Tonight Marks The END of J.R. Ewing on Dallas! (PROMO)


As John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) continue to battle for the title of "Top Ewing", something dire happens to J.R. (the late Larry Hagman) tonight on on Dallas. Check out the promo for "The Furious and the Fast" after the jump!  

Dallas airs at 9 pm EST on TNT. 

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    I’m actually sad with this viewing. I’ve always enjoyed Larry Hagman and thought he was what was great about Soap Operas! I truly think that a host of daytime villians and families owe a great deal to the legacy of Dallas and JR/Larry Hagman.

    OLTL with the Buchanans. GL with the Lewis’. TEXAS (the soap). The list could be enormous.

    It will be with a tear in my eye that I see Larry Hagman for the last time tonight.

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