DC #709: BelieF in Pickle-Michael

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens and Regan Cellura dish the latest All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

All My Children and One Life to Live celebrate their rebirth with a photo shoot and "The Harlem Shake".

Taylor and Eric make love on The Bold and the Beautiful. Jamey shares his BeLieFs about where the corporate story on B&B is headed.

Nick takes on Will and his family on Days of Our Lives. Is Nick a viable rival for Sami? Brady and Kristen’s relationship hits some speed bumps.

Is Richard Simmons returning to General Hospital for the Nurses Ball? John McBain and Lucy Coe save Sam from Caleb. The Quartermaines fight over Pickle-Lila.

Would Scott Reeves return to The Young and the Restless? Carmine and Lauren hit the sheets. Dylan is solving crimes, but is it the same to see Burton without guns? Regan is enjoying Nick, Dylan and Avery intertwined into Leslie’s storyline.  

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!


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  1. Profile photo of bobbyew

    All GH fans this is what we want. We can’t complain you have every character from the past the present and for the future. It is good. Its Soap. I must agree that Connie should be dead and gone. Other than that its funny and over the top great. We cannot complain. Be thankful its still on cause it could be gone.

  2. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    Jamey, the soap fans online are the same as the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community). They are pissed off about everything unless the storyline is taken directly from their fan fiction. Its annoying.

  3. Profile photo of Cornfed

    I wouldn’t have minded the vamp story had it played out a bit — say 4 months instead of 1 mo/5 days a week — and been balanced with other stories, as opposed to Coatless Rafe, Clayleb, and Sabrina on screen 5 days a week. I just don’t care about any of these characters…well i did Sabrina until her self-absorbed whining became OTT and annoying!

  4. Profile photo of luverica

    The food word play was HYSTERICAL! ROTF!!!

    To each their own but I’m really going to miss Scott Reeves as Dr. Steven Webber. Not only is Scott aging very, very well and is still quite the hottie and I really like his portrayal of Dr. Webber. Plus, let’s face it. Scott and Lisa had great chemistry and made Dr. Webber and Olivia one of the hottest couples in Port Charles. In spite of his bubble-headed wife, I wish Scott Reeves well.

  5. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Oh My God!!! This podcast has me fanning myself. :O

    “Sonny laying pipe, Will dreaming of penis, Christine showing her pink candy good/good..”

    What was I thinking, listening to it with my mother-in-law? :D

  6. Profile photo of keanna

    Great podcast as always, love all of you at DC.

    I agree, it’s getting better. Nick is playing the villain role perfectly, could he a viable rival for Sami? We have to wait and see.

    I am like Luke, Regan, and Jamey, and also you bobbyew, this is what we wanted, it’s not mob centered, more people from the ’80s and ’90s are back or coming back, and more balanced in stories. I think with the vampire storyline, I think this was best route having it all in Lucy’s mind, Lynn was great in those scenes. Ratings are up, it’s getting press, mainstream press mind you. A few things I could live without, but I am entertained.
    I also agree I am going to miss Scott Reeves as Steve, but I am glad that they’re just writing him off. That way if they decide at some point to bring him back, I wouldn’t mind Ricky Paul Goldin in the role, he brought Jake to life when he was on AMC, and I think he can do the same with GH’s Steve.

  7. Profile photo of tarpaz

    If this storyline with Belief ends with Brooke getting 51% again I will not be happy. I hated those days back in the 90s when Brooke was in charge. I am afraid if Brooke is in charge once more Brad will shove every Logan family member down our throats. I believe Brooke belongs in the company just not at the head. I would rather see Throne in a role of power. Throne is Eric first born son and the true heir to Forrester. I never like when Rick says it is his birth right, when actually it’s been Throne’s the whole time.

  8. Profile photo of tarpaz

    Jamey, aren’t you the same person who’s said many times on this podcast you don’t like when soaps telling plot driven stories instead of character driven stories? I didn’t understand why you enjoyed Caroline’s personality change.

    To me the only reason Caroline’s personality was change was for the plot. Brad needed a vixen for this triangle so he chose Caroline. If Caroline acted this way when she first arrived I would be fine with this. Or if she had traumatic event that cause her to regress to this point I could go with that too.

    But her just waking up one morning and acting all bitchy and struck up doesn’t work for me. The same girl who has a cancer tattoo, a cancer foundation and struck her own neck out for Hope & Liam (even after Hope try to destroy her relationship with Rick) is now a struck up, prim and proper socialite.

    Neither Karen or Danielle act this way, they are both down to earth people. So where’s the motivation for Caroline to act this way. I get Rick did blindside by taking her to Dazyee’s instead of taking her on a date. However if Caroline was the good girl that’s she been portrayed for the last few months that tirade she had should have lasted 5 seconds. After seeing all the homeless people they could help; the Caroline we knew would have put them first before her own needs. She’s dating Rick Forrester, they can go on a date any time.

    If Brad wanted a vixen for this triangle it should have been Maya. Maya was a crazy vixen from the jump and her I could have brought in that role. I would rather see the scheming girl from the wrong side of the tracks versus the good girl with the sliver spoon her mouth. Let’s see what Brad will do with this.

    I hope Brad will write a good interracial story for Rick and Maya. Also I do want Hope and Carter to get together and get her away from Liam for a while.

  9. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    If anyone else isn’t near a newsstand you can get the People GH anniversary issue via Amazon. And it’s a hardcover if you order through them. I think newsstand is softcover. I just ordered mine, along with the new Victoria Rowell. Amazon actually still has two of the AMC People (from a year+ ago) left too.

    p.s. I love all the DCers, but I’m not gonna lie. My favorite podcasts are with this trio. You play off each other so well. When you all started talking about Destiny, I was happy for the PP resurrection of OLTL and AMC because now DC can talk about those shows too. A year ago I was sad thinking this podcast is only going to be 10 minutes long at some point. Glad we’re going in the other direction.

  10. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Hands down the funniest thing I have heard in a long time! I was crying tears. For my input, I definitely think that Will is the bottom. He is his momma’s boy after all. The only thing is, Sami usually likes some muscles on her men…. just sayin’.

  11. Profile photo of harlee490

    Hey now I love me some Jillian on the podcasts which was so lacking when she has other duties to contend. I would love a “Chatfest” alternating two of DCers at a time and make sort of old style CNN’s “Crossfire” political show point to counter point…what each loved & hated and make the case for each soap ;)

  12. Profile photo of quesera

    Love the podcasts! Have you guys thought about doing a GH only podcast? As the show nears it’s 50th. It would be fun to hear more of your comments.

  13. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Thanks for the podcast.

    I couldn’t agree more with Jamey on the potential resurrection of BelieF! I wish B&B would get back to basics and some real business stories. I like a Brooke v. Taylor rivalry but wish it were about more than their dull children’s love lives. I can hear in Jamey’s voice a love for the B&B of old and I am right there with him. I haven’t been as invested in B&B since Brooke/Deacon/Bridget.

    DAYS has rebounded for me in the past two months but it’s still not regular viewing. It’s definitely a sexy soap and EJami set my television set ablaze!

    I do think Y&R is the sexiest and smartest soap on air right now. The Lauren/Carmine affair and the Lauren/Michael marital problems is my favorite story in soaps right now. Finally, storytelling worthy of Tracy E. Bregman and Christian LeBlanc after so much time on the sidelines.

    I was wondering what the DC gang thought about Nikki’s MS diagnosis and the story. I think the story is being well-told. The pertinent facts of the disease is being presented without feeling too heavy-handed and PSA-like. Y&R is striking a balance between social issues (MS, bullying) and sordid, soapy issues (infidelity, triangles.) Good job Josh Griffith & Co.!

    Now, GH…I started watching GH during the Labine/Riche years and thought it was golden. I liked much of the Guza era (although he burned-out) and thought that the show was sophisticated but recognized the major problems with the storytelling, i.e. killing so many legacy characters and stunts for the sake of stunts. That being said, I do not think Carvialti’s campy, cooky writing fits GH. It worked better on OLTL. I have not been entertained by GH at all in the past two months with so much focus on Konnie, Sabrina and vampires. I think my complaints are valid and hate to feel that my complaints are invalid because Carvialti has been “christened the savior” of ABC soaps. I recognize Carvialti’s strengths but think their is a blind-eye by many regarding his weaknesses as a writer. I didn’t watch GH in the 80’s and just wish their was more reverence paid to the GH of the 90’s when Labine managed to write socially-relevant story along with fun and romantic story (Brenda & Sonny…SWOON!)

    Maura West would be such a fine addition to any soap willing to write for her talent. I would welcome her as Sarah Webber but always thought she would make a fine recast for Kate Howard after Megan Ward exited the role. Hell, as bad as the DID story is, I think Maura West would have elevated it and be wonderful to see go toe-to-toe with Laura Wright as Carly!

  14. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @ luverica: Could you imagine how fantastic Maura West would be in the role? The entire DID mess would have been transformed if Maura West were in the role and she would have another Emmy nomination. I hate that Maura West is an out-of-work actress with so many lesser actors working in daytime!

  15. Profile photo of GodivaShorti

    I’m late listening to this podcast but all I have to say is yes Jamey, Ryan McNeil is dead to the bed hunty! :D But if he comes back at least Neil will have his bestie back! Now only if Sharon could get Drucilla back… :|

  16. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @soapybitch – Thank you for the tip about the hardcover :) I’ve been *trying* to get to B & N for weeks now so instead i just ordered it from Amazon! So thoughtful of you to tip off fans to get the hardcover online, thanks again! :beer:

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