DAYS’ Alison Sweeney on EJami: “They Made it Clear to Me That This Was Sami’s Choice”

Has the never-ending saga of which man is truly "The One" for Samantha Jean Brady finally come to an end on Days of Our Lives? Could be, according to Alison Sweeney herself!

In the March 11 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Sweeney and leading man James Scott (EJ) revealed to Stephanie Sloane how they felt when they first learned of the EJami reunion. Here's an excerpt:

Scott: If you think they've been teasing fans, they've been teasing us, too.

Sweeney: Seven years. So it was important to me. I didn't want to read a script two weeks later where Sami was vacillating toward Rafe again. They made it clear to me that this was Sami's choice.

It's about time! While I moderately enjoyed Sami's romances with Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and Rafe (Galen Gering), there's no denying the elecricity EJami generates. Are you glad Sami has finally made her choice? Sound off in the comments!

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    No I’m not glad she made a choice I rather have her with Lucas this is why when I watch days which is good I fast forward when Sami and Ej are in a scenes together can’t stand them together want her back with Lucas and stay with him

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    Allison Sweeney has chemistry with everyone, which is why the decision is so difficult. I loved her with Lucas but appreciate that she’s moved on. I was rooting for Rafe until he was caught kissing Carrie and then acted like it was no big deal. Even though Sami has made her mistakes, the only way to root for a couple is to believe at least one of them is loyal. So I am happy she chose EJ.

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    I am thrilled Sami has finally made her choice. No one loves Sami the way EJ does, and when they make love, WOW! I can sell the extra electricity to my power company. The truth is, these two are absolutely perfect for each other, and I’m loving Days with an intensity I haven’t had in a while! Props to the writers too for giving us the Ejami I always wanted to see. Days is smoking hot!

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    I love it…I was once a hard-core fan of DOOLS and stopped when I moved overseas but what always brought me back was EJami…and this is what keeps me now.

    These two have crazy chemistry

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    Thanks for posting this, Jamey! :party:

    Finally! And it was a good choice for the person Sami is now. She had her first love in Lucas (and currently a good friend & parenting relationship) and Rafe was there to cover her crimes when she needed it, I guess. But who Sami was with him was a ghost of her real character, something even AS noted in the interview. :star: But with EJ, at least she doesn’t have to hide her true self… Sami as she’s been written with EJ now is the most accurate to her true character I’ve seen her in over 5 years. I like that they’ll scheme together and that it’s not about changing the other or controlling the other or one telling the other how much they fail at life. Chastisement is for children, not your significant other.

    It’s like the cherry on top of a vastly overall improved show. And glad Alison Sweeney spilled all that tea. :) Ejami is a soap couple I want to see. I hope TPTB can keep up the good writing for them.

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    I can’t stand Sami no matter who she is bedding. She is still a 13 year old drama queen who can’t figure out that she isn’t right about everything all the time. As for EJ, arrogant, self-entitled eye candy.

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    LisaAnne Greenway

    Thank you!!! Absolutely LOVED this interview,and even bought the SOD for it!!I am so THRILLED that Sami finally made the correct choice for her!!Sami G is NOT Carrie lite and I am tickled pink,she is finally being written true to form.And the ONLY man who loves the TRUE Sami is EJ!!James Scott and Alison Sweeney have some of the hottest chemistry in TV!!They SIZZLE!!Only pairing I have ever shipped,cause they are amazing!!I hope they are longterm!!I LOVE them!

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    I always shipped Sami & Lucas and always thought hey had the makings of a supercouple but it’s clear DAYS is not going that route. There is no denying the chemistry between Sami & EJ and I currently enjoy their stable relationship and I know when things implode they will still generate tons of heat!

    Rafe is as he should be: a non-muthaf***ing factor!

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    I love EJami!!! I love how Days is making an investment on this couple and actually writing a good story line for them. I’m sure with any soap couple there will be ups and downs but this is very entertaining to watch. Kuddos for the producers for making this happen.

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    Considering the fact that I’ve never been crazy about Lucas and can barely tolerate Rafe, I’m definitely all for Sami and EJ being together.

    I would love a dinner party scene with Stefano, EJ, Sami, Brady, Kristen, and Chad. That would be fun!

    (Where the hell is Chad?)

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    I’ll take Ejami all day long!! Lucas is boring and Rafe, well…he has run his course…give him a shot with another woman to spice up his life like Nicole…the whole Kate thing is just a little weird…her and Stefano belong together!! :)

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    I am overjoyed that Sami has made the right choice, EJ. She has loved this man for 7 years. They share 2 children together. They have yet to have a serious, uninterrupted relationship together. It is about time. EJ and Sami should be granted a chance that every other couple on this show has been given time and time again. I LOVE EJami, they ooze chemistry, they are grey — yet perfect together. The writers/tptb have endless ideas and storyline potential with these two as a couple. The Brady/DiMera dyanmic has yet to be explored from a relationship POV as a couple. By bringing EJami together you get a real lovestory, endless storylines, drama, angst, the real deal. I am so glad the writers made it clear that EJ was Sami’s choice. They were destined to be, kindred spirits. Soulmates.

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    So. Happy. Samantha Gene is my all-time favorite soap character and EJ is the best guy for her by far. These two are a perfect match. Nicely chosen, SGB!

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    southern Scarlett

    Why yes I am! Thanks for asking, Jamey. James Scott and Allison Sweeney just migh
    T have the hottest chemistry on daytime. I’m thrilled to be seeing their fireworks on a regular basis. Today’s show was especially juicy good. ;)

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    This is the absolute right thing to do. I for one have never cared for Lucas, he is just off-putting to me. And at that time when “Safe” began I liked them, because it seemed organic. But no more.

    EJ is Sami’s soulmate, and the only one who feels right for her. And this will generate the heat. No the only thing that needs to happen is to toughen EJ up a little bit, he’s had to act all mushy to get Sami back, and now that he has, I want to be a little more conniving again. Interesting. Sami thank God has gotten plenty of her own groove back, as shown in the scenes with Nick last week. That’s also what’s the best thing in this pairing. Sami and EJ can both be themselves while being together.

    They should SO move into the DiMera mansion!

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    FINALLY!!!! Ejami is given a chance.I am so happy their story are being told ..and Sami brady is back to her old self.EJ/Sami are two peas in a pod.

    Also I am glad that damn EJ/Sami/Rafe triangle is done.It didn’t do any good to Sami at all. Also when she with Rafe..she not the Sami I grew up and watch for over 19 years

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    I’m glad the Sami triangles are over because Sami had always been more of a 1 man woman than what we’ve seen for the past year. I’m even more glad that her choice is EJ, because I think he’s the closest to being a match for the true scheming Sami Brady. That, and the chemistry between Ali Sweeney & James Scott is so good that it can truly sell anything.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Lucas is, and always will be, Sami’s soulmate……..considering the fact that I don’t think Lucifer is available. :D[/quote]

    LOL I don’t think even Lucifer would put up with all Sami’s BS!

    Seriously, I personally didn’t mind her with Rafe and I actually was hoping that the last go-round with Lucas would stick longer than it did. Unfortunately, Sami is inarguably the most imperfect, flawed person in Salem and she’d eventually buckle under the weight of all those judgmental daggers both Rafe and Lucas seem to constantly throw her way. So, yeah, in that respect I’d say EJ’s the one for her.

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    Scribbled Pink

    I’ve waited years for Sami to stop fighting her heart and just go with her love for EJ.
    Sami’s tried to be happy with Lucas and Rafe, but it would never work out because she has to hide a part of who she is with them.
    With EJ she can embrace all of who she is without fear of him judging her, demanding she live up to standards he doesn’t live up to himself or walking out.

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