The CW Cancels 90210

9021-oh no! The CW has decided to end 90210 after five years of soap twists, turns and more than a little partying, according to TV Line. Reportedly,  the series finale will air May 13.

Will you miss 90210 when it goes off the air?

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    I was praying that they would. The direction the show began to take was bipolarish. They were all over the place. After season 3 i lost interest. Compared to Gossip Girl this show was shit from start to finish. The characters were coming to work half asleep. The writing was atrocious. The middle eastern character in real life about two years ago said that they should of ended the show after three seasons. Boy how true that was. They changed writers. Got rid of the link to the old show which was Jennie Garth and once Brenda, Kelly and Donna said farewell so did many viewers. I wish the cast good luck because they are going to need it if they plan on remaining relevant in the industry after that crap of a show.

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    I so agree. After season 3, I had to stop watching. The main reason the show had gotten so bad was because of Silver. They had her have Kelly’s self-righteous and judgmental attitude yet she was the biggest ho on the show. She got with every single male character on the show and had the nerve to get upset at Adrianna when she was the one who stole Ade’s boyfriend! Couldn’t stand her nor Teddy’s sudden gayness. Now I don’t mind gay characters but don’t have them become gay suddenly. It made no sense that this playboy who was able to bed Ade and Silver would suddenly become gay. They should have introduced a character related to Teddy who was gay and became part of the group. Don’t even get me started on that surfer girl

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    I love the show but honestly I am not too upset. I feel that the writing is COMPLETELY sloppy and storylines are developed and carried for only 1-2 episodes then completely dropped. The characters have never been fully developed or rounded out in order for us to really root for anyone.

    Couples- How can we seriously root for any couple when they are broken up as soon as they are put together. We had all the build up for Liam/Naomi and they were over before they started. So, we got Naomi/Max which was great and they poof he was gone. So, then we got the whole Naomi/Austin who she was so hot for it lost her Max and then they never even put her with Austin and then back with Max for 1/2 a season and they are now broken up again. Its ridiculous.

    Occupations- None of the characters are well rounded, we cannot get a grip on WHO the character is to be invested in them because they are someone different every week. Ex. Annie- Annie has been an actress since day one and then suddenly she was a prostitute and now a published author? Liam- let’s see he was a bartender, then a bar owner, then a model, then an actor, then a club owner and now a surf shop owner/surf board designer? Seriously?

    They made professor Ryan a main character the first few seasons then just when he got some good storyline potential by having a kid with Jen, they send him off to Paris with Annie’s mom? And I don’t even REMEMBER Kelly leaving, she was just gone one day. Oh and don’t get me started on how they built up to this HUGE triangle with Navid/Silver/Liam only for her to end up with NEITHER one of them. The triangle never even got off the ground.

    I just hope that since I have invested in watching the show from the beginning, that we get some decent closure to storylines and some good wrap ups for the characters.

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