Will Richard Simmons Have The Citizens of Port Charles Sweating to The Oldies on General Hospital?

Is the Campus Disco making a comeback on General HospitalRichard Simmons posted a picture of himself on Facebook wearing a Nurses Ball 2013 track suit. He wrote:

He could be helping a few Port Chucksters burn off some calories, right? Long time GH'ers may recall Simmons appeared on the soap as himself during the 70's, helping the ladies of PC stay fit.

Photo by Richard Simmons


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    I think I love him more now than back in the 80’s. He made an appearance on Access Hollywood Live (who knew about that show) recently and he was insanely funny. GH would be smart to have someone film his backstage antics and then post them online. It might go viral.

    I was also just thinking, I wish ABC would do a 50th anniversary GH primetime special. They have so many vets back it would be easy for them to do intros to clips and maybe lapsed viewers will watch and realize their favorites are back on and start watching again. A pipe dream, I know, but then maybe PP can buy some commercial time for their impending launch. Just put the special in the slot for that Zero Hour mess.

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    Awww. I adore Richard Simmons. Who can forget his exercise classes at the disco? Good times! I can’t wait to see my faves from that era interact with him. :bigsmile:

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    LOL at this particular cameo. I don’t exactly have anything against it, but is this really needed? I think GH has it’s fill of comic relief at this point.

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    I’ve never been a fan of Richard Simmons. He’s annoying. Could’ve done without this particular return. Not all storylines need to be revisited. Is Casey the Alien coming back, too?

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    GREAT!!! I forgot about Richard being on the show! This will definitely be nostaglic fun!!!

    Can you imagine if Demi Moore or other big names appeared to celebrate their start on this program!!!

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    It brought back so many memories for me, when I first started watching GH. Richard Simmons and his exercising classes at the Campus Disco with Laura, Bobbie and the others. Richard was basically unknown at the time and GH brought him a lot of publicity. So happy to see him for the 50th anniversary of GH!!!

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