Can Nick Protect Avery and Her Moist, Delicious Cupcakes on Young and Restless?

Things were so much simpler for lady lawyer and unabashed foodie Avery Clark (Jessica Collins) a few months back on The Young and the Restless. She spent her days working for Newman Enterprises, and her nights offering up her warm, tasty, delectable treats to her sister's ex-husband.

Now someone wants Avery dead and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) is determined to find out why! On today's episode of Y&R, the Newman scion-turned-bar keep confronts Congressman Wheeler (Mark Pinter) about his interest in Avery's Innocence Foundation case load. Will Nick be able to keep his new gal pal and her easy bake oven safe? Watch the teaser after the jump!



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    I’m so enjoying the story around Senator Wheeler and has many different spinoffs in different character’s stories. He’s got something on Victor, he’s involved in the Leslie\Tyler story and having Avery be involved is wonderful and makes sense…This is how a good soap writing is executed when you have a character fall into place to create story not using plot driven stories which doesn’t make sense…

    We should put Mark Pinter on contract and expand his story because this is a big winner in my book.

    Wondering if Y&R will be casting Leslie\Tyler’s dad…..who could play that part…hmmmm

    I say the actor that played Griffin on GL, Marcus’s dad…Geoffrey C. Ewing.

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