General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


The doctor informs Olivia and Liz that Steve’s surgery was touch and go for a while, but he pulled through just fine. Steve is in recovery, and the prognosis is good.  Liz hugs AJ and thanks him for being there for her. Dante visits the hospital to tell everyone Heather turned herself in, and resides in police custody.   

Lucy declares Caleb won’t hurt anyone anymore, and she plans to shoot him in the heart with her bow and arrow.  The two argue and Lucy fires, but Caleb catches the arrow in mid air.  He grabs for her with the intent to kill her, but John finally manages to untie himself before Caleb can harm Lucy. The two men fight over the arrow.  
Caleb is stabbed in the heart with the arrow and drops to the ground.  Lucy asks if he’s dead, and John doesn’t find a pulse.  John thanks Sam for distracting Caleb long enough for him to prevail.  John knows Sam saved his life.  Lucy asks if they believe her vampire story now.  John pulls the fangs out of Caleb’s mouth, and gives them to Lucy.  He believes Caleb simply lost his mind when his wife died.  John takes Sam out to safety, but Lucy wants to stay behind.  
Duke goes to Michael to give him the jar of relish, and explains how he managed to get it from Tracy.  Michael calls AJ to meet him at the apartment. 
Tracy thinks Monica is spying on her, so she can get her hands on the key.  Monica blames Tracy for the downfall of ELQ.  Tracy knows she can figure out the relish recipe, and mass-produce it.  When Tracy discovers the relish is missing, she claims AJ stole it.  Monica defends AJ, and Tracy remembers the only other person in the house was Duke.  Tracy doesn’t believe Duke had anything to do with stealing the relish.  Monica doesn’t like seeing Tracy torture herself, and advises her to admit defeat.  
Rafe sees ghost Alison, and asks her if Caleb is his father.  Alison admits he is, but promises Rafe is nothing like Caleb. She swears he is not alone, and fades away.  
Olivia sits by Steve’s bedside and prays for his recovery.  He wakes up, and she thanks him for saving her life. Steve says he has a lot to live for.  Liz stops by and tells him she loves him. She doesn’t know what she would have done without him.   Liz also tells Steve she had a friend to lean on during his surgery. 
Duke shows AJ the jar of relish, and asks if he wants it analyzed.  Starr offers her science services, claiming she knows how to analyze a sample.  The men agree, and AJ warns Duke to keep their business relationship a secret. 
Dante promises Olivia that Heather is in her cell.  Olivia talks about her visions, and how she can’t prevent them from happening. She points out they’ve all come true, except the dog one.  Dante reminds her the dog one did come true, because he appeared to Maxie. 
Steve promises Olivia he’ll take her visions seriously from now on.  Olivia wants to be his wife sooner rather than later, and suggests they get married right away.  
AJ calls Liz, and apologizes for leaving.  She tells him Steve is awake and talking. She also thanks him for his support.  
Tracy accuses AJ of stealing the relish, but AJ denies taking it.  
Sam is reunited with Danny, and thanks Rafe for taking care of him.  Rafe asks about Caleb, and John informs the young teen Caleb is dead.  
Lucy rants about not understanding what's just happened. She wonders why Caleb would need the fake teeth.  Lucy still thinks the ring is important and tries to remove it, but can’t.  She decides she’s had enough, and won’t spend one more day of her life thinking of vampires.  She declares her time as a vampire slayer is finished.  When she leaves, Caleb’s ring glows. 


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Yoryla, how wonderful are you? What a breath of fresh air this post is, gotta keep it real, and we love our soaps! Beer

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i didn't like the notvamp story, but not b/c it was campy, I watched gh during laura falls in love w/her rapist and freezing the world, i was 6-9 at the time, but b/c it was a s/l from a show CANCELLED what 10(?)yrs ago? Lucy has gh history, she should have been w/her friends not being buffy. and to have it during sweeps, hello it FAILED on another show, was idiotic.

we have Laura back! and she was barely on.

hopefully we can get back to the NB, kick sabrina out of it, let Liz have her rightful place heading that committee along w/Piph and Audrey. Liz can call Nik,Jax and Sonny, all of whom she knows and has known for yrs and all of them have money, Patrick can get a hold of Brenda who also has money, they don't have to rely on just ELQ. get sabrina out b/c she was just doing it to get into Patrick's pants.

how about bringing back Jake, he is an ELQ heir, he was also Alan's heir.
the people out for that kid were numerous.

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Yoryla, how wonderful are you? What a breath of fresh air this post is, gotta keep it real, and we love our soaps! Beer

Why thank You, you're great too! Smile Just using this outlet the best way I can. The episodes just leave me with so many thoughts, and it's nice to read everyone else's too!

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nysam wrote:

People on this board love to blame Guza (he did a lot wrong), but Guza wasn't responsible for this vampire mess.

jujube1013 wrote

it was a s/l from a show CANCELLED what 10(?)yrs ago? .... and to have it during sweeps, hello it FAILED on another show, was idiotic.

And yet — once again — it bears pointing out that for the week of February 18-22, 2013, according to SON's ratings release, all four daytime soap operas were up in Total Viewers after dipping the previous week, with GH picking up 243,000 viewers.

In other words, this constant harping on the fact that Port Charles was cancelled ten years ago as a way to try to make it look like Carlivati & Valentini made some huge error with melding an element from PC's telenovela era with GH is more or less invalidated by the fact that ratings (= viewership) are up...and not insignificantly so at that.

(It is also a terrible argument to make if one also happens to be a fan of AMC or OLTL: why bring them back when they were "CANCELLED"...without the supposed deficit of vampires. Under the "CANCELLATION" rubric of doing something again that failed, there is no justification to bring them back either, is there?).

The forces that led to Port Charles' demise cannot solely be laid at the feet of the supernatural element of the show! It was in a long, long troubled time slot, they not only switched the style of storytellingto supernatural but also the format to telenovela, "The View" was waiting in the wings and the show was already in imminent danger of cancellation before the switches...which is why the switches were made in the first place! PC was never some healthy show that was undone solely by the decision to feature vampires and to continue to use that as an excuse to rail against the story on GH isundone by the fact that ratings are up.

To that end, EricasEvilTiwn wrote

I call it nitpicking when the complaints are seemingly random and often miniscule and never balanced by anything positive….

Luckily looking at the ratings and the posts on facebook about the show, i think more people are happy with the show than unhappy.


I want to take my own personal enjoyment of GH out of the equation for a second, because I've been personally delighted with the sheer entertainment value that Carlivati/Valentini have brought to this show since they took over the reigns. So my bias is pretty much out there.

Mind you, I'm not saying that GH is perfection by a long shot, but I think it bears keeping in mind — objectively speaking — that Carlivati & Valentini are serving multiple masters, multiple agendas and are keeping so many balls up in the air that, while some of them fall flat here and there, they get a helluva lot more right than they do wrong. When was the last time GH was this balanced and varied in terms of the sheer number of storylines being serviced? When was the last time the Q's were featured in a history honoring storyline (and let's take out the part about Pickle-Lila being "silly"; the original Pickle-Lila storyline was pretty silly too — with ALL THE Q's LIVING ABOVE KELLY'S!! — as beloved as it might now be in retrospect)? When was the last time the level of actual mob activity this been this low? When was the last time storylines featuring the hospital and hospital personnel had this much regular airtime? And, speaking of vets, let's look at one in particular:

Lucy's return has been met with quite a bit of controversy, perhaps more than any other returning character or actor on the show thus far. Aside from the fact that Lynn Herring has invested in and delivered knockout performances day in and day out, Lucy's return has not been a drive-by cameo. Herring, like most of the returnees, has been on recurring status (to my knowledge). If her return was predicated on coming back to help usher in the Nurse's Ball, that was destined to be a short trip. While she has friends in PC, she's hasn't been essential to the show's canvas for years...despite fan nostalgia for the character. There have been great suggestions for Lucy from many of the fans; for example, she could have come in and taken over Crimson...but from a long term perspective, I simply couldn't see how that would be sustainable as a reason to keep Lucy involved in the long run.

Now, let's look at what has actually happened: Lucy was re-introduced to help usher in the Nurse's Ball, yes...but then was given prominent status in a front burner story with some of the show's biggest current players where she has been stellar in scene after scene. That story — whether one likes it or hates it — is actually based on actual history that — whether one likes it or hates it — involved Lucy in a major way and — whether one likes it or hates it — has been true to Lucy'c character, if not exactly on GH then certainly on PC. And here is where the rubber hits the road....

Even if one didn't have a history with PC, didn't watch it, criticize it for being a failure and all the rest, the fact is that there are still a lot of fans around (like me) who really did watch that show and loved it for what it was and appreciated its ambitions at a time before vampires and supernatural soaps like The Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Being Human and others became the hot thing and do have a history with those stories and characters and who have embraced this re-imagining (even while some other PC fans have not). And we also watched/watch GH, too. So this whole idea that "your soap" somehow is being violated frustratingly (and, for some, infuriatingly) leaves out the fact that "your soap" isn't just yours alone.

Lucy embodies that fissure, a character who has histories on two shows that are either embraced (or rejected) by fans of both. Personally, I don't see Lucy as "crazy" (and still don't understand why some fans see her as crazy) just because some characters see her as crazy, especially when we know the truth of the situation or are at least left to wonder about them. That is sort of the worst kind of literalism and I, for one, like how Carlivati & Valentini have handled the situation.

Furthermore, look at the following: while I hated to see Alison killed off (Ms. Hershey-Presley is more luminous than ever!), I see the seeds of a longer game plan in place for Lucy. By killing Alison (who was a PC character, not a GH one) and initially tying Rafe to Molly and the Barrington fortune, Lucy has been set up to be his guardian, giving her a solid reason to stick around in PC in addition to all her other connections. I have no idea if this is how it will actually turn out or if that is the actual plan, but it sure looks like it. And if that does turn out to be the case, then that's some forward thinking I can get behind if it means keeping Ms. Herring and Lucy around on the canvas a lot longer than originally planned. Whether or not others get behind that is up to them.

The age old debate in these and other forums goes something like this: "I have a right to complain about something that is wrong and how dare anyone criticize me or anyone else for doing so. No one wants to be a part of a cheering squad that thinks the show is perfect." Well, it is true that all of us have a right to be critical, even hyper-critical, of GH or any other show. But let's be honest: even the most positive and pollyan-ish of posters often find things that nag them or they wish were better (Starr is being entrusted to analyze Pickle-Lila? REALLY? I'm with a lot of you all on that one!) while there are some whose relentless negativity never sees any good in a show they supposedly "love" anywhere at any time. And the latter is going to produce counter-reaction to the reactions.

As someone who is completely comfortable with a spirited debate (I believe Perkie once even called me out (not by name) by being too spirited in response to others), I have no problem with the critics, but I wish some of the harsher criticism were tempered a bit more with some balance (what do you truly like on any given episode, not "I like the fact that Sonny wasn't on!" which can be just a passive aggressive way of being negative) and, in some cases, not repeating the same old (in some cases, easily disproven) talking points over and over again as if repetition alone makes them true.

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nysam wrote:
@SavePortChuck.... Maybe Monica is expecting ghost Alan to make a visit Smile

Missed opportunity: it would have been a nice character touch to have Monica shown hiding a much younger hunky lover in her boudoir to explain her being "made up". Very believably "Monica" given her legendary appetites.

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Grimm - love that thought!!!

Also love the vampire apologists chastising others for being ctitical. Just too much!!

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JBernard I fear we are wasting our collective breaths here. Case in point the post write before yours - the entire vamp story is terrible because its from a show that was cancelled so instead we should focus only on the nurses ball and have the entire story revolve around one character - Liz. (oh and btw the NB WILL be featured but they are saving that for the anniversary but hey lets bash now anyway) I dont really see posters like that as being a fan of the show or open to liking anything cartini does because they only really love one or two characters and tolerate the rest of the show so they can watch their favorite.

Vet, I am not an apologist. i liked the vamp story both on PC and on GH. I make no apologies for that. My point is that it is ONE part of what is airing right now and it was essentially a quick story that probably was written solely to open the door to keeping michael easton even if they cant keep john. Ive never watched a show where I liked EVERY story so when its clear that some people are only bashing one story line and thats all they post about for three days - whether its vamps or did or sabrina etc. - I consider that nitpicking because what about the other dozen stories that are going on during that day. Did you like ANY of them. And I especially feel that way when the comments are all about things like sabrinas hair - what a waste of air time, how many dumb hairstyles can they give this girl? or why is kate on so much instead of my favorite? or sams ropes looked loose and johns hair didnt look at much different than calebs - their "critical analysis" then seems trivial.

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Let me make sure I understand, it is trivial to point out that Sam is laying on a table completely capable of getting up because she was Not tied up while both Lucy and John are suposed to be rescuing her ? The point of the scene was her rescue and she was the focus. We should ignore that.

For years, you have examined and re- examined Liz's eye brows to the point you named them while she was in the background of a scene and not at all the focus. But, that was not trivial? Uh, ok!!!

Good to know. So funny