Noelle Beck Lands Role on The Carrie Diaries

As the World Turns alum Noelle Beck (ex-Lily Snyder) has been cast as Sebastian’s (Austin Butler) mother Ginny on The Carrie Diaries, according to TVLine.  Reportedly, the character is a “sometimes absentee mother Ginny, a woman who flits in and out of her son’s life and isn’t afraid to share the intimate details of her romantic life with him.”

Beck played Br. Big’s (Chris Noth) first wife Barbara on Sex and the City.

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    She is an excellent actress. I liked her in the role of Lily. Have to admit I preferred her version after she was in role for period of time. I was sentimental with MB but she won me over. She is beautiful and talented.

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    I agree pumpkin. I wasn’t an old school fan, but from my time watching the only time I saw fire in Martha was when she was playing Rose. By design, the role was more appealing. Her Lily was fine, but after the dual role ended, she was just there if you get where I am going at. So while I get nostalgia and her history w/the show when she left, what I was seeing onscreen wasn’t computing w/the outrage I saw. When Noelle stepped in the role it was a breath of fresh air and a more sophisticated take on the character. Was sad that more weren’t taken w/her in the role, but that is how opinions work.

    I am pleased that she had her SATC clout in a speak to get her some decent guest spots on the East coast and good for her on this new part that is a kind of full circle thing considering she is known for her part on the original recipe.

    And w/that I need some sleep lol.

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    Noelle Beck is a good actress. She has had a fair amount of success outside of daytime and I am happy to hear of her new role. She was good as Lily, but man oh man, she was awesome as Trisha Alden on the late, great “Loving”. I always loved her scenes opposite Christine Tudor-Newman and loved Trisha’s romance with Trucker.

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