Abby Attacks Chloe on Days of Our Lives

Abby (Kate Mansi) and Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) faced off over Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Daniel (Shawn Christian).  Chloe told Abby it was too soon for Jennifer to be moving on with another man. As their argument heated up, Abby attacked Chloe when she started using Jack’s (Matt Ashford) death against her and her mother.

Sonny (Freddie Smith) tried to convince Will (Chandler Massey) to go to Justin (Wally Kurth) for help in dealing with Nick (Blake Berris). Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) interrupted their discussion. Once Lucas learned about Nick’s visit, he realized Nick wants full custody of Will’s child.

At the hospital, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) tried to get Nick to get some rest. Later, Gabi (Camila Banus) and Nick talked about Sami’s meddling.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) told Sami (Alison Sweeney) not to cause problems and that he’d try and handle Nick. He believed that because he wasn’t trying to make anyone angry, he might have more success.

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    Abby is waaaaaay more Jack Devereaux’s daughter than she is Jennifer Horton’s. That’s the only possible explanation for such a milquetoast character giving birth to that little spitfire. (I keep waiting for a moment when Jennifer’s perpetually constipated facial expression changes.)

    Kate Mansi is fantastic when given the right material. And Nadia Bjorlin has been consistently delivering the goods too. I just wish all this catfighting and ho-checking was about a more exciting man than Dr. Death-By-Boredom.

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    The “fight” was a little ridiculous to me. The choking seemed like childsplay. Why didn’t she just slap Chloe? The way Chloe was talking to Abby about her father, just screamed for a good ol’ SLAP right across the face!

    Of course, it was probably because the slapping segment of yesterday’s eppy was reserved for Sami! WOW what scenes! All I can say is Welcome back, Sami Brady! :D It was so good to finally see someone slap Nick and make a list of everything that is not on his side. I wonder why the Sami/Nick scenes weren’t mentioned on the article…?

    I also think Kate Mansi is an excellent actress, and deserves MUCH more than the current writing is giving her. She is, and should be the little bitch dealing with father issues, as she was in the Austin storyline. At least put her in a relationship with Chad and ditch that God-awful character Cameron. Who even thought of giving Lexie a brother WEEKS before she dies? Lmao.

    The writing for Will is really making me scratch my head. So he is going to just give in when Nick huffs and puffs for a minute? What? That’s what has been bothering me with the storyline for so long. With all the ammunition Will has on his side, it’s unrealistic to think Nick would ever get anywhere with his mission. So the writers decide it has to be done, and the only way it can be is to make Will an aimless wuss? It rings horribly untrue to me.

    I am glad Sonny has a little more strength to him due to Will’s wussiness. He was exactly right when telling Will: “No we are not going to say good things about Nick now, he is trying to take your child away from you.” Exactly! Also loved Lucas’ response to that: “Listen to your boyfriend.”

    Anyhoo – DAYS has been pretty good this week! Looking forward to seeing more :)

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    Yoryla, speaking of kids not acting at all like their parents:
    Will is supposed to be the Son of Sami. You wouldn’t think it at all from how wishy washy and feeble he’s been.

    Cameron is not a very exciting character, I agree. But the actor is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen on TV. They need to start finding constant excuses for him to be shirtless. Pantsless, too. :)

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    The catfight may have been ridiculous, but I was still entertained. I felt like Chloe was saying everything I have thought about Jen/Dan’s relationship. And yes, Kate Mansi deserves so much better than the below-par crap she is often given. I wouldn’t be surprised if she considers leaving whenever her contract is up.

    The writing for Will: sad and pathetic.

    Blake Berris is really carrying the baby story right now (with some support from Alison Sweeney).

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    I like Abby and the girl that plays her, she can get a real nasty attitude and I bet she could really throw down in a fight! She can verbally we have seen before lmao!

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    Another outstanding DAYS episode. Best part besides the Will/Sonny/Lucas sequences was the Chloe/Abigail confrontation. Frankly, I’d say from the looks of things Abby is far more suited to tangle with Chloe than that spineless Jennifer; she didn’t seem the least bit fazed by Chloe’s petty bullshit(I loved when Abby told Chloe her look is something you rarely see outside a trailer park LOL) until she got nasty and brought up Jack. I hope DAYS ramps up it’s use of Kate Mansi because she’s a fantastic actress who needs to be on a helluva lot more(and I wish to God they would get her back in Chad’s orbit; Cameron is admittedly uber-hot but a little boring but that Casey Diedrick is sex on two legs).

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    I don’t understand why Will is being so weak! It’s ridiculous. Where is the feisty Will who battled Sami for months recently? It’s disgusting.

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    Kate Mansi & Nadia Bjorlin SHREDDED the script! So glad I caught those scenes, so good. That’s where the energy is and the rivalry should be…perhaps over Chad? I didn’t imagine Cloe’s return would be so wonderful. I’d trade her (as currently written) for Jennifer & Daniel in a heartbeat. Jennifer & Daniel are the worst things on DAYS right now_ just terrible. I agreed with Chloe’s assessment of Jennifer hopping over to Daniel before Jack was cold in the ground! Terrible writing and acting for Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Daniel (Shawn Christian.)

    DAYS had a very good showing for February sweeps. I think the most entertaining soap of February.

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    Jennifer has become such a bore and must enjoy being the perpetual victim (of Daniel’s ex(cess)es.

    She needs some time alone to reassess why she falls for men who neglect her in favor of other pursuits (Jack) or other women (Daniel).

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    It’s rather striking that the Dannifer pairing has become a good storyline because of the involvement of Chloe, and a realllly good storyline now that Abby is in the mix. In any case, I’m glad that it’s not weighing down the show anymore. Also, it’s worth noting that Blake Berris is doing amazing work right now. I think ‘Days’ is in really good shape right now.

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    That choking scene was quite possibly the dumbest “fight” scene I’ve seen on a soap since the Reilly/”Passions” era. I am hoping it was meant to be comical and silly and not meant to be a REAL fight, because if it were, it was an epic failure! I would have rather seen them start throwing jabs at each other or pull hair or something far more believable.

    I do find myself rooting for Chloe over Chicken Little Horton and her annoying brat, Abby. Abby started the fight and Chloe finished it. Abby needs to worry about her own love life and let her mother fight her own battles. What a silly, self-righteous little brat she is! I guess that apple didn’t fall far from that tree, did it? Like mother, like daughter…..

    Honestly, without Jack in town, I really see no need for Jennifer or Abby. If they insist on keeping them around, can the writers at least TRY to make them interesting? Dannifer is a total bust. No amount of sappy writing, forced romantic sentiments or uncomfortable love scenes between Reeves and Christian will endear them as a REAL supercouple, so these writers just need to admit defeat and move on.

    Why not bring back Matthew Ashford, unless he pissed off Ken Corday. I know James Reilly didn’t like him, but Mr. Reilly is no longer with us, so why not reunite Jennifer with her REAL soulmate? And why not bring on Maura West or Yvonne Perry for Shawn Christian? Or ANY woman who can make him look like a viable leading actor, b/c Mrs. Reeves just ain’t cutting it!!!

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    I love this incarnation of Chloe. Abby was over the the top in the exchange BEFORE Chloe even mentioned Jack and started hitting below the belt (though much of what she said was hardly inaccurate). I’m wondering what that’s about. Something else has got to be going on in her head right now. The scene of Jennifer and Abby talking in the Horton house afterward also seemed oddly melodramatic bordering on hysterical. You’d think Chloe were Hitler to hear them talking.

    I agree with other comments here (and elsewhere) – DAYS is in really good shape right now. I’m loving Kristen, Chloe, Eric/Nicole and the baby story. I hope it just keeps getting better. We’ve been waiting a long time for it to be this entertaining again.

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    I don’t like that Chloe is basically the new ‘Nicole’. They turned Nicole into a Nun, and so I guess they needed to change Chloe into her. Nick is the new ‘Chad’, and poor Casey Deidrick has been pretty much phased out of the show.

    This was such a contrived scene. Abigail should already have this chick’s number, and shouldn’t have even fallen for this crap. Even though Chloe was saying what we all thought about Jennifer, Abigail still shouldn’t have cracked like that.

    As a side note, How many police departments send their big bosses out everytime a cat gets stuck up a tree? Aren’t there beat cops for this. I know these shows require us to suspend disbelief, but come on…how come HOPE, RAFE, ROMAN, etc are always dispatched like some rookies?

    Is the Salem PD that hurting for cash?

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