Julie Marie Berman on GH Exit: “Yesterday Was One of The Hardest Days of My Life”

On the heels of ABC Soaps In Depth breaking the news of Julie Marie Berman's (Lulu) departure from General Hospital, the two-time Daytime award winner has spoken out about her exit. Berman took to Twitter and stated:

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    Completely deserving of her place on the pre-nomination list that came out for this morning. I will always love her for what she brought to L. And I will be praying for her to be on the list for the final nominations… 0:)

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    Good luck to Julie in all her future endeavors, she did a great job as Lulu.

    Now will they recast? I would say Stephanie Gastchet, (forgive me if I’m spelling her last name wrong.)

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    I wish Julie Berman the best of luck; I have enjoyed her tenure on GH. It is hard to leave a job you have been doing for years, however I can understand her need to seek out new challenges.

    I look forward to seeing the recast’s take on the character.

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    Julie Berman was arguably the best younger actress on soaps from 06′-12′. However, LooLoo Spencer has become such a whiny twit that I just don’t even care anymore. If they decide to recast……..with someone like Jennifer Landon….I want them to give Lulu her fire and spunk back, and give her something MEANINGFUL to do, other than sit around thinking of baby names and screwing Dante.

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    I don’t think Stephanie Gatschet is versatile enough to play Lulu. She was decent playing the heroine on “Guiding Light,” but she doesn’t have enough fire in her belly to play Lulu, and I agree with someone else that when she tries to play the “bad girl,” it just comes across as silly and trying too hard.

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    I been reading the posts and SG was good as “good gurl Tammy” how about Teri Conn…GH fans?? Before someone unloads on me it’s just a suggest…OK ;) So ITA w\alstonboy. Teri can play the romantic, sneaky and bitchy ;)

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    I like Terri Conn but she is a bit too old to be Lulu. She is almost 40. I like Jennifer Landon as well but unless Lulu and Maxie are going to hook up Jennifer wouldn’t be my pick for a romance with a leading man. She is more believable as a love interest with women.

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    I am thinking that whoever fills Lulu’s shoeshas already been chosen and most likely has already begun shooting, or will very soon.

    As for Julie Marie, I wish her all the best. Pilot season is beginning, it would be nice to see her face in primetime. If that doesn’t work out right away, she and her very cute husband might start a family.

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    How bout this. Didnt i hear them say somewhere that Kristen Alderson will stay on GH but re-cast as another character? Maybe they will make her Lulu. Otherwise, Jen Lilley. Good Luck to Julie. I hope she is leaving for a good reason that brings her happiness.

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    i don’t know any more than anyone else, but i am going to guess Jen Lilley replaces JMB. Will be a little weird for a day or two but after than it should be fine. it’s been a while since Kirsten Storms took back Maxie.

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    This is sad and horrible timing considering that Laura is finally back. I will agree with the masses that Lulu has been a shell of her former self for years. The last time I really like Lulu was when she first met Dominic or Dante and was sparing with him. Her best was when she was after Dillion or got with Johnny. Logan was a pure snooze and the whole marriage to Dante was beyond unbelievable considering that Laura wasn’t brought back for it. I wihs her the best and hope they recast this vital character and also bring in a new Lucky if JJ won’t come back. Personally I would like to see JJ do something like TG and IR have done for years and come on for an arch here and there. They could bring him in to tape and air one or two days throughout the month. It would probably only require a day of taping. I wish ABC would be smart and do it. GH needs the whole Spencer family.

    Nicholas will probably come back and hopefully a good story comes of it like Emily’s alive. Might be interesting to see if Emily and Dante would have any chemistry. Personally I feel Dante’s days might be numbered. I mean who is there to pair him with? Johnny? I would rather see Johnny with Ethan over Dante.

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    I have only liked Lulu single but I have always liked JMB as an actor and wish her the best.

    I hate recasts as a rule but I cant imagine GH without Lulu so I am rooting for someone not already identified with a long term soap role.

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    I know Laura is back but for how long. With the short term returns for the anniversary, it is hard to tell what will be.

    If Laura is back for longer return, I would like her to go in different direction. I just don’t see the Luke/Laura thing anymore. (Yes I did watch their original saga wedding, etc). Lets face it, it wouldn’t be the first time a recreation did not work.

    So if LuLu goes, I don’t care if Luke goes either.

    Best for JB.

    She has not had much lately. I actually wonder if I would like Dante better with someone else. I don’t mean Maxie. She can go also. I do think the material given to J Berman has not been good. I could care less about watching people desperate for a child and using serious subjects for stupid stories. Shame on Cartini for this one. I expect more from them and most of the time they are on the money but sometimes I wonder what they are thinking.

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    How about Chrishell Stause as a recast for Lulu? Might be interesting. Sadly we cannot get RPG as a recast Steve Weber cause the likelyhood is they are going to kill him off.

    I don’t care what they do I just want my Spencer’s on the screen! All of them!

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    I would have said Erin Hershey Presley as a recast if they hadn’t just brought her on to kill her off. I don’t see Stephanie Gaschet as fitting in the role as much as I did like her on AMC. For one, she looks too old and doesn’t have the tough edge that JMB and Lulu have, same for Jen Lilley. Florida I agree with you, Meredith Hagner might be good, she’s a pretty good actress.

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    Wishing Berman the best in future endevors!

    Is there any reason to think JMB’s departure is immediate?
    With her departure only just confirmed and seemingly with the “yesterday” of her Tweet, she’s perhaps even only just given notice officially.
    With intensive taping in coming weeks (or however long her notice of departure is), we could very well have Berman’s LuLu onscreen for the official 50th Anniversary, couldn’t we? Much in the same manner that Anthony Geary pre-tapes in anticipation of having Summer off but Luke remains onscreen with little interruption when the story warrants it.

    Wishful Storytelling: The Ice Princess storyline climaxes with LuLu disappearing into the fog on Pier 52, much as her mother Laura did years ago. Could drive a bit of story: The Search for LuLu (Dante, Spencers, etc) Would Maxie and Dante be drawn together for the search for LuLu? Would Maxie continue to pretend to be carrying the “Lante” baby?
    Then, when a bit of time has passed, LuLu returns as a recast, shepherded back by her Dark Prince brother Nikolas who was behind the Ice Princess affair to begin with…

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    [quote=Grimm]Is there any reason to think JMB’s departure is immediate?
    With her departure only just confirmed and seemingly with the “yesterday” of her Tweet, she’s perhaps even only just given notice officially. With intensive taping in coming weeks (or however long her notice of departure is), we could very well have Berman’s LuLu onscreen for the official 50th Anniversary, couldn’t we?[/quote]

    Grimm – Julie gave notice in July of 2012 that she wouldn’t be renewing her contract when it expired in November. FV asked her to stay on a little longer and she agreed to stay until March 1. Her last day taping was February 26. I don’t know for sure but I imagine with the way that they tape she will be on our screens for at least the next month.

    This is what she posted on her FB fan page…

    “Hi my facebook friends. Some of you aren’t on twitter, so wanted to keep you updated as well. Yesterday was my last day filming at GH. It’s extremely difficult to walk away from Lulu, and I’m still feeling the weight of my decision today. But to say I’m grateful for your support during my time there, and now as I’m leaving, is an understatement. I appreciate every single one of you, and hope to take you all on a ride of many more characters and stories through the big world out there of make-believe. X”

    And this is what she said in an interview with Soaps In Depth…

    In the latest Soaps In Depth issue out this week, Julie Marie Berman confirmed in an exclusive interview with the magazine that she will be leaving her role as Lulu Spencer Falconeri on General Hospital.

    Berman told the magazine that the decision was hers and she gave the show notice back in July that she wanted to leave when her contract expired in November. While Berman called the role she played for seven and a half years “a dream,” she also admitted that she has a desire to grow and challenge herself in other mediums.

    “And there are enough reasons now that my gut is telling me that this is the right time to finally let go of GH,” Berman told SID.

    The show’s executive producer Frank Valentini convinced Berman to stay a little longer and she agreed to give them until March 1. She taped her final scenes on February 26. According to SID, when they conducted the interview, the actress had not filmed her final scenes yet, but she had seen the script and was not pleased with them.

    “I can’t say that I’m happy about my sendoff, as there really isn’t one when you’re potentially being recast,” Berman told the magazine. “But it was my decision to leave the show. That’s where my control over things ends, and I understand that.”

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    I was thinking Erin H. Presley also. They shouldn’t have brought her back as Allison just to kill her off right away. She was great on PC and is blonde and beautiful (she has the most amazing hair!).

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