Nancy Lee Grahn “Happy” to See Tyler Chistopher at General Hospital!

Is HRH Prince Nikolas Cassadine returning for General Hospital's 50th Anniversary? There's been hush-hush scuttlebutt for awhile now, but the royal cat is potentially out of the social media bag, thanks to Nancy Lee Grahn's (Alexis) tweet about seeing Tyler Christopher at her Nurses' Ball fitting! Tweeted Grahn:

Granted, Christopher could have simply been visiting the set, but his return as Nikolas would come at an ideal time. The character's mother, Laura Spencer and her portrayer Genie Francis are back on the sudser. Plus, the Spencers are once again contending with the mysterious, Cassadine family bauble known as the Ice Princess diamond. Since exiting fictional Port Charles, New York, Christopher has been appearing as Dan Whitehorse in former GH boss Chuck Pratt's hit ABC Family soap The Lying Game.  

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    I hope it’s true! Always loved Tyler! He said he would only come back to GH to close out the character of Nicholas. In my opinion, they should do all they can to keep him on. GH needs actors like him and Ric Hearst!

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    I really hope this is true!!! Laura needs her son, especially now that the Cassadine/Spencer war is reigniting. Plus I want Alexis and the Davis girls enmeshed in all that drama too.

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    It’s gotten to the point where I really miss Nikolas. When Tyler Christopher left “GH” I thought it was the right step because TC kind of looked bored with the material that was given to him – which I totally understood.

    But now, I think RC could write a good storyline for Nikolas and make this character meaningful again. Especially with Laura in town and the Ice Princess being brought up in our minds.

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    I remember hearing rumors back in 2009 that TC lobbied for a romantic Liz/Nik pairing which gave us that nasty Niz business…blech. Here’s hoping that Nik comes back to town and we only see what was once a nice friendship with Liz and absolutely NO romantic nonsense.

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    Okay. I just saw the tweets between Nancy and Jamey afterwards, and I have to say, is this chick going crazy? I mean come on, when you tweet something to your followers you kinda have to know what will ensue. Nancy ain’t no spring chicken, she knows how Twitter works. If Tyler wasn’t on set for nothing more than a visit, then fine, but there’s no need for her to get her panties in a twist over what some fans may or may not say about it. Lol!

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    It’s possible that JMB’s last day or day she notified GH about her wish to depart was yesterday and Tyler Christopher was there to wish her well and/or offer moral support. But I hope he was also there to film some scenes.

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    Daniel St. John

    I seriously hope NLG just saw him walking the halls as a visitor because by the end of his run on the show he was sleepwalking through his scenes and I had grown to absolutely despise Nikolas.

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