Mistresses to Scandalize ABC on May 27!

ABC has finally released the premiere date for Mistresses, the adaptation of the popular British series about the scandalous lives of four friends. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mistresses will debut May 27 after an episode of The Bachelorette

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    Deep breaths. So my surprise of last season “GCB” gets canned and leaves Kristin Chenoweth looking crazy on the Oscars, while these string of flops (don’t get me started on that “Red Widow” nightmare!) made it to the schedule for this season. Suits lol. Hind sight is INDEED 20/20.

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    Subtlety is so lacking. I’m waiting for: Whores. Tonight at 10 eastern, 9 central.

    I’ll probably watch, but only because Sun and Phoebe are in it. I miss my Charmed ones. And I am still pissed that Sun and Jin died. That made complete sense.

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