Eric “Crowns” Taylor The New Forrester Matriarch on The Bold and the Beautiful

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Eric (John McCook) basked in their disturbing afterglow on The Bold and the Beautiful. This is right up there with Victor (Eric Braeden) and Sharon (Sharon Case) bumping uglies on The Young and the Restless, in terms of "ick" factor.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) told Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) all about finding Taylor in her skivvies in Eric's bedroom. Brooke was still upset about Taylor "taking advantage" of Eric, while Bill basically wanted to give the horny, old goat a high five.

What’s up with all the beards on The Bold and the Beautiful? Thomas (Adam Gregory) is well on his way becoming Grizzly Adams and Rick (Jacob Young) has more than a five-o-clock shadow.

Speaking of Thomas, he popped up at Taylor’s house looking for her, and ran into Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Neither could believe their mother would spend the night at Eric’s house.

Taylor and Eric arrived moments after the movers showed up to transport Taylor’s belongings to the Forrester mansion. After some initial hesitation, Taylor's kids gave her their blessing to go bang their grandfather.

Rick met with Marcus (Texas Battle) and his brother Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor). Their conversation quickly turned to the topic of reviewing the company’s patents.

Brooke popped up at Eric’s house and found Taylor unpacking boxes. Tomorrow's recap could very likely be titled: "When Sister Wives Attack".

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    I rebuke this in the name of Jesus and Stephanie Forrester’s ghost………who I wish were around to strangle Taylor’s tiresome ass, the same way she did Brooke!!!

  2. Profile photo of CHRISTOPHER

    I love the storyline eric and taylor r perfect afterall brooke deserve to be kicked out of the house…..Ilove every single catfight talk of brooke and taylor and they r the reason Iwatch and would love to see eric and taylor get married at the alter and ridge forrester comes back with a suprise that taylor is the new person who suffers and came back strong and the new bitch of b&b…

  3. Profile photo of LoveVillians

    I didn’t think I would like it until Eric stood up to Brooke. I love it when a man protects a women. It is so much better than waffling Liam. Eric and Taylor is better than Brooke and Bill. Sometimes when people lose their love ones, they get with their love ones friends. I think is one of the real-life stories.

  4. Profile photo of pjc722

    I like this story mainly because of Katherine and also it means that LIAM hope STEFFY are being backburned.

    But why is Caroline now a snob? Just a month ago she was falling off a ledge because of a fight with Bill over Rick being an honest and upfront guy and now she’s made because he won’t stop volunteering?

  5. Profile photo of booze26

    Yikes..there are actually people liking Eric and Taylor.
    They are disgusting. We have an old fool and an advertising sign for bad cosmetic surgery, trying to convince us there is a great bound between those two people, but they portray the opposite. There is not a sign of chemistry between the two actors, its unbelievably bad written and its all for the story to make Brooke the winner…because lets face it, this is going to be all about FC. Not about a great love story between Eric and TAylor FGS. Its all about FC, and now we have the patent lawyer, who is probably going to find something out about Belief, that makes Brooke the winner and the owner of FC. Goodbye Taylor and Eric. Go live on the backburner.

  6. Profile photo of SZima

    Eric and Taylor????

    Horrible! Disgusting! Gag-worthy!

    This IS just as awful as Victor & Sharon on Y&R. I can not believe that there is anyone who likes/approves of this crap. Hopefully this will stop just as quickly as that other creepy story!!

    And what IS going on with Caroline? Did they have to ruin a character just to pimp another one? Senseless!! Mr. Bell must have gone to the same hack school of show-running that Ms. MA Bell went to.

  7. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Watching this old geezer going after Taylor just months after Stephanie’s death makes me sick. I am not a regular viewer, I watch Y &R daily but sometimes leave the TV on so I got to know the stories on B &B. But this whole story, I give the actor playing Eric credit to stand there and act out all this crap, looking like such a WIMP, with Taylor and Brooke fighting over him. Would any real woman fight over such a WIMP??? NO WAY!! Makes me nauseous!

  8. Profile photo of noway

    Erik got all up in Ridgiepoo’s face about Bridget, good grief this is the mother of his “grandchildren”. Bring back the purple scarf, and let him chime in on this.

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