All My Children and One Life to Live Stars Celebrate Revival at Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

Entertainment Tonight was on hand for All My Children and One Life to Live’s photo shoot. The newsmagazine’s cameras caught up with vets Erika Slezak, David Canary, Kassie DePaiva, Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams, Thorsten Kaye and previewed the hot young stars who will be rounding out the cast. Watch the video after the jump!

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    WOW! This looks amazing! That AMC photoshoot is beautiful, the actors look gorgeous.

    I especially have to mention Debbi Morgan whom I adore – now THIS is the way she is supposed to look. Can you believe this in comparison to what they made her look like on Y&R?! Lol!

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    Looks really slick…now i’m getting excited! Loved seeing the familiar faces and didn’t mind the new ones. Heck I think the girl playing Miranda actually looks like Eden.

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    I actually got excited watching this promo and I was raised on CBS soaps (LOL).
    Yay for the AMC/OLTL fans because someone is finally taking them seriously!

    I’ll be tuning in on my Laptop to see their debuts.

    I wonder if I can take the train sometime to see if I can find the studios? Stamford is less than an hour from me by train.

    More than anything, I’m hoping for a well written show with balanced storytelling among all characters.

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    Sell me a print or poster PP. I am a sucker for these types of photo shoots. I used to love the old Melrose Place ones when they all wore white tees, until I didn’t recognize any of the cast any longer.

    Who are the two women flanking Ray McDonnell (Joe Martin)? They seem familiar…

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    SoapyBitch, the one with her hand on Ray’s knee is Francesca James. No clue who the one behind him is.

    And was that the new Matthew and Destiny in the clip with Jack and Dani? If so, Destiny has been on Weight Watchers with Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson!

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    TV Gord

    [quote=SoapArmageddon]I hope the two shows will be doing lots of crossovers.[/quote]

    Will they be able to do crossovers, with AMC jumping ahead five years, and OLTL not?

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    [quote=SoapyBitch]Sell me a print or poster PP. I am a sucker for these types of photo shoots.[/quote]

    If the PP folks are smart, they will do this.

    I remember Eileen Fulton complaining for years that ATWT and Daytime soaps were abysmal at marketing their products. This is a chance for a fresh start, for this new venture to learn from the past and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

    @SoapyBitch: Maybe you should tweet/e-mail them this suggestion, if they haven’t done so already :)

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    If done well, these reboots could revel what has been done with the reboot of DALLAS in primetime or even the drama and fast paced nature of SCANDAL or Revenge on ABC.

    It could also show up its sisters on traditional TV that change doesn’t come from YOUNGER CASTS (AMC and OLTL brought back older casts in a big way), or from FASTER STORIES TOLD AT BREAKNECK SPEEDS (Oh, I missed this entire week, no worry all new story next week scenarios), and sharper productions ALL while falling within budgets!

    I am stoked and will watch!

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    At SoapyBitch, the other woman is Heather Roop who will be playing Jane McIntyre and Francesca James will portray Evelyn Johnson. I compared the released cast lists and matched the people up.

    The video does look gorgeous. It’s nice to see them all together for AMC. I wish they showed a cast photo of OLTL, but still nice to see the shows getting some exposure anyway.

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    Is this not a time to be proud soap fans? We stood up for a genre that we love and believe in! Someone listened…and while it took longer and isn’t “perfect”, AMC and OLTL are returning! CBS is supporting its two soaps in a major way, NBC has renewed Days, which is in such a better place these days, and ABC’s GH is must-see tv! I am glad that all my hours of posting, blogging, and tweeting helped bring soap operas off of life support.

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    I’ve been excited about AMC but standoffish in way but after seeing this it got kick into the level of I can’t for AMC returns to your viewing pleasure.

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    Me too! I’ve tried watching other soaps, even tried staying consistent with GH. But I’ve missed AMC so much. It’s like home. Count me in as a viewer. I watch all my TV online.

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