Jill Gives Adriana The Evil Eye on The Young and the Restless

Jill (Jess Walton) and Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) argued about Katherine hiring Adriana (Jhoanna Flores) as her personal assistant. When one of Jill’s pieces of jewelry went missing, she accused Adriana of taking it. I just love Katherine’s waves of dismissal. It makes me smile every time.  After Jill’s many years as the “outsider” and warring with Katherine, I wouldn’t mind Jill going after a new “outsider” like Adriana.

Abby (Marcy Rylan) walked in on Jack (Peter Bergman) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) “conferencing”, which put Phyllis on edge.  When they went to the Abbott mansion, Jack noticed something was bothering Phyllis. Naturally, he asked her what was wrong. Phyllis shared her feelings about the way Avery (Jessica Collins) and her family treated her.

Michael (Christian LeBlanc) offered Cricket (Lauralee Bell) the job of Genoa City District Attorney, and then explained what was happening with Fen (Max Ehrich) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman). Later, Cricket visited Fen to attempt to help him understand what his dad was going through.

Speaking of Lauren, she and Carmine (Marco Dapper) sizzled in more scenes. Boy, are they hot together!

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    I can’t believe they are wasting the wonderful Jess Walton on this Adrianna CRAPFEST. They should have just said Jill married Colin again and moved to Australia permanently. I would have preferred that to this watered-down Jill that shows up every 6 weeks as if she’s been there all along.

    Sad. Just…….sad. ;-( ;-(

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    Again, an-almost perfect episode ruined by the insertion of Kevin into the mix. Wish they would kill this character off already; he outlived his usefulness the minute they started scraping the bottom of the storyline barrel in order to give GR something–and apparently anything–to do(the chipmunk bullshit was literally the beginning of a downward spiral that has yet to see an end). And, aside from Jenna, not one iota of chemistry with any female on the canvas(and don’t get me started on the near-systematic dismantling of the once-cool Chloe in order to prop up this perpetually self-pitying fool). Short of making him gay, I don’t think there’s anything that can be done to salvage the character.

    Otherwise, loved the Jill/Katherine/Adriana scenes, the Jack/Phyllis scenes were pure gold, and Cricket still going on about sticking it to Phyllis–not to mention giving Fen some good advice–reaffirmed why I still love the Bug even if everyone else hates her.

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    I know that the writing regimes love to throw the bad girls at Katherine so that she can bestow her grandmotherly wisdom on them but I wish just once that Katherine says ” I will do a background check on you because I am an elderly billionairess and need to protect myself”?!!

    I am not sold on the ‘revised’ Adriana. She is still a brat and not one that I like. For one, she goes to Kays’ the night before her first day and JUST WALKS IN THE FRONT DOOR?! Please. On top of that, she meets Jill for the first time and is already calling her “Jill” and not Mrs Abbott or whatever last name Jill goes by now?! It’s just punkish on her part because I don’t care, she’s a kid, Jill is an adult and if she wants to show she’s a changed girl then respect.

    (Yes, its the writers but its awfully quick to make her on that personal level with Jill. I mean, Mason, still calls Victor Mr Newman)

    And the fact that Kevin kept quiet about all he knows about Adriana is just one more reason to see that Kevin has never changed.

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    I loved the dismissal wave Katherine gave Jill, but anytime Kay & Jill is on my screen I’m in heaven. I like Adriana and yes she’s a brat but that’s ok and she followed Noah to the new ranch. I loved it, but see the brat will also have to contend with Noah’s mother. This is where Sharon I think will not be happy. I think Adriana actually likes Mrs. C.

    Don’t get me started on Kevin, I had a rant about him on different post, I’m completely through with this character if he starts stealing and blaming Adriana….time for Greg to move on and out of GC.

    OH LA LA…Carmine\Lauren….smoking! >) How could you not feel sorry for Michael sitting alone, it’s beats like this that make fans like me so enjoyable to watch.

    The Bug…I want Christine back FT, I stated before but her and Phyllis will provide a great bitchfest and be constant pain Phyllis’s beautiful butt ;)

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    I love me some Jill Foster Abbott and glad to see her on tv. It funny how Carmine drop Abby like a bad habit, and deep down inside Abby was jealous, because she has a thing for the bad boy Carmine.

    What do you guys think going to happen with Kyle & Summer? Because that storyline or what they wrote is cute & funny. Wednesday show was soooo good, and have been loving Y&R for that pass two weeks.

    Anybody wants to take bets on Sharon sleeping with Dylan and Adam walks in and Adam will have hate in his heart for Dylan? Any takers???? They’re writing Sharon like it circa 1996/1997 so sweet and nice. It only a matter of time before Sharon spead them legs wide eagle-

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    A little pot, kettle for me. Good to see Jill back from Montana though. Its ushering in the new Kay, Jill storyline between them. The next generation Jill is here. I love Adriana.

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    Adriana is a breath of fresh air in Kay and Jill’s story line, but then a potted plant would be too in comparison to the two depressing bumps on a log (Devon/Tucker) Kay was strapped with for the last 3 years.

    I think she has a lots of energy & the spontaneity that’s required to be entertaining between Jill & Kay. If she’s a little trouble maker, all the better, Jill’s the best when she has a challenge.

    My only concern is will most of Kay/Jill’s “story” take place off-screen? Much has been said about JW not being available because she moved to Oregon, but after seeing how Jill/Katherine/Nikki are absent from the 40th Anniversary promos I don’t think it has anything to do with JW’s availability. They are using the older ladies sparingly while featuring the older men and the new young females. It appears Sony will pay the big $$$ to keep the longtime veteran men on the screen but not our senior leading ladies. Shame on Y&R!

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    Do we really need another Amber in the mix?

    And what is up with Kevin? One moment he seems to be bestowing good “wisdom” onto Fen then the next seems to be casing out Katherine’s joint.

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    OH my Gawd..tedew you said it…I’m so over this character right now. Either give a good storyline or get rid of the character. Kevin (Greg) been doing such good work with Fen(Max) is a welcome site after some of the stories he’s had for the last few years. Ugh |(

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    I loved the episode. Kay and Jill…gimmee more, and I like the idea of Adrianna as her assistant.

    I’m not sure what can be done with Kevin at this point either, but I’ve always liked the character, so I don’t want him gone, just smartly written again. I’m for them involving him more in Michael’s story right now. Was it MAB who decided to kill Jana off? That was the last time he made sense.

    This whole money thing has got to stop.

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    I love the new young and the restless…..glamour…..campy…very bill bell….very bold…very beautiful…love the designs….jill and katherine is what.makes y and r the best show on daytime…

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    Y&R is campy? Must have missed that episode

    IMO, they have completely given Kevin a character transplant. LML sort of gave Kevin a techie edge, but it wasn’t over the top. He still had a little darkness in him. However, under MAB they went balls to the walls romnatic-comedy-corny-ness. He’s Y&R’s Spinelli and that ain’t good folks.

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    Like the stereotypical gay man, Kevin shows great chemistry with his mother. With other women, not so much.

    I don’t really mind Adriana as much as I did when she first popped up.

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    SA…Greg does have chemistry with Judith and only been the only woman on show except actually terrorizing Lily being sexually attracted to her…should had known :O

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    I am caught up, watching today’s episode now….

    am I dreaming or did I see/read that Lauren and Carmine hit the sheets? If so, what day’s episode or was this one of the current “daydreams” that Genoa City residents seem to be having a lot of these days???

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    Suprisingly, I thought Greg and Christel had chemistry, too, and I hate CK’s Lily. Perhaps Kevin and Summer would be an interesting pairing. It would pay homage to Y&R’s history.

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    1titanman…ITA about Sharon being back into Sharon’s skin again. All characters are back in their character’s skin again after the transformation MAB had done on every character and then added a slew miscasts and you have hot mess on the canvas and ugly storytelling.

    This would set up Adam to via for Sharon…I want Shylan definitely but I’ve been thinking I hope this is not “forced flashback” w\Avery..I hate those type of flashbacks on new characters.. |( I don’t want to see that and hopefully Adam does walk in on Dylan & Sharon because that would kick this story up a notch…which I would like…Adam lost again in love.

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    TraceyAbbott it isn’t a “daydream” no more!! :love: Lauren will need to call room service to have 6 sets of “fresh” linen for the rest of night! ;)

    I take it you’re caught up now and isn’t Y&R just been SMOKING since mid-January and still getting better.

    I :love: :love: :love: Y&R!!

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