think she had just cut her hair yesterday and it looked great. I was a gigantic NLG fan in the Santa Barbara days and now she’s just like you said propping up her daughters and always flung between them and Sonny. Add to that a useless, just add water romance and it’s a big fat dud. Maybe her only hope is Stefan and Nikolas returning??? Is Stefan still alive?

  22. Profile photo of watcher5000

    After watching this episode, it occurred to me that Sam’s father could be…Duke Lavery!!! Think about it. Alexis said that he was a very dangerous man..Duke was heavily involved in the mob in Europe and it wasn’t until he met Anna that he changed his ways.

    Alexis has never seen him face to face in Port Charles as Duke was “dead” for years before Alexis came to town. Also, as far as I know, she has not seen him since his return from the dead. You might have also noticed that Anna and Alexis were interrupted before they could get into any real details about Sam’s father such as looks, accents, where they met each other, etc. Finally, even if Alexis had heard the name Duke, he could have been using an alias at the time they knew each other. I think it was foreshadowing that the two of them would be having this conversation in the first place. Like I said this is just a hunch, but it would throw another monkeywrench in the Anna and Duke reunion.

  23. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=IOWAHAWKEYE]I was a gigantic NLG fan in the Santa Barbara days and now she’s just like you said propping up her daughters and always flung between them and Sonny.[/quote]

    ^^I used to LOVE Nancy Lee Grahn as Julia Wainwright on SB. That love definitely carried over to her turn on GH. I used to like Alexis a lot and adored her affair with Sonny. I think not pairing NLG and MB at this point is a missed opportunity. Neither actor can be paired with anyone else on canvas and I still think they have an easy chemistry.

  24. Profile photo of Cornfed

    I also thought Jax and Alexis was a missed opportunity too years ago; instead they made them friends, but in reality they could’ve had something great along the lines of a Nick and Nora Charles or any 30’s or 40’s couple (hell, even close to a Mason and Julia vibe!) TPTB usually insist on these young nymphettes for the MUCH older male counterparts and it hugely underestimates the audience’s intelligence. Instead of Jax and Alexis, we got Jax and Chloe, DULL AS DISHWATER. :( Even Jax and Ned would’ve been more exciting than Jax and Chloe LOL

  25. Profile photo of nysam

    @IOWAHAWKEYE….It is my understanding that even though the audience liked Jax & Alexis together that Ingo Rademacher wasn’t happy being paired with a leading lady 15 years older.

  26. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Scott Reeves?? Brahhahahahaa, well put! :D

    He’s actually a VERY conservative Christian who along with his wife doesn’t even acknowledge that gays exist. It was probably tough for him to work at GH, lol.

  27. Profile photo of wiggum

    [quote=Angie Lucy]NLG would have chemistry with a pet rock. Although I think she and Ian Buchanan would work well together, I really don’t want Duke to be Sam’s father. No, just no.[/quote]

    WHy not? That seems like a good idea

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